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Review: Flip Ultra HD pocket camcorder

06/05, 6:00pm

Flip Ultra HD Review

The Ultra HD is Pure Digital's flagship camcorder and carries 8GB of memory in addition to its high definition (720p) recording. Flip also offers the small form factor Flip Mino HD. It commands a thirty dollar price premium for the smaller size, but it offers only half the amount of memory that its full size brother can manage; in theory, the Ultra HD is likely to be much better. But are the savings and extra capacity worth a handful of sacrifices? We investigate in our full Flip Ultra HD review.

Graphisoft ships EcoDesign energy analysis software

06/05, 5:35pm

EcoDesigner software ships

Graphisoft has announced that its environmental evaluation software, EcoDesigner, is now shipping. The program, used from within ArchiCAD, enables architects to assess the potential energy consumption of a building. Data is available early in the design phase, allowing users to quickly adapt building configurations to improve efficiency.

SmartMask 2.5 improves eyedropper tool, compatibility

06/05, 4:50pm

SmartMask update

Akvis has released SmartMask 2.5, an update to its image selection and masking plug-in. The latest version features enhanced eyedropper tools with greater flexibility, along with improved support for Photoshop CS3/CS4 on Mac systems. The company also added French and Porgugese localization options for the interface language.

Sony Ericsson TM717 for T-Mobile surfaces at FCC

06/05, 4:35pm

S Ericsson TM717 at FCC

T-Mobile's US branch is now known to be bringing Sony Ericsson's T707 Elle to its network courtesy of an FCC filing that shows its update. The TM717 is effectively a sequel to the TM506 and would bring 1,700MHz native 3G to the T707. While close in design and most other features, it would upgrade the camera from 2 to 3.2 megapixels at the same time.

KennettNet intros Clarus 1.0 pet manager

06/05, 4:30pm

Clarus 1.0 pet manager

KennettNet has released the first version of Clarus. The application is used to manage a variety of pet-related documents, including veterinary bills, expense receipts, and insurance or medical records. The software can also generate posters for missing pets, complete with photos, details and reward information.

Aiptek demos pico projectors for iPhone, more

06/05, 4:10pm

Aiptek T20 and T30 Pico

Aiptek at Computex provided looks at a pair of pico projectors both tailored to portable hardware. The T30 is the smallest and is intended for iPhones and iPods that need a larger view for video. While limited, it has the rare addition of an RGB LED that produces more accurate pictures than a typical white-light LED. Pictures scale up to as large as 50 inches depending on the throw distance, and it also assists in recording with an AV input.

Navicast 4.0 boasts automated compression process

06/05, 4:05pm

Navicast 4.0 released

Barsark has released v4.0 of Navicast, used to automate the video publishing process through compressing, publishing, distributing and presenting videos. Version 4.0 can publish for websites, podcasts, RSS feeds and mobile TV players. The update also boasts drag-and-drop commands, and a fully-automated batch compression and publication process. Video compression quality has been improved through support for MPEG-4 ISO standards.

BCWipe attempts to cleanse 'free' space

06/05, 3:50pm

BCWipe deletion app ships

Jetico has released BCWipe, a program designed to delete files missed by Mac OS X. When deleting files from a hard disk, items are not always completely erased, and as a result can be restored through any recovery utility. BCWipe attempts permanent, unrecoverable deletions; users can choose between Department of Defense or Peter Gutmann wiping scheme. As needed, the software also lets users create customized wiping plans.

Palm may ship 1.3 million Pres in 2009

06/05, 3:35pm

Palm May Ship 1 3m Pres

Palm could ship as many as 1.3 million Pre phones before the end of the year, according to estimates from iSuppli. The researchers believe that a Sprint-only launch could result in about 1.1 million of the webOS smartphone trading hands in 2009 and could climb slightly to 1.3 million if a version with GSM and HSPA-based 3G arrives this year. It's not known if the sales factor in sales of the Pre through Bell Canada, though it's rumored that O2 UK will have a GSM Pre for the holidays and give Palm at least one more major carrier.

Class action settlement cites QuickBooks 2006 issues

06/05, 3:10pm

QuickBooks 2006 lawsuit

The Garden City Group has filed a Notice of Class Action Settlement, based on a case alleging that Intuit's QuickBooks 2006 software can cause the loss or damage of important data. As a result of Create-A-Card v. Intuit Inc., affected QuickBooks users may thus be eligible to claim an award. The settlement proposes reimbursement of both monetary recovery as well as a free upgrade to QuickBooks Pro 2007.

JAMF Imaging Suite enters public beta

06/05, 2:45pm

Imaging Suite beta ships

JAMF has released a public beta version of its forthcoming Imaging Suite. The software is used by administrators to maintain and deploy images over business networks. Sets of applications and end-user configurations are installed, with the aim of maintaining consistency and accuracy between each machine.

Garmin "very close" to nüvifone in US

06/05, 2:45pm

Garmin nuvifone Close

In spite of warnings of delays, Garmin president Cliff Pemble today at a shareholders' meeting said the company was "getting very close" to launching its nüvifone line on sale in the US through a carrier. The touchscreen GPS phones are now through the second stage of carrier testing and thus not far away from being used. Surprise demand from providers meant the company had little reason to follow original plans and release the phone at full price but unlocked.

IK Multimedia ships StealthPedal MIDI controller

06/05, 2:35pm

IK ships StealthPedal

IK Multimedia has begun shipping its StealthPedal device that combines a MIDI controller with a USB interface. The wah-style pedal is designed for guitarists and bassists, either for live performances or studio recording. Users connect their instrument to the device, which then provides control over software parameters. Both balanced and unbalanced audio inputs are available, along with a low-noise input stage and 24-bit A/D or D/A conversion.

BenQ plans Android phone, netbook for 2010

06/05, 2:15pm

BenQ Android in 2010

BenQ late Thursday confirmed that it was developing its first devices to use Google's Android as an operating system. Both a smartphone and a netbook are due to use the mobile OS and should be available sometime next year. What features they would have isn't definitive at this stage, though Android is designed around touchscreen interfaces for phones and requires relatively little hardware to run smoothly either on phones or on full computers.

iPhone apps: Invoice Maker, Bal-loon, HDR Camera

06/05, 1:45pm

Put Things Off, Sport Fact

Invoice Maker ($1) can be used to create invoice directly on an iPhone or iPod touch. The application includes fields for entering personal data such as address, email, and phone number for both the client and the business. Users can build a database of products within the software and include information like SKU, description and price. When creating an invoice these items can be selected from a scroll menu and added. Final numbers are calculated automatically and options for entering tax and shipping costs are also included.

tapSTICK gives 3G iPod shuffle controls, case

06/05, 1:45pm

Scosche tapSTICK

Scosche has quietly addressed the complaints of third-generation iPod shuffle owners today by introducing the tapSTICK. The device serves both as a case for the Apple player but also plugs into the headphone jack to place volume and selection buttons on top of the iPod itself, granting control over the player without needing specially authenticated earbuds. A pass-through jack lets owners either use their own earphones or else plug into aux-in jacks and other devices that normally wouldn't work with the shuffle.

OCZ slips out mid-speed Agility SSDs

06/05, 1:20pm

OCZ Agility SSD

OCZ has without fanfare added a new solid-state drive line to its mix that negotiates a balance between its fastest and cheapest options. The Agility series is based on multi-level cell (MLC) storage but is faster than the basic Solid series. Peak reading speeds top 235MB per second while writes finish at 135MB per second; sustained writing holds at 80MB per second.

Best Buy details Win 7 upgrade: "Vista that works"

06/05, 1:10pm

Best Buy Windows 7 upgrade

In advance of Windows 7's October 22nd release date, Best Buy has begun circulating an internal memo on upgrade options. At the core of the retailer's plans is the Technology Guarantee, which will provide buyers of Vista PCs and software packages with a free copy of Windows 7. The option will only apply for the Home Premium, Business or Ultimate editions of Vista however, and only between June 26th and October 22nd.

AudioMulch 2.0 adds Mac support, new user interface

06/05, 12:35pm

AudioMulch 2 update

Ross Bencina on Friday released AudioMulch 2.0, an update to his interactive music software. The latest version adds support for Mac systems, along with a new user interface and pattern editor. The software now offers patchable MIDI routing and allows users to automate features such as the Metasurface controller. The update is also claimed to improve audio processing performance.

Sprint reiterates Pre exclusive longer than 6 months

06/05, 12:00pm

Pre Exclus Longer than 6mo

Sprint chief Dan Hesse on Friday flatly rejected claims by Verizon that it would have the Palm Pre in six months. He warns that neither Palm nor Sprint will say how long the exclusive will last but is adamant to CNET that it's "not six months" as claimed by Verizon's wireless head Lowell McAdam. The statement echoes a previous denial by a Sprint spokesman that hadn't yet been backed by executives at the carrier.

BBC debuts World News Live app for iPhone, Touch

06/05, 12:00pm

BBC World News Live app

The BBC and Livestation have introduced a new app for the iPhone and iPod touch, BBC World News Live. Users are able to stream the BBC's 24-hour TV news feed, using either a 3G or a Wi-Fi connection. Low- and high-quality versions of the feed can be selected, though only the former is available over 3G.

Samsung readying B5100 bar phone with Symbian S60

06/05, 11:35am

Samsung B5100 Leak

Samsung is developing a mid-range smartphone which would take on high-end candybar designs like the Nokia E52. A leak of the B5100 shows a typical numberpad design but one that will have a 3-megapixel camera, 3G, GPS and Wi-Fi; it's set to run Symbian S60 like its Nokia counterpart. It would also have native DivX video playback on a relatively large screen.

Early Mac build of Google Chrome goes online

06/05, 11:30am

Early Chrome for Mac build

Google has begun distributing a very early build of Chrome for the Mac. The company warns that the browser -- still in developer channels -- remains very unstable, and may exhibit behaviors such as crashes. The software is moreover missing many basic features, such as the ability to print, change privacy settings or even load Flash videos from sites like YouTube.

Apps: Zipeg, iEncrypt, Ultimate DVD Player

06/05, 11:05am

R10Decrypt, Tilt2Joystick

Zipeg 2.7 (free) lets users quickly preview a ZIP archive without actually opening the file. Files can then be selectively removed from the archive by dragging them to a desired location. The software supports a wide range of archive formats including: ZIP, RAR, ARJ, 7z, TAR, and ISO. Zipeg also features the ability to display image thumbnails in tooltips and can sort contents of folders by name, date, and size. [Download - 2.1MB]

T-Mobile roadmap hints BlackBerry Gemini, netbooks

06/05, 11:00am

T-Mo Roadmap June 2009

A T-Mobile roadmap has leaked on Friday that shows a number of key devices, including the company's first venture into subsidized netbooks. Leading the list is the BlackBerry Gemini, also known as the Curve 8520; the optical trackpad replacement for the Curve 8300 is seen by Engadget as manufacturing approval on June 22nd and should ship sometime afterwards, though when that takes place isn't mentioned. It would come in black and "frost" (likely silver or white) colors.

Sources back cheaper iPhone claims

06/05, 10:45am

Sources back cheap iPhone

Apple is indeed preparing to announce a cheaper version of the iPhone, possibly at Monday's WWDC keynote, according to sources quoted by the Financial Times. The informants are described only as "familiar with the initiative," but may serve to validate the opinions of analysts, who have predicted the tactic as a means of spreading the iPhone beyond a wealthier demographic. Even those already in a position to buy an iPhone may be holding off, given worries caused by recession.

Maingear intros Ion-based Pulse gaming PC

06/05, 10:35am

Maingear Pulse desktop

Maingear has introduced the Pulse, a small form-factor PC featuring the NVIDIA Ion chipset. The basic configuration ships with a 2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, an integrated GeForce 9300 GPU, 2GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive. The Ion components and an 80-percent efficient power supply are claimed to reduce power consumption, while customers can also add a GeForce 9800 GT ECO GPU or 65-watt Intel Core 2 Quad processors. The company claims a fully-loaded Pulse draws less than 145 watts under load while gaming.

Rogers 15GB data plan supported by doc leak

06/05, 10:15am

Rogers 15GB Docs Leak

Rogers' 15GB data plan gained evidence today through the posting of a sales guide for the company. As anticipated, the plan is due to become available on June 16th for $150. According to iPhoneInCanada, the telecoms firm intends to pitch the plan mostly to those using its Rocket Stick (3G USB modem) very often but also to smartphone owners who tend to use very data-intensive apps.

MS says Xbox Live Anywhere coming "piece by piece"

06/05, 9:50am

Xbox Live Anywhere Coming

Microsoft VP John Schappert today said that the company's frequently delayed Xbox Live Anywhere service still exists but is rolling out much more gradually than was originally planned. Shown as early as 2006, the means of directly checking and messaging Xbox Live friends is still alive but is being treated as an evolution "unrolled piece by piece" over time. The Games for Windows initiative, which gives users an app that shows both Xbox 360 and Windows players, is considered part of that effort. Only the mobile client is missing, Schappert tells Gizmodo.

Jobs on track for June return to Apple

06/05, 9:40am

Jobs on track for return

Steve Jobs should be set to return to full CEO duties with Apple later this month, sources say. The executive has been on medical leave since January, as a result of an unspecified "hormonal imbalance" that led to severe weight loss. Some investors have expressed concern that Jobs might never return, in part because he is a survivor of pancreatic cancer; a recurrence of the disease has been considered a possibility.

MV Pro Audio debuts Softube plug-in bundle package

06/05, 9:25am

Softube EPIC Bundle

MV Pro Audio has announced the Softube EPIC Bundle, a set of seven amp and signal processing plug-ins in a single package. The software bundle provides three amplifier models including the Vintage Amp Room, Metal Amp Room, and Bass Amp Room, along with four effects processing plug-ins that consist of Acoustic Feedback, Tube Delay, Spring Reverb and FET Compressor. The three Amplifier models feature multiple cabinets, positional microphones, and delivers tools for shredding and refining sounds.

gDEBugger iPhone beta launched, iPhone app debugging

06/05, 9:20am

gDEBugger iPhone beta

Graphic Remedy has launched the beta gDEBugger iPhone. The software enables OpenGL ES-based application developers to debug and profile iPhone applications. Debugging applications is done with aims to maximize utilization of the iphone graphic resources and improve application rendering performance. Over 100 iPhone application developers have participated in the beta program since its launch yesterday.

Box leak confirms T-Mobile myTouch 3G

06/05, 9:05am

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Box

T-Mobile's name change for its version of the HTC Magic has been supported through a leak of the apparently final box art for the smartphone. The images slipped out to Engadget support the notion that the carrier's second Android phone will be called the myTouch 3G and also bring the surprise of a third color. Although Canada and other countries get the Magic only in white or black, the US release will give T-Mobile a dark "merlot" red.

Acer's Android netbooks to still carry Windows

06/05, 8:35am

Acer Android NBs w Windows

Acer's just-revealed plans to build Android netbooks won't actually replace Windows, company chief JT Wang revealed on Friday. The executive said that these systems will instead dual-boot both Android and Windows. While disappointing to those who had expected the move to be a return to Linux-only systems, Wang maintained that the market for Android is too uncertain to rely only on that platform.

Mobile Internet device market crashing?

06/05, 8:00am

Market for MIDs Crashing

Sales of mobile Internet devices (MIDs) have fallen well short of Intel's expectations for the category it invented, those at companies making the devices claimed on Friday. The American company reportedly estimated that between 150,000 and 200,000 of the handheld devices would sell since the Atom Z500 was launched in March but, according to DigiTimes' sources, has only managed 30,000 actual sales. Economic conditions have rendered the devices too expensive for many, while others have been reluctant to use the 3G data features inherent to MIDs.


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