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Apple readying lower-priced MacBooks, iMacs?

updated 03:15 pm EDT, Thu April 30, 2009

Lower priced MacBooks

Apple is allegedly in the process of restructuring its Mac offerings to include a number of lower-priced models, an unnamed source has told AppleInsider. Specific details remain unavailable, but the company is believed to be readying more affordable variations of the 13-inch MacBook and iMac, two of its best-selling products.

Although Apple recently reported its best non-holiday quarter yet, Mac sales have taken a hit as the economic recession continues. Shipments for computers were down three percent, while iPhone and iPod sales contributed to an 8.6-percent gain in revenue.

Many analysts believe Apple's lackluster performance in the PC segment can be explained by its higher ASPs. Although the structural collapse of selling prices has slashed revenues for many companies, the Mac-maker could be experiencing a drop in market share as customers flock to less-expensive systems. While Apple was shipping less Macs for the recent quarter, HP systems showed an 11-percent gain.

Acer has doubled its market share in the US, primarily due to the popularity of its netbook devices. User spending is said to have contracted significantly in the first quarter of the year, and it remains unknown if the global PC market has reached its lowest point. While Apple has expressed little interest in directly tackling the netbook market, reducing its ASPs could help it regain market share in a feeble economy.

Pricing information for the unconfirmed Macs has yet to be disclosed, although it is believed that the first products could arrive as early as this spring with a revamped MacBook line.

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  1. boris_cleto

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Don't Believe It

    I'll believe it when I see the press release and not a moment before.

  1. testudo

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: Don't believe it

    I believe it. I can't see Apple keeping the plastic MacBook around forever. It was pretty clear they kept it because the initial price point for the new MacBooks was so high, comparatively.

    So don't discount that Apple wouldn't just be bringing the 'low-end' down to 1199 or 1099, and then tossing the 'splinter book'.

  1. Paul Huang

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Simple. Put firewire back into the MacBook and call it the new MacBook and price the plastic model at $849 (already at this price at many colleges; or even $799 at Cal Poly Pomona). Prices? Keep the one with FW the same and move the old stock down to $999.

    Splinter-book problem is easily addressed by changing the bezel to a software material, number one; then extend the two 1.25" strips of 'spacer' to carry all around the bezel just like the way MacBook Air and unibody MacBook are right now.

  1. resuna

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Mac mini

    Needs a lower priced Mac mini. The current entry-level product is more expensive than the original model was four years ago. If they can sell an iMac for under $900, they could easily make their usual healthy 40% margins on a $400 Mac mini.

  1. Hinson

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Long shot but...

    ... I just want Mac Pro prices to come down. I'll be looking to purchase later this year (after Snow Leopard and perhaps after the summer). I need a Pro because of an eSATA card I need to use (and I'll definitely use its power here and there--e.g., HD video editing). Come on, Apple, let's see more affordable Mac Pros while you're at it.

  1. Paul Huang

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Don't worry. The current $2,499 Mac Pro will be priced at $1,499 with six months.

  1. chippie

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Losing Their Way

    Apple is no longer apple computer Inc. and the last 24-36 months has been all about iphone, ipod, itunes and App. store. The last long overdue refreshes of all its computers left them spec'd below the norm. Old technology is cheaper than current, thus the higher profit margins. I love my macs and treat them kindly so they never break. But apple disrespects with overpriced upgrades and frighteningly complicated warranty voiding self upgrades. Working people know what value for money is. Apple seems to have forgotten. Now is the time to give!!!! I have to buy a Linux netbook because apple won't make one( unbelievable). Snow leopard is going to cost $79-129.

  1. msellison2

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Just too expensive

    I'm a former Genii for several years and a Mac user since my original Apple IIe. What they need to do is get with the rest of the market and get more affordable. what they charge for and desktop systems, when compared to everyone else is insane. I can now buy a very well spec'd desktop for around $1500.00 in the PC format, but $2500 for a base model Mac Pro. Even though the spec's are still higher for the Mac pro, they still need to make a more economical model for people needing a true desktop system and the Mini does not count. Even the current Mini's spec's , which have been upgraded are still no comparison for a true desktop computer. They have serious cash flow, maybe they should start giving back a bit more. No company has their cash balance. As a former Genii, I know that the product isn't any better than anyone else's either. The repair shelves are always full in every store and the "Genius Bar" is just a disaster to deal with. Too much with way too little. Also, to the above post stating Mac pro will be $1499 in 6 months, you need to go all the way back through Apple's history. They will never drop their main desktop system to a price that low unless the bottom drops out of their market. I have never paid less than 2K for any of my Apple desktops and I always bought the low end models with base configs.

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