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Briefly: TRAKART visualizer, Apple software guides

05/21, 8:55pm

Friar Pro Font

In brief: A new iTunes visualizer, TRAKART has been released as a public alpha. The visualizer builds slideshows based on a song's lyrics, analyzing each track to extract keywords which it then uses to search Flickr. Images are then arranged into a slideshow which plays along with the song. Three guides have been released by Peachpit which teach users how to make better use of iLife '09, iWork '09 and GarageBand '09. The guides cover the basics of using each application, along with tips to create more professional products. Meanwhile, Ascender has released a new font style that is based on one of Goudy's original typefaces. The Friar Pro font is based on the original Friar typeface that was lost in a fire at Goudy's studio in 1939.

Apple rejects e-book reader app over Kama Sutra

05/21, 8:35pm

Apple rejects ebook reader

Apple has rejected yet another iPhone app, Eucalyptus, over offensive content, according to Wired. The e-book reader does not contain the objectionable content, although it allows users to download titles from Project Gutenberg. Apple cites access to the Kama Sutra as the reason for rejection, despite the fact that the text must be manually added by the user.

Best Buy stores restricted to 4 Palm Pres for launch?

05/21, 7:25pm

Best Buy to get 4 Pres

Best Buy stores are allegedly restricted to an initial distribution of 4,250 Palm Pres for the June 6th launch day, an unnamed source has told the Boy Genius Report. If true, each of the 1,000 stores to sell the device will only get 4 units at first. A separate source claims that RadioShack will only receive two phones per store, with availability limited to coastal areas such as New York, New Jersey and California.

Microsoft job listing points to Zune Mobile

05/21, 6:50pm

Zune Mobile job posting

A Microsoft job listing indicates the company is working on a "Zune Mobile" project, according to Ars Technica. The Windows Mobile Phone Entertainment team is looking for a software engineer to develop the user interface for the next generation Windows phone. The company is reportedly working on a "Pink" project that integrates a number of Zune features into the Windows Mobile platform.

Syntext releases free version of Serna XML editor

05/21, 5:50pm

Syntext free XML editor

Syntext has released a free edition of its Serna XML editor. The application allows users to work with DITA, DocBook and other common XML formats, for personal, educational or demonstrative use. To reduce time from the authoring process, composite documents are rendered using XSLT and XSL-FO to achieve a print-like appearance.

Taiwanese labor rights groups put pressure on Apple

05/21, 5:15pm

Apple in Taiwan labor row

Apple has become the focus of a conflict over worker rights in Taiwan, local reporters say. Labor groups today carried banners and microphones outside of Apple's Taipei office, hoping to put indirect pressure on Wintek, a major supplier of flat-panel displays. The latter is accused of firing over 600 workers in December without warning, moreover cutting salaries, and forcing some of its people to work unpaid overtime in order to fulfill rush orders.

Sony to offer PSP game rentals?

05/21, 5:15pm

PSP Online Rental Rumor

Sony has been experimenting with offering game rentals for the PSP, according to a source with access to game developers. The console maker is said by Develop to have been conducting briefings since the Game Developers Conference in March that would let users download and temporarily use full games similar to a conventional video store offering. In a later survey for gamers, Sony has also asked respondents if they would use a subscription service that offers a set number of game rentals each month.

Microsoft cancels oral hearing in browser talks

05/21, 4:55pm

Microsoft cancels hearing

After being granted two extensions to respond to anti-trust allegations against it in Europe regarding its web browser, Microsoft has now cancelled its oral hearing scheduled for the start of June. In a Thursday blog post, Microsoft's Associate General Counsel David Heiner explains a number of the key decision-makers in the matter won't attend, as the date coincides with the International Competition Network (ICN) meeting in Zurich.

Ionic wind may soon be used to cool notebooks

05/21, 4:40pm

Ionic wind for PC cooling

In the quest to make notebook computers lighter and quieter, researchers are developing new ways of cooling the microprocessors that power these devices. San Jose, CA-based chip-packaging company Tessera has recently demonstrated a new ionic-cooling system that was integrated into a fully functional notebook. Together with researchers at the University of Washington, Tessera believes it would provide 30 percent cooling compared to a traditional fan while consuming half as much power. It would additionally eliminate moving parts and thereby offer quiet operation.

Sharp outs high-end multimedia e-dictionary

05/21, 4:20pm

Sharp outs e-dictionary

Sharp has recently released its new RD-PM10 multimedia e-dictionary that shares many of the same design traits as a Mobile Internet Device (MID). While there is no Wi-Fi connection for web access, users can watch videos and play back music on the device thanks to its internal 8GB of storage and a microSD memory card slot. The interface for the sliding form factor device is via a 4.3-inch, 480x272 touchscreen with a QWERTY keyboard and a number of shortcut buttons.

Apple contemplates voice commands for TV remote

05/21, 4:15pm

Apple voice remote patent

Apple has been considering voice recognition as an option for future TV remotes, most likely for the Apple TV set-top, a newly-published patent application hints. Titled Context-aware unit selection, the filing describes a "pointing device" associated with a computer, dubbed a "Web TV" system. Embedded in the remote would be a microphone, capable of accepting commands such as "open iTunes."

LG Glance leak gives full specs, prices, date

05/21, 4:10pm

LG Glance for Verizon date

Just a few days after it was leaked, the LG Glance has received more complete specs, a price and release date at wireless provider Verizon. The entry-level CDMA handset uses 1xRTT data networks to access e-mail, the Internet and instant messaging programs. Assisted GPS functionality lets users get driving directions via Verizon's VZ Navigator service. There is also a 2-inch, 320x240 LCD and a 1.3-megapixel camera.

Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 sets frequency record

05/21, 4:00pm

Corsais sets DDR3 record

Memory maker Corsair maintained on Wednesday that it has set the world record for DDR3 RAM memory frequency running on a Core i7 system. Using the triple-channel 6GB Dominator GT 2000C7 (PDF) memory, the 2533MHz record was verified and validated by using CPU-Z, a Windows PC statistics app used to identify system components and verify overclocking results. This marks the first time such a frequency has been achieved on a Core i7 system with 6GB of memory and three modules.

NEC LCD2490WUXi2 brings better color

05/21, 3:55pm

NEC LCD2490WUXi2 Japan

NEC today improved its longstanding MultiSync 90 series displays with a low-key update to its core 24-inch model. The LCD2490WUXi2 improves on the original WUXi with a newer 12-bit color lookup table that improves the visible gamut as well as general improvements to color brightness and stability. It continues to offer a 1,000:1 static contrast ratio and musters 320cd/m2 brightness.

Low iPhone sales threaten Russian carriers

05/21, 3:30pm

Low Russian iPhone sales

Extremely low Russian iPhone sales may threaten the country's three biggest cellphone carriers, several regional reports suggest. MTS, Megafon and Vimpelkom all agreed to carry the iPhone in 2008, with the provision that each would sell a minimum quantity. MTS agreed to sell 1 million phones in three years, while Megafon agreed to the same amount in two years. Vimpelkom made the most dramatic pledge, hoping to sell at least 1.5 million phones in two years.

Google Chrome update gives 30% speed boost

05/21, 3:25pm

Google Chrome Speed Boost

Google this afternoon launched an official update to its Chrome browser that it hopes will fight back against Safari 4 and other newer rivals. The upgrade further refines the software's distinctive JavaScript engine and is estimated to be about 30 percent faster when using web apps and other sites that depend heavily on the code. Chrome similarly gets updates that bring it up to par with some features on other browsers, such as autofill for forms as well as a full-screen mode and the ability to remove unwanted thumbnails from the "most visited" page.

Sony's advanced Blu-ray changers coming soon

05/21, 3:00pm

Sony's BD changers due

Sony will soon release two of its advanced but long delayed Blu-ray disc changers, according to a recent SonyInsider report. The BDP-CX960 and BDP-CX7000ES, prototypes of which were shown at a few major electronics shows, have been seen on a Swiss product page listing that indicates the latter model is already going on sale, at least in some parts of the world. Specs are still thin, though the BDP-CX960 will hold 200 Blu-ray discs, while the CX700ES model will have a 400-disc capacity. In Sweden, the larger model is priced at the equivalent of $2,250.

Rogers to revive 6GB/$30 deal for next iPhone?

05/21, 2:45pm

Rogers 6GB Promo Rumor

Canadian carrier Rogers may bring back its 6GB for $30 promo in a bid to keep subscribers interested in the iPhone and other devices, an apparent source within the company says. Although details of when it would show aren't mentioned, it's assumed by BGR that the promo would take effect for a few months this summer and would help drive sales not only of Apple's third-generation devices but also its Android phone launches within the next few weeks. The provider would otherwise give just 1GB for the same price and at best offers 5GB for $80 per month.

E-on releases Ozone 4 atmospheric plug-in suite

05/21, 2:45pm

Ozone 4 atmospheric suite

E-on has released Ozone 4, an update to its atmospheric simulation plug-in for 3ds Max, Maya, XSI, Lightwave and Cinema4D. The software is built on the same algorithms and technology as Vue 7 xStream, but with a focus on atmospheres and skies. Users can choose from four atmospheric models -- spectral, volumetric, standard and environment mapping. Over 100 preset atmospheres and 100 cloud shapes are included with the package.

2nd BlackBerry Storm 2 leak adds details

05/21, 2:10pm

BBerry Storm 2 Second Leak

A second leak has today confirmed many details for RIM's sequel to the BlackBerry Storm. Following an earlier slip that confirmed its existence, Engadget vouches that the phone drops the problematic click-down touchscreen in favor of a straightforward model that behaves like the iPhone's, including the feel of its surface and its scrolling. It also continues to have dual-mode CDMA and GSM for roaming outside of Verizon's network.

Vizio sues Funai for TV patent infringement

05/21, 1:25pm

Vizio sues Funai again

the second time this year, flat panel HDTV maker Vizio has sued competitor Funai. Made official on Wednesday, the Vizio lawsuit is seeking an injunction of the sales of the offending Funai hardware in the US and unspecified monetary damages, arguing Funai has infringed on a number of patents held by Vizio related to manufacturing, importing and distribution of HDTVs. Vizio is seeking "millions in damages" for profits from the past sales of infringing products from Funai.

TomTom brings LIVE features to XL line

05/21, 1:20pm

TomTom XL LIVE debuts

TomTom has announced a new GPS unit, the XL LIVE. The device is notable mainly for carrying LIVE services over to XL models, the option having previously been limited to the GO line. Through LIVE users have access to real-time camera and traffic data, as well as figures on fuel prices. A Google search function translates results into destination points.

Apps: Product Manager, Font Viewer, Alarm Clock Pro

05/21, 12:55pm

Pandora, BusySync

Product Manager 1.3 ($30) is used to help companies manage their products, through the creation of an unlimited number of documents, which can further contain an unlimited number of products inside. All items stored in the program can also be organized into subdivisions and contain generic data fields, releases notes, press releases, bug lists and to-do lists. In version 1.3 the upper bar has been updated to display the selected products icon, family, and product name. The new version allows allows users to lock any element of a products and includes a bug fix for the Browse mode. [Download - 0.93MB]

Microsoft plans to fight $200M patent court order

05/21, 12:15pm

Microsoft loses $200M case

A Texas federal jury has ordered Microsoft Corp to pay out $200 million in damages to Toronto-based software maker i4i Limited for allegedly infringing a patent, the software giant announced on Wednesday. Microsoft, which is regularly at the receiving end of such lawsuits, went on to say it is planning on appealing the verdict, as it believes the award is unsupported by the evidence.

Verizon CFO mum on possible iPhone deal

05/21, 12:10pm

Verizon CFO on iPhone deal

The CFO of Verizon, John Killian, has refused to comment one way or another on ongoing rumors of iPhone negotiations, Reuters reports. Speaking at the news agency's Global Technology Summit, Killian initially responded to questions by saying that data and smartphone revenues are "growing incredibly nicely," and that the company's strategy revolves around having multiple devices. "I'm not going to comment on Apple or the iPhone," he elaborated, "but...we don't feel we're going to be at a market disadvantage in the PDA space as we go through today or 2009."

NVIDIA Ion forced into costing twice Intel's price?

05/21, 12:00pm

NVIDIA Ion Price and Plans

Accusations that Intel has forced prices upwards on netbooks based on NVIDIA's Ion platform gained momentum through a purported leak of component pricing. As Intel charges nearly half the price for an Atom processor when linked to an Intel mainboard chipset versus buying it by itself, dropping from $45 to $25, it becomes less expensive to simply buy Intel's whole platform than to adopt Ion. The NVIDIA part is now believed by the Inquirer to cost $30 and would result in a barebones cost of $55 even with Intel's bundle and would spike to $75 if the chips were bought separately.

Adobe moves to regular patching cycle for PDF tools

05/21, 11:15am

Adobe adopts patch cycle

Adobe will be adopting a quarterly patch cycle, at least with regard to Reader and Acrobat, explains the company's security and privacy director, Brad Arkin. Patches for the PDF tools should now be released every three months, and on the second Tuesday of said month. The timing is meant to coincide with Microsoft's famous "Patch Tuesdays," Arkin notes, thereby giving IT workers an opportunity to test updates from both companies before propagating them across a network.

iPhone apps: Equilibrio, Trixel, Disney World Secrets

05/21, 11:10am

Saqqarah, Global Impact

Equilibrio ($2) is a ball rolling game that is gravity based and requires players to tilt their iPhone or iPod touch to guide the ball the to end. Players have to be careful though as if the ball begins to move to fast and hits something it will shatter, but if it isn't moving fast enough it may not make it over the different jumps. The game includes 60 different levels, five different balls each with their own properties and gameplay characteristics, and three game play modes, conquest, challenge and random level.

Verbatim outs colorful Nano wireless notebook mouse

05/21, 11:05am

Verbatim Nano mouse

Verbatim on Thursday announced the launch of its Color Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse that is compatible with Windows and Mac systems. It uses 2.4GHz RF wireless for communication and a small nano receiver that can be left connected to a notebook computer without getting easily caught on notebook bags or other obstacles. When the receiver is removed, it can be stored in a compartment at the bottom of the mouse itself.

Dell adds TV tuner for Mini 10, new colors

05/21, 10:50am

Dell Mini 10 TV Tuner

Dell this morning quietly expanded the options for the Inspiron Mini 10 and 10v to include both its first TV tuner and a pair of new color options. The company's promised USB digital TV tuner should be available today and, in North American form, will supply owners of the 10-inch netbooks with free over-the-air ATSC HD broadcasts. It should cost $50 in the build-to-order process for any Inspiron Mini 10 model.

LG intros two new Time Machine plasma HDTVs

05/21, 10:20am

LG adds X Canvas PDP TVs

LG in its home market of Korea has recently added two new plasma HDTVs to its XCanvas lineup with the 50-inch 50PS70 and 60-inch 60PS70 sets. Apart from the different sizes, the two are expected to use the same 600Hz panel and LG's Time Machine functionality that boils down to an integrated DVR system that can record HD programming either on its 160GB hard drive or a USB 2.0-connected external drive.

Bands revealed for iTunes Live London Festival '09

05/21, 10:20am

iTunes Live London '09

Apple has announced details of the 2009 iTunes Live London Festival, which is being staged at The Roundhouse in Camden. The event will run throughout the entire month of July, and headline acts such as Oasis, Kasabian, Snow Patrol and The Saturdays. Paolo Nutini and Flo Rida are also confirmed as acts, but Apple notes that some 50 more spots in its concert lineup have yet to be disclosed.

Apple recruiting for ARM Cortex-based iPhones

05/21, 10:10am

Apple ARM Cortex Job

Apple has posted a job listing that hints at the company's future hardware direction for the iPhone, iPod touch and possible other devices. The position for a High Perform/Low Level Programmer asks for someone familiar not only for programming assembly-level code for ARM processors, which Apple already uses in its handhelds, but for the NEON vector math units used in the newer Cortex architecture for the mobile chips. Apple is especially concerned about experience with vector math and particularly values anyone with additional knowledge of vector units through general CPUs, such as Intel's SSE or the AltiVec units found on PowerPC G4 and G5 cores.

No Apple media tablet until 2010, says analyst

05/21, 9:35am

No media pad until 2010?

Although Apple is allegedly working on some form of media pad, it will probably not ship until 2010, according to Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. The tablet has been described by other sources as Apple's answer to netbooks, but focused around tasks like web browsing, reading books, and music and video playback, as well as possibly making VoIP calls. Correspondingly, its specifications may also be just weak enough to avoid competing with MacBooks.

Panasonic seriously mulls Android, non-Japan phones

05/21, 9:15am

Panasonic May Use Android

Panasonic late on Wednesday said a real chance exists that it may develop an Android-based phone of its own before the end of its fiscal 2010 year, which ends next March. The company's mobile device director Keisuke Ishii told guests of a press conference for its new phones that Panasonic is "seriously considering" Google's mobile OS. He couldn't provide a timeframe but said the market for open-source smartphones would explode to 100 million phones by 2012, giving the electronics giant a strong reason to do well in that area itself.

Sony considering PSP music store?

05/21, 8:40am

Sony PSP Music Store Rumor

Sony may bolster the PSP's role as a media player by giving the device its own music store, leaks from late Tuesday suggest. Those within the music industry have reportedly told CNET that Sony is in early talks with major labels to possibly add music to the PlayStation Network with the PSP as the primary focus. No agreements have been made, and questions of format and pricing haven't been revealed as part of the tip.

Panasonic outs first Class 10 SDHC cards

05/21, 7:55am

Panasonic Class 10 SDHC

Panasonic today set a record with its SDHC card line by launching the first-ever Class 10 cards. The rating promises a minimum 10MB per second and is better tailored to high-end compact cameras, entry digital SLRs or HD camcorders where baseline speed is essential: a still camera with 3MB shots can capture 3 frames per second without the SDHC card becoming the bottleneck. It also peaks at 22MB per second and is about 40 percent faster than a Class 4 (4MB per second) card in sustained transfers of large files.

Acer brings easyStore Home Server to US

05/21, 7:30am

Acer Aspire easyStore

Acer on Thursday contributed its own more frugal entry into the home server space within the US through the Aspire easyStore Home Server AH340. Similar to HP's MediaSmart LX195, the easyStore runs on a 1.6GHz Atom to manage traffic to and from the server without the cost overhead of other processors. Acer's larger design, however, affords it four 3.5-inch drive bays that can take as much as 8TB of storage if completely filled.


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