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iPhone apps: Air Sail, TaxiDrive, Aqueous

updated 05:35 pm EDT, Tue July 7, 2009

Sorty, Sketches

  • Air Sail (free) is a game where players guide a ship by blowing into a microphone. The game includes 15 different levels with obstacles including lily pads, leaves, and rocks. Players can control the wind speed by blowing into the microphone and change the boats direction by tilting the device. If players have an iPod touch with no microphone they can also control the wind speed by tapping on the screen.

  • TaxiDrive ($1) puts players in the driver seat of a NYC taxi. The goal is to guide the cab around picking up passengers and driving them to their destination. The cab can be controlled by tapping on it and dragging a path to the desired location. Players also have to watch out for other cars on the road and avoid getting into accidents. TaxiDrive includes three unlockable maps, each with a dynamic level of difficulty.

  • Aqueous ($2) is a water simulation that runs on the iPhone and iPod touch. Users can simulate running their fingers through the water by dragging them across the touch screen or tilt the device to create a flowing water wall. Aqueous also includes options for changing the background image, choosing audio, and setting a sleep timer.

  • Sorty (free) is a puzzle game where players must organize colored balls to gain points. In order to eliminate the colored balls players have to drag them to the boarding bar of the same color. Players can gain more points by connected multiple balls of the same color and then eliminating them as a group. Additional balls are added to the game as it progresses at a gradually increasing rate and if the screen becomes filled at any point the game ends.

  • Sketches ($5) is a tool for iPhone and iPod touch users that can be used to jot down quick notes, create finger paintings or to annotate photos. The application allows users to draw freehand or use predefined shapes that can be resized and rotated. Sketches also features its own image hosting service, which can be used to store pictures that users want to share via Twitter or email. A recent update has added a new redo option that can be accessed by tapping and holding the Undo button.

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