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iPhone apps: Beats, Deckster, EdiMon+

updated 12:05 pm EDT, Wed May 27, 2009

Zensify Preview, CardWar

  • Beats includes three tools that can help a DJ create smooth, and harmonically matched mixes. The BPM counter allows users to determine the BPM of a song by tapping the beat on the screen. The application then records each tap and averages the time between each to calculate the tempo. The metronome supports beat, duple, and triplet timing and includes four different sound sets, click, 808, 909, and live drums. The key mixing tool allows users to enter the key of the current song and provides feedback on what other keys will mix harmonically with it.

  • Deckster ($1) provides a simulation of using a real deck of cards. When the application launches players are provided with a brand new deck of cards that is still boxed and sealed. Touch gestures can then be used to unwrap the deck and interact with the cards. The deck can be modified to contain only a certain set of cards and different gestures can then be used to deal, burn and shuffle the deck.

  • EdiMon+ ($2) includes three mini games, Weight Lifting, Meditation, and Guessing, each which includes 5 levels of increasing difficulty. In the Weight Lifting game players must provide energy to the EdiMon character by tapping two buttons of the same color simultaneously, among a field of many buttons. The Meditation game has players trying to prevent EdiMon from breaking his meditative state by using the accelerometer to stop EdiMon from falling over. In the Guessing game, players must keep up with what EdiMon is thinking. A "thought bubble" appears above EdiMon's head which displays an object and then players must choose which objects match up with what they believe EdiMon is thinking.

  • Zensify Preview (free) collects information from all of a users social networks into a single feed. The application features options for posting and viewing information from popular social networking sites, including, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Digg, Delicious, Photobucket and 12seconds. Zemsify also includes a built-in search function which allows users to keep track of conversations and topics across multiple networks.

  • CardWar ($1) is an iPhone/iPod touch version of the classic card game War. Players compete against the computer by flipping cards one by one. Whoever flips the higher card takes the set and the first player to collect the entire deck wins. The game automatically tracks the current score and also saves the game state when the application is closed allowing users to continue their game at a later point in time.

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