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Briefly: iWeb Themes for Business, Core Case $10 sale

05/28, 7:30pm

REALbasic starter kit

In brief: A new set of iWeb themes have been released by iPresentee. The five themes are designed for creating business websites and each includes 11 templates instead of the usual 8. Core Cases is currently running a sale on all of its products, offering everything at a price of $10 or less. The company offers protective cases for all of Apple's latest handhelds, along with models for several older-generation devices. Beginner REALbasic developers now have access to a new kit which includes several resources for learning different aspects of the development environment. The kit includes a program which teaches users about various functions, along with source code for several example applications.

Speck announces TechStyle case for iPod shuffle

05/28, 7:25pm

iPod shuffleTechStyle case

Speck has announced its latest TechStyle case, created specifically for the second- and third-generation iPod shuffle. The case features a compact, hard shell covered in nylon fabric that is designed to protect the device from scrapes and scratches. An integrated organizer allows users to wind the earphone cord, while a removable carabiner clip is located on the side. A removable adapter enables the case to fit both the 2G and 3G Shuffle.

SendStation ships line of Mini DisplayPort Adapters

05/28, 7:05pm

SendStation ships Adapters

SendStation Systems has released its newest iPod accessories, consisting of several Mini DisplayPort Adapters. Each device provides a small cord that can connect a user's computer to an external display, such as a television, projector or computer display. The external display can then be used to expand the computer's desktop area. The connector cord integrates a Mini DisplayPort socket on one end and, depending on the display used, either a DVI, HDMI, or VGA plug on the other end.

QuickLicense, Safe Activation upgrades to ship soon

05/28, 6:55pm

Two Excel Software updates

Excel software has announced a June 1st release date for two software updates, QuickLicense 4 and Safe Activation Service 2. QuickLicense is used to protect applications, written in any programming language, from unauthorized software use. Safe Activation works in unison with QuickLicence, acting as a server for product vendors to securely enter license information.

Color Kindle remains 'multiple' years away

05/28, 6:30pm

Color Kindle years away

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, responding to a question presented at a shareholders meeting, has claimed that his company is unlikely to ever publicly reveal sales numbers for the Kindle, and according to Physorg. The executive also suggests a device utilizing a color display is still in the early stages of development.

Qualcomm outlines vision for ARM-based 'smartbooks'

05/28, 5:55pm

Qualcomm smartbook plans

Qualcomm on Thursday outlined its vision for mobile computing, specifically an ARM-based series of smartbooks that combine attributes of both smartphones and netbooks, according to GigaOM. The smartbook would be powered by the company's Snapdragon technology, a powerful mobile processor and chipset platform first introduced late in 2007. The devices could integrate cellular connectivity and Wi-Fi, with a small form-factor, displays measuring between 10-12 inches and a full keyboard.

Moto Clutch PTT phone lands at Boost Mobile

05/28, 5:15pm

Motorola Clutch ships

Boost Mobile is now offering the Motorola Clutch i465 handset, which is the hardware maker's first device on the push-to-talk iDEN network with a QWERTY keyboard. It is rated for military-grade specifications for resistance to dust, shock, vibration, dust and solar radiation, while more pedestrian features include its 1.8-inch screen with a 128x160 resolution, a GPS sensor and a VGA camera that can record videos.

FCC reveals Samsung Spark t749 for T-Mobile

05/28, 5:10pm

Spark T749 coming to T-Mo

The Samsung Spark T749 cellphone will soon be coming to wireless provider T-Mobile, as the handset has recently passed through the. FCC's approval process. It will have quad-band GSM and dual-band HSDPA network support for T-Mobile's 3G. More detailed specs of the 3G handset are thin, but it will have stereo Bluetooth, a 3-megapixel camera, assisted GPS functionality that will enable TeleNav turn-by-turn driving directions, and a speakerphone.

Prices, specs leaked for Verizon's Casio C721

05/28, 5:05pm

Exilim C721 specs leaked

Pricing and full specs of the rugged Casio Exilim C721 handset, first spotted early in April, were leaked on Thursday. The device will come to wireless provider Verizon on June 10th, and is equipped with a 5.1-megapixel autofocus camera with video recording capabilities, flash, image stabilization and 3x optical zoom. The phone is also rugged, meeting 810F military specifications for resistance to water, fog, shock, salt, dust, altitude and temperature extremes.

Total Phase releases Data Center 3.0 for Mac

05/28, 4:55pm

Data Center 3.0 for Mac

Total Phase has released a Mac-compatible version of Data Center 3.0. The software analyzes and debugs USB, I2C, and SPI bus data in real-time, aiming to improve business productivity. Version 3.0 incorporates LiveDisplay technology, which shows bus data as it is being analyzed, breaking it away from the common protocol analysis that captures the information, downloads it and processes it.

NI releases Deep Reconstructions pack for Kore 2

05/28, 4:55pm

NI Deep Reconstructions

Native Instruments has released Deep Reconstructions, a sound and effects pack for Kore 2 or the Kore Player. The new pack expands beyond the previous Deep Transformations offering, with 150 complex effects patches and 1,200 sound variations. The variations combine the Kore effect algorithms with the integrated engines of Reaktor, Absynth and Guitar Rig.

Sony Ericsson's Yari offers gesture gaming

05/28, 4:50pm

Sony Ericsson intros Yari

Sony Ericsson's Yari phone allows for gesture gaming Sony Ericsson on Thursday announced the launch of its Yari handset in the UK, which is being touted as the first cell phone outside of Japan that lets users play games and otherwise interact with the device by gesturing in front of it. There is a number of preloaded gesture and standard games, but users can also download content from Sony Ericsson's PlayNow content library. Users can also trigger the 5-megapixel camera's virtual shutter by snapping their fingers.

e-on updates Vue xStream and Infinite to 7.5

05/28, 4:35pm

Vue 7.5 updates released

e-on has announced the availability of Vue 7.5 xStream and Vue 7.5 Infinite. The software is used to create, animate and render natural-looking 3D environments. Infinite is a standalone application, while xStream functions within 3DS Max, Cinema4D, LightWave 3D, Maya and SoftimageXSI. Both upgrades include a variety of improvements.

NI releases Deep Reconstructions pack for Kore 2

05/28, 4:20pm

NI Deep Constructions pack

Native Instruments has released Deep Reconstructions, a sound and effects pack for Kore 2 or the Kore Player. The new pack expands beyond the previous Deep Transformations offering, with 150 complex effects patches and 1,200 sound variations. The variations combine the Kore effect algorithms with the integrated engines of Reaktor, Absynth and Guitar Rig.

Palm confirms Pre sync with iTunes, iPhoto

05/28, 4:10pm

Palm Pre and iTunes iPhoto

Palm at the D7 event today confirmed that the Pre and likely other webOS phones will sync with Apple software. Running a live demo on stage, Palm's Paul Cousino showed the Pre being recognized in iTunes as a "device" that could sync all but FairPlay-protected music as though it were an iPod. The feature works on both Macs and Windows PCs; on Macs, it can also pull photos from iPhoto and sync those through iTunes.

Flying Pig launches first public beta of Edouard

05/28, 4:05pm

Edouard beta 3 ships

The first public beta version of Edouard has been released by Flying Pig. Edouard beta 3 attempts to minimize the need for human intervention in corporate systems, by managing and coordinating a company's resources using shared servers. Areas covered by Edouard include sales, purchases, production, stocks, contacts, statistics and accountancy.

Apple supply chain ranks first in AMR survey

05/28, 3:45pm

Apple supply chain no. 1

Apple's supply chain is currently the best in the world, an AMR Research ranking argues. The positioning is based on several criteria, including inventory turnaround, peer and AMR opinions, and the measurement of a business' three-year weighted revenue growth. A well-organized supply chain is said to be extremely vital, allowing a company to detect changing demand and avoid problems like oversupply.

Sony Ericsson bows Aino, Satio touch phones

05/28, 3:35pm

S Ericsson Aino and Satio

Sony Ericsson today made its push into touchscreen phones official with both a completely new model as well as the finalized version of the Idou. The Aino is the company's first touchscreen slider and hides both a number pad and navigation keys underneath its 3-inch display. It's also the first phone of any kind from Sony Ericsson to integrate tightly with the PlayStation 3 and can use the PSP-born Remote Play feature to listen to music or watch videos from the console when away from home.

Comcast about to launch 100Mbps Internet?

05/28, 3:05pm

Comcast 100Mbps Soon

Comcast may be on the verge of upgrading its DOCSIS 3.0 cable Internet access to 100Mbps, a rumor says. Currently capped at 50Mbps downstream, the service is said to be getting as much as 40Mbps to 50Mbps more bandwidth "any day now." The source for the Inquirer doesn't say whether existing 20Mbps upload speeds would also get an upgrade or whether the 250GB cap and prices would change from the $140 pre-tax per month for the faster service.

MacUpdate promo bundles 11 software titles for $50

05/28, 2:55pm

MacUpdate spring promo

MacUpdate has begun offering its Spring 2009 software bundle, featuring 11 software titles for $50. Programs include TechTool Pro 5, Parallels 4, Circus Ponies Notebook 3, Intego NetBarrier X5, DVDRemaster Pro 5, Multiplex, RipIt, MoneyWell, Paperless, Posterino and BetterZip. The bundle is said to be worth over $500 if purchased separately at typical retail prices.

Steve Jobs back at Apple campus? [u]

05/28, 2:45pm

Steve Jobs back at Apple?

(Update with author correction) Apple CEO Steve Jobs is once again appearing at the company's Cupertino headquarters, unidentified sources claim. Evidence comes from a photo, showing what is believed to be Jobs' Mercedes SL55 AMG sitting in a handicapped spot within the company parking lot. A key identifier is the license plate; Jobs has a rare government exception, allowing him to use a barcode instead of letters for the sake of safety and privacy.

Sony Ericsson C905 and W705 come to Rogers

05/28, 2:40pm

C905, W705 due at Rogers

Canadian wireless provider Rogers announced it is the exclusive retailer of two new advanced Sony Ericsson handsets, including the country's first 8.1-megapixel camera phone, the C905a, and the W705 Walkman. The C905 is touted as a camera with phone functionality, and apart from its large megapixel count, offers face detection, smile shutter and geotagging capabilities through its GPS. A Xenon flash is also built in.

Microsoft chief shows Zune HD prototype

05/28, 2:35pm

Ballmer Shows Zune HD

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today surprised those at the D7 technology show with a brief demo of the just-confirmed Zune HD. The prototype shown to Engadget has the interface shown in early imagery and was found to have "gorgeous" video -- ironically demonstrated with pro-Apple firm Pixar's For the Birds -- on its OLED screen. Few unknown features were shown, though the video interface and the ability to use custom wallpapers remain intact.

Google Wave comes to desktop, iPhone, Android

05/28, 1:55pm

Google Wave

Google at its I/O conference today unveiled Google Wave, a new mixed form of communication seen as a substitute for e-mail and IM. The approach creates constant streams, or "waves," of conversation between multiple users drawn from Google contacts. Those participating in a wave can collaborate on documents, including sharing photos with the group as well as posting or editing text documents.

NBC admits asking Apple for a cut of hardware sales

05/28, 1:55pm

NBC Apple negotiations

NBC's CEO Jeff Zucker has shed more light on the network's negotiations with Apple over iTunes content, according to an interview with Kara Swisher at the All Things Digital conference. The relationship between the two companies has been shaky at best, with disagreements over the iTunes pricing policies.

Verizon confirms Palm Pre, BB Storm sequel

05/28, 1:25pm

Verizon Palm Pre Later

Verizon's wireless chief Lowell McAdam today undermined Sprint and stepped up smartphone competition by confirming that the carrier would get both the Palm Pre and a frequently rumored BlackBerry Storm sequel. The executive said during an online broadcast that he expects both within the "next six months;" he also suggested Android would come but didn't mention phones by name.

LG GD900 Crystal phone to ship 'very soon'

05/28, 1:10pm

LG GD900 'very soon'

LG's GD900 Crystal phone -- based on the current KM900 Arena -- should finally be ready to ship in the near future, according to an announcement. Originally anticipated for May, the phone is now scheduled to debut "very soon" in some 40 countires across Asia, Europe and Latin America, notably excluding North America. Rumored pricing is approximately 450 ($622), though subsidies and other factors may lower end costs.

Microsoft Xbox 360 sales surpass 30 million

05/28, 12:25pm

Over 30m Xbox 360s sold

Microsoft announced on Thursday that is has sold more than 30 million Xbox 360 game consoles worldwide to date and has over 20 million active members on its Xbox Live network. At the same time, sales to date in 2009 have grown by 28 percent compared to the same time period in 2008, which is the highest compared to any other gaming console on the market, the company claims.

Canadian iTunes Store gains HD TV, new networks

05/28, 12:25pm

iTunes Canada gains HD TV

Apple has made significant improvements to its TV offerings at Canada's iTunes Store, beginning with option of HD. Selected episodes are only rendered in 720p, and cost a minimum of $3 each, but may frequently support 5.1-channel sound and will always come with an SD-quality download meant for sync with Apple handhelds. A 2GHz dual-core processor is required, whether for a Mac or a PC.

Microsoft launches Bing search engine

05/28, 12:10pm

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft today tried to rekindle its search engine efforts through Bing (link active soon), a new service it hopes will fix problems with conventional search. The new tool is organized around common tasks like shopping or trip planning and has an Explore Pane that automatically suggests navigation and searches; it also has a "best match" to highlight what Bing thinks is the best answer and, in certain cases, shows the information the user was looking for on the page itself rather than requiring an additional click.

iPhone apps: Dough, Good vs Evil, Birdie

05/28, 12:10pm

Goaaal!, Flickit

Dough ($7) is a tool for managing multiple accounts, reconciling checking accounts, budgeting, and managing bills. Transactions can be recorded as they happen and sorted into different categories. Using categories allows users to set budgets on how much they are willing to spend on different groups of products each month. Data stored within the application is never stored or passed through a server and can be protected with a password for additional privacy.

Apple to renovate 100 existing storefronts

05/28, 11:45am

Apple Store renovations

Apple's retail plans for 2009 also include the remodeling of dozens of stores, a company executive says. "We know that a lot of people are cutting back, but we're doing the opposite," explains Apple's senior VP for retail, Ron Johnson. The company is known to have some $28.9 billion in reserves, which some investors say has gone unexploited; a small portion of this money should now be going towards upgrading 100 existing outlets, in addition to the previously-announced construction of 25 new stores worldwide.

Sony intros W180, W190 pocket cams in Europe

05/28, 11:40am

Sony W180 and W190

Sony today had a rare Europe-first introduction today that launched two basic pocket Cyber-shot cameras, the W180 and W190. Either is meant for simplicity and has a slider to toggle between still photo and movie modes rather than a mode dial. They also have image stabilization, ISO 3,200 light sensitivity and Sony's more recent face detection, which tracks up to eight faces to keep them in focus.

Class action against AT&T given go-ahead

05/28, 11:15am

ATT Class Action Cleared

A federal District of Washington court yesterday rejected (PDF) objections to a class action lawsuit that accuses the carrier of abusive behavior in transition customers to its service. The plaintiffs can now bring their complaints, which center on what they claim are unfair practices in moving customers to its network in 2004 when it was still called Cingular; those from the then-smaller, separate AT&T were allegedly not only pulled off a network that was "dismantled" in favor of a poorer Cingular network but were forced to move to more expensive cellphone plans, replace phones and to pay early termination fees if they didn't want to remain on the network.

LG enV 3, enV Touch and Glance hit Verizon

05/28, 10:55am

LG enV 3 enV Touch Glance

Verizon on Thursday picked up three long-rumored LG phones. The enV Touch is the spiritual successor to the Voyager and has a 3-inch, 800x480 touchscreen on the outside as well as a same-size, non-touch display when opened up to access the QWERTY keyboard. It represents a media upgrade with a 3.2-megapixel camera and a microSDHC slot that holds up to 16GB. Unlike other enV models, the Touch can open Office documents for reading.

Apple patent on LED backlights could spread tech

05/28, 10:45am

Apple LED backlight patent

Apple has sought to patent an LED backlighting scheme which could make the technology more practical for monitors in general, and possibly the company's own computers. While Apple notes that LED improves the color, life, brightness and power efficiency of monitors, the most recent 24-inch Cinema Display is said to have created unique design issues, demanding a way around problems with thermal control and area-to-perimeter ratios.

Super Talent intros new SSDs, Mini9 upgrade kits

05/28, 10:25am

Super Talent adds SSDs

Super Talent made two product line announcements on Thursday, including new MasterDrive EX2- and IX2-series of solid state drives (SSDs) and a range of SSD upgrade kits for the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 netbook. The 2.5-inch MasterDrive EX2 and IX2 SSDs more than double the performance of their predecessors and are available in Multi-Level Cell (MLC) and Single-Level Cell (SLC) designs, respectively.

IGG launches iBiz 4, iBiz Pro management app

05/28, 10:15am

IGG's iBiz 4, iBiz Pro

IGG Software has released iBiz 4 and iBiz professional, upgrades to its time-tracking, billing and project management software. iBiz 4 features customizable templates for statements, invoices and reports, new graphics powered by Core Animation, and an iCal sync engine for projects, events, and invoice due dates with alarms. A variety of interface refinements has been made including a new pop-up inspector to help edit project information, and a modified main window to help users access and organize to-do's, files, and events.

Google vows 18-20 Android phones in 2009

05/28, 10:15am

20 Android Phones in 2009

Google's Mobile Platforms senior director Andy Rubin late yesterday said that the number of Android phones on the market would swell dramatically in 2009. While there are just two official phones today, the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream) and the HTC Magic, Rubin anticipates between 18 and 20 phones shipping by the end of the year. He doesn't detail the phones for the New York Times but expects most of them to be European, as North American carriers and cellphone producers are more likely to customize the OS than others. Rogers' upcoming HTC Dream and Magic releases, for example, have links to the Canadian company's services.

New white MacBook specs trigger UK price hike

05/28, 9:40am

UK MacBook price hike

Apple's modest increase of specifications for the white MacBook -- including 800MHz RAM, a 160GB hard drive and a 2.13GHz CPU -- has led to a price increase in the UK, local Mac users note. Having formerly been priced at 719, the notebook now costs 749 in the region. In spite of having the same hardware, the US version has remained at $999.

Plantronics releases 2.4GHz .Audio 995 headset

05/28, 9:30am

Plantronics .Audio 995

Plantronics on Thursday announced the release of its newest wireless headset, the .Audio 995. The over-ear design relies on a 2.4GHz system with USB dongle to send and receive signals to and from PCs. This gives the handset a similar range to Bluetooth, at about 40 feet, but has better battery life and less interference with other devices.

Palm Pre may auto-sync with iTunes

05/28, 9:15am

Palm Pre iTunes Sync Claim

Palm's recent links with Apple may have provided it with unofficial native support for iTunes syncing with the Pre, according to claims made on Thursday. Instead of relying on an in-between utility to sync music with the phone, the Pre apparently shows in iTunes on Macs as a native device and supports many relevant features. Its only apparent limitation is said to be a lack of support for FairPlay-protected AAC songs; those bought from the current DRM-free store work properly.

Slim PS3, PSP Go supported by new rumor

05/28, 8:40am

Slim PS3 and PSP Go Detail

A source today claims that Sony's slim PS3 and PSP Go are real but that they may not launch exactly as planned. Referring to the same contact that accurately leaked other hardware details, Ars Technica says the smaller PS3 is enroute but that it may not be announced at E3. As it won't ship until August or September, Sony is reportedly hoping to draw down existing stocks of the full-size models before replacing them with newer consoles.

Dell bows Studio 14z budget notebook

05/28, 8:10am

Dell Studio 14z

Dell this morning has launched a new, relatively thin-and-light portable that nonetheless promises to be fast. The Studio 14z is the first notebook in the Studio line to drop the optical drive and does so in the name of both size and weight: unlike the 15 or 17, the 14z measures 1.2 inches at its thickest point while also weighing 4.3 pounds. A 14-inch, LED-backlit, 1366x768 display contributes to the thinness as well as to battery life that can run as long as 6.75 hours with an optional 8-cell battery.

Third-gen iPhone bezel leaked by vendor?

05/28, 7:40am

Third Gen iPhone Bezel

Some details of the next-generation iPhone's design may have been slipped out late Wednesday thanks to a Hong Kong parts seller's listing. China Ontrade claims to be the first with a replacement third-generation iPhone's bezel and says it comes "directly from [the] factory." The design is substantially different than today's and would have a black metallic frame instead of chrome. It also stops near the very top of the shell rather than running a complete circle like existing iPhone models, and appears to move the phone speaker significantly higher.


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