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App Store rejects another app for "explicit material"

05/19, 11:00pm

App Store rejects app

The third version of Hot Dog Down A Hallway, Metaversal Studios' only iPhone app, has been rejected by the App Store. Apple cites "explicit content" as the reason for its decision. Metaversal Studios is unconvinced by the label, as the game, despite its suggestive name, has previously been given a low age rating of nine and up by the App Store. The developer's Interactive Director, Dave Laundry, believes the "iTunes censorship policy is a mystery."

Russound announces iPhone, Touch audio control

05/19, 10:40pm

Russound iPhone control

Russound has announced RNET Touchpoint, an interface for the iPhone and iPod touch that works in conjunction with the TCHS1 access point. The Touchpoint system is used control the company's multiroom audio systems from the mobile device. The router connects to any IP-based wireless LAN, providing customized interface screens that can be viewed in Safari. Users can enter the IP address of the TCH1S and save it as a bookmark on the iPhone or Touch home screen.

Yuuguu expands cross network umbrella, includes Skype

05/19, 10:20pm

Yuuguu includes Skype

Yuuguu has expanded its screen sharing cross network application to include Skype. The Yuuguu for Skype Beta enables Skype users to screen share and collaborate with one or more contacts. Yuuguu can also utilize the VOIP calling feature of Skype. Additionally, the application allows users to combine their contacts on a variety of instant messaging services such as Google Talk, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and AIM into one place.

QStar releases Snow Leopard-compatible HSM

05/19, 10:00pm

QStar releases HSM upgrade

QStar Technologies has upgraded its flagship product, HSM, to be compatible with the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Snow Leopard. The software is geared for storage systems, with tools that can be used to manage data movement between multiple tiers of storage, both online and offline. A variety of storage technologies are supported, including DVD-RAM, BD, CAS, and PDD.

GizFever releases new USB Mini Keyboard II

05/19, 9:40pm

GizFever new mini keyboard

GizFever has released a new keyboard, the USB Smallest Mini Keyboard II. The item includes new features not offered in its sister model, such as a backlight and wireless capabilities which enable the keyboard to operate up to 10 meters away. The new model also features a power-conservation mode activated when the keyboard remains inactive for a period of time. Additionally, there is a Lock ID button that enables users to password-protect the keyboard.

Briefly: Apple Lab in Florida, Petition for OS X 10.6

05/19, 9:05pm

Top ranking video sites

In brief: A new Apple Lab has been opened at the Cisco Solutions Center in Clearwater, Florida. The lab provides Apple resellers with a location to take employees and customers to provide training and demonstrations on how to implement Apple technology into a variety of businesses. An annoyed customer, Jon Kout, has started a new online petition in hopes of seeing Czech and Slovak localizations added to the upcoming operating system, OS X 10.6, which many believe will be announced at this year's WWDC event. Meanwhile, a report has been released by Neilsen Online which outlines the top ranking video services on the web. Youtube and Hulu were among the top 10, with YouTube controlling 58-percent of streams shown in April.

Desktop Remind replaced with iDeskCal 2.0

05/19, 8:55pm

iDeskCal 2.0 released

HashBang Industries has released iDeskCal 2.0, a rebrand of Desktop Remind. The software embeds the user's iCal calendar to the computer desktop. The interface can be placed anywhere on the desktop, while remaining above the wallpaper and below icons and running applications.

Sprint CEO expects Pre shortage at launch

05/19, 8:25pm

Pre shortage anticipated

Shortly after Sprint announced the launch date for the Palm Pre, the carrier's chief executive, Dan Hesse, admitted he anticipates shortages after the handset is released, according to PC Magazine. The device will match Apple's $200 price-point for the iPhone, after a $100 rebate, with initial distribution planned for Sprint stores, Best Buy, Radio Shack and Walmart.

Speck releases two cases for 17-inch Macbook Pro

05/19, 7:10pm

Speck Macbook Pro cases

Speck has released two new cases, the SeeThru and the SeeThru Satin, custom fit for the latest 17-inch unibody Macbook Pro. Both models feature a fully-vented hard shell for protection against everyday bumps and scratches. Users can still access all ports and controls on the computer, including the battery-status button, without removing the case.

Apple Stores to sell updated TuneUp iTunes plugin

05/19, 6:30pm

TuneUp plugin updated

TuneUp Media has updated its iTunes add-on, and has announced that Apple will sell the plug-in online and at its retail stores. The TuneUp interface has been updated to closely resemble iTunes, and new features have been added. The software takes an "audio fingerprint" of songs to help users identify and organize tracks, find album art, and locate information about artists and concerts.

HP desktop revenue slides 24%, notebooks down 13%

05/19, 6:00pm

HP computer revenues down

Amid ongoing economic troubles, HP's fiscal Q209 financial disclosures indicate the company has not yet recovered from continuing revenue declines. Despite maintaining a flat number of computer shipments, desktop revenue fell by 24 percent and notebook revenue slid by 13 percent. The software, imaging, printing and enterprise divisions also showed lackluster performance, contributing to net earnings 17-percent below last year's quarter.

eMachines intros stylized EL1300 mini AMD desktops

05/19, 5:15pm

eMachines EL1300 Desktops

eMachines this afternoon hoped to spark new life in its desktops with both a cosmetic and performance upgrade to its most economic AMD-based models. The EL1300 series switches from the typical black and silver of most PC builders (including eMachines itself) to a glossy white eMachines considers friendlier. They continue to use the small form factor design that most eMachines systems now use without affecting their prices.

NVIDIA sued by own insurance company

05/19, 5:10pm

NVIDIA insurer sues

NVIDIA's insurance company, The National Union Fire Insurance Company (NUFI) of Pittsburgh, filed a case in a California district court last week regarding NVIDIA's negotiations and settlement of other lawsuits the company faced from notebook makers regarding NVIDIA's faulty chipsets. In its court statement, NUFI said NVIDIA has "not permitted" it to join in NVIDIA's negotiations of chip claims or to reach other agreements. NVIDIA supplied GPUs to notebook makers that include Apple, ASUS, Compal, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, Toshiba, Quanta, Samsung and others, some of which have or still can sue the chipmaker.

iBiz 4 management app due on May 27th

05/19, 4:55pm

IGG announces iBiz 4

IGG has announced details on the final version of iBiz 4, an upgrade to its time-tracking, billing and project management application. A public beta became available earlier this month, after the software was originally announced in January. The software adds statements, enhanced graphics powered by Core Animation, and a new iCal sync engine for the likes of projects, events, to-do lists and invoice due-dates. Users also receive additional templates for invoices and reports.

DigiFi and Kleer out Digital Opera S2, S5 earbuds

05/19, 4:50pm

DigiFi out two earbuds

Korea-based DigiFi and technology partner Kleer on Tuesday announced the release of two new wireless earbud sets, the Digital Opera S2 and the Digital Opera S5. Either set sports volume and track control buttons on the earbuds themselves and relies on Kleer's wireless technology to stream uncompressed, lossless 16-bit, 44.1KHz digital stereo audio up to 33 feet away.

Nokia's Maeoma Harmattan OS leaked in shots

05/19, 4:30pm

Nokia OS image leaked

The first image of the user interface of the operating system Nokia is developing for mobile devices has been leaked recently. The operating system, dubbed Maemo Harmattan, is due to come to a new generation of gadgets by the end of 2010, and is expected to be a refined version of software used for the company's existing Internet tablets. Evidently designed for widescreens, the home screen pictured here scrolls vertically, showing a number of user-selectable widgets.

Jonathan Ive gains 'most creative' award

05/19, 4:30pm

Ive wins F. Company award

Apple's senior VP of industrial design, Jonathan Ive, has placed first in a Fast Company list of the 100 most creative people in business. Despite being in an executive position Ive is said to be personally responsible for the look of Apple's most important products, including the iPhone and the iPod. The designer's greatest contribution is claimed to be the original iMac, which helped to revive Apple in part because it jettisoned the staid box casing still used by many PCs.

Sony Ericsson may ask for $136.5m bailout

05/19, 4:15pm

Sony Ericsson Wants 136m

Sony today said that its cellphone joint-partnership Sony Ericsson is likely to ask for 100 million Euros ($136.5 million) before the end of its current fiscal year in March 2010. The injection, which could come from either Sony or Ericsson themselves, would be prompted both by Sony Ericsson's own struggling health as well as Sony's own dropping sales, which resulted in its first loss in 14 years and has reduced the Japanese firm's ability to support its phone offshoot. How Sony Ericsson will raise the funds will be decided by the two parent companies.

Radiologik adds Track Prep automatic transitions

05/19, 3:55pm

Radiologik radio DJ app

MacinMind has released an update to Radiologik, a set of two programs for radio DJs. Radiologik Scheduler 1.2 includes a new Track Prep feature designed to save time by automatically analyzing iTunes files and configuring transitions. The process is designed to replicate genuine radio production when played through Radiologik DJ. The company recently added BPM displays and new MIDI controls to DJ 1.5.4, along with several bug fixes.

AT&T to sell subsidized 3G netbooks US-wide

05/19, 3:45pm

AT&T to add 3G netbooks

Wireless provider AT&T on Tuesday announced it would soon begin selling 3G-connected netbooks in its stores nationwide and add more offerings to the lineup. Buyers will be able to choose from netbooks from Acer, Dell and Lenovo from all 2,200 AT&T retail stores in the US sometime this summer. Each will have embedded Wi-Fi along with internal 3G access on the carrier's HSPA network.

Atheros chip turns phones into Wi-Fi hotspots

05/19, 3:35pm

Atheros Wi-Fi Hotspot Chip

Atheros today unveiled a new cellphone chipset that could let cellphones host Internet connections as easily as with a typical wireless router. The AR6002 can run its Wi-Fi as a hotspot and can share its connection without the manually configured, ad hoc tethering over Bluetooth or USB normally needed to make the link. It can potentially save battery life for the devices connecting to the phone as it lets them idle or go to sleep where tethering requires both to be constantly alert.

Walmart to create Apple sections in retail stores

05/19, 3:20pm

Walmart Apple sections

Walmart is incorporating Apple sections into its stores as part of a major revamping program, notes Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes. The low-end retailer is significantly expanding its electronics departments, with the aim of filling the gap left in TV sales after the bankruptcy of Circuit City. Within these areas will be sections devoted to some of the most powerful brands, including those outside of TVs such as Apple and Nintendo.

Dell warns Windows 7 will raise PC prices

05/19, 2:45pm

Dell Warns on Win 7 Price

Microsoft's attempt to increase the prices for Windows 7 could hurt sales of PCs, Dell director of business product management Darren Ward says early this week. Without providing exact numbers, he explains to CNET that the average selling price of the OS will increase from Vista and that it should be particularly higher for Windows 7 Professional, which replaces Windows Vista Business as the mainstream work version. He adds that costs of retail boxed copies should go up but doesn't specifically address the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) prices Dell gets for its own systems.

DealNN: Mac mini, Apple wireless keyboard, more

05/19, 2:35pm

DealNN: Mac mini

Today's featured DealNN deal is on the 1.83GHz Mac mini from It is regularly priced at $599, but has been reduced to $449 and includes FREE shipping as well as free Parallels Desktop 4 software. This Mac mini has 1GB of RAM, 80GB hard drive, AirPort Extreme wireless, SuperDrive, speakers and four USB ports.

Apple refurbs: MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros

05/19, 2:20pm

Apple refurbs: MacBooks

Apple's online store is currently offering a variety of Mac models starting as low as $849. Two Mac models are priced at $849, the 20-inch 2.4GHz iMac and 2.0GHz white MacBook. MacBook Airs are available for as low as $999 for the 1.6GHz model with 2GB of memory and 80GB hard drive. The 24-inch, 2.66GHz iMac with 4GB of memory and 640GB hard drive is available for $1299. Unibody MacBook models start as low as $1099 for the 2.0GHz model with 2GB of memory and 160GB hard drive. The 2.4GHz MacBook Pro with 2GB of memory and 250GB hard drive is priced at $1699. Save $400 on the 2.8GHz Mac Pro with 2GB of RAM and 320GB hard drive, now priced at $2399.

Sanyo brings 802.11n Wi-Fi projector to US

05/19, 1:40pm

Sanyo Draft N projector

Sanyo has recently announced the upcoming release of its PLC-WXU700 LCD projector in the US. The company claims the device is the world's first with 802.11n Wi-Fi. Hooking it up to a Windows Vista PC will turn it into a network projector, capable of streaming videos at a native widescreen 1280x800 resolution; other operating systems can use the networking for non-streaming control. The portable projector sports a 500:1 contrast ratio and weighs less than 8lbs. Sanyo says its 3,800 lumens brightness makes it the brightest in its class.

BravoTunes for Mac displays iTunes track information

05/19, 1:15pm

BravoTunes for Mac

BravoBug has released BravoTunes, a new add-on for iTunes. The tool displays scrolling track information from iTunes within the Mac OS X Menu Bar, and includes controls used to pause and switch tracks, or change shuffle and repeat settings. Users can also replace their current iTunes Dock icon with the one for BravoTunes, and set the program to launch both apps simultaneously.

Intel ready to launch Nehalem-EX server processors

05/19, 12:50pm

Nehalem-EX chipsets soon

The next generation of Xeon server processors will be introduced on May 26th, according to an early Intel announcement. The Nehalem-EX series is based on the same platform as Intel's Core i7 chips, but is explicitly intended for high-end server use. Each processor incorporates eight cores, and can be used in multi-socket configurations. New power gates are said to reduce energy consumption, and 16 threads can be calculated simultaneously.

BlackBerry Storm sequel to hit by end of June?

05/19, 12:25pm

BBerry Storm 2 End of June

RIM's BlackBerry Storm sequel could launch soon enough to be a surprise response to the next iPhone, a leak said on Tuesday. A claimed reliable, senior Verizon source for BlackBerryOS says that the cellular provider should wrap up training on the phone soon and launch it no later than the end of June. The tip also claims the phone will have Wi-Fi, which was omitted with the Storm due to Verizon's anti-Wi-Fi policy that is poised to come to an end.

Apple patents image-sensing display tech

05/19, 11:55am

Sensing display patent

Apple has been granted several patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office, including ones for the technology and design of the Mighty Mouse, and the general design of the extinct iPod Hi-Fi stereo. Key amongst the patents however is one for an integrated sensor display, which could theoretically simplify or expand on the features of many Apple products. An application was originally submitted on behalf of Michael Uy by Apple in June of 2004.

Microsoft unveils budget LifeCam VX-2000

05/19, 11:35am

MS LifeCam VX-2000

Microsoft wrapped up its hardware introductions today in releasing the LifeCam VX-2000. The webcam is aimed at the most basic of desktop users who just need enough for video chat and has a VGA resolution camera sensor with most extras in software. Aside from a Windows Live Call button for those using Microsoft's IM network, the camera's other central feature is its ability interpolate still images and simulate 1.3-megapixel shots.

SoftBank intros pair of waterproof Sharp handsets

05/19, 11:10am

SoftBank 8MP camera phones

Japanese carrier SoftBank has recently announced it will soon add the 934SH and 936SH handsets to its range, both manufactured by Sharp and meeting IPX5 and IPX7 waterproof specifications. The former also goes by Mirumo because it features a unique external LCD display developed by Sharp with a 456x240 resolution. Not quite e-paper, the display simply turns off the backlight and is said to use up 500 times less power than a conventional OLED display.

Apps: MyMacTime, Flock, BannerZest

05/19, 11:00am

RevolverHD, BravoTunes

MyMacTime 1.2 ($20) is a tool for tracking time spent on different projects. Users can enter all the tasks they are currently working on and then either enter the time spent on each one manually or have the application log it. Tasks can then be synchronized with iCal for printing or sharing. The update has added a new option that allows users to choose if they want the session timer to stop, pause or continue when a computer enters sleep mode. The session summary view and session scope bar can now be hidden and several small bugs have also been addressed. [Download - 4.6MB]

Microsoft PC ads finally hurting Mac image?

05/19, 10:50am

MS PC Ads May be Working

Microsoft's Laptop Hunters ads may be hurting Apple's image, according to new data from BrandIndex. Looking at the perceived value for money of Apple and Microsoft brands, the research shows Apple dropping from a peak in February and March to well below Microsoft by mid-May. In contrast, Microsoft itself climbed from a score of 0 near the start of 2009 to 46, or much higher than Apple's current 12.

PhoneGap titles being rejected at App Store?

05/19, 10:45am

PhoneGap vs. App Store

An disproportionate number of titles based on PhoneGap have been rejected at the App Store, say developers. The open-source platform allows for the creation of apps compatible with multiple cellphones, as a result of being based on JavaScript and HTML. Several reasons may exist, however, for Apple issuing rejection letters, the developers propose.

iPhone apps: MySecrets, Slacker Radio, Horseshoes Pro

05/19, 10:10am

FretBoard, Mover

MySecrets ($5) is a tool for securely storing data on an iPhone or iPod touch. The application can store various notes and allows them to be organized into a customizable folder-based data hierarchy. The application uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect its contents and requires a password on startup that is not stored anywhere, nor is there a way to recover it. Several safety features are also included which allow users to set how many times an incorrect password can be entered before an action, such as deleting the database, is taken.

SoftBank outs 10MP AQUOS Shot camera phone

05/19, 9:55am

SoftBank 10MP camera phone

SoftBank has recently showed off this high-end camera phone, the Sharp 933SH AQUOS Shot. It not only sports a 10-megapixel camera but has an extremely high ISO sensitivity range, at up to 12,800, for capturing images in low-light environments without blur. The camera functions are accessed via a 3.3-inch, 854x480 rotating LCD touchscreen that is mounted on a two-axis hinge. Continuous autofocusing is also built in, and touching a subject on the screen will result in it always staying in focus, even if it moves.

Microsoft outs two new BlueTrack mice, keyboard

05/19, 9:40am

MS BlueTrack 5000 and 6000

Microsoft grew its lineup of BlueTrack-based devices today with two new mice as well as the first combo kit with the technology. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 is the first of the blue laser mice to include a mini USB transceiver and is particularly suited to notebooks, as owners can use the mouse on almost any flat surface while keeping the 2.4GHz RF adapter plugged into a portable while it's stowed away in a bag. The five-button mouse lasts for up to 10 months on its batteries and has a proper power switch to prevent the mouse from waking its host computer.

Adium 1.4 beta brings IRC, Twitter support

05/19, 9:30am

Adium 1.4 beta published

An updated beta version of the Adium instant messaging client has been released, infusing a collection of important changes. Adium handles input from multiple platforms, including networks like AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Google. The v1.4 beta makes the critical addition of IRC, allowing for real-time group chat. By contrast the app has also gained support for Twitter, which can be used as indirect messaging.

LG ships BD390 Blu-ray player with DivX, Wi-Fi

05/19, 9:00am

LG Ships BD390

LG today said it had started shipping the BD390, its flagship Blu-ray movie player. The reader is the first to play DivX videos at a full 1080p when either burned to a DVD or from an external USB drive. It likewise brings Wi-Fi and 1GB of internal storage, and can handle Blu-ray Profile 2.0 features as well as Netflix and YouTube video streaming without stringing Ethernet cable to a router or a Wi-Fi bridge.

Nokia launches 6600i slide with US 3G, 5MP camera

05/19, 8:45am

Nokia 6600i slide

In its second phone introduction in as many days, Nokia on Tuesday added the 6600i slide to its roster. The phone is Nokia's smallest-ever slider with a 5-megapixel camera (including dual LED flashes) and has a brushed-metal housing designed to catch attention. It also has a rare tap interface for quickly waking the phone, muting alerts and ringtones, and turning down calls.

Dell intros Latitude 2100 netbook with touchscreen

05/19, 8:15am

Dell Latitude 2100

Dell on Tuesday kicked off the launch of its first netbook meant for schools or business-oriented users. Unlike the Inspiron Minis, the Latitude 2100 is toughened against the rougher use likely in a class and has a sturdier chassis as well as a rubberized surface, including a unique texture on the lid that's deemed easier to grip. In a first for Dell and most non-tablet netbooks, the 2100 has the option of a touchscreen that can be used for very visual educational apps or just as a simpler alternative to the trackpad.

Epson unveils line of NX consumer all-in-ones

05/19, 7:50am

Epson: new all-in-ones

Epson has revamped its consumer-oriented Stylus NX printer/scanner/copier line with new models featuring a more compact form factor. The devices have built-in image correction tools, LCD screens, manual two-sided printing and individual ink cartridges for each color. All three models use Epson DURABrite Inks which the company claims are smudge and water resistant, even on plain paper, and require no drying time.

Palm Pre to launch on Sprint June 6th for $200

05/19, 7:30am

Palm Pre June 6th

Sprint today confirmed that it will launch the Palm Pre on June 6th for $200 on a two-year plan and after a $100 rebate. The first-ever webOS smartphone will sell not only in Sprint stores but also Best Buy, Radio Shack and Walmart. Using the phone will require either at least an Everything Data plan for home users, a Simply Everything plan, or a Business Essentials with Messaging and Data plan.


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