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June 1st New Yorker cover painted with iPhone app

05/25, 2:50pm

NY cover made with iPhone

The June 1st cover of the New Yorker was drawn with an iPhone, says the New York Times. Jorge Colombo, a recurring artist with the magazine, is specifically said to have used an app called Brushes. Using an iPhone offers anonymity, claims Colombo, because people cannot tell a drawing is in progress.

iPhone apps: Zenonia, ToneTune, Trip Cubby

05/25, 1:50pm

short hand, Cam 3D

Zenonia ($6) is a role playing game where players are able to choose a character from different classes and develop them to their own playing style. The game includes both a main story line and several side quests that allow players to gain extra experience and increase their characters level. As players level up they can upgrade their characters skills which determine the characters effectiveness for different aspects of the game.

Dell now offering Ubuntu on Studio XPS 13 notebook

05/25, 1:30pm

Studio XPS 13 gets Ubuntu

PC, notebook, monitor and related hardware manufacturer Dell has recently began offering its Studio XPS 13 notebook PC preloaded with the Linux-based Ubuntu operating system. The 13.3-inch notebook otherwise has the same key specs as its Windows Vista-powered counterpart, including the same 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, though some of the available options between them differ. For example, users can upgrade to a 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo on the Ubuntu XPS 13, while those who opt for the Vista system have a choice of a different 2.53GHz and a 2.66GHz CPU.

Toshiba intros Biblio handset with e-book support

05/25, 1:25pm

Toshiba Biblio handset

Toshiba has recently introduced a KDDI handset known as the biblio that, in addition to voice support, will double as an e-book reader as well. Instead of an electronic paper display like ones found in established e-book readers, such as Amazon's Kindle, the biblio makes do with a traditional 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen with an extra-long 480x960 resolution. The handset will have 7GB of internal memory for storing content that can be expanded thanks to microSDHC memory cards up to 8GB.

Toshiba TG01 coming to NTT DoCoMo, Telefonica

05/25, 1:20pm

TG01 due in Japan, Spain

Wireless providers NTT DoCoMo and Telefónica on Monday announced that the TG01 full touchscreen handset, Toshiba's first, will launch in their respective markets of Japan and Spain. The Japanese version, called PRO T-01A, will arrive sometime in June, while Spain will get the TG01 in July.

TayKrOn releases newest puzzle title, Slide Colors

05/25, 1:20pm

Slide Colors released

TayKrOn has produced a new puzzle game, Slide Colors. The goal is to eliminate colored squares by sliding them around on a grid, creating matches. Players can alternate between Puzzle, Clear Blocks and Time Attack modes, and unlock a total of eight achievements. 100 levels exist for each mode, with two levels of difficulty.

Microsoft to launch $80M anti-Google campaign

05/25, 1:20pm

MS 80m anti Google Ads

A rumor today suggests Microsoft is planning to partly repeat its anti-Apple ad strategy when it launches a major new search engine. AdAge hears that Microsoft plans to spend between $80 million to $100 million advertising Bing, the final version of a radically revised search engine codenamed Kumo and meant to compete with Google, Yahoo and other top-tier search engines. At least initially, the ads created by marketing firm JWT won't target Google directly but will instead suggest something wrong with today's search engines and push Bing as the alternative.

iWebTemplate posts Budget line of iWeb templates

05/25, 12:55pm

iWeb Budget themes online

iWebTemplate has launched a new group of themes, called the Budget line. Founding the collection are five choices, Church, Joy, Love, Billiard and Cat; the themes form the basis for websites created with Apple's web design software. Elements of a theme can be adjusted as necessary, moved around or altered in terms size, opacity or color.

PixelEspresso offers Decloner duplicate remover

05/25, 12:20pm

Decloner 1.0 released

PixelEspresso has released Decloner 1.0, software meant to find and eliminate duplicate files on a Mac. Files can be deleted one-by-one, or in batches of several at a time. Quick Look support allows users to verify the contents of files, and exclusion lists can be set up to avoid common or important filetypes. Users can also specify a minimum filesize to ignore irrelevant content.

O2 UK to carry Palm Pre alongside iPhone?

05/25, 12:20pm

O2 UK May Carry Palm Pre

O2 could be the first and possibly only carrier to offer both the Palm Pre and iPhone side by side, an apparent source said Sunday. The Guardian hears that the British division of the cell provider will pick up a GSM version of the Pre and plans to ship it by the holidays. Its launch is delayed mostly due to the American launch, where an expected shortage is likely to make international releases unfeasible until later in the year. Bell isn't expected to get the Pre in Canada until August.

2009 Back to School promotion to include iPhone?

05/25, 11:45am

Back to School iPhone?

Apple's upcoming Back to School promotion may include the iPhone as option, anonymous sources claim. As with last year, students and teachers may typically be eligible for a free 8GB iPod nano with a new Mac, or else an 8GB iPod touch. An 8GB iPhone could become a third option, though only partly for free, as American owners would still be required to sign up for a two-year AT&T contract.

KDDI intros waterproof, solar-powered Sharp phone

05/25, 11:40am

Solar Au KDDI phone

Japanese wireless provider KDDI will soon launch the second solar-powered cell phone, with the SH002, built by Sharp. The solar panel built into the backside of the handset will, in 2 hours of exposure to the sun, charge the battery to provide 10 minutes of calling time or 140 minutes of standby time. A 1.1-inch electronic paper display shows the charging efficiency and status of the solar panel and battery. The phone is also IPX5/7 rated for resistance to water exposure.

Leaked Palm Pre guide shows iPhone comparison

05/25, 11:25am

Palm Pre Leaked Guide

A leak of Sprint's guide to the Palm Pre for business late yesterday has revealed key details about the launch of the smartphone, including Sprint's attitude towards both the iPhone and T-Mobile G1. In its comparison unearthed by Engadget, the carrier touts less direct features as an advantage, including the built-in camera flash, a hardware keyboard and the Synergy feature that merges multiple contacts and calendars. Sprint also boasts the least expensive unlimited service with a $100 plan compared to the $150 for an iPhone on AT&T and $125 for T-Mobile.

Nokia begins Ovi Store launches in various markets

05/25, 11:10am

Nokia launches Ovi Store

The world's largest cellphone maker, Nokia, has quietly and unofficially launched its application, music, video, widget and ringtone marketplace called the Ovi Store on Monday in Australia, along with Ireland and Singapore, with more markets expected to be announced in the short-term. According to a Monday report, the Ovi Store is accessible from web-enabled Nokia handsets running on Symbian S40 and S60 operating systems and needs to first be downloaded from the Extras category or home page of the Download section, once it's refreshed.

Apple reverses decision on Eucalyptus app

05/25, 10:50am

Eucalyptus app wins

Apple has once again overturned one of its decisions on approving an iPhone app, the developer of Eucalyptus says. The software is an e-book reader with an emphasis on physicality, mimicking the experience of turning a real page in addition to providing more print-like fonts. The fonts can be resized through pinching commands, which preserve proper formatting.

Shuttle PC intros VIA-powered ES-series nettops

05/25, 10:35am

Shuttle PC intros slim PCs

Shuttle has recently announced it will show two new additions to its PC lineup at the Computex show in Taiwan at the start of June. The Embedded Slim-series systems, the XS92 and XS92F, will be powered by VIA's Nano CPUs, with the former getting the faster but more power-hungry L-series processors while the latter will be powered by the highly energy-efficient U-series of Nano chips. All come in very small enclosures that fit into spaces tighter than Shuttle's usual small form factor cases would allow.

Apps: Dream Capture, DaisyDisk, Timer Utility

05/25, 10:35am

HoudahSpot, QuickCal

Dream Capture 3.0 ($10) is a video recording utility that includes simple recording features and sharing options. The software can capture video from almost any camera connected to a Mac. The software also includes the ability to capture audio and video from different devices simultaneously. The 3.0 update now includes the ability to record 1080i and 1080p high definition video. The update also includes a new interface, a Preview function, and a higher quality audio capture function. [Download - 3.5MB]

KDDI makes Hitachi's 720p video phone official

05/25, 10:05am

Hitachi 720p Phone Debuts

KDDI unveiled its summer 2009 roster of phones and headlined it with one of the most advanced video-capable phones available. The Hitachi Hi-Vision Cam Wooo has a 5-megapixel camera capable of not only playing but shooting 720p video with true 3X optical zoom, autofocus and image stabilization. It records at a relatively high 9Mbps bitrate and can handle up to an hour of continuous shooting. An HDMI output similarly provides full-resolutino viewing, and a microSDHC slot provides the bulk of storage: an 8GB card can take 2 hours of video at maximum quality.

iPhone 3.0 beta 5 shows next-gen device references

05/25, 9:45am

New iPhones in SDK

Images in beta 5 of the iPhone 3.0 SDK make clear reference to next-generation hardware, anecdotes claim. In searching for a separate file through Spotlight, one Australian developer is said to have found a collection of the PNG graphics displayed when people sync a device with iTunes. Although two of these reference the original and 3G iPhones -- "iPhone1,1" and "iPhone1,2" -- and a third refers to the second-gen iPod touch, the remaining ones are listed as black and white variants of an unknown device, "iPhone2,1."

Nokia N900 may be upsized N97

05/25, 9:30am

Nokia N900 Leak

Nokia's long-in-progress sequel to the N800 series tablet may largely be a more advanced version of the N97 smartphone, a leak on Monday hints. Possibly called the N900, MobileCrunch claims it would have a 3.5-inch touchscreen and a slide out (if non-tilting) QWERTY keyboard but would carry a much sharper 800x480 resolution, a faster TI OMAP processor and 1GB of memory thanks to a 768MB virtual memory cache. It would run the Linux-based Maemo OS instead of Symbian.

High-end Motorola handset coming as Somerset

05/25, 9:05am

Motorola Somerset coming

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group's (SIG) website has revealed that the high-end Motorola Alexander may soon be released in various markets as the Somerset. The sliding QWERTY handset was first spotted in August of last year, and is expected to have a 5- or 8-megapixel camera. Considering the source, the only specs confirmed include Bluetooth hands-free profile 1.5, object push profile and a dial up networking profile support, among others.

Lenovo puts out IdeaCentre C300, IdeaPad G550

05/25, 8:55am

Lenovo C300 and G550

Lenovo completed its PC introductions today with a nettop as well as a low-cost, mid-size notebook. The IdeaCentre C300 has a 20-inch display and a DVD burner like many full all-in-ones but uses a 1.6GHz Atom 230 to drive down costs. It has a distinctly fashion-oriented design and comes in a more exotic red as well as black or white.

Sony Canada slips A500, A550 mid-range SLRs

05/25, 8:25am

Sony Leaks A500 and A550

Sony on Monday inadvertently spoiled its own plans by revealing a pair of mid-grade digital SLRs. The electronics giant's Canadian warranty registration page gives the option for the A500, A500S, A550 and A550S; these are believed to be body-only and kit versions. Other references aren't available and so don't provide actual specifications.

Lenovo intros Ion-based netbook, CULV notebook

05/25, 7:55am

Lenovo IdeaPad S12

Lenovo chose Memorial Day to launch a range of PC updates that include a world-first. The IdeaPad S12 is the first netbook to have an option for NVIDIA's Ion platform and overcomes one of the performance setbacks for netbooks: the advanced graphics can fully decode 1080p HD in hardware and is capable of 3D that would be off limits for Intel-based video. It also helps drive visuals on the newly enlarged 12-inch, 1280x800 display or the (optional) HDMI output.


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