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Briefly: NotifyMe beta test, FastMac "Not PC" T-Shirt

06/08, 11:45pm

FMGreet launced

In brief: PoweryBase is currently looking for several testers to help with the beta version of its newest iPhone application. NotifyMe is designed to allow users to enter items to be reminded of later and that note will then be displayed at a designated time using the push notification feature in the iPhone 3.0 firmware. FastMac has announced that it is now offering a new "Not PC" T-shirt as a response to recent Microsoft advertising. A sale is also currently being on offered on other T-Shirt models and for a limited time customers can get free shipping by using a special promotional code. Meanwhile, a new social networking site for FileMaker developers has been launched. FMGreet was designed as a tool to allow Devcon attendees to communicate with other developers at the event and around the world. The site provides messages boards, and a special section for instructors to post notes from their presentations at Devcon.

Averatec intros 25.5-inch, 1080p all-in-one PC

06/08, 11:00pm

Averatec D1200

TriGem's US label Averatec today introduced a new flagship all-in-one PC, the D1200. As the largest model, it's treated as a media center with a 25.5-inch, 1080p display and an internal ATSC TV tuner to pick up over-the-air HD signals. Combined with 802.11n Wi-Fi, the system is treated as a hybrid PC and TV combo that can be used either as a kitchen PC or a combination unit that can handle both roles in a very tight space.

SGN ships F.A.S.T. 3D fighter-pilot game for iPhone

06/08, 10:50pm

F.A.S.T. iPhone game ships

Social Gaming Network has released its newest game for the iPhone, F.A.S.T. The game is a 3D air combat flight simulation, in which players dogfight in one of 10 advanced aircrafts. Through a span of 30 missions, players maneuver and chase opponents in a 360-degree environment using the accelerometer. Aircrafts utilize multiple weapons including radar guided missiles, heat seeking missiles and 20 mm handguns.

Envivio announces iLiveTV for iPhone OS 3.0

06/08, 10:45pm

iLiveTV for iPhone OS 3.0

Envivio has announced iLiveTV, a professional-grade video compression system for evaluating, developing and launching Live and On Demand TV video services for the iPhone. The software provides support for the iPhone OS 3.0 video format and allows operators to offer iPhone users multiple channels of live broadcast TV over 3G and Wi-Fi networks. iLiveTV comes with the fully-upgradeable video encoding technology powered by the Envivio 4Caster C4, which is used to provide Internet TV and Mobile TV and supports almost any network and client device.

Rogers Wireless reintroduces 6GB iPhone 3GS data plan

06/08, 10:10pm

Rogers 6GB iPhone plan

Rogers Wireless has announced that it will be carrying the new iPhone 3G S upon its release on June 19th. Starting tomorrow, Rogers will reintroduce its data plan that consists of 6GB for $30 per month. The plan was introduced last year with the release of the iPhone 3G. Other data plans, such as the 500MB for $25 per month, will remain the same. Each of these data plans are added to the users chosen voice plan. Rogers Wireless also plans to have a special "no-term" price for each device at launch.

Star Defense 3D strategy game for iPhone released

06/08, 8:25pm

Star Defense for iPhone

ngmoco has released its newest game for the iPhone and iPod touch, Star Defense. The game, developed in collaboration with Rouch Cookie, is a 3D strategy game in which players must examine the terrain of space and plan their defense against the S'rath Invaders. Players have a choice between 15 different types of gun turrets and must place each turret in the correct position to defend each of their seven planets. Star Defense can be played in two different game modes.

iPhone 3G S: AT&T upgrades, returns, pricing

06/08, 8:15pm

iPhone 3G S upgrade

Following the announcement of the new iPhone 3G S AT&T has released details on its upgrade program for customers who are not yet entitled to a full hardware upgrade. Customers who have had their phone for less than 18 months will see an additional $200 added on to the price of each model. This means anyone who purchased an iPhone 3G last year will have to pay $399 for the new 16GB model and $499 for the 32GB model. Those who upgrade will also be required to sign on to a new 2 year plan and will be subject to an additional $18 upgrade fee. AT&T notes that can still purchase the new phone at a "no-commitment" cost of $599 and $699 for the 16GB and 32GB models, respectively.

Safari 4 resolves numerous security issues

06/08, 7:00pm

Safari security updated V4

The new Safari 4.0, announced today at the WWDC keynote address, includes a host of security enhancements. Issues with CFNetworks have been resolved, with the program examining the content of CFNetwork files and treat them as HTML, and downloading files to the user's secure temporary direction location. CoreGraphics has also been enhanced, fixing memory corruption issues by improving bounds checking, error checking and input validation of TrueType font data.

Palm Pre risks early demise with $99 iPhone 3G

06/08, 6:00pm

Palm Pre Faces 99 iPhone

With the launch of Apple's $99 iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS now less than two weeks away, owners Palm Pre -- as well as prospective iPhone buyers -- may be asking how the two devices compare. Electronista has taken a close look at the two and can say that both Palm and Sprint should be very concerned; the new iPhone mix is likely to create severe pressure on Sprint to lower the price of the Pre, though it's not quite as much of a discount as it would appear on the surface.

Snow Leopard Server updates iCal, Podcast Producer

06/08, 5:15pm

Snow Leopard Server

Although the WWDC keynote on Monday focused primarily on the new iPhone 3GS and Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Apple also introduced Snow Leopard Server. The operating system features updates to several included programs; iCal Server 2, Podcast Producer 2, Wiki Server 2, Address Book Server and Mobile Access Server. The company has integrated a new 64-bit kernel, enabling the use of more physical memory and increasing the number of simultaneous system processes, threads and network connections that can be handled by the server.

LaCie unveils LaCinema Classic Bridge hub

06/08, 4:35pm

LaCie LaCinema Bridge

LaCie on Monday added again to its LaCinema devices with the LaCinema Classic Bridge. The device recognizes any 3.5-inch internal SATA drive, or most USB drives, and plays media stored on either disk using a visual interface to navigate. It can handle videos in DivX, MPEG-4 and XviD up to 1080p, MP3 and WMA audio, and both JPEG and specially optimized HD-JPEG still images.

AT&T details iPhone 3GS launch plans

06/08, 4:20pm

AT&T on iPhone 3GS

Expanding on Apple's introduction of the iPhone 3GS, American carrier AT&T has provided additional launch details. Preordering begins today, and when done online, will allow people to have a phone shipped directly to their home or office. In-store preorders will require customers pick up the device; both options are on a first-come-first-served basis.

Apple exposes iPhone 3.0 features at WWDC

06/08, 3:25pm

iPhone 3.0 announced

Apple has formally unveiled its iPhone 3.0 firmware at this year's WWDC keynote. The software includes 100 new features, including cut, copy and paste functions, as well as the ability to type in landscape mode. MMS messaging has also been integrated, allowing longer text and WAP delivery of content such as images, audio and video. MMS service will be available in 29 countries, with AT&T support coming later this summer.

iPhone set for TomTom GPS app and accessories

06/08, 3:20pm

TomTom on iPhone

While Apple announced a variety of new iPhone apps at the WWDC event on Monday, one of the notable additions integrates TomTom navigation. The app will provide many of the same features as standalone GPS systems, such as turn-by-turn directions, voice prompts and route planning. Users will be able to choose routes based on the fastest traffic flow in certain areas at specific times of the day.

Apple premieres iPhone 3GS

06/08, 3:05pm

Apple intros iPhone 3GS

Presenting at the 2009 WWDC keynote, Apple has announced the iPhone 3GS. Said to use the same exterior design as the 3G, the interior is nevertheless described as "entirely new," able to load apps two to three times faster, and render websites as much as three times faster. OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering is present for games, and the phone's HSDPA reception is now rated at 7.2Mbps instead of 3.6Mbps.

iPhone 3.0 OS enables movie rentals and purchases

06/08, 2:35pm

iPhone 3 movie rentals

Apple at the WWDC event provided a variety of details surrounding the expanded capabilities of the iPhone 3.0 operating system, including direct movie purchases from the handset interface. While the current software requires users to obtain the content on iTunes before syncing the device, the update will enable rentals or purchases while on the go.

Apple announces official Safari 4 release

06/08, 2:00pm

Safari 4 official release

Apple today announced the official release of Safari 4. A public beta version of the web browser has been available for several months, and introduced the Top Sites feature, along with a slightly modified interface. The official release has refined problems users reported with the beta, and also includes several new enhancements. Safari 4 is one of the few browsers to score 100/100 on the Acid test, and Apple also claims to have upped the browser's Javascript performance by 50 percent, arguing that Safari 4 is now 7.8 times faster than Internet Explorer 8.

Apple intros new and cheaper MacBooks

06/08, 1:45pm

MacBooks at WWDC

In an unusual turn for WWDC, Apple has announced a new 15-inch MacBook Pro. While similar to the existing unibody model, the notebook now has a sealed battery with seven hours of runtime, capable of lasting five years, or 1,000 recharge cycles. The display is said to produce more vivid colors, but the ExpressCard slot is being replaced with the SD format, due to the proliferation of digital cameras. Configuration options run up to a 3GHz Core 2 Duo with 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive.

Apple introduces Mac OS X Snow Leopard

06/08, 1:05pm

Snow Leopard introduced

Apple on Monday at the WWDC event launched the latest revision of its operating system, Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The software offers a number of refinements and improvements over 10.5 including faster speed, more efficient use of system resources, and 64-bit optimizations. Support for Exchange has been added, while installation is claimed to be 45-percent faster. The OS footprint has been cut in half, now taking up 6GB of storage due to file compression.

Jabra bows BT2080 headset with display

06/08, 12:35pm

Jabra BT2080 Headset

Jabra on Monday added a new Bluetooth earpiece to its roster with a company-first display. On the side of the BT2080 is a set of LED lights that provide a quick view of both the headset's remaining battery life as well as whether or not it's successfully paired with a phone or other device. Intelligent button placement is also touted as a virtue, as the answer/end button is located well away from the power and volume controls.

Apps: SiteCapture, iTube, Light Blue: Photo

06/08, 12:20pm

SizeUp, iCab

SiteCapture 1.2 (free) is a tool for capturing images of webpages. The URL addresses of sites can be added individually or entire Safari bookmark folders can be imported. The software then loads each link in a virtual browser and coverts the page into either JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, or BMP image file. The 1.2 release is capable of capturing the full height of a page in a single image and is now being offered as freeware. The update has also addressed several bugs including one that could cause file names of images to conflict. [Download - 0.38MB]

Live from from WWDC at the Moscone Center in SF

06/08, 12:05pm

WWDC 2009 in SF

MacNN and Electronista are covering Apple's WWDC keynote live and will be providing updates from the event as they happen, including photos where possible. Apple is expected to finish detailing iPhone OS 3.0 and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and may introduce a new iPhone lineup as well as other products at the developer gathering.

Up to 55,000 Palm Pres estimated sold

06/08, 12:05pm

55K Palm Pres Sold on Wknd

Palm had a relatively successful Pre launch weekend but sold just a fraction of what Apple did when it launched its device, RBC analyst Mike Abramsky noted on Monday. Early estimates suggest the initial wave of sales will float between 45,000 and 55,000 units but is likely to fall short of the 270,000 iPhones that would have traded hands in the last two days of June 2007. However, the difference is now attributed more to tight supply than to reduced demand, as many stores sold out; while larger stores often had 100 or more units, others had 50 or less. Best Buy and Radio Shack stores sometimes received as few as two units.

Swift 3D 6.0 adds new Boolean operations, clone tools

06/08, 12:00pm

Swift 3D plugin update

Electric Rain has released Swift 3D v6.0, an update to its 3D modeling plug-in for Adobe Flash. The latest version offers Boolean operations with non-destructive union, intersection and subtraction options. Rendering speed is claimed to have been improved by a factor of five, with optimizations for multiple-processor systems. Users can now export to PaperVision3D v2.0 to display 3D objects in Flash.

Net Nanny 2.0 intros new filters, monitoring tech

06/08, 11:50am

Net Nanny 2.0 released

ContentWatch has begun selling the Mac version of Net Nanny 2.0, substantially upgrading its blocking and surveillance software. Users can prevent children from accessing various applications or websites, either on a wholesale basis or for specific durations only. Multiple profiles can be created to allow mature kids greater freedom.

Epix provides 720p streaming to TV subs

06/08, 11:05am

Epix HD Beta

Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount today launched an invitation beta for Epix, a hybrid cable and online movie streaming service meant to supplement rather than replace regular pay-per-view TV. Anyone with a cable package that includes the channel will get access to the studios' movies weeks ahead of their regular DVD releases for "free" but will simultaneously have access to streaming, 720p versions of those same movies for their computers. The approach is ad-free, even online, and automatically scales the bitrate up or down (to as low as 500Kbps) depending on the quality of the connection.

Cease-and-desist targets iPhone 'end of life' rumor

06/08, 10:50am

'End of life' rumor valid?

The Australian website that leaked a memo concerning low iPhone stock in the country has received a cease-and-desist order, its owner claims. Anthony Agius has refused to say which party issued the notice, but it is believed to be either the memo's circulator, Vodafone, or the carrier's regional supplier, Brightpoint. Apple could also be involved, given mention of its products.

iPhone apps: World of BlackJack Pro, AutoStitch, IM+

06/08, 10:35am

Photo+Map, iGreets

World of Blackjack Pro ($1) includes six different different variations based on the rules used at popular casinos around the world. Each location in the game features a unique table design and players are also given the option to create their own table based on any combination of worldwide blackjack rules. Some of the unique rules sets included in the game are Las Vegas Downtown's single deck face down deal, Macao's triple 7-7-7 payout, and Monte Carlo's no dealer hole card.

WWDC '09 keynote scheduled for 10AM PT/1PM ET

06/08, 10:10am

WWDC '09 keynote at 10AM

Apple's 2009 Worldwide Developers Conference is set to begin at 10AM Pacific time on Monday, or 1PM Eastern. Leading events will be a keynote hosted by Apple's senior VP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, filling in for CEO Steve Jobs. Jobs has been on a medical leave since January, and is only scheduled to resume normal work later this month. Some speculation has held that he could make a cameo appearance at the keynote.

VIZIO intros new XVT- and M-series HDTVs

06/08, 10:10am


VIZIO on Monday unveiled its full lineup of HDTVs that will be available this year. The company has expanded its flagship XVT series with several new models, including the 32-inch SV320XVT and 37-inch SV370XVT. Each features 1080p resolution, 120Hz refresh rates and Thin Line designs. Upcoming XVT models in larger sizes include the 42-inch SV421XVT and 47-inch SV471XVT, with 1080p resolution at 240Hz and Smooth Motion technology. The XVT models integrate USB video inputs and dynamic contrast ratios up to 2,000,000:1.

NVIDIA: GPU failures aren't hurting orders

06/08, 10:05am

NVIDIA Says GPU Sales Fine

NVIDIA hasn't seen a drop in orders for its mobile graphics chips in the wake of the wide-scale failures that have prompted major repair costs, the company's marketing VP Ujesh Desai said at Computex. Despite the effect on the firm's reputation, computer builders are still choosing NVIDIA's graphics cores and are actually increasing their usage this year. Trying to fix the problem quickly has reportedly helped preserve much of that business.

NEC debuts two color-rich 24-inch LCDs in US

06/08, 9:20am


NEC today quickly followed up on its Japanese releases with the American versions of a pair of color-accurate LCDs. The LCD2490WUXi2 and LCD2490W2 have 24-inch IPS panels that produce better images than PVA or TN screens; the decision gives them about 96.7 percent coverage of the sRGB color space, suiting them to pro-level image editing. They likewise have 12-bit color lookup tables, ambient light sensors to auto-adjust brightness and compensation for color and light variances across the LCD.

Panasonic brings two light HD cams to US

06/08, 9:00am

Panasonic TM10 and SD10

Panasonic today brought two camcorders to the US that it believes set records. Both the SD10 and TM10 are deemed the lightest cameras to record 1080i in AVCHD (H.264) and each weigh exactly half a pound. Aside from being more comfortable to hold, either has a relatively long-range 16X zoom and an advanced optical image stabilizer that specifically extends the effect when the user is on the move.

Acer prepping 3D notebook for October

06/08, 8:25am

Acer Preps 3D Notebook

Acer's mobile computing VP Campbell Kan today said his company is developing a notebook with a 3D display for late October. The first model should have a 15.6-inch screen and will both recognize 3D movies natively as well as convert typical movies to a pseudo-3D format. Whether or not it will support 3D games isn't mentioned, but Kan tells DigiTimes it will initially require stereoscopic glasses like most existing displays.

Sony developing Android Walkman?

06/08, 7:50am

Sony Android Walkman Dev

Sony has been porting Android with the idea of bringing it to the Walkman and other devices, according to claims made on Monday. Calling it an "open secret," Impress says Google's OS is due both on the media player and for other products, likely appearing next year. The aim would be to produce a common platform that could be shared between devices; the Walkman and Mylo communicator are similar, for example, but right now need to use different operating systems and end up duplicating efforts.


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