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iPhone apps: Equilibrio, Trixel, Disney World Secrets

updated 11:10 am EDT, Thu May 21, 2009

Saqqarah, Global Impact

  • Equilibrio ($2) is a ball rolling game that is gravity based and requires players to tilt their iPhone or iPod touch to guide the ball the to end. Players have to be careful though as if the ball begins to move to fast and hits something it will shatter, but if it isn't moving fast enough it may not make it over the different jumps. The game includes 60 different levels, five different balls each with their own properties and gameplay characteristics, and three game play modes, conquest, challenge and random level.

  • Trixel ($2) is a puzzle game where players must flip tiles on the board to match a given pattern. Players can only move one space at a time and moves are limited on each puzzle. The game includes 100 different puzzles and three different difficulties. As players progress through the levels they become more difficult and special "super tiles" are introduced that each modify gameplay in some way.

  • Walt Disney World Secrets ($1) contains over 180 commonly missed locations and more than 200 fun facts related to the park. The application includes a series of guides that lead people to some of Disney World's secrets such as hidden Mickeys. The guides direct people around the park and points out little things that are commonly missed such as pictures with moving eyes and talking trash cans.

  • Saqqarah - Temple of Isis ($1) is one of the temples in a seven part series with each temple featuring different modes of gameplay. Each temple includes 72 different puzzles meaning there are just over 500 puzzles to solve across the seven temples. The Temple of Isis includes a series of token swap puzzles while others focus on logic puzzles, chain puzzles, and thinking puzzles.

  • Global Impact ($1) provides users access to facts and information on a worldwide basis. Users can look up data such as the worlds total oil production, total number of spam emails spent compared to real messages, and global crime rates. Each category includes dynamic charts and options to view results from different time perspectives including yearly, monthly, and weekly. Global Impact also includes some interesting facts and links to pages that provide information on how an individual can make a difference.

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