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Mac ad takes aim at Laptop Hunters campaign

05/12, 10:40pm

New Get a Mac ads

Apple has released a new series of Get a Mac ads including Elimination, PC Choice Chat and Customer Care. In the Elimination commercial, the PC character played by John Hodgman brings along "the whole range" of PCs to help find the best fit for a woman, Megan, who is searching for a computer. The ad clearly pokes fun at Microsoft's Laptop Hunters campaign.

Briefly: iPhoto '09: The Missing Guide, Shufflegazine

05/12, 9:45pm

Tekserve Mac FAQs free

In brief: A new guide for iPhoto '09 has been release by two columnists from The New York Times. iPhoto '09: The Missing Manual includes information on how to use the new features found in iPhoto '09 such as Faces and Places. A Middle Eastern Apple magazine will now be expanding its publication. Shufflegazine began in October 2008 and was available in the United Arab Emirates but the publisher will now be making it more available across the GCC. Meanwhile, TEKSERVE has release the ninth edition of its Mac FAQ pocket guide. The guide includes troubleshooting tips for problems such as kernel panics and freezing. Customers can order the book by phone for $5 or pick it up in the store for free.

Yoostar system places user into famous movie scenes

05/12, 9:10pm

Yoostar system announced

Yoostar has announced a movie production system that enables users to digitally place themselves into famous movie scenes. The system includes a web cam with built-in dual microphones, a portable green screen and stand, and Yoostar software that is both PC and Mac compatible. The package includes access to many well known movie clips in a variety of film genres.Yoostar uses patented Active Immersion Technology that digitally removes actors from scenes and allows users to insert themselves into the actors place.

AT&T explains 3G restriction for SlingPlayer app

05/12, 8:25pm

SlingPlayer app statement

Following the announcement that Sling Media's SlingPlayer iPhone app will only be available without support for 3G data, AT&T has released a statement explaining the restriction. The company blames the decision on network strain, as the large volume of data could potentially cause congestion and create access problems for other customers.

iPhone app prepares students for SAT exam words

05/12, 7:55pm

VocabChallenge app release

The Princeton Review and Modality Inc. have released The Princeton Review's Vocab Challenge for the iPhone and the iPod touch. The application measures a user's knowledge of 250 words which are frequently included in SAT examinations. The app features four types of timed challenges with questions relating to positive or negative connotations, synonyms, antonyms and definitions.

Griffin ships PowerBlock Reserve, PowerJolt Reserve

05/12, 7:30pm

Griffin launches new gear

Griffin Technology has released two new products for powering iPhones and iPods, the PowerBlock Reserve and the PowerJolt Reserve. The two products are available as a bundle as well. Each device uses the same power unit, the Griffin Reserve Battery Pack, which can be swapped between the two products. Any USB-rechargeable product is supported, including the iPhone and numerous iPods.

TechRestore offers 500 GB, 7200 RPM MacBook upgrade

05/12, 6:50pm

500 GB, 7200-RPM upgrade

TechRestore is now offering an overnight upgrade service for MacBooks and MacBook Pros, replacing stock hard drives with a new 500GB, 7200 RPM disk. The Seagate ST9500420AS drives have just become available, offering the largest capacity and fastest spindle-speed available in a single 2.5-inch drive. The new devices are unique in that they offer both the highest capacity and the faster spindle speed in one drive. Previous limitations forced laptop owners to choose lower RPM ratings to obtain higher storage capacity, or sacrifice capacity to get the speed of a 7200 RPM drive.

OWC offers Drive Genius as low as $25 with purchase

05/12, 6:45pm

Drive Genius special offer

OWC has announced it is shipping copies of Drive Genius 2.1.1 for as low as $25, a $75 reduction, when bought with qualifying OWC or NewerTech storage products. There are nearly 200 qualifying products available on OWC's website, including OWC's Mercury line -- Elite-AL Pro Single, Dual bay and Mirror RAID drives, rack-mount storage, Elite Pro Firewire drives and On-The-Go portable drives. OWC's network storage based NASPerform storage is also included, as are NewerTech MiniStacks, MAXimus RAIDs and Voyager Q/S2 products.

Apple releases Safari 3.2.3, Tiger security updates

05/12, 6:15pm

Apple security updates

Following the availability of Mac OS X 10.5.7, Apple on Tuesday released updates for Safari, Mac OS X Tiger systems and OS X 10.5.7 Server. Safari 3.2.3 is recommended for all Safari users, providing fixes for a number of security vulnerabilities. The downloads are available for Tiger, Leopard and Windows operating systems, with file sizes ranging from 20MB to 40MB.

DealNN: Hitachi HDTV bundle, Blu-ray players, more

05/12, 5:15pm

DealNN: Hitachi HDTV bundl

Deals at DealNN today include HDTVs, printers, Blu-ray players, wireless routers and more. Most noteworthy today is a deal on the Hitachi 42-inch 1080p LCD HDTV from This HDTV is priced at $1099.88, a price cut of $2400 off the original price of $3499 and includes a FREE OmniMount low profile fixed wall mount, Panamax home theater power management system and a Hitachi audio/video tuning center. Features include simulated surround sound with bass boost, on-screen display, wide viewing angles and a resolution of 1920 x 1080p.

iDive 1.9 overhauls Capture module

05/12, 4:45pm

iDive 1.9 released

Aquafadas has released v1.9 of its video cataloging application, iDive. The program is designed to organize videos through tagging aspects of them; clips can subsequently be found using the People Places Events palette. Version 1.9 incorporates the ability to drop frames between clips, as well as specify what camcorders should do after recording. Turbo.264 hardware acceleration is new as well.

Sony outs world's smallest HD video camera module

05/12, 4:40pm

Sony HD video cam module

Sony has recently announced it has developed a high-definition camera module that is rated at 8.3 megapixels and can record 720p video at 30 frames per second. And at 0.37 by 0.28 inches (9.5mm by 7.1mm), it is the world's smallest with such capabilities. The MCB1172 module is meant for security and industry applications, and has been developed by Sony Europe's Image Sensing Solutions Division.

Apple refurbs: iPod nano, Apple accessories, more

05/12, 4:40pm

Apple refurbs: iPod nano

Currently Apple's online store is offering a wide selection of refurbished iPods including special limited time pricing on the current-generation 8GB iPod nanos of $99. Also available are 16GB models for $149. Both configurations come in black, blue, purple, orange, green, silver, yellow, and pink. One and two gigabyte iPod shuffles are priced at $39 and iPod touch models are available in 8GB ($179), 16GB ($259), and 32GB ($349) configurations while previous-generation options only include the 16GB model for $219, and the 32GB model for $279. Refurb. Apple accessories include the wireless Mighty Mouse for $59, the Wireless Keyboard for $69 and the Apple Time Capsule in 500GB and 1TB configurations for $239 and $399.

Two new PS3 bundles coming to Europe

05/12, 4:35pm

PlayStation 3 bundles due

Sony has recently announced a pair of new PlayStation 3 bundles that include the gaming console and a video game. Due to ship on May 15 for the equivalent price of $544 is the 80GB system along with two Dual Shock 3 controllers and the Ratchet & Clank: Quest For Booty game. A couple of weeks later, on May 29th, a bundle with the new Infamous game and a single Dual Shock 3 gamepad will ship, though its price hasn't been announced.

Mac OS X 10.5.7 fixes bugs, expands hardware support

05/12, 4:30pm

Mac OS X update

Apple has released Mac OS X 10.5.7, adding a variety of bug fixes, security updates and expanded hardware support. The update provides additional RAW image support for cameras such as the Canon EOS Mark II, EOS 50D, Nikon D3X, Nikon D90 and Sony DSLR-A900, among others. Video playback and cursor movements have been improved for recent Macs with NVIDIA graphics components, while the expansion slot for the Mac Pro now correctly reports the PCIe slot settings.

BlackBerry 8900 price leaked ahead of AT&T launch

05/12, 4:25pm

BlackBerry 8900 gets price

A leaked price sheet from AT&T for the Southwestern region revealed the BlackBerry 8900 smartphone will cost $200 on a new two-year contract after a $100 mail-in rebate at the carrier. The replacement for the 8300-series of phones sports a higher-resolution 480x360 display as well as a 3.2-megapixel camera, GPS sensor and Wi-Fi functionality. AT&T Navigator map and navigation service will be supported and users will be able to listen to satellite radio via XM Radio Mobile. A Yellow Pages app will allow them to search for phone numbers.

88% of movie sales still physical: NPD study

05/12, 4:20pm

Most money goes to BD, DVD

Researchers NPD Group today said that 88% of the money consumers spend on home entertainment goes towards purchasing and renting movies on DVD and Blu-ray discs. Of the $25 each US consumer spends on average in a given month, 63 percent was found to be spent on DVD purchases, 7 percent on Blu-ray discs, and 18% went towards renting DVD and Blu-ray movies. The remaining 12 percent was split between video on-demand (VOD) services (9 percent) and digital downloads and online streaming (3 percent).

JVC intros 8K/4K video projector and 4K camera

05/12, 4:10pm

JVC 8K projector, 4K cam

JVC Japan has recently announced it will soon begin shipping its D-ILA 3 (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier) 8K and 4K video front-projector that is capable of throwing up 8192x4320 resolution images, or more than 35 megapixels. Other specifications of the D-ILA 3 include 10,000 lumens of brightness and a 5,500:1 contrast ratio from its 3,000W bulb. A special fiber optic interface was developed for the projector, though it also sports an HDMI interface. It weighs a massive 370lbs.

iPhone apps: RunningTotal, Face Fun, German Course

05/12, 4:10pm

News Pro, Postage

RunningTotal ($2) allows users to track their finances directly on an iPhone or iPod touch. Multiple accounts can be set up such as debit card accounts, checking accounts, and credit cards, and can all be tracked simultaneously. Whenever a transaction occurs a user can add the amount to the proper account and include a brief description. Users can then view the summary of an account from the home screen and compare credit card usage to its limit.

Paper echoes Xbox motion control add-on leaks

05/12, 4:05pm

WSJ Apes X360 Motion Leaks

Rumors of a Xbox full-body motion controller gained fuel on Tuesday with a story corroborating the claims. The Wall Street Journal mirrors the earlier leaks and says the peripheral will hinge on a 3D camera system that recognizes not just basic movement but also depth, giving it more control than a device like Sony's EyeToy. It reportedly may show at the E3 gaming event, which starts June 2nd, but probably wouldn't ship until 2010 even if so.

Leadtek shows external SpursEngine video encoder

05/12, 3:45pm

Leadtek video encoder

Leadtek on Monday announced it will demonstrate the first external video encoder equipped with a Toshiba-made SpursEngine media processor, the WinFast HPVC1100, at the 12th Embedded Systems Technology exhibition in Japan on May 15th. The device will let notebook or desktop users to play back or encode high-definition video thanks to a variation of the Cell Broadband Engine used in Sony's PlayStation 3 gaming console, though it has half the processing cores here, at four.

Microsoft downplays June device rumor

05/12, 3:40pm

MS Downplays June Zune

Microsoft today tried to dampen expectations fueled by rumors of a phone-related Zune product through a response by Zune team member Brian Seitz. The staffer says that the Twitter account floating the rumors isn't officially run by Microsoft and says not to necessarily trust its information. The account creator also says the account exists to draw attention to a perceived lack of priorities at Apple, which he sees as cracking down unnecessarily on iPhone jailbreaking but not on piracy.

FotoMagico 3 adds instant slideshow assistant feature

05/12, 3:30pm

FotoMagico 3 update

Boinx Software has released FotoMagico 3, an update to its storytelling software. The company has added an instant slideshow assistant that is designed to quickly build presentations, while a new audio recorder allows users to add narrations. The Pro edition offers three dynamic audio tracks for music, sound effects and narration. Each track can be configured with a variety of settings, including locked timing and ducking to lower the background volume while the narrator is speaking.

Apple execs comment on netbooks, Verizon iPhone

05/12, 3:10pm

Kaufman vs. Apple execs

A Verizon version of the iPhone may not arrive for some time, but it remains a strong possibility, according to a pair of key Apple executives. In a meeting with Kaufman Bros. and a group of investors, CFO Peter Oppenheimer and senior Mac manager Tom Boger have explained that Apple is happy with the results in regions with multiple iPhone carriers, such as Australia. Adding Verizon in 2010 would cause a problem, the executives say, because of the carrier's current dependence on CDMA networking.

Dell puts 2009 Inspiron desktops up for sale

05/12, 3:05pm

Dell 2009 Inspiron On Sale

Dell today lived up to promises and put its new-look Inspiron desktops on sale today in the US. Now called the Inspiron 537 and 537s, the finished systems are distinguished by their option of several colors and range in speed from Celeron through Core 2 Quad processors for Intel systems and Semprons through Phenom X4 processors for AMD. They can all have up to 8GB of RAM as well as dedicated ATI Radeon HD video, though storage varies slightly with a slimline tower limited to a 750GB drive while the larger mini-tower holds up to 1TB.

Fujitsu, Acordex, FileMaker combine resources

05/12, 3:00pm

Group effort scanners

Three companies, Fujitsu, FileMaker Inc., and Acordex, have combined resources in order to target the low-cost, high-speed document scanning market. The companies have integrated Acordex's DocKeep Pro with FileMaker Pro 10, to help produce high-speed scanning using Fujitsu's fi-6130 and fi-6140 document scanners.

France greenlights altered 3-strikes piracy law

05/12, 2:35pm

France Approves 3-Strikes

The French National Assembly today approved a modified version of the three-strikes law meant to combat online piracy. Following an earlier rejection of an initial version, the government body voted 296-233 in favor of the bill, which would send two warnings to users caught allegedly trading illegally copied media and require that Internet providers disconnect users after a third offense.

Rock Band Höfner guitar controller announced

05/12, 2:05pm

Rock Band Höfner guitar

MTV Games, Harmonix and EA have recently announced yet another special edition controller for the upcoming The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle game title for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii gaming consoles. In addition to the previously seen Rickenbacker 325 and Gretsch Duo-Jet guitars, there will also be a replica Höfner bass guitar controller on offer. Formerly used by Sir Paul McCartney, the bass controller will be a replica of the classic guitar meant for right-handed players, unlike Paul McCartney's preference for the left.

Specs of Microsoft's "iPhone killer" revealed?

05/12, 1:55pm

MS iPhone Killer Specs

Specifications have surfaced today that may represent Microsoft's expectations for its "Pink" Zune phone platform. Known as Windows Mobile 7 Chassis 1, the design obtained by Microsoft observer Mary Jo Foley appears to set a baseline level of hardware that would outperform iPhones. A system would use either an NVIDIA Tegra, Qualcomm 8000-series, or Texas Instruments 3430 processor at its heart, at least 256MB of memory, and an 800x480 or larger screen.

Apps: rubiTrack, Rivet, Scorpion BarCode

05/12, 1:35pm

MacPilot, Captain FTP

rubiTrack 1.6 ($39) allows users to track their physical activity and then display and organize the corresponding data. Information from runs, bike rides, walks or other outdoor activities can be placed on a map and then compared side by side. Information can then be sorted into graphs so users can analyze progress against personal goals. The update adds a function for importing power data from devices that record power and also includes power charts for this data. The new release has added a TCX Course export option for use on Garmin Edge cycle computer and has improved the reliability of track metrics. The update has also changed the power averaging method to include zero-effort zones in the average and fixed several smaller bugs. [Download - 4.6MB]

GEAR4 intros CRG-60 iPod clock radio

05/12, 1:05pm

GEAR4 intros CRG-60 clock

UK-based GEAR4 has recently added to its comprehensive lineup of iPod accessories with its CRG-60 alarm clock and iPod dock. There are two alarms, with each giving users the option of waking up to music from the docked iPod, any FM radio station or a buzzer. The alarm clocks have snooze, sleep and nap functions, while the large LCD screen can be dimmed at night.

SlingPlayer iPhone app to debut without 3G

05/12, 12:55pm

SlingPlayer app without 3G

Apple will publish the SlingPlayer iPhone app within the next 24 hours, but without any form of 3G support, developer Sling Media is said to have confirmed. The software is designed as extension of the company's Slingbox hardware, which broadcasts TV from a person's home to a remote Internet destination. Using SlingPlayer, people should be able to view streams, change channels and control DVR units.

Palm Touchstone ship date change backs June 7 launch

05/12, 12:05pm

Palm Touchstone June 7

A change in Best Buy's ship date for the Palm Pre's Touchstone charger has provided additional support for the actual phone's increasingly corroborated June 7th release date. Once listed only as having a $70 price, the power add-on is now said by Engadget to have been given a June 7th in-stock date and is therefore likely to ship at the same time as the phone itself. The price remains the same.

Keynote Zone launches five new Keynote themes

05/12, 12:00pm

Keynote Zone themes

Keynote Zone has launched its self-named site, dedicated to providing themes for Apple's Keynote presentation software. The website currently holds five original themes, available in either standard or HD formats: these include Metal, Rounded, Corporate, R&W and Paper. The Metal theme is technology-based and consists of 45 layouts, charts and tables. The HD version offers special metal door transitions.

Resident Evil: Degeneration reaches iPhone, Touch

05/12, 11:35am

Resident Evil for iPhone

Developer Capcom has released Resident Evil: Degeneration for the iPhone and iPod touch, extending its survival horror series to smaller handhelds. The title is based on the CG movie of the same name, and has players explore Harvardville Airport as they solve puzzles, rescue other humans and gun down zombies. Environments are rendered in real-time 3D, and viewed from a mix of third- and first-person perspectives.

Vodafone tries hand at App Store clone

05/12, 11:30am

Vodafone App Store Coming

Vodafone today hoped to seize on the success of the iPhone's App Store by announcing its own central portal for third-party apps. The service will echo Apple's approach and provide 70 percent of revenue to developers but will have unique software advantages, the cellular provider says. Vodafone's store will be device-independent and will also be tailored specifically to the network, allowing for GPS-aware apps and other features through a special API (app programming interface).

Epson bows WorkForce 310 4-in-1 inkjet

05/12, 10:50am

Epson WorkForce 310

Epson has added to its WorkForce line of business inkjet printers with a new model aimed at small businesses. The WorkForce 310 incorporates fax, copy and scanning functions, as well as built-in Ethernet connectivity. The unit is said to print up to twice as fast as competing models, at 16ppm in black and 5.6ppm in color, judging by the new ISO/IEC 24734 standard. The standard is aimed at providing a consistent benchmark for comparing the speed of models from different manufacturers.

Dell makes $299 Mini 10v official

05/12, 10:45am

Dell Inspiron Mini 10v

Dell on Tuesday ended speculation and unveiled the Inspiron Mini 10v, a budget version of the regular model launched earlier in the year. The new version switches to the lower-priced 1.6GHz Atom N270 instead of the slower but more battery-friendly 1.33GHz Z520 and drops to a 120GB hard drive from the regular 160GB. As a result, the netbook also uses GMA 950 integrated video in place of the GMA 500 specific to the Z-series Atom chips.

Kerio MailServer 6.7 adds Global Address List, iCal

05/12, 10:15am

Kerio MailServer 6.7

Kerio has released MailServer 6.7, adding a Global Address List, native support for iCal/CalDAV, and enhanced anti-spam support. The new version also includes an IMAP migration tool, making it easier to move data from other server software with minimal disruption.

Logitech ships PS3 adapter for Harmony remotes

05/12, 10:15am

Logitech PS3 adapter

Logitech on Tuesday announced it is now shipping its Harmony Adapter for PlayStation 3, letting users control their PS3s with their universal Logitech Harmony remotes. It connects to the PS3 via a Bluetooth connection, leaving the USB ports free for other peripherals, and includes an AC adapter for power. Logitech or other IR remotes normally can't control the PS3 as the game console relies on Bluetooth alone for communications with Sony remotes.

ViewSonic leaps into smartphone arena

05/12, 10:10am

ViewSonic Smartphones

ViewSonic late yesterday said it plans to enter the smartphone market. Normally known for its displays and its recent entry into netbooks, the company justifies the move both as a reflection of convergence in electronics as well as its desire to move into small-screened devices below its usual photo frames. No features have been revealed in advance other than the use of 3G networking.

Next iPhone mostly a 'repeat,' Chinese source claims

05/12, 9:55am

Next iPhone a 'repeat?'

The next-generation iPhone will have few substantial changes, a Chinese source claims. The individual explains that through a friend at Foxconn -- the manufacturer of the current iPhone 3G -- he has managed to test prototypes of the future device, whose changes are mostly internal. The CPU is allegedly being upgraded from a 400MHz Samsung ARM chip to a 600MHz model, at the same time as RAM is being doubled to 256MB.

Sanyo intros first 802.11b/g/n-enabled projector

05/12, 9:45am

Sanyo Wi-Fi N projector

Sanyo has recently announced the upcoming release of the industry's first 802.11n Wi-Fi-enabled projector, the LP-WXU700. The advance makes it the fastest wireless data projector on the market and has enough bandwidth to play videos, not just slideshows, over the network connection. When used with Windows Vista PCs, it can stream MPEG-1/2/4 and WMV videos wirelessly; other platforms can use the Wi-Fi to remotely administer the system. The LP-WXU700 has a 1280x800 resolution, a 500:1 contrast ratio and a brightness of 3,800 lumens.

Samsung ships single-chip 32GB flash

05/12, 9:30am

Samsung 32GB moviNAND Ship

Samsung today said it has started shipping a 32GB version of its all-in-one moviNAND flash memory. The technology uses a very small, dense 30 nanometer (nm) manufacturing process to stack eight 4GB memory chips together along with a built-in controller chip and an MMC interface to connect it to the rest of a device. Samsung claims the process stores twice as much data as a similar package built using 40nm assembly.

Intel plans see Calpella, CULV chips in summer

05/12, 9:00am

Intel 2H09 Notebook Plans

A leak of Intel's notebook processor plans for the second half of 2009 show the company moving aggressively into its new platforms during the summer. Those within notebook builders tell DigiTimes that the Nehalem-based notebook processor line, Calpella, is still on track for summer and is slated for mid- to high-range notebooks costing about $1,200 or more. Whether or not this will involve only quad-core processors, as recently rumored, isn't known.

Logitech preps black Wireless Guitar for PS2, PS3

05/12, 8:10am

Logi Black Wireless Guitar

Logitech on Tuesday unveiled a standard, black version of its Wireless Guitar Controller (link active soon) for the PlayStation 2 and 3. The gaming peripheral is an improvement on the special-run red controller with better construction and is meant to provide a more authentic feel to games like the Guitar Hero series. Its body, fingerboard and neck are made of wood, with frets made of real metal; it also has silenced buttons to avoid detracting from the music and gets a touch-sensitive slider at the base of the neck.

Microsoft teases Zune-based iPhone rival for June

05/12, 7:35am

MS Teases iPhone Rival

Microsoft early today drew a competitive line by using its Office 2010 Twitter account to post word of a major competitor to the iPhone in June. First hinting that next month is an "important month for Zune lovers," the account user -- who is posting from either an iPhone or a Mac -- next explains that it's a product launch and implies that the product in question is a direct competitor for a smartphone rather than a strict media player.


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