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Image leak shows Dell Latitude Z-Series

06/15, 11:55pm

Dell Latitude Z series

Alleged leaked images appear to show a yet-unannounced Dell Latitude Z-Series notebook, according to a forum post on NotebookReview. The pictures show a dark two-tone finish and a thin profile, along with Windows Vista and Intel Centrino stickers. The notebook appears to place the Ethernet port on an angled surface behind the display hinge.

Regulators seek reviews of exclusive handset deals

06/15, 10:00pm

FCC reviews phone deals

A number of senators have asked the FCC to investigate the market effects of exclusive deals between handset makers and carriers, according to Reuters. The letter, sent to FCC chairman Michael Copps, expressed concerns over potential negative effects on competition in market for cellular goods and services.

Snow Leopard: Refinements, Technology, Exchange

06/15, 9:10pm

Snow Leopard upgrade

Apple recently showed off the next iteration of its Mac OS X platform, Snow Leopard. The company called upon Bertrand Serlet, its vice President of Software Engineering, to outline some of the key new features during the WWDC keynote presentation. Serlet began his presentation by noting that Apple was very happy with Mac OS X 10.5 and began working on 10.6 with the goal of creating "a better Leopard." The presentation was then broken down into three different categories: refinements, technology, and Exchange support.

AT&T to maintain data plan pricing for iPhone 3G S

06/15, 8:00pm

AT&T iPhone data plans

AT&T does not appear to be planning any major changes to its data plan prices for the iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3G, says the Wall Street Journal. "We've been very happy with our pricing," said AT&T spokesman Mark Segal, who went on to mention the average monthly bill for an iPhone user was within $90 to $100. The Wall Street Journal suggests AT&T could charge an additional $10 to $40 for MMS and tethering featured on the new iPhone 3G S. AT&T has been put under pressure to offer lower priced data plans by both consumers facing the financial crunch and competitors setting aggressive data pricing.

Macgamestore ships Plan It Green environmental game

06/15, 7:10pm

Plan It Green game ships

Macgamestore has released National Geographic's Plan It Green, a game developed by Merscom. Users serve as the mayor of Greenville, a city which must be transformed into an environmentally friendly location. Gameplay is spread across 8 neighborhoods, with 45 levels that require completion of tasks such as renovating and rebuilding houses or business fixtures. To ensure the city is improving, users can view a Greendex that tracks the environmental sustainability.

Shion 2.0 environment automator supports X10 devices

06/15, 6:35pm

Shion 2.0 released

Audacious Software has released Version 2.0 of its flagship application, Shion. The software is used to monitor and control a chosen environment's lighting fixtures, appliances, and other electronic devices. The update features support of commodity X10 and INSTEON devices, enabling faster installation.

Ex-SEGA exec to serve as ngmoco publishing director

06/15, 5:45pm


iPhone game developer ngmoco has appointed former SEGA president and COO Simon Jeffery to serve as the chief publishing officer of the Plus+ Publishing group. The gaming industry veteran also brings experience from LucasArts, Virgin Interactive and Electronic Arts. At SEGA, Jeffery helped the company shift from a hardware manufacturer to a software developer.

ooVoo 2.1 includes Web Call feature utilizing browser

06/15, 5:40pm

ooVoo 2.1 released

ooVoo has released the newest update to its self-titled flagship application. ooVoo 2.1 is used for cross platform video conferencing. Version 2.1 includes a Web Call feature that enables users to video conference with friends who haven't downloaded ooVoo, instead using their web browser. The application's interface has also been updated to include a sidebar view mode, allowing users to view both conversation windows and their desktop or documents.

Pioneer intros four in-dash AVIC nav systems

06/15, 5:00pm

Pioneer outs 4 AVIC decks

Pioneer announced four new double-DIN in-car navigation and entertainment systems over the weekend, including the flagship AVIC-Z110BT which sports a 7-inch touchscreen with 1024x768 resolution that tilts out to reveal the optical drive slot. Behind that screen is 4GB of internal storage space, an optical drive capable of reading CDs and DVDs and Bluetooth functionality. There is also an optional MSN Direct tuner that gets traffic, weather and other information, though this service requires a subscription.

InFocus reveals IN5300 and IN5500 projectors

06/15, 4:50pm

InFocus intros projectors

InFocus at the InfoComm 2009 trade show on Monday introduced five new high-performance DLP projectors in two series, all meant for the business market and professional A/V installers. The InFocus IN5300 and IN5500 projectors use DLP technology and all feature interchangeable and adjustable optics for custom tailoring to any room. A dual-lamp option allows users to run the projectors nearly year-round. There is also an optional split-display feature.

Apple posts Java updates for Leopard, Tiger

06/15, 4:50pm

Apple Java updates

Apple has has posted two new Java update patches, targeting Mac OS X Leopard and Tiger, respectively. The Leopard patch, Update 4, is said to improve the "reliability, security and compatibility" of Java by updating Java SE 6 to 1.6.0_13, J2SE 5.0 to 1.5.0_19, and J2SE 1.4.2 to 1.4.2_21. Mac OS X 10.5.7 is required, and Java SE 6 is only functional on Intel Macs, due to particular 64-bit code. The file is 158MB.

Dash 3G at T-Mobile in a month: leak

06/15, 4:35pm

Dash 3G dated for T-Mobile

A leaked T-Mobile product sheet reveals the Dash 3G handset is coming to the provider by July 15th. The handset is basically a rebadged HTC Snap, and will sport a 528MHz processor and run on Windows Mobile 6.1. It will connect to T-Mobile's 3G AWS data network to access e-mail, the Internet and social networks.

Belkin ships new Phone 3G, 3GS cases

06/15, 4:25pm

Belkin iPhone 3GS cases

Belkin has released an updated collection of cases for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Models in the revised lineup include the Grip Ergo, Grip Two-Toned Vector, BodyGuard Hue, BodyGuard Crush, Micra Flex and others. The collection's flagship is the Grip Ergo, featuring contoured ridges on silicone. The Ergo takes its name from an ergonomic design, and is available in caviar, chili pepper and indigo colors.

Samsung ups capacities, colors for S drives

06/15, 4:25pm

Samsung S-series drives

Samsung on Monday announced it has added a 160GB variant of the S1 Mini external hard drive along with two new Pop colors. The new 1.8-inch S1 Mini, along with the existing 120GB S1 Mini and 500GB, 2.5-inch S2 Portable, are now also available in Sweet Pink and Ocean Blue. Other colors for the S1 Mini and S2 Portable include Piano Black, Snow White, Wine Red, and Chocolate Brown. The S1 Mini is about the size of a credit card, although much thicker. Both it and the S2 interface via a USB 2.0 connection.

Palm Pre gets bootleg tethering despite Sprint

06/15, 4:20pm

Palm Pre Bootleg Tethering

Enthusiasts today found a means to enable data tethering on the Palm Pre despite the feature not being official through Sprint. The technique involves creating an SSH (secure shell) tunnel to the smartphone while it's set to work as a SOCKS proxy and then use a computer's web browser to visit the proxy. While active, the approach lets users share the Pre's 3G connection over Bluetooth.

Artlandia updates SymmetryWorks plug-ins

06/15, 4:10pm

SymmetryWorks update ships

Artlandia has released the newest version of SymmetryWorks, a plug-in used to design congruent patterns of shapes in Adobe Illustrator. There are two versions of the plug-in, SymmetryWorks 5 and SymmetryWorks LP. The latter is a hybrid plug-in, combining SymmetryWorks 5 and Artlandia's LivePresets.

Gamesmith launches eight iPhone games

06/15, 3:55pm

Gamesmith iPhone titles

Gamesmith Studios has launched eight new iPhone games at App Store, promising that more should be revealed soon. The company's first offerings include Tic Tac Toe 3D for $2, and Tic Tac Toe Classic for free. Another $2 app is Indigo Ocho, a labyrinth-based 3D maze game that uses the iPhone's accelerometer -- like Tic Tac Toe, the app is also available in a free trial version.

Virgin, Universal partner on unlimited music

06/15, 3:40pm

Virgin, Universal team up

In an industry-first, Britain's cable TV, wireless and Internet provider Virgin Media will soon unveil an unlimited MP3 music download subscription service together with Universal Music, says a Monday report. Sources indicate the monthly fees for the service would range from the equivalent of about $16 to $25 and would allow subscribers to stream music like Internet radio or download tracks and albums from any Universal artist. The downloads would come in a DRM-free MP3 format, allowing users to burn discs or transfer them to most any portable music player.

Apple to open new store in Dublin, Ireland?

06/15, 3:35pm

Dublin Apple Store rumored

Apple is looking to open a new store in Dublin, Ireland, says the Sunday Tribune. Apple is said to have hired property advisor Jones Land LaSalle to find a location, with urgency being linked to falling rent in Ireland, triggered by the current worldwide recession. The Tribune suggests that Apple is likely searching for a building with about 6,000 square feet split between two levels.

Intel to launch 3.2GHz Core i7 in fall

06/15, 3:25pm

Intel Core i7 960 in Fall

New rumors from the mainboard industry today hint that Intel is poised to update its top-end desktop processor once more this year while also updating its Celerons earlier in the year. Currently topping out with the 3.06GHz Core i7 950, the fall should see that model replaced by the 3.2GHz Core i7 960. Its amount of cache and other features aren't expected by DigiTimes to change, but it should represent the first time a home, non-Extreme desktop processor from Intel has reached 3.2GHz and should be much faster than the similarly-clocked Core 2 Extreme.

Glass monitors from Apple seen as potential hazard

06/15, 3:10pm

Apple monitor safety

Australia's Queensland University of Technology has released health-based recommendations for using high-gloss Apple screens, claiming that reflections can lead to users adopting awkward postures, in turn producing injuries. The report takes a fairly negative stance against the glass found in iMacs, MacBooks and MacBook Pros, and also recommends considering a number of factors that could help alleviate or minimize harm. Injury is only a concern however in cases of intense usage, the university suggests.

DataViz releases Documents To Go for iPhone

06/15, 3:00pm

DataViz Documents To Go

DataViz has released several mobile Office apps for the iPhone and iPod touch, Documents To Go and Documents To Go With Exchange Attachments. The programs allows users to view, create or edit Microsoft Word files, including Word 2007, and then sync the content with a desktop application. Apple's integrated viewing technology enables access to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Apple iWork content.

Rogers iPhone 3G S to cost $799 full price? [U]

06/15, 2:40pm

Rogers 3G S Price Leak

(Update with extra leaks) The version of the iPhone 3G S bound for Canadian provider Rogers and its sister carrier Fido may cost disproportionately more for existing customers than it will in the US, according to claims made by Fido representatives. While the three-year pricing is technically lower priced than the US counterpart, Fido reportedly says the newer device will cost a minimum of $799 CAD non-contract for a 16GB model and $899 for a 32GB version, or significantly higher than the equivalent $567 and $680 prices in the US.

iPhone apps: FlowerPedia, iSeed Spit, Snowboarding

06/15, 2:40pm

WhiteBoard, TweetMic

FlowerPedia ($5) is a flower identification tool and encyclopedia for the iPhone and iPod touch. The flower identification wizard allows users to search through the database by characteristics. The search covers more than 70 percent of the flowers found in North America and up to 90 percent of the species in Europe, Asia and Australia. The encyclopedia includes information on more than 100,00 different plant types, including common and scientific names, identifying features, and the genus to which the plant belongs.

ASUS Eee PC T91 netbook shipping in US this week

06/15, 1:55pm

Eee PC T91 due this week

First seen at CES in January, the Eee PC T91 convertible netbook will be available for purchase in the US this week, according to a forum member. While prices are still unavailable, the specs are. The T91 will use an 8.9-inch LED-backlit, resistive touch panel display that is mounted on a reverse and flipping hinge and offers 1024x600 resolution. Processing power comes from a 1.33GHz Intel Atom CPU and there is 1GB of RAM standard, with 2GB optional.

Hillcrest Labs outs Loop in-air pointer

06/15, 1:40pm

Hillcrest outs Loop mouse

Hillcrest Labs on Monday released its Loop pointer meant for users who connect their TV sets to a Mac or PC. Using an in-air pointing and motion control technology dubbed Freespace, the pointer lets users control an on-screen cursor without the need for a mouse and a surface. The controller otherwise has four buttons and a scroll wheel, and connects wirelessly over RF through a USB transceiver. Range is up to 30 feet and line-of-sight to the receiver is not required.

11-inch Eee PC 1101HA coming in late June

06/15, 1:20pm

Eee PC 1101HA in June

ASUS is readying a late June shipment for its first 11-inch Eee PC netbook, the 1101HA. Specifically measuring 11.6 inches, the design of the system is otherwise said to closely resemble the 1005HA and 1008HA. Inside is a 1.33GHz Atom processor, paired with 1GB of RAM and a six-cell lithium ion battery. The display supports resolutions up to 1366x768.

Samsung Omnia LITE pushes prices down

06/15, 12:45pm

Samsung Omnia LITE

As a final addition to its Omnia phone line, Samsung today put the Omnia LITE into its roster. The handset is the least expensive of the new generation and does so by using a 3-megapixel camera as well as a slightly smaller touchscreen; it's not known what resolution it uses or whether it's LCD or OLED, though the former is more likely in the name of price.. Cellular data over 3G as well as GPS and Wi-Fi still make their way to the device.

Apple begins shipping iPhone 3GS orders

06/15, 12:35pm

iPhone 3GS shipments start

Having only announced the device a week ago, Apple is already beginning to ship the iPhone 3GS for online pre-orders, anecdotes indicate. American orders shipping today should in theory arrive June 19th, the official launch date for the product. Delivery may be highly dependent on when an order was placed however, as AT&T's first wave of pre-orders sold out last Saturday.

ViewSonic intros trio of 120Hz, 3D projectors

06/15, 12:20pm

ViewSonic 120Hz projectors

At the InfoComm 2009 show in Florida on Monday, ViewSonic announced the availability of its PJD6211, PJD6221 and PJD6381 projectors with 3D display capabilities thanks to their 120Hz refresh rates. All three have network management capabilities and multiple inputs, along with a focus on low energy consumption. The highest-end model, the PJD6381, offers one of the shortest throw ratios among DLP projectors on the market, at 0.68. It is compatible with whiteboards used in school districts across the US, and sports 1024x768 resolution, a 2,500 lumens brightness and 2,500:1 contrast ratio.

Samsung Jet said world's fastest touch phone

06/15, 12:05pm

Samsung Jet

Samsung's phone introductions today have been bolstered by the addition of the Jet, a high-end media device that claims a rare record in the field. The touchscreen uses a Samsung-made 800MHz processor nicknamed the Jet Engine that the company says makes it the fastest full touch phone in existence. To exploit the added speed, the Jet comes with a newer web browser known as Dolfin that uses WebKit for accurate rendering and can not only have as many as five pages active at once but can export websites as widgets for TouchWiz 2.0, which also brings a 3D cube interface for apps and media.

Nokia preps 3710 fold

06/15, 11:50am

Nokia Fold due out in fall

Nokia kicked off the week by announcing the upcoming release of its 3710 fold handset. The so-called value-oriented handset has a 2.2-inch main screen with 320x240 resolution and a 128x160-pixel TFT external display. There is a 3.2-megapixel camera with flash and the photos can be stored either on the internal 70MB of memory or on an external microSD card. A secondary camera allows for video calls.

Apps: EasyWMA, Screenium, Pod To Mac

06/15, 11:50am

DMG Wiz, CleanMyMac

EasyWMA 3.0 ($10) is a tool for converting wma, asf, flv/wmv audio, real media, and ogg vorbis files to aiff, mp3, m4a, or wav so that they can be used in iTunes. The application has a simple interface that feature drag-and-drop support and is also capable of performing batch conversions. The update has added support for the flac audio file format. [Download - 4MB]

New 13-, 15-inch MacBook Pros using slower SATA

06/15, 11:45am

MacBook SATA slowdown

Apple has scaled back the SATA interface speeds in some of its new MacBook Pros, testing reveals. Whereas Pros have typically been equipped with 3Gbps SATA, the new 13- and 15-inch systems have been limited to 1.5Gbps. The 17-inch Pro remains unaffected, along with the MacBook Air and the 13-inch plastic MacBook.

Samsung Omnia 2 coming to Verizon

06/15, 11:35am

Samsung Omnia 2 for VZW

Samsung used its smartphone introductions today to reveal the Omnia 2 as Verizon's newest and most capable Windows Mobile device. The phone centers on a very large 3.7-inch, 800x480 AMOLED touchscreen that uses a new approach to resistive touchscreens, dubbed R Touch, that makes them more accurate and sensitive without having to use more advanced capacitive displays. Accordingly, it can both record and play back 480p video from its 5-megapixel camera without losing detail on screen.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 to show Wednesday?

06/15, 10:55am

S Ericsson June 17th Event

Sony Ericsson's fourth touchscreen phone and its second Windows Mobile device, the XPERIA X2, could be made public as early as Wednesday thanks to a leaked invitation to a press event that day. The Singapore gathering appears to focus on entertainment but has been linked to the smartphone, which may also appear at the same time as a Bluetooth headset based on FCC data. The possibility exists for other phones but hasn't been supported by other rumors.

iPhone 3GS lacking in enterprise tech, say analysts

06/15, 10:40am

iPhone 3GS and enterprise

The iPhone 3GS is still missing key enterprise features, despite efforts from Apple, analysts complain. The newest iPhone adds support for tethering, as well as remote wiping and hardware-based encryption. One of the remaining problems however, according to ABI Research analyst Kevin Burden, is that there is no console software for imposing policies on workgroups.

NVIDIA reveals mid-range GeForce 200M GPUs

06/15, 10:05am

NVIDIA GF 200M Mainstream

NVIDIA this morning turned its attention to its mainstream notebook graphics chips by filling out its GeForce 200M range. The GTS 250M and GTS 260M are targeted at desktop replacement class but relatively affordable notebooks with 28W of peak power. They each have 96 visual processor cores and 1GB of GDDR5 memory on a 128-bit bus. The two only differentiate in clock speed, as the 250M has a 500MHz graphics clock and 1.6GHz memory while the 260M gets a faster 550MHz graphics speed and 1.8GHz for its RAM.

JBL, Roxy team on iPhone/iPod earphones

06/15, 9:35am

JBL and Roxy Earphones

JBL today dipped into more fashionable gear with the formal launch of its Roxy Reference line of earphones. Both the in-ear Reference 230/250s (shown) and the over-ear Reference 430s come in dual tones of either blue and green or orange and pink and are meant for girls looking to customize their appearances while they listen. The in-ears produce about 50mW of power, with the 230 using a closed-back design and targeted at music players; the 250s use a semi open-back design and have an in-line mic and button to answer calls from iPhones or other supporting cellphones.

Wolfram launches Alpha web app for iPhone

06/15, 9:30am

WolframAlpha web app

Mathematics specialist Wolfram has launched a iPhone-formatted version of the WolframAlpha website. Identified as a "computational knowledge engine," the site lets users input simple or complex equations, or a variety of data-related queries, such as mortality rates or the distance to the next closest star. Where appropriate answers are accompanied by graphics, such as maps or charts.

Olympus' EP-1 Micro Four Thirds camera leaked

06/15, 9:05am

Olympus micro four thirds

One day ahead of its scheduled release, Olympus' EP-1 micro four thirds digital camera has been leaked. The camera is equipped with a 13-megapixel, 3 CCD sensor and can capture RAW images. It relies on an SD memory card for storage, and much like Panasonic's Lumix GH1 can shoot seven minutes of 720p video or else 14 minutes of 640x480 resolution video.

Dell Android smartphone spotted?

06/15, 8:55am

Dell Android Phone Leak

Dell's rumored Android device may have finally been captured in an image captured in a Chinese forum post (membership required to see). The image shows a handset with a full and reportedly capacitive (finger-controlled) touchscreen running Google's mobile OS, but reveals few other clues as to its features. It clearly exists in a prototype stage and not yet close to product.

Nokia bows 5530 XM budget touch phone

06/15, 8:15am

Nokia 5530 XM and 3710

Just as key to Nokia's phone launches this morning is its first lower-end touchscreen device. The 5530 XpressMusic is still a true smartphone with Symbian S60 and a 2.9-inch, 640x360 touchscreen but makes a number of sacrifices to scale down its price. It limits cellular data to EDGE and relies on Wi-Fi as its fastest connection; it also drops GPS with this goal in mind. A 3.2-megapixel camera stays onboard, as does a bundled 4GB microSDHC card (down from 8GB) for storage.

Samsung makes B7610 touch slider official

06/15, 7:40am

Samsung B7610

As part of launching a suite of existing phones in its native Korea, Samsung on Monday launched the B7610. The handset is arguably its new flagship with a 3.5-inch, 800x480 AMOLED touchscreen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard underneath. It also gets a 5-megapixel camera, 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi and has a simplified front interface designed for finger input. Although just 1GB of storage is built-in, it has a microSDHC slot for 16GB or more of added space.

Nokia intros E72 with 5MP cam, optical pad

06/15, 7:10am

Nokia E72

After last-minute leaks, Nokia this morning launched a replacement for its most popular business phone. The E72 has the familiar slim profile of the E71 (reviewed here) but a major overhaul of the interface: the directional pad has been replaced with an optical trackpad that allows more computer-like control without needing a touchscreen. It combines with a much improved e-mail client from the E75 and completely new top-level IM support at the home screen.


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