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Search browser GrandReporter enters public beta

06/10, 7:40pm

GrandReporter beta ships

TRI-EDRE has launched a public beta of its Internet search tool, GrandReporter. The new program automates searches via the Internet, and then continues the searches over time. After users create queries for any subjects of interest, GrandReporter automatically runs periodic checks for new information and sends alerts when additional pages are found. The software works as an advanced utility to gather specific searches, in a similar fashion to RSS feed trackers with intelligent searching.

Infinite Data Systems launches MailForge e-mail app

06/10, 7:20pm

MailForge e-mail client

Infinite Data Systems has launched MailForge, a Euroda-style e-mail application formally known as Odysseus. The software provides users with a place to send, manage and store HTML or text e-mails, along with a search field to help find e-mails and controls for the timing of outgoing messages. MailForge can be used in either a multi-window or tabbed interface, and offers customizable features such as message redirection and and junk-mail filters.

PDF Enhancer 3.5 boasts better color conversions

06/10, 6:55pm

PDF Enhancer 3.5 announced

Apago has announced V3.5 of its PDF Enhancer software. The program is used to produce various types of PDF files, eliminating unnecessary information to decrease file size and speed up the use of each PDF. The upgrade supports more device link profiles and color patterns, improving font handling and color management. These new features help ensure more accurate color conversions, lending to device-specific colors. V3.5 also includes an ICC-based color conversion engine, a page box added to the interface, and stamping managers.

Apple Stores open at 8am, AT&T at 7am for iPhone 3GS

06/10, 6:55pm

Pre order for iPhone 3GS

Apple has provided additional details regarding the June 19th launch date for the iPhone 3GS announced at the WWDC event on Monday. A number of stores will open early on the first day of availability, enabling customers to purchase the handsets beginning at 8 a.m. next Friday. AT&T will also allow subscribers to pre-order the 3GS, either from the website or a retail location. Customers that choose to pre-order will be able to go to the stores at 7 a.m. and receive priority processing until the normal business hours.

Ex-Apple exec to serve as Palm CEO and chairman

06/10, 6:10pm

Rubinstein now Palm CEO

Palm on Wednesday appointed former Apple executive Jon Rubinstein to serve as CEO and chairman, according to the Associated Press. The decision comes just days after the company launched its Pre smartphone, a device that it expects to help remedy a number of financial troubles. Rubinstein will replace Ed Colligan, who was with the company for 16 years but has decided to move on and work with Elevation Partners after taking time off.

PhoneView 2.2 adds support for iPhone 3.0

06/10, 4:55pm

PhoneView 2.2 update

Ecamm Network has released PhoneView 2.2, an update to its Mac software for accessing and working with files on Apple handhelds. PhoneView allows users to export music, contacts and photos to a Mac, as well as call histories and SMS messages. The newest version adds support for iPhone 3.0 firmware, and the playback and management of voice memos.

Amazon ships Kindle DX

06/10, 4:50pm

Amazon Ships Kindle DX

Amazon on Wednesday started shipping the Kindle DX. The most advanced of the retailer's e-book readers was unveiled in May and is billed not only as a much more natural means of reading newspapers and magazines but also as an ideal tool for schools. Its 1200x824, 9.7-inch screen both affords more room for images and auto-rotates for landscape reading when the DX is tilted on its side.

Econo-Keys outs portable flip keyboard/touchpad

06/10, 4:30pm

Econo-Keys flip keyboard

Econo-Keys recently announced the addition of its EK-76-TP mobile keyboard that flips over to reveal a touchpad. While not completely functional, as users would be hard-pressed to use both the keyboard and touchpad simultaneously, the EK-76-TP is ultra-portable, measuring in at about 9 by 3.5 by 0.4 inches. The keyboard sports a USB interface and is compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems.

id reveals Doom Resurrection for iPhone

06/10, 4:30pm

New Doom for iPhone

id Software and partner Escalation Studios are preparing a new Doom game built exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch, according to id founder John Carmack. Called Doom Resurrection, the first-person shooter features original levels with art taken from id's Doom 3 for the PC. Players control general aim and movement by tilting, and fire weapons by tapping the screen. The game's story is set in parallel to Doom 3, and finds players attempting to halt Hell's invasion of Earth.

T-Mobile ad confirms HTC Snap, Touch Pro2

06/10, 4:20pm

T-Mobile ad confirms rumor

A print ad from wireless provider T-Mobile seems to confirm last week's report based on a leaked roadmap of upcoming releases from T-Mobile. Specifically, the ad shows two new smartphones due for a summer release, the Touch Pro2 and Dash 3G, also known as the HTC Snap. The Dash 3G is expected to come to T-Mobile on July 1st, while the Touch Pro2 is apparently coming on July 22nd.

Bell Video Store to close on July 15th

06/10, 4:05pm

Bell Video Store closing

Canadian wireless, Internet and cable provider Bell has recently announced it will be closing down its short-lived Bell Video Store, an online movie delivery service that lets users download movies to rent and watch over a 48-hour period or download to own. The company is e-mailing notices to users of the service and informing visitors to the website, notifying them of the service's shut-down on July 15th, though they will no longer be able to rent or download new content after June 15th.

Apple reducing June-quarter iPhone production?

06/10, 4:00pm

June iPhone prod. down

Despite planning to launch the iPhone 3GS on June 19th, Apple is actually lowering its June-quarter iPhone production, claims Collins Stewart analyst Ashok Kumar. Citing checks with Hon Hai, one of Apple's manufacturers, Kumar says that production will amount to just 4.6 million units, instead of an anticipated 5.2. A prediction for the September quarter calls for a potentially wide range, between 6.5 and 7.5 million phones.

Elektrobit shows Moorestown-based MID prototype

06/10, 3:55pm

Elektrobit Moorestown MID

Finland-based Elektrobit has recently demonstrated a cellular-voice-enabled mobile Internet device (MID) known as the Reference Device and based on Intel's next-generation Atom processor, codenamed Moorestown. The device will also sport a special build of the Linux-based Moblin v2 operating system optimized for use in MIDs and with cellular phone support. The EB design was co-developed along with Intel and Ericsson, and will be offered to companies in custom specs.

US Cellular adds Samsung i220 handset

06/10, 3:50pm

Samsung i220 at USC

Ahead of any sort of official announcement, the Samsung Code i220 handset has appeared on wireless provider US Cellular's website. The spec sheet reveals the Code runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 and sports a full QWERTY keyboard along with a 320x240 resolution display. The dual-band CDMA handset pulls its 3G data over the provider's EVDO network.

Lithium-sulfur tech could triple battery life

06/10, 3:40pm

Lithium Sulfur Batteries

A new discovery by the University of Waterloo could extend the battery life of cellphones, notebooks and other devices by as much as three times. Lithium-sulfur follows lithium-ion's approach of storing energy in one electrode and releasing it through another but pairs the lithium with a set of nanoscale-level, porous carbon rods surrounded by sulfur to make contact between the rods. The choices of material greatly improve the lithium's energy capacity and would let it hold 84 percent of the theoretical capacity of sulfur, or between three to five more than a lithium-ion battery.

Aggressive sales look to clear out old MacBooks

06/10, 3:20pm

MacBook clearout sales

Apple is pushing hard to get rid of older MacBooks still sitting in inventory, a company memo indicates. While having introduced new MacBook Pros on Tuesday, a number of outdated systems continue to be stocked at Apple Stores. "Our Macbook Family has been updated and all current stock of Macbook and Macbook Pros need to be sold," the memo tells store representatives, and various groups supplied by Apple. "All current in store computers are on a first come first serve basis."

iPhone apps: yogacardz, Twiddle, A Business Tycoon

06/10, 2:30pm

DriveSaver, HazelMail

yogacardz ($1) includes information on 101 different yoga poses. Each position has its own card which includes a photo of the pose and step by step instructions for properly performing the pose. Many cards also include modification options for slight variations on the pose. The application also includes a Practices component which includes a dozen different exercise routines that are accompanied by relaxing music.

French court says 3-strike law unconstitutional

06/10, 2:30pm

France Downs 3-Strike Law

France's Constitutional Council today ruled against the country's recently approved three-strike law. The Council rejected the measure on constitutional grounds and says that the law, known as Création et Internet, violated the Declaration of 1789, which insists that all are innocent until proven guilty. Measures in the new law would automatically disconnect users on the third accusation of illegal file sharing and put the burden on customers to prove their own innocence.

iPhone 3GS gets PowerVR SGX GPU core, double the RAM

06/10, 2:30pm

iPgone 3GS gets GPU RAM

Specifications listed at the Netherlands T-Mobile website appear to confirm that the iPhone 3GS integrates 256MB of RAM. Developers will now be able to utilize double the memory from the previous 3G model. T-Mobile lists the expanded RAM on both the 16GB and 32GB models, although the basic 8GB variant likely still offers 128MB. The carrier also lists a 600MHz CPU, which could corroborate earlier reports that the device uses Samsung's ARM Cortex A8.

Immersion's haptic tech comes to Symbian Foundation

06/10, 1:40pm

Immersion joins Symbian

Immersion on Tuesday announced it has joined the Symbian Foundation, giving other members access to the company's TouchSense haptics technology. The TouchSense API is available for free to programmers who are developing applications for the Symbian platform and cellphone makers can separately license Immersion's haptic technology. Haptic feedback such as Immersion's theoretically improve touchscreen interaction by producing confirmation of a virtual button press with vibration and sound.

Palm Eos confirmed through Pre code?

06/10, 1:25pm

Palm Eos found in Pre code

The existence of Palm's next webOS phone after the Pre, the Eos, has allegedly been confirmed through investigation into code. Buried in the current version of webOS is a file called, which contains two device references, Castle and Pixie. The former is known to have been the development codename of the Pre, while leaks have attributed the latter alias to the Eos. No other relevant information has so far been found in the firmware.

Apple admitting to vulnerability of Mac OS X?

06/10, 12:40pm

Apple security attitude

Apple has changed its attitude towards viruses and malware on the Mac, claims security firm Intego. Apple last year issued an advice statement admitting that "since no system can be 100 percent immune from every threat, antivirus software may offer additional protection." In announcing more features of Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Intego notes that Apple has taken a more stringent approach, for instance implementing code changes like sandboxing, library randomization and execute disables; each limits the potential damage of an outside threat.

Clearwire launches WiMAX service in Las Vegas

06/10, 12:35pm

Clearwire WiMax in Vegas

Internet provider Clearwire has recently began offering its high-speed mobile WiMAX services in Las Vegas, before it performs an official, full commercial launch later this summer. Residents of the Nevada city can now order it online, even before storefronts and ads are built and placed. This is the third city Clearwire has launched WiMAX in, following Atlanta, and Portland, Oregon releases earlier this year.

Microsoft Russia vows to resolve monopoly dispute

06/10, 12:20pm

MS Russia to solve issues

In response to last week's accusations by the Russian government that Microsoft is pulling copies of its Windows XP operating system from store shelves early, the Microsoft Russia CEO Nikolai Pryanishnikov on Wednesday said the software maker will fully resolve the related issues. The regional chief said Microsoft Russia has received documents containing the issues and believes they can be addressed "without any problems."

HP's dual-core dv2z arrives with Turion Neo option

06/10, 12:05pm

HP dv2z and Mini 110 Ready

HP today acted on two of its planned system updates by launching them through its online store, including an unannounced processor. The new dv2z costs slightly more than promised at $625 but now has a white color trim option and starts with a single-core 1.6GHz Athlon Neo, 1GB of RAM and a 250GB hard drive with Radeon X1250 integrated video. Adding a dual-core 1.6GHz processor costs $25; in a surprise, an option now exists for a 1.6GHz Turion Neo that likely boosts performance still for an additional $75.

Apps: Forklift, CosmoPod, expod

06/10, 12:00pm

MovieChapterizer, WhoPaste

Forklift 1.7 ($45) is a file manager for Mac OS X that connects to FTP or SFTP servers and manages Amazon S3 accounts or mobile devices over Bluetooth. The update now allows users to create zip, pkzip, tar.gz, tar.bz2 and add password protection to zip archives. Forklift is also now able to initiate multi-threaded FXP transfers between FTP servers and includes several new options and small refinements. [Download - 5.4MB]

Winners take home 2009 Apple Design Awards

06/10, 11:30am

2009 Design Award winners

As a part of the ongoing Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has announced the winners of its 2009 Design Awards. The Best Mac OS X Student Project award has gone to Pieter Omvlee's Fontcase, which manages fonts in an iPhoto-like interface. The first of four Leopard Developer Showcase awards belongs to Marketcircle's Billings, described by Apple as having a simplified interface that exposes elements only when necessary.

Palm Pre may cost $160 to make

06/10, 11:15am

Palm Pre Final Cost Study

The Palm Pre may cost significantly more to make than first anticipated and has surprising similarity to the iPhone's supply chain as it's existed in the past, according to a post-launch cost breakdown by iSuppli. Originally thought to cost $138 in raw manufacturing and parts, the smartphone is now estimated to cost at least $140 and as much as $160. Much of the price is attached to the 3.1-inch Sony multi-touch LCD, which with its Cypress controller costs about $40.60.

Verizon gets slide-out QWERTY Motorola Rival

06/10, 10:30am

Moto Rival now at Verizon

In addition to the Exilim, wireless provider Verizon Wireless announced on Wednesday it has added the Motorola Rival messaging handset to its lineup. First spotted at the start of May, the Rival sports a touch-dial pad and a face that slides open horizontally to reveal a backlit QWERTY keyboard. The handset is meant for users who use text-messaging, IM programs and e-mail heavily, as evidenced by the keyboard's dedicated emoticon and symbols keys as well as a shortcut to text messages, IM programs and e-mails.

Toshiba ships LED HDTVs, adds XV648

06/10, 10:15am

Toshiba XV648 and shipping

Toshiba today started shipping the highest-end of its Regza HDTVs first shown at CES and added a new mid-range series to its line at the same time. The SV670 is the range leader with an LED backlight that supports local dimming on individual areas of the screen, giving it contrast levels as high as 2,000,000:1. It also has a 240Hz panel and 14-bit internal color processing. The SV670 comes in 46- and 55-inch variants that sell for $2,300 and $3,000 respectively.

e-on posts free versions of Vue 7.5, Ozone 4.0

06/10, 10:15am

Vue, Ozone Personal

Following the release of the standard xStream and Infinite versions of Vue 7.5, e-on has introduced matching Personal Learning Editions of the same. The software is free, and as a consequence cannot be used for commercial work; files are also watermarked, and cannot be exchanged with other copies of Vue. The releases are otherwise fully-functional, and bundled together, so that one or the other can be selected during installation.

ZFS not included with Snow Leopard Server?

06/10, 10:10am

Snow Leopard includes ZFS?

The long-expected addition of ZFS to Snow Leopard Server may have been silently dropped. Although Apple has previously indicated that the file management system would be a part of Server, ZFS was not mentioned in yesterday's keynote, and is not listed in the features on Apple's website.

Verizon makes Casio Exilim 3X camera phone official

06/10, 9:40am

Casio Exilim at Verizon

Verizon today officially launched the Casio Exilim. As the first camera phone from Casio for the provider, the Exilim has a 5.1-megapixel sensor like some rivals but also a real 3X optical zoom that lets it crop the shot without losing detail. Its clamshell display also swivels around to give photographers a large display for previewing the shot while still holding the phone like it was a dedicated camera.

Virgin Mobile launches pre-paid 3G access

06/10, 9:20am

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go

Virgin Mobile USA on Wednesday announced it will soon offer a pre-paid 3G Internet access service called Broadband2Go. Users will need to buy a Novatel MC760 USB modem, which will access the web via Sprint's EV-DO Revisoin A network. The modem plugs into the USB ports on Mac, Windows, or Linux computers and has an internal dual-band diversity antenna with an option for an external antenna for better performance in remote areas. There is also a microSDHC slot in the modem that allows users to add as much as 16GB of storage.

Adobe issues first quarterly Reader, Acrobat patches

06/10, 9:15am

Quarterly Adobe patches

In keeping with a scheduled plan, Adobe has released the first of its quarterly patch collections for Reader and Acrobat. Both programs have been upgraded to v9.1.2, addressing "critical vulnerabilities" which could trigger a crash and allow hackers to assume control of a computer. Mac and Windows editions are equally affected.

Eye-Fi Pro card brings RAW, peer-to-peer

06/10, 9:05am

Eye-Fi Pro Card

Eye-Fi this morning launched the Eye-Fi Pro, its first SDHC card geared towards owners of entry- to mid-range DSLRs and semi-pro compacts. The 4GB card can now transfer RAW files over Wi-Fi directly to a computer or to one of the multiple photo websites the company already supports. It also adds a unique ad hoc mode that creates a peer-to-peer connection directly between the card-equipped camera and a Mac or Windows PC, bypassing the need for a network router that might not be available at a live photo shoot.

Nokia N86 8MP starts shipping

06/10, 8:35am

Nokia N86 8MP Ships

Nokia today said it has started shipping the N86 8MP worldwide. As promised, the 8-megapixel slider claims a number of firsts for camera phones with a variable aperture that better controls the amount of light let in, a true mechanical shutter that speeds up photography and produces cleaner shots, and built-in image stabilization to cut back on blurring. It also has twin LED flashes, dedicated camera controls and an OLED display that more accurately renders the colors of the final shot.

First "Pine Trail" Atom processor details surface

06/10, 8:05am

Intel Atom N450 Leak

Intel's first processor based on the Pine Trail platform could ship as soon as the start of the fall, a report from industry contacts would claim. The Atom N450 is reportedly due in October and would be a single-core processor at an unnamed speed meant to replace the 1.6GHz Atom N270. It should use the technology behind Pineview and would be made built on a new, 45 nanometer design that merges the memory controller and graphics directly into the processor; accompanying it would be the new-generation Tiger Point chipset, which is needed for and takes advantage of the N450 design.

Pre recovery tool includes webOS root image, MSN icon

06/10, 12:35am

Palm webOS hacked

Although the Palm Pre is fresh on the market, users have already begun dissecting the webOS Root Doctor which includes 195MB of operating system files and code. Used as intended, the recovery tool restores the functionality of a crashed phone and updates the operating system. Forum posts on indicate several interesting code comments, access passwords for the developer mode, possible designations for upcoming hardware, and icons for AOL and MSN.


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