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T-Mobile Dash 3G official; Android next week

06/17, 10:10pm

T-Mobile Dash 3G

T-Mobile this evening officially launched the Dash 3G. The new interpretation of the HTC Snap has native support for its carrier's 1,700MHz 3G network but replaces the stock Windows Mobile 6.1 phone's Inner Circle feature with MyFaves for free calling to five US contacts. It otherwise has the full feature set, however, including the 2-megapixel camera, GPS and Wi-Fi as well as one of the few navigation trackballs outside of BlackBerries.

iPhone apps: Enigmo, Leaf Trombone, Flick Fishing

06/17, 9:35pm

Touchgrind, Twittelator

Enigmo ($3) is a puzzle game based on the physics of falling water. The goal of the game is to redirect falling water droplets into designated containers using various pieces such as bumpers, sponges and sliders. Enigmo also features a built-in level editor which allows players to create their own levels and share them with others. The game includes 50 different levels and a recent update has added the ability to buy more from within the app.

Tradium ships ipbx iPhone interface with PBX service

06/17, 7:50pm

ipbx iPhone interface

Taridium has released the ipbx iPhone interface for use with its Enterprise PBX services. The web-based portal is accessible through Safari, enabling users to obtain PBX extension information directly from the handset. Such extension information includes voicemail and call history from landlines at the a user's office. Conference calls can also be hosted on the PBX network through the iPhone. Should an administrator wish to monitor use of the phone, incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded for later review.

TypeFitter Pro update adds column balancing tool

06/17, 7:30pm

TypeFitter Pro features

Teacup Software has added several new features to its TypeFitter Pro plug-in for Adobe InDesign and InCopy. The software is designed to fix problems when pasting text into an InDesign spread. The Gap-toothed columns feature automatically detects and fixes gaps at the bottom of a text column without affecting vertical spacing. The update also offers Stubby chapter ends, a utility that tightens or loosens document text to prevent small numbers of words from being pushed to the last page or column.

ParticleMetrix generates video-based particle effects

06/17, 7:10pm

ParticleMetrix ships

Noise Industries and Idustrial Revolution have launched a new particle generation plug-in, ParticleMetrix, for visual effects applications. The plug-in works with Apple's Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and Motion, along with Adobe's After Effects CS3 and CS4. ParticleMetrix is based on FxFactory and converts objects and text into particle effects, such as snow, fire, ice, bubbles, sparkles and more. The plug-in provides a library of pre-designed effects, with controls for rotation, size, gravity and other custom settings.

Kroll Ontrack offers data recovery services for Xsan

06/17, 7:00pm

data recovery for Xsan

Kroll Ontrack has announced expanded data recovery services for Apple's Xsan 2 enterprise-class storage area network (SAN) systems. Using recently-developed technology, the company's agents can now recover data from an Xsan server that has suffered volume corruption. Previously, Xsan file-system data recovery was limited to hardware-based failures. Enterprises servers suffering from volume corruption required reinitialization of the servers and potential loss of data.

Interiors Professional 4.1 adds fully-editable walls

06/17, 6:35pm

Interiors Pro update

Microspot has released an update to its 3D-modeling application for interior and product designers, Interiors Professional 4.1. The latest version includes tools that allow users to edit walls from any view. The height, thickness, position and length can be adjusted. Floor plans can be imported from other CAD programs, providing an outline to draw the walls and quickly create a 3D scaled model. After the walls are established, the plan can be removed before adding doors, windows and floors.

Apple updates Safari, Bluetooth firmware

06/17, 5:55pm

Safari Bluetooth updates

Following the iPhone 3.0 firmware release, Apple on Wednesday also updated Safari and Bluetooth firmware for Mac systems. The Safari update is designed to correct compatibility issues between Safari 4.0 and a number of features in iPhoto '09, such as Places and publishing to Facebook.

Jasper-based Xbox 360 spied with 512MB built-in

06/17, 5:05pm

Xbox gets 512MB of memory

Photos of a new Jasper mainboard for the Xbox Arcade gaming console equipped with a 4-gigabit Samsung NAND flash memory module have been leaked on an enthusiast forum recently. The model in question seems to have been manufactured in Japan on April 9th, and uses the same Jasper platform debuted last year, albeit with twice as much onboard storage. The original Xbox Arcade Jasper mainboard used a 2-gigabit NAND flash module that gave users about 213MB of usable internal memory, with 16MB dedicated to kernel, keyvault, Dash and other operating-system related data.

Haier to release Android-powered H7 by September

06/17, 5:00pm

Haier H7 with Android due

Chinese electronics maker on Wednesday Haier announced at the CommunicAsia 2009 expo in Singapore that its first cellphone using the Android operating system will ship this fall. The full touchscreen H7 will use at least version 1.5 of the open-source OS, but Haier does indicate if version 2.0 is out by the time the handset ships, it will be preloaded.

ASRock intros Ion-powered Multibook G22

06/17, 4:50pm

ASRock Ion-powered netbook

Computer maker ASRock's Multibook G22 portable PC has been spotted ahead of any official announcement, and it sports a 12.1-inch with 1366x768 resolution and, more significantly, NVIDIA's Ion chipset. The feature gives it full HD video acceleration as well as much faster 3D for mild gaming. Aside from the Ion chipset, the G22 is also unique among netbooks in sporting a 320GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM, with support up to 4GB. There is also an HDMI output, again courtesy of Ion.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena coming to Mac

06/17, 4:45pm

Riddick coming to Macs

Virtual Programming has announced that it will be porting Starbreeze's The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena to the Mac. The game includes a graphical update of its prequel, Escape from Butcher Bay, as well as the new Dark Athena campaign. The Mac version will also feature six multiplayer modes not present in the PlayStaytion 3 or Xbox 360 versions. Vin Diesel reprises his vocal role as Richard Riddick, the game's anti-hero.

Shuttle intros SA76G2 barebones for Phenom II PCs

06/17, 4:40pm

Shuttle intros SA76G2 PC

Shuttle PC has recently announced a new barebones mini-PC, the SA76G2, which is its first barebones product to support AMD socket AM3 processors using the 760G chipset, including the Phenom II as well as original Phenom, Athlon 64 X2, Athlon 64 and Sempron CPUs. There are also two DDR2 DIMM slots for up to 8GB of RAM. The PC is backwards-compatible with AM2 and AM2+ CPUs.

Kerio brings MailServer to Parallels

06/17, 4:30pm

MailServer for Parallels

Kerio says it is bringing MailServer to hardware running Parallels' Mac virtualization software. With MailServer Virtual Appliance, Kerio uses a preconfigured version of CentOS 5.3 Linux as the core operating system, packaged specifically for Parallels. The software can run on any Intel-powered Apple system, including the Xserve and Mac Pro, as long as they are also utilizing Mac OS X Leopard Server.

Epson unveils five new projectors

06/17, 4:30pm

Epson outs five projectors

At the currently ongoing Infocomm show in Florida, Epson took the opportunity to showcase five new projectors to add to its lineup. This includes the PowerLite Presenter combo device, the PowerLite 1925W and the budget buyer-oriented PowerLite S7, 79 and W7. The PowerLite Presenter is meant for in-classroom use and also contains a DVD player and two built-in 10W speakers. The 3LCD projector sports a 1366x768 resolution, 2,500 lumens of brightness and closed captioning capabilities. A USB connection sends multimedia content to the PowerLite Presenter instead of VGA video and audio connections.

ngmoco updates Topple 2, Star Defense for iPhone 3.0

06/17, 4:25pm

Topple 2 and Star Defense

Coinciding with the iPhone 3.0 firmware release, ngmoco has updated several of its App Store titles: Topple 2 v1.3 and Star Defense v1.1. Both games take advantage of the new features enabled with the iPhone update. While playing Topple 2, users now have full control over iPod music playlists without leaving the app interface. The tracks can be accessed by pausing the game and going to the More Menu.

Test: iPhone OS 3.0 and the upgrade question

06/17, 4:20pm

iPhone OS 3 First Look

With the launch of iPhone OS 3.0 today, Electronista and MacNN are taking a look at the major upgrade to see how well the features work in practice on existing iPhones and the iPod touch. We'll see whether the 3.0 update alone will be enough to satisfy owners or whether they still stand to benefit from the upgraded hardware in the iPhone 3G S.

Major critics post early iPhone 3GS reviews

06/17, 4:10pm

Reviewers on iPhone 3GS

The tech columnists of some major media outlets have begun posting early reviews of the iPhone 3GS, and by extension the new iPhone 3.0 firmware. David Pogue of the New York Times claims that the phone is now "a year ahead" of its rivals, whereas the previous two generations were only superior in some areas but deficient in others. Some much-needed changes are said to include voice dialing, copy-and-paste, and a larger battery; among advantages are the 50,000-plus App Store titles, and reasonably high-quality video capture combined with editing and sharing functions.

Intel outlines changes to Core CPU branding

06/17, 4:00pm

Intel announces rebranding

Intel's corporate communications manager Bill Calder, in a Wednesday post on the company's corporate blog, informed readers of forthcoming changes in the chipmaker's brand structure. Calder admits Intel's current complex structure has too many platform brands, and product names and brands, which confuses customers. This will start with leading with Intel and what it has done for technology, with Calder pointing to the company's Sponsors of Tomorrow ad campaign.

Apps: R10Cipher, Fiwi, DutyWatch

06/17, 3:45pm

Wiz Solitaire, MacAppStuff

R10Cipher 2.3 ($23) is a tool for encryping and decrypting files using up to 385 bit Blowfish encryption. Files to be encrypted can be dragged and dropped to the main windows and support for batch encryption is included. Decryption can be performed by double clicking in a file which will result in the software recreating the file with its original filename. This version includes up to 384 Bit Encryption and features an updated interface and a revised manual. [Download - 8MB]

iPhone 3.0 firmware fixes security vulnerabilities

06/17, 3:10pm

iPhonr security fixes

Along with offering a variety of new features and capabilities, the Version 3.0 firmware for the iPhone and iPod touch also addresses a long list of security vulnerabilities. CoreGraphics bounds and error checking have been improved to prevent maliciously crafted images or PDF files from terminating applications or executing arbitrary code. Bounds checking in FreeType v2.3.8 has also been reworked to prevent integer overflows.

US bill would regulate, discourage metered Internet

06/17, 2:00pm

Bband Inet Fairness Act

US Democratic Congressman Eric Massa on Wednesday introduced the Broadband Internet Fairness Act, a measure to monitor and regulate capped, tiered Internet services. The bill would require any provider switching from a typically unlimited plan to a usage-based system to be scrutinized by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and would ban any service plans that the FTC deems "unreasonable or discriminatory." Providers that ignored any imposed bans would be subject to unspecified punishment.

Report: Sirius XM iPhone app finally ready

06/17, 1:50pm

Sirius XM iPhone app ready

The long-awaited Sirius XM app for the iPhone and iPod touch is finally ready to go, according to The Motley Fool. The company allegedly has sent e-mail notifications that the app will be available tomorrow, although the service will only be available to premium subscribers paying $12.95 per month for Internet-only access or standard subscribers that pay an extra $2.99 per month for the additional web playback.

Dev Team reveals ultrasn0w unlock for iPhone 3.0

06/17, 1:35pm

ultrasn0w unlock for 3.0

As promised on Tuesday, the unofficial iPhone Dev Team has revealed ultrasn0w, carrier unlocking code for the iPhone 3.0 firmware. Creators note that the software injected into a phone's baseband is the same as that in yellowsn0w, designed for iPhone 2.x; the difference is simply the use of a new hole in Apple's security, found by someone outside of the Dev Team. The release of ultrasn0w is being delayed until Friday, to prevent last-minute interference by Apple.

Apple to open retail stores at 7 a.m. Friday

06/17, 1:35pm

Apple retail stores open

Apple today said it would open its retail stores at 7 a.m. local time on Friday, June 19 -- one hour earlier than its previously announced time of 8 a.m. The new time is the same as launch time of the new iPhone 3G S at AT&T retail stores, which also open at 7 a.m.; the carrier, however, will only distribute the devices to owners who pre-ordered the device through its direct fulfillment service and said that other customers will only be able to purchase the phones starting at 9 a.m., according to the same report by

iPhone 3.0 firmware upgrade hits iTunes [photos]

06/17, 1:30pm

iPhone 3.0 hits iTunes

Apple has begun distributing the final iPhone 3.0 firmware through iTunes. The 230MB download adds a number of demanded features to the iPhone OS, such as tethering, MMS messaging, turn-by-turn navigation and copy, cut and paste. Movies, audiobooks and TV shows can now be bought or rented from a handheld, and expanded control of third-party accessories has been enabled. JavaScript performance is said to be substantially improved, sometimes tripling the speed of the Safari web browser.

AT&T lets iPhone 3G S buyers upgrade early

06/17, 1:10pm

iPhone 3G S Early Upgrade

AT&T this afternoon offered an olive branch to existing iPhone 3G owners by offering early upgrade pricing for the iPhone 3G S. Those who would only qualify for upgrade pricing in July, August or September will now qualify for the lower prices on iPhones as of the iPhone 3G S launch this Friday. Previously, these customers would have had to pay $399 for an early upgrade to a 16GB model or $499 for a 32GB edition.

BlackBerry Onyx exposed as Bold successor

06/17, 12:40pm

BlackBerry 9020 exposed?

Research in Motion's Onyx smartphone has been revealed as the BlackBerry 9020, a new report claims. The phone's operating system is said to display the moniker in more recent updates, signifying a firm place within the RIM hierarchy. In particular it is thought that the 9020 will be a successor to the BlackBerry Bold, otherwise known as the 9000. It would also be just the third 9000-series BlackBerry, after the Storm.

Samsung outs VC240 video conferencing LCD

06/17, 11:55am

Samsung VC240 LCD

Samsung has recently announced the upcoming release of a new video conferencing LCD monitor, the VC240, which is made by its subsidiary, Radvision. The VC240 comprises a 23.6-inch LCD capable of a 1920x1080 resolution, a 5-megapixel camera and a noise-cancelling microphone. A pair of 3W speakers is also integrated. The unusually high-powered camera allows users to send 720p resolution, 30F live video up to 2Mbps encoded in H.264.

UPS holding onto iPhone 3GS shipments

06/17, 11:50am

iPhone 3GS deliveries held

UPS is artificially delaying the delivery of iPhone 3GS shipments, multiple sources say. Although the first shipments technically began on Monday, UPS is reportedly telling customers that phones are being held "for a future delivery date." While a MacNN source has been told shipments are merely awaiting customs clearance, other sources have been informed that Apple has specifically requested holds without explanation.

Vodafone to get N97 Mini?

06/17, 11:40am

Vodafone N97 Mini Claim

Vodafone Ireland may have divulged some of its future plans today through a post on its forums discussing new smartphones. While denying that Vodafone will get the just-launched N97, a spokesperson does claim that the carrier will get a device known as the "N97 Mini" as well as the better-known BlackBerry Storm sequel. What the N97 Mini would involve isn't known other than "competitive pricing" when compared to the expensive full-size model.

LG unveils its first Win Mobile QWERTY phone

06/17, 11:05am

LG GW550 Smartphone

LG has quietly added its first known QWERTY smartphone using Windows Mobile. The conventional design centers on a 2.4-inch display but should have an up-to-date feature set with a 3-megapixel camera, 7.2Mbps 3G over HSPA and a comparatively large 1,300mAh battery. The Korean company also promises extra "business-centric" features but doesn't say what these might be.

MLB At-Bat to add live video streaming

06/17, 10:40am

MLB At-Bat live video

The Major League Baseball At-Bat 2009 app for the iPhone is gaining live video streaming, its creators say. The upgrade is meant to coincide with today's iPhone 3.0 firmware release, and will allow people to watch complete MLB games over a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Intermixed with footage will be in-game highlight reels.

AT&T, Verizon deny SMS price fixing

06/17, 10:35am

ATT Verizon Deny Fixing

AT&T and Verizon late yesterday denied claims that they and other carriers are fixing SMS prices. Testifying in front of a US Senate subcommittee, the two companies insist that the sudden burst of per-message rate increases in the space of several months was conducted independently and that it doesn't reflect the actual price customers pay per message, as most customers have message bundles. AT&T general counsel Wayne Watts argues that the investigation started by Senator Herb Kohl is focusing too heavily on a single business model.

Sanyo shows off two ultra-bright projectors

06/17, 10:05am

Sanyo outs two projectors

At the currently ongoing Infocomm show, Sanyo toda yshowed off a high-brightness LCD projector, the PDG-DET100L, as well as the PLC-WTC500L DLP projector. The former reportedly has the highest brightness rating in its class, at 7,500 lumens, and offers a 1400x1050 native resolution. The PDG-DET100L can also be used in the medical field, as it has a DICOM Simulation Mode that projects X-rays.

Apple warns iTunes sync may break for Palm Pre

06/17, 9:45am

iTunes Pre sync may break

Apple has published a new technical note, warning mobile phone users that it cannot guarantee third-party devices will be able to sync with iTunes. Although some devices like the new Palm Pre will work with iTunes, Apple has also made it clear that as newer versions of iTunes are released, phones that can currently sync may lose the ability. Apple goes on to mention that even though some parties claim their media players can sync, the company will not provide support.

Slim Casio projector adds widescreen, brightness

06/17, 9:40am

Casio XJ-S43W Projector

Casio on Wednesday launched an update to its slim projector line with a lone but important model, the XJ-S43W. The new DLP unit is now much friendlier to widescreen notebooks and HD sources with a 1280x800 native resolution. It's also now brighter and generates as much as 2,500 lumens with a 1,800:1 contrast ratio. Size remains the selling point as the system is just under 1.7 inches at its thickest point and less than 1.3 inches at its best.

iPhone 3.0 firmware due at 10AM PT, 1PM ET

06/17, 9:15am

iPhone 3.0 at 10AM ET

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 3.0 firmware later on Wednesday, at approximately 10AM Pacific time, or 1PM Eastern. Deployment through iTunes should be roughly synchronous worldwide, for instance occurring at 6PM in the UK, and later in Asia and the rest of Europe. One notable exception is Singapore, which is officially slated to gain the firmware a day later.

LG to ship 15-inch OLED TV at end of year

06/17, 9:00am

LG 15in OLED TV in Late 09

LG today said it now plans to ship a 15-inch OLED TV sometime between December this year and January 2010. The screen, which may be made for a third-party instead of LG itself, should ship first to Korea but will be available in other countries soon afterwards. Its specifications haven't been made firm by LG VP of OLED sales Won Kim but, according to an interview with OLED-Info, will likely involve a higher resolution than the 960x540 (quarter HD) Sony XEL-1, which so far is the only commercially available stand-alone OLED display.

Zune HD first device to use NVIDIA Tegra

06/17, 8:35am

Zune HD Uses Tegra

NVIDIA staff are now known today to have confirmed that the Zune HD uses a Tegra processor at its heart. Mentioning the feature to PC Perspective at Computex, the graphics company has made its first deal for the use of Tegra in a major product and is necessary for the Microsoft player's namesake HD video playback. The all-in-one processor offers hardware acceleration of video and can consume just 150mW of power at full speed, giving it battery life like a regular media player in spite of the demands of 720p video playback.

Logitech Vid simplifies Mac, PC video chats

06/17, 7:40am

Logitech Vid

Logitech this morning claimed it could ease video chats through Vid, its own interpretation of video conferencing software. The software gives Macs and Windows PCs a solution outside of IM and relies only on e-mail addresses and thumbnail photos for contacts; users who don't already have the app get an invitation to download the software. It auto-optimizes the bitrate to ensure that the video and audio is as good as possible for the connection.


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