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Casper Suite 7 adds app-usage tracking, new templates

06/28, 7:40pm

Casper Suite 7 update

JAMF Software has announced Casper Suite 7, an update to its client-management platform designed to inventory, image, update, and maintain Mac computers. The software provides a framework to enforce software licensing compliance, security standards, energy usage or other organizational rules and requirements. New features includes the ability to track an application`s use on a per-machine basis, along with licensed software templates, improved directory-binding support, enhanced iPhone functionality, and tools enabling drive partitioning and Boot Camp when imaging.

ProtoShare launches iPhone application viewer beta

06/28, 6:55pm

ProtoShare beta app viewer

Site9 has announced a beta version of its Native iPhone Prototype viewer, enabling developers to interact with their apps for testing. The viewer negates the traditional flash viewers, instead utilizing HTML code. The web-based app provides a container to hold an application's wireframes during app construction. The container is then uploaded to the Protoshare server and accessible using Safari on the iPhone, making the prototype application function like a regular app.

Valentina 4.2 updates add PHP objects, recursive SQL

06/28, 6:40pm

Paradigma ships 2.4 apps

Paradigma Software has released Valentina DB 4.2, Valentina ODBC and Valentina Reports 4.2. Valentina DB is an object-relational database management system that features the ability to switch between a local embedded database and a server while using the same sources. The software features improvements to several functions including recursive SQL queries, allowing users to work with ancestors in hierarchical data. The database can also be configured to pool queries and utilize diagnostic tools with pool queries. The update includes PHP data objects, used for developing web applications for Valentina Server.

Snowtape 1.1 adds radio station directory, more

06/28, 2:05pm

Snowtape 1.1 ships

Vemedio has launched the first major upgrade to its Internet-radio recording software, Snowtape 1.1. Snowtape allows users to locate and record music from streaming radio stations, then add artwork to the files and export the content as AAC files to iTunes. Version 1.1 adds an online radio directory with automatic additions of new stations as they become available. The directory already has 750 radio stations in its database.

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