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iPhone apps: Tankz, iBody, C64 Camera

updated 01:55 pm EDT, Fri May 29, 2009

Gift Guru, iCover

  • Tankz ($1) is an arcade style game in which players can control one of three hover tanks. Players must work through three different levels collecting flags along the way and destroying enemy tanks and towers. Each level includes multiple enemies and obstacles along with hover pads and jump pads that can be used to regenerate health and launch a tank to higher areas. The game includes two different difficulty levels and two different game modes, Best Time and Best Score.

  • iBody ($8) can be used to track fitness data such as weight, body fat, blood pressure, pulse rate, and different sport activities. The software can tag a bicycle or jogging route using the GPS capabilities built into the iPhone and allows these routes to be saved and sent to others through an email. iBody also allows users to manage up to four separate accounts and have each protected with its own password.

  • C64 Camera ($1) lets users create images that are stylized to match graphics found on the Commodore VIC-64. The application uses the original VIC-64 color scheme and a simulated resolution to make the pictures look retro. Users can take new photos from within the application or import pictures from their photo library to add the effect to.

  • Gift Guru (free) is a tool for managing shopping lists for different occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. Gift Guru provides access to PriceGrabber allowing users to find the best price on the gifts they are shopping for. Users can add recipients directly from their contacts list, set up a budget, add password protection, and record the status of each gift(bought, wrapped, sent).

  • iCover ($1) allows user to turn their photos into personalized magazine covers. The application features 25 different magazine templates includes a sports magazine, a pet magazine, and a fashion magazine. Users can then add photos and text to the templates to create their own magazine cover which can be saved to the photo library or emailed to friends and family.

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    1. martinX

      Joined: Dec 1969


      Hover tanks?

      Tanks that hover? And use jump pads? That's just made up stuff! How about some real world games like a typing tutor. These so-called "game developers" are reaching too far into the world of the phantastik. Unbelievable.

    1. danangdoc

      Joined: Dec 1969


      Developers failure

      I don't know why, with the processing power and memory of most iPods and iPhones, developers can't include print capability in their apps. The iCover app would be something I'd buy except for this omission. I know it can be done - just look at HP's " iPrint". If you have to mail it to yourself and then print from your desktop, why bother with an iPod / iPhone app? Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses. Half-done, poorly executed apps!

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