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LightWay ships V3.2 iText Express and iText Pro '09

06/13, 8:50pm

LightWay iText updates

LightWay has released V3.2 of both iText Express and iText Pro '09. Both applications are used for text editing and word processing, with iText Pro integrating more advanced tools than iText Express. Both applications have been rewritten in Cocoa and boast all the features included with TextEdit. The software is also compatible with Microsoft Word.

AT&T's iPhone 3G S pre-orders sell out, 7-10 day wait

06/13, 5:10pm

iPhone 3G S pre-orders

AT&T has reportedly sold out of its iPhone 3GS pre-orders. A new report indicates that AT&T retail stores have been instructed to tell all customers who pre-order the device on Saturday, June 13th or later that they will have to wait "7-10" days before they can fulfill the pre-order--which will be sometime after the official launch on June 19th: "Only preorders placed [on] Friday, June 12, 2009 or earlier are expected to arrive in time for the 7:00 opening on Friday, June 19th, 2009. Customers will receive an email notification when their new iPhone 3G S has arrived and is available for pickup."

Review: Dell Adamo 13 vs. MacBook Air

06/13, 5:05pm

Dell Adamo 13 Review

Dell has had a long history of ultraportables, but when Apple released the MacBook Air in early 2008, it underscored a wide gap in terms of design: while Latitudes have always been functional, they've rarely been alluring to home (or simply design-centric) users in the way the Air was. The Adamo 13 is Dell's attempt to rectify this with an ultra-slim profile and attention to quality. But is it a case of improving on what's come before or just a Latitude in better packaging? Our full Adamo 13 review hopes to settle this question once and for all.

Apple files motion against bankrupt Psystar

06/13, 12:45am

Apple files Psystar motion

Apple has filed a motion against the now bankrupt Psystar, alleging that the now defunct clonemaker is utilizing an indigent image to shield itself from Apple's previous accusations. AppleInsider notes that Apple believes Psystar's bankruptcy was conveniently timed to cause more proceedings, thereby diverting questions about the company's inner workings in a deposition. Should the courts not agree with the new motion, Apple suggests Psystar could potentially continue to sell its clones uninterrupted, regardless of the operations legality.


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