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Psystar ships new clone, vows to "battle Goliath"

updated 10:55 pm EDT, Wed July 1, 2009

Psytar ships new clone

Despite a recent Chapter 11 filing and the continuing legal battle, Psystar has introduced a new Nehalem-based clone. The company distributed an e-mail introducing its "fastest and most quiet computing configuration available," while reminding customers that the bankruptcy proceedings will not put an end to its continuing operations, according to ChannelWeb.

"As you all may already be aware, in late May Psystar filed for Chapter 11 protection. Although this was critical to our continued daily operations, we now are ready to emerge and again battle Goliath," the e-mail reads. "When life gives you apples, make applesauce."

Although the bankruptcy filing temporarily interrupted the copyright infringement suit, the judge recently granted Apple's motion to have the proceedings resume. Apple accused the company of fabricating a destitute image to protect itself from the earlier charges.

Apple in May claimed Psytar was interfering with the discovery phase of the lawsuit by withholding information and documents. The clone maker argued that it simply did not produce profit-and-loss, balance or other financial documents.

Bankruptcy documents indicate the company's financial troubles involve $88,000 in fees due to the law firm Carr & Ferrell. Apple has repeatedly suggested Psystar is being financially backed by outside parties, either competitors or companies testing the legal waters.

Psystar claims it will soon provide more details regarding the future of its business, as the Chapter 11 process nears completion. The lawsuit will likely continue in the meantime, unless the judge's recent decision is appealed.

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  1. Jonathan-Tanya

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Soviet Government

    The KGB is secretly financing Psystar, but thats OK, because the Vatican secretly controls the KGB.

  1. jpellino

    Joined: Dec 1969


    They should put...

    ...the Black Knight on their logo.

  1. Jeronimo2000

    Joined: Dec 1969


    They should learn...

    ... how to put a proper sentence together. "Most quiet computer"? What happened to "quietest"?

  1. myramoki

    Joined: Dec 1969


    why can't apple make this

    Um Apple why can't you build me a machine of these specs? Maybe a little smaller and not so ugly?

    Oh yeah, I forgot, if I want a midrange machine I'm supposed to only want an iMac, or if I want smaller a Mini must obviously be the only thing I could want, and if I want power, I must obviously demand tons of it in a behemoth case.

    Setting aside whatever feelings one might have about Psystar, at least they are trying to fill a huge gaping hole in Apple's product line that Apple stubbornly refuses to acknowledge exists.

  1. rytc

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Well the thing is that Apple has to also cover all its R&D spending through margins on its computers, Pystar does not. Whether or not you feel they are filling a niche, they are doing it at a price point that wouldn't be profitable for Apple.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: they should

    What happened to "quietest"?

    They lost that word in the bankruptcy hearings...

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Apple

    they are doing it at a price point that wouldn't be profitable for Apple.

    But the problem isn't the price, its the niche. Apple has so many holes in their line-up (I have no desire buying an iMac, as the wastefulness of the screen when upgrading the computer is just stupid and costly), but no longer have a desire to spend $3000 on my next mac.

  1. dynsight

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Small Company

    Despite what all of you think about APPLE being stubborn about the "mid range" computer. it is obviously something that they don't think will will well. Think GM and Toyata in the 80's (for those of you that are old enough).

    Apple is the smaller, perhaps leaner company, without the ridiculous number of products. HP and Dell can offer all of those products, since they sell a LOT MORE COMPUTERS.

    Maybe Apple has done the research and found that most people who say they will buy a mini-tower actually won't. The iMac has been an all-in-one for many years now, and it sells very well.

  1. panjandrum

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Say what you will about Apple being too small to offer as much choice, but the fact is that their limited number of choices as caused me to put-off replacing my daughter's Mac and my own Powerbook for years. I replaced my tower because Apple makes an appropriate replacement for my old Dual G4. For my daughter I need something moderately priced but which has at least one industry-standard slot so I can replace the video card. For my laptop, the new 13" MacBook "pro" is very close to finally tempting me to purchase, but the lack of a matte screen is still getting in the way. I find glossy screens nearly unbearable. If you read a lot of online forums you will see I'm no where near alone. The mini-tower and matte screen options are frequently mentioned as desired products. So their lack of models is certainly hurting sales.

  1. vasic

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Wastefulness nonsense

    What is with this wastefulness logic nonsense? I have had iMacs for the past six years; I'm on my third one (G5 -> Core duo -> Core 2 duo). I buy a new one and sell the old one on eBay. As we know, Macs hold onto their value much better than PCs (or ordinary monitors, for that matter), so I haven't really wasted anything here. By that logic, buying an ordinary PC is wasteful, since you could easily keep old memory chips, power supply and case; it is just as wasteful having to replace those perfectly good working parts just to upgrade the processor, hard drive, display card and audio card.

    The argument about wastefulness of all-in-one concept just doesn't hold water.

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