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Apple granted patents for 3D browsing, 3D interaction

06/19, 7:10pm

New Apple patent reports

Apple has been granted patents for 3D movie browser technology and responsive avatars. The first patent relates to three-dimensional movie browsing or editing, with a focus on Final Cut Pro. It also relates to other Apple technologies like the iPhone, iPod touch and Apple TV and software like iTunes and QuickTime. The most common example of the 3D browser is Apple's Cover Flow. An interesting side note reveals the author, Kevin Quennesson, has since left Apple to help build the Cooliris 3D Wall. The report also notes a second patent report for what's commonly known as Apple's Magic Wand Patent, which relates to a 3D remote control for Apple TV.

modo 401 refines rendering, animation, workflow

06/19, 7:10pm

modo 401 ships

Luxology has launched modo 401 , the next generation of its 3D content creation software. The new update focuses on enhancing rendering and animation. Rendering enhancements include caustics, dispersion, blurry refraction, volumetric lighting and deep shadows. modo 401 adds instance replicators which allow dense amounts of surface detail like rivets, trees and barnacles to be rendered with trillion polygon detail. There is also light linking, stereoscopic rendering and support for multiple environments that provide precise control over scene lighting. Version 401 can render on up to 32 cores across a network of 50 workstations.

Briefly: Father's Day sale, Take Control of Safari 4

06/19, 6:55pm

Deskology releases DESKSET

In brief: To celebrate Father's Day, XtraLean Software is currently offering 50-percent discounts on two of its software products. Until the end of the weekend customers can purchase ShutterBug and ImageWell for $20 and $10, respectively. TiBITS Publishing has announced the release of "Take Control of Safari 4," a book which explains some of the new features in the latest iteration of the Safari browser. Deskology has announced that it will be relaunching its DESKSET accessory kit which features several pieces for organizing a desktop. All of the components are made of anodized aluminum and have been designed to match the style of Apple's computers.

First Look: iPhone 3G S speed, voice, camera, video

06/19, 6:25pm

First Look: iPhone 3G S

MacNN and Electronista have been evaluating a 16GB iPhone 3G S, putting the new features to test. So far the device appears to deliver most of what Apple has promised. We took a quick look at overall performance, Voice Control, the improved camera and video functions, the new built-in compass and more.

Quanta to ship 10 million MacBooks this year?

06/19, 5:10pm

Quanta seals Apple deal

Quanta Computer has reportedly landed a contract with Apple to manufacture new notebooks, according to the Chinese news outlet Commercial Times. The computer maker is said to be the exclusive MacBook producer in the second half of 2009, with an estimated production volume of 10 million units shipped to Apple by the end of the year.

AU Optronics shows touch e-paper display

06/19, 4:50pm

AUO shows touch e-paper

Taiwan's AU Optronics showed off an electronic book reader that combines a low-power electronic paper and a touch panel, a first for this type of product at the Display Taiwan 2009 show. The 6-inch prototype houses 800x600 pixels and has a 167dpi pixel density. It is capable of reproducing 16 gray levels, has an 8:1 contrast ratio and a reflectance of 27 percent. The touch functionality allows users to call up new pages without any dedicated buttons.

New PwnageTool released for iPhone 3.0

06/19, 4:50pm

PwnageTool for iPhone 3.0

The unofficial iPhone Dev Team has released a new version of PwnageTool for the Mac, updated to jailbreak devices running the iPhone 3.0 firmware. Once jailbroken a handheld can load unofficial applications, and provide access to normally forbidden code. The software is not currently functional with the iPhone 3G S, but should work on first- and second-generation iPhones, as well as the first-generation iPod touch. Second-generation Touches must use redsn0w instead.

SciPhone shows off Android-powered N12 handset

06/19, 4:40pm

SciPhone N12 with Android

China's SciPhone has recently announced the future release of its N12 handset which, most notably, will ship with Google's open-source Android operating system, according to a report. One of the first Android phones from a small manufacturer, its processing power comes courtesy of a relatively powerful 624MHz Marvell Monahands CPU sitting in a Qualcomm MSM6246 chipset. The quad-band GSM device has 3G WCDMA data network support and built-in Wi-Fi, GPS and CMMB TV support.

Dell to offer ATI HD 4670 GPU in Studio XPS 16?

06/19, 4:30pm

ATI HD 4670 coming to Dell

Dell may soon begin offering a new-generation graphics card for its multimedia-oriented Studio XPS 16 notebook lineup. If true, it would begin offering the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4670 instead of the current, aging ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3670 with its 512MB of dedicated memory. The HD 4670 will most notably double dedicated graphics memory and is based on smaller 55nm manufacturing process.

Cideko Wireless Media Keyboard serves as 3D mouse

06/19, 4:15pm

Cideko Wireless Media KB

Cideko has unveiled a unique keyboard and controller combo designed explicitly for home theater PCs. Superficially resembling just a keyboard, the Wireless Media Keyboard has a built-in 3D sensor that uses the keyboard itself as the mouse; shoulder-mounted buttons provide clicks. A row of media controls at the top let users navigate directional interfaces like Windows Media Center or play and skip through music and videos.

AT&T iPhone pre-orders reach hundreds of thousands

06/19, 4:15pm

ATT orders exceed estimate

AT&T Mobility president and CEO Ralph de la Vega on Friday disclosed that pre-orders for the iPhone 3G S have greatly exceeded expectations. "We actually have hundreds of thousands of customers that have [pre-]ordered their iPhone and will be coming in to pick it up at the stores today," the executive told CNBC in an interview. De la Vega also took time to boast his company's position in the market, claiming a 25-percent increase in net additions of post-paid subscribers.

iPhone 3G S activations may take two days

06/19, 4:00pm

iPhone 3GS actvn. delay

iPhone 3G S activations are being delayed by the sheer volume of traffic, an iTunes error message indicates. "Your activation requires additional time to complete," the software is now telling some people syncing their devices for the first time. "Due to the current activation volumes, it may take up to 48 hours to resolve your issue."

Curtis Mathes first with sub-$100 Blu-ray player

06/19, 3:50pm

Sub-$100 Blu-ray player

Online retailer Meijer is offering the first sub-$100 Blu-ray disc player with its listing for the $99.99 Curtis Mathes CMMBX130. The device will play back Blu-ray movies at up to 1080p resolution and also upconvert DVDs to an unspecified HD resolution. There is an HDMI 1.3 output, optical digital audio output and an Ethernet port for servicing and performing firmware updates.

Palm to ramp up webOS developer access

06/19, 3:45pm

Palm Ramps Up webOS Access

Palm on Friday said it hoped to address a dearth of apps for the Pre and webOS by stepping up the pace of its early access program for developers. The smartphone designer now plans to let in developers "as quickly as resources allow" and expects the pool of active developers to swell from "hundreds to thousands" in the near future. Palm also plans to publish more of the content from the program and will let developers talk more freely about what they can do with the webOS SDK.

Unboxing the iPhone 3G S [u]

06/19, 3:10pm

3G S unboxed

There's nothing like a new piece of technology, especially one that's been as widely talked about as the new iPhone 3G S. MacNN has obtained a unit and already has some very early impressions. At first glance, the most noticeable change is the packaging: Apple has managed to shrink the box even further, barely larger than the iPhone itself and about three inches deep. As with previous models, there is very little paperwork, just a multi-touch guide, the required safety/legal notice and the customary Apple stickers.

HTC Magic selling twice as fast as G1

06/19, 2:45pm

HTC 1m Magics by August

HTC chief Peter Chou told the Taiwan-area commercial paper Commercial Times today that his company expects to sell the millionth Magic by August. Having taken roughly six months to sell the millionth G1, Chou's firm now says it will only take the three months since the Magic's launch in May to reach a similar amount for the second Android phone. It's not clear how many Android phones HTC has sold in total.

Incoming FCC head to probe cellphone partnerships

06/19, 2:10pm

FCC probes cell exclusives

The next head of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, has promised to investigate the exclusives forged between phone makers and cellular carriers, Reuters reports. The information comes by way of a letter from Genachowski, written in response to an initial prompt from Sen. John Kerry and three other members of the Senate Commerce Committee. The FCC should not only investigate exclusives, the committee suggests, it should act "expeditiously" if it finds that deals are unfairly harming competition or public choice.

iPhone apps: Coffee Spot, Ball Rush Aqua, ClipShare

06/19, 2:10pm

Postman, OmniFocus

Coffee Spot Pro ($2) allows users to locate the nearest coffee shop, including both large chain stores and small, privately owned coffee shops. The application uses the handhelds built-in location services to find the users current location and then displays a listing of all nearby coffee shops. Coffee Spot Pro also allows users to create a list of their favorite locations for quick access.

Seagate slips 640GB FreeAgent Go

06/19, 2:05pm

640GB FreeAgent Go Slips

Seagate today inadvertently spoiled its plans by posting a product page for a 640GB FreeAgent Go. The drive would represent one of the first 2.5-inch external drives to break the 500GB ceiling; differences aren't evident except for in color, where the 640GB disk will only come in black or silver instead of the several colors available with the smaller capacities.

iPhone launches on new Italian carrier, O2 sales up

06/19, 1:40pm

iPhone European sales

The iPhone 3G S appears to be selling swiftly in the European market, with O2 anticipating 50-percent higher sales than the iPhone 3G launch. The carrier is observing a ten-fold increase in average foot traffic, with entry in prime locations limited to customers purchasing a new iPhone. Availability in Italy has been expanded, with a third carrier set to offer the devices.

Rogers problems mar Canadian iPhone 3GS launch

06/19, 12:55pm

Rogers iPhone 3GS problems

Rogers has again encountered problems in its second iPhone launch, accounts say. At the Eaton Centre Apple Store in Toronto, customers have reported being unable to upgrade to the 3G S through normal methods if they are an existing iPhone customer. Rogers' special promotional pricing -- announced just yesterday -- is said to be so recent, it is not in the carrier's computer systems, requiring calls to customer support to confirm billing and eligibility. New activations have been unaffected, but existing iPhone owners are said to be waiting 30 to 40 minutes each to talk with Rogers.

Rumored specs for Canon 1D Mark IV surface

06/19, 12:45pm

Canon 1D Mark IV specs

Some preliminary (but unconfirmed) specs of the upcoming Canon D1 Mark IV digital SLR camera have been revealed by an alledged camera beta tester, according to a Friday PhotographyBay report. The source claims the shooter will feature a 1.3x crop sensor and be capable of capturing approximately 16-megapixel images. An sRAW1 format will shoot 8-megapixel images which are apparently better than those shot by the 1D Mark III in terms of detail. ISO sensitivity will range from 50 to 26,500, with the tester reporting the 3,200 setting produces very clean images while images taken at ISO 6,400 and 12,800 are responsive to processing.

Verizon's VCAST TV reaches San Francisco, more

06/19, 12:35pm

VCAST TV in San Francisco

Verizon today officially expanded its V CAST Mobile TV network to include key larger California cities. The FLO TV-based digital broadcasts are now available in San Francisco as well as Fresno and Sacramento further south. Channel selection should remain the same and provides a mix of both live and pre-recorded content from both kids' channels like NickToons and more mature content from CBS, Fox, NBC and others.

Dell readying low-cost Vostro 1220 ultraportable

06/19, 12:10pm

Dell Vostro 1220 Leak

Dell is planning to introduce a fourth, smaller Vostro notebook for the near future, a leak shows. The Vostro 1220 as seen by Engadget would have a thick but small profile with a 12-inch screen and, like larger models, get the option of a red shell. This bulk will also afford room for ExpressCard and SD card slots as well as a fingerprint reader.

Second iPhone 3G S teardown highlights similarities

06/19, 11:50am

Second iPhone 3GS teardown

Little has changed in the layout of the iPhone 3G S, a second teardown reveals. Going beyond the included chips and manufacturers, iFixit notes that the arrangement of parts in the 3G S is "virtually identical" to that of the iPhone 3G, to the extent that even experienced technicians may have trouble distinguishing designs. The most significant change is said to be the rearrangement of components to the front side of the PCB, including chips for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and flash storage.

Meizu M8 to get new UI, Android?

06/19, 11:45am

Meizu M8 to get Android?

Chinese handset manufacturer Meizu recently announced its M8 cellphone will soon get a firmware upgrade to its true 1.0 status and there are rumblings on various forums that the handset may eventually rely on a Google Android operating system. Meizu's CEO Jack Wong has himself apparently confirmed there is a dedicated team investigating the Android platform.

iRiver intros A100 Bluetooth headset

06/19, 11:15am

iRiver intros BT headset

South Korea-based iRiver has broken from tradition by announcing the upcoming release of its first Bluetooth headset, the A100. iRiver is known for making portable multimedia players to date, such as the SPINN and, more recently, the GPS-enabled NV Classic. Little is known about the device, though its specs are not ground-breaking.

Thomas found guilty in federal retrial vs RIAA

06/19, 10:55am

Thomas guilty in retrial

The long-standing legal battle between Jammie Thomas-Rasset and the Recording Industry Association of America closed another chapter, as the federal retrial found the defendant liable for willful copyright infringement, with the jury ordering her to pay a whopping $1.92 million in penalties. According to a Thursday Ars Technica report, the total damage award of $1.92 million was more than a $1.7 million increase from the amount awarded in the first trial. Thomas-Rasset was found to infringe on 24 copyrights held by the four major record labels, with each infringement costing the defendant $80,000.

Apps: Floola, Songbird, iTube

06/19, 10:45am

ScreenCap, ScreenSteps

Floola 5.2 (free) is a utility that allows a user to manage their iPod or Motorola phone. Floola can copy, rename, delete music, videos and photos, add artwork and lyrics, manage playlists and keep podcasts up-to-date. It can also convert files like YouTube videos to a format that is compatible with the designated device. The new release includes a rewritten iPod notes manager and improved compatibility with iTunes 8.2. Several of the translations have also been updated including French, German, Italian, and Russian. [Download - 15.7MB]

China Unicom iPhone deal already complete?

06/19, 10:35am

China Unicom iPhone done?

A pact between Apple and cellular carrier China Unicom may already be sealed, according to Merrill Lynch analyst Cynthia Meng. "Our industry checks reveal that Unicom and Apple have most likely reached a deal for an exclusive 2-plus year agreement," reads a Meng note obtained by Reuters. "We expect iPhone products to be available in conjunction with the Unicom commercial scale 3G launch in Q4, starting on Oct 1." A Unicom spokeswoman insists that the two companies are still in talks, and has refused to comment further on Meng's claims.

Plustek expands book-scanning flatbed scanner line

06/19, 10:30am

Plustek adds A300 scanner

Plustek has launched a new, large-format scanner, the A300, in its OpticBook series of flatbed scanners. The scanner line consists of four different models geared for scanning books and other bound documents, with technology designed to correct curvatures and eliminating shadows caused by the depth of book scans. The series now includes the OpticBook A300, the OpticBook 3600/3600 Plus and the recently-released OpticBook 4600. The new A300 scans large format (12x17 inches) A3-sized pages at a 2.4-second pace, with support for thick books without requiring unbinding. The device also features automatic PDF conversion and optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

Samsung launches, prices SMX-C14 in Korea

06/19, 9:50am

Samsung C14 priced, outed

Samsung on Friday announced in has launched its SMX-C14 pocket camcorder, which was announced at the end of April. The camcorder, which features a lens angled 25 degrees off vertical to help alleviate wrist strain when recording videos, weighs just a third of a pound and comes with 16GB of built-in flash memory in addition to an SDHC memory card slot. The built-in memory can store 6 hours and 20 minutes of high-definition, H.264 format video. The C14 can also capture still images in 1600x1200 resolution.

iPhone 3G S goes on sale in eight countries

06/19, 9:45am

iPhone 3G S goes on sale

In early-morning launches at carrier and Apple Stores, the iPhone 3G S has gone on sale in different eight countries, including the likes of the United States, Canada, France and Germany. The most prominent launch so far has been the one at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City, where despite less press coverage and lower publicity from Apple, approximately 200 people waited in line to be some of the first in the US to own a 3G S. The Soho and 14th Street stores in New York bore witness to smaller lineups.

Analyst: BlackBerry may lose the "apps war"

06/19, 9:40am

BBerry May Lose App War

Despite shipping 7.8 million BlackBerries and forecasting stronger sales, serious doubts exist about the BlackBerry's future, according to Needham analyst Charlie Wolf. Issuing a "hold" call on Research in Motion's stock, Wolf is concerned that the company's heavy dependence on home users for new subscribers -- 80 percent of the 3.8 million last quarter -- will leave it vulnerable to multiple new competitors, including the iPhone 3G S, the Palm Pre and multiple Android phones from HTC, Motorola, Samsung and others. He also worries that BlackBerry App World won't catch on and that greater choices with Apple's and Google's platforms will lead customers elsewhere.

BlackBerry Onyx to get optical pad after all?

06/19, 9:05am

BBerry Onyx Optical Pad

The BlackBerry Onyx will be the second RIM phone to drop the trackball for an optical trackpad if a leak supports the claim. Sources for CrackBerry claim that the Onyx will have the same pad as the Curve 8520 (pictured) and that the QWERTY keyboard is being redesigned slightly to accommodate the new controls. Prototypes until now have only been seen with the trackball, which may be phased out altogether by RIM in the future.

Yamaha MusicCAST2 shares iPods, iTunes

06/19, 8:40am

Yamaha MusicCAST2

Yamaha on Friday upgraded its multi-room audio system with the MusicCAST2. Similar to a Sonos system, the combination dock and touchscreen controller pipes Internet and network-attached audio over the local Ethernet or Wi-Fi network to as many as 32 different receivers. The controller supports sharing iTunes libraries thanks to TwonkyMedia's service; the central cradle also supports media from USB devices, including iPods, and has internal Bluetooth to receive audio from cellphones. It also directly supports RealNetworks' Rhapsody and generic Internet radio.

iPhone 3G S teardown shows 720p-capable CPU

06/19, 7:45am

iPhone 3G S Teardown

A teardown of the just-launched iPhone 3G S by RapidRepair this morning has revealed that Apple is using a processor capable of HD video and otherwise more than what Apple has enabled. The disassembly confirms the existence of a 600MHz ARM processor, Samsung's S5PC100, based on the much more advanced Cortex A8 platform. However, official specifications (PDF) show that the chip could run at 833MHz and that, while Apple officially limits video recording to 640x480, the full-speed component could not only play but capture 720p.

Sony unveils movieIQ real-time movie database

06/19, 7:05am

Sony announces movieIQ

Sony Pictures along with Gracenote late yesterday announced movieIQ, a new Blu-ray disc feature that provides access to a real-time movie database. By playing a movieIQ disc and having a BD-Live equipped Blu-ray player connected to the Internet, users can view continuously updated information on details such as cast and crew. movieIQ also offers pieces of trivia including production facts, and music and soundtrack information tied to specific scenes within the movie. Sony says it plans to use movieIQ on upcoming Blu-ray movies starting September, as well as offering it on all major catalog titles and new releases.

Microsoft pushes XP downgrade availability to 2011

06/19, 12:00am

XP downgrades to 2011

Following sharp criticism from analysts, Microsoft has quickly backed away from its previous announcement that placed a six-month limit on XP downgrades after the release of Windows 7. Michael Silver of Gartner earlier in the week described the limitation as potentially causing a "real mess," as the software maker typically provides a wider time frame for enterprises to transition between operating systems.


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