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Photographs show Jobs' dilapidated Jackling house

06/14, 10:10pm

Jackling house photographs

Photographs of the Jackling house, a mansion Steve Jobs aims to demolish and build over, have surfaced on MacMagazine. The Brazilian news outlet photographed the mansion while on a day trip to visit areas frequented by Steve Jobs. Photographs were also taken of the infamous garage in which Jobs founded Apple, and his current home in Palo Alto.

OpenOSX releases WinTel 3.0 virtual machine

06/14, 9:35pm

OpenOSX ships WinTel 3.0

OpenOSX has released V3.0 of its WinTel application. The software is used to operate Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux within a window on Mac OS X. The update includes a disk image with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed and runs most of the instructions of the virtual machine natively to boost running speed. Utilizing an emulation mode, the application mimics several different processors including PowerPC, Sparc, MIPS, and ARM.

Agent18 debuts new iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S cases

06/14, 8:10pm

Agent18 iPhone 3G S cases

Agent18 has announced the latest additions to its line of iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S cases, the SlimShield, ShockShield, Mix Tape, and Cloud Case, as well as a re-designed FlowerVest and the return of the Slider model. SlimShield is a hard plastic case that covers only the back of the device, with a ten-layer hard-coat spray and chrome accents. The package also includes a protective film for the display and table stand.

VNC Enterprise Edition 4.5 adds remote printing

06/14, 7:30pm

VNC Enterprise Edition 4.5

RealVNC has launched an update to its software for remotely accessing and controlling computers, VNC Enterprise Edition 4.5. Users can view the desktop and control a different computer from within a web browser. The latest version features improved speed and performance, along with support for cross-platform printing and international characters. The company also enhanced the cross-platform chat function.

Review: Palm Pre

06/14, 3:20pm

Palm Pre Review

We've spent the last few days playing with the newly released Palm Pre and can't seem to put it down. It's one of the first phones outside of Apple to offer true multi-touch, and perhaps the only phone to make Internet data the centerpiece. In a word, we would say we are impressed; but the Pre as a first-edition model is certainly not without its faults both in hardware and, to a lesser extent, software. Whether these faults are enough to dissuade customers from considering the device over an iPhone -- or simply to opt for it in place of a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile phone -- is the ultimate question in our complete review.


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