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Palm readying 2nd webOS phone for 2009?

04/29, 11:45pm

2nd webOS phone for 2009

Palm is allegedly working on a second webOS-based handset to launch in 2009, an unnamed source told TechCrunch. The company is said to be "very far along" on the Pre-like device that shares the same operating system. Few details were provided, but the dimensions should be smaller than the Pre. It is unknown if the rumored device omits a slide-out keyboard.

Pure unveils Flip Ultra SD and HD camcorders

04/29, 11:10pm

Flip Ultra SD and HD

Pure Digital tonight acted quickly on leaks by launching two new Flip cameras. The Flip Ultra SD and Flip Ultra HD both have a new design with a larger 2-inch LCD and (on the HD) HDMI output through an optional cable. They also record for longer with a replaceable battery, standard on the HD model and optional for SD, that lasts for 3 hours at the HD model's 720p resolution and 5 hours on SD's standard definition. Either takes AA batteries and should also have more recording time versus earlier Ultras.

Vue 7.5 adds V-Ray rendered, EcoSystem painting

04/29, 10:50pm

Vue updates renderer

E-on has introduced updates to several of its tools for creating 3D environments, Vue 7.5 xStream and Vue 7.5 Infinite. The xStream plug-in adds support for the V-Ray rendered for 3ds Max, along with EcoSystem painting in XSI. Both the plug-in and standalone variant, Infinite, now offer color and alpha masks of single clouds and cloud layers in the multi-pass rendered. Camera Mapping is claimed to significantly reduce render times, while the software takes advantage of multi-processor technology to enhance procedural terrains, dynamic EcoSystems and panoramic rendering.

AutoDesSys announces bonzai3D modeling software

04/29, 10:05pm

AutoDesSys bonzai3D

AutoDesSys has announced bonzai3D, a 3D modeling program for Mac and Windows systems. The application provides tools that are designed for quickly building 3D models, with the option to transform the creations into accurate construction drawings for further development. Real time Booleans are supported, along with NURBS curves and surfaces, OpenGL rendering and dynamic graphic editing.

Mio preps Moov S401 and S501 for North America launch

04/29, 9:25pm

Mio Moov S401 and S501

Mio is preparing to launch another set of navigation devices in the North American market, the S401 and S501, as indicated by leaked images posted on Engadget. The S401 offers a 4.1-inch touchscreen and four million loaded POIs. The S501 variant features a larger 4.7-inch display paired with 12 million POIs. Both navigation devices run on the company's Spirit interface, with a side-screen feature that allows users to slide out of view by dragging off-screen to view other POIs or maps. A capture button records favorite routes, locations or voice memos.

HP makes MediaSmart Server LX195 official

04/29, 8:55pm

HP MediaSmart LX195

HP tonight officially unwrapped a key update to its MediaSmart Servers in the LX195. The new version of the Windows Home Server is more compact and power-efficient than earlier models by dropping the existing AMD Sempron and Intel Celeron processors in favor of a 1.6GHz Atom and by removing interior expansion: a single 640GB drive provides storage, with 4 USB ports on the back allowing for more space through external disks. It's also the first MediaSmart Server to support Time Machine backups over the network on Mac OS X in addition to Windows Home Server backups.

NVIDIA working on GeForce GTX 285 for Mac Pro

04/29, 8:05pm

NVIDIA GeForce for Mac Pro

NVIDIA is working on a high-end video card for the Mac Pro, the GeForce GTX 285 Mac Edition, according to AppleInsider. The company has not yet disclosed complete details, but the component will be manufactured by EVGA and offer two dual-link DVI ports instead of a Mini DisplayPort. The GTX 285 allegedly will match the performance of its Windows variant, which features 240 processor cores and 1GB of GDDR3 memory with the standard configuration.

Simplify Music 2.0 adds search function, favorites

04/29, 6:55pm

Simplify Music 2 update

Simplify Media has released Simplify Music 2.0, an update do its app for the iPhone and iPod touch that can be used to stream music from a home computer. The interface now provides a function to search for artist, album or title across every connected computer. Favorite tracks can be tagged from personal libraries or shared content. Users can also create playlists or use a scrub bar to move forward or back in a podcast or audio book.

AMIMON intros wireless 1080p components

04/29, 5:55pm

AMIMON wireless 1080p

AMIMON has announced several new chips designed for the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) standard, the AMN 2120 transmitter and AMN 2220 receiver. Both components work in conjunction with the company's RF transceivers, the AMN 3110 and AMN 3210, and support uncompressed 1080p/60Hz HD video and computer graphics, equivalent to video rates up to 3Gbps. The modems transmit on the 5GHz unlicensed band, which the company claims extends range beyond 100 feet even through walls. Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) is designed to reduce interference by automatically switching to the best channel.

AT&T re-inserts Slingbox 3G terms

04/29, 5:20pm

ATT Anti-Sling TOS Returns

AT&T on Wednesday quietly updated its cellphone terms of service to again potentially ban devices like the Slingbox on its network. Having initially pulled earlier changes in what was described as "an error," the carrier has again modified the terms to specifically prevent "redirecting television signals for viewing on Personal Computers." It's not evident whether the phrasing refers to any PC-like device, which could include smartphones, or if it only involves using 3G for the outgoing connection.

Samsung launches Tocco Lite handset in the UK

04/29, 5:05pm

Samsung outs Tocco Lite

Samsung will soon begin shipping its Tocco Lite touchscreen handset in the UK. With an emphasis on lowering the price of entry, the Lite utilizes the company's TouchWiz user interface and has GPRS/EDGE data network support. There are newfound social media features, including touchscreen shortcuts to Facebook, MySpace and YouTube from the 3-inch screen. Uploading photos taken by the Lite's 3.2-megapixel smile- and face-detecting camera to said social networking is also made simple, and users can tag photos of their contacts.

Houdini 10 3D software optimizes OpenGL support, more

04/29, 4:55pm

Houdini 10 launched

Side Effects has launched Houdini 10, updating the node-based 3D workflow tool with optimized OpenGL support. The update also adds stereoscopic 3D content, smoke and fire capabilities via the new Pyro FX toolset, and raytracing and physically-based rendering through the Interactive Photorealistic Rendering feature.

Acer developing number of Android-powered devices

04/29, 4:45pm

Acer Android devices

In addition to working on a smartphone running on the Android operating system due for a fall release, Acer is also working on a number of other Android devices, according to a Wednesday report. The executive noted that the company was trying out Android on many "different solutions" but stopped short of committing to any particular device types, including Acer's defining netbook line.

GrandTotal 1.3 adds lists, custom paper sizes, more

04/29, 4:30pm

GrandTotal 1.3 ships

Media Atelier has updated its Mac-based invoicing software -- GrandTotal -- to v1.3, primarily adding a payments list in Overview, new advanced preferences for item lists, and custom paper size support. The program can now also reset invoice and estimate numbers every year or month, and create user-defined notes for grouped items. GrandTotal integrates with a user's Address Book, offering a single-window interface with a WYSIWYG approach.

ASRock, Pegatron show NVIDIA Ion-based systems

04/29, 4:20pm

ASRock, Pegatron show Ion

NVIDIA's Ion platform for netbooks was spotted in two systems from ASRock and Pegatron at a recent press conference in Taipei, Taiwan. Also at the conference, NVIDIA said it expects its Ion platform to be available in 40 products that include netbooks, nettops and all-in-one PCs before year's end.

MonkeyBread debuts REALbasic plug-ins 9.3

04/29, 4:10pm

REALbasic plug-ins 9.3

MonkeyBread has released v9.3 of the MBS plug-ins for REALbasic, offering updates and new capabilities. The plug-ins extend the REALbasic development environment with 1,500 classes and over 29,000 document functions. Changes include a new SQL plug-in for accessing multiple SQL databases, more filter functions, an added GraphicsMagick plug-in, and updates to LCMS Library, ChartDirector, DynaPDF and SQLAPI. The update also comes with more LCMS classes and functions, and a MacShowAboutBoxMBS feature.

Samsung outs STORY Station external HDD

04/29, 3:55pm

Samsung STORY Station

Samsung recently announced the upcoming release of its external hard drive in Korea, the STORY Station, which uses a 3.5-inch hard drive to back-up personal data, music or video files. The STORY Station is encased in a brushed aluminum casing and features only a USB 2.0 interface to transfer data to and from its 1.5TB, 1TB or 500GB capacities.

Motorola to ship Android-powered Ironman phone?

04/29, 3:55pm

Motorola Android phone

Motorola is preparing an additional Android-powered smartphone of its own beyond the Calgary, so far going by the name of Ironman. While no hard specs have been released, it's believed the phone will have a unique QWERTY keyboard which may be virtual, placed on a touchscreen. It would also have a fast CPU along with many smartphone features, such as an integrated Wi-Fi radio, 3G data network access and a high-resolution camera, among others.

Apple adding yet more graphics experts to payroll?

04/29, 3:55pm

Apple expands gfx. team

Apple's plans to expand graphics expertise are not limited to the hiring of Bob Drebin, claim sources said to be close to Apple. One of AMD's chief technology officers, Raja Koduri, is likewise being recruited according to the sources, though for what purpose is unclear. Both Drebin and Koduri have a background with ATI, the Canadian video card company now owned by AMD.

DealNN: featured "deal of the day" deals

04/29, 3:55pm

DealNN: "deal of the day"

A wide selection of bargain priced "deal of the day" products are currently being featured at DealNN. Most noteworthy today is the Grace Digital Wi-Fi internet clock radio and iPod dock from J& It is regularly priced at $249.99, but has been reduced by $60 to $189.99. The Grace Digital Wi-Fi Internet clock radio can play music streamed wirelessly from any Mac or PC and it offers iPod compatibility.

Windows Vista, Server 2008 SP2 finished

04/29, 3:35pm

Vista SP2 RTM dated

Microsoft through its Windows blog announced on Tuesday that the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) versions of Service Pack 2 of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 have been completed. The builds include updates found in SP1 and adds support for emerging hardware standards. Both include a single installer for both Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008, easing the installation, management and support processes for IT professionals.

Palm may short Pre supply to create "cachet"

04/29, 3:30pm

Palm May Short Pre Supply

Palm may deliberately keep supplies of the Pre artificially low to create a perceived shortage and spur demand, analysts estimate. Rather than ship as many as possible, the phone producer is believed by Bloomberg to be shipping about 375,000 devices in the first wave and to count on a relatively quick sellout. By making the phone elusive early on, Palm would both garner headlines and would help encourage better follow-up sales.

Radeon HD 4870 may suggest close 10.5.7 release

04/29, 2:45pm

Video card hints at 10.5.7

A change in the availability of a card for Mac Pros could, by extension, signify an imminent release for Mac OS X 10.5.7. The Radeon HD 4870 upgrade kit has for a time been listed as taking weeks to ship. Only recently, however, the availability has been switched to a more practical 7 to 10 days.

BeBook teases Mini e-book reader

04/29, 2:30pm

BeBook Mini photo leaked

BeBook on its company blog has posted the first photo of the upcoming 5-inch BeBook Mini e-book reader. Equipped with a 1-inch smaller screen than that of the BeBook 2, the device is reported to be a rebranded Hanlin V5 rather than its own product. The photo shows the BeBook Mini in both black and white flanking the original BeBook 1.0 device.

Nokia pins poor Comes With Music uptake on devices

04/29, 2:20pm

Nokia on CWM Reaction

Nokia today defended the poor reception to its Comes With Music service in the UK by claiming that the launch failed primarily due to a weak device lineup. Music VP Rob Taylor argues that Nokia is "happy" with its performance in the country but has promptly said that the two phones available with the unlimited music service, the 5310 XpressMusic and N95 8GB, were too old and not enough to draw subscribers. Of the two, the N95 8GB is the most advanced but was roughly a year old at the time of the Comes With Music launch.

Apps: ReelBean, DVD Hunter, CADintosh

04/29, 2:10pm

CrumplePop Photo, Stimulus

ReelBean 4.1 ($) can be used to convert movies to Apple TV, video iPod MPEG4, H.264, AVI and other formats. The software also has media playing features that allow users to view media files from within the application. The update includes a minor fix to the Movie track Properties window and a new dialog window that displays when the Toggle Scenes feature is not available. [Download - 6.1MB]

Imation ships, prices M-Class and S-Class SSDs

04/29, 1:20pm

Imation shipping SSDs

Imation on Wednesday announced it is shipping its M-Class and S-Class solid-state drives (SSDs) as stand-alone parts as well as in all-in-one SSD upgrade kits. Introduced at the start of the year, the upgrade kits include all users need to change their hard disk drives over to the more power-efficient and faster flash storage. The M-series SSDs use slower but less expensive multi-level cell memory, while the S-series drives have a single-level cell flash design.

RIM to expand retail stores outside of Canada

04/29, 12:55pm

RIM to expand at retail

Research in Motion may have plans to expand its retail presence worldwide, reports from England indicate. Though the company's BlackBerry smartphones constitute one of the most popular brands, RIM has only so far maintained a small number of shops within its home country of Canada. The first location outside of regional borders should be in London, say staff from a flagship Selfridges department store, situated on Oxford Street.

Jobs sits out meeting on Woodside controversy

04/29, 12:00pm

Jobs skips Woodside meet

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was absent from a Tuesday town council meeting over the fate of his historic Woodside property, writes the Palo Alto Daily News. Representing Jobs was lawyer Howard Ellman, who claimed that ongoing medical problems would prevent Jobs from actively participating in the debate. "I don't think he would be strong enough if we were here until 1 AM, and I think there's a strong possibility of that," said Ellman early into the proceedings.

MS denies own phone, supports iPhone rival idea

04/29, 12:00pm

MS Denies Own Phone

Microsoft today tried to partly downplay talk of it helping to make an iPhone rival for Verizon by issuing a statement on the subject. The company's John Starkweather maintains that Microsoft is "not going into the phone hardware business" and that it isn't building a "Zune-specific" device. Instead, he reiterates that Microsoft is planning to work more closely with phone makers to get them making better Windows Mobile devices, particularly for Windows Mobile 6.5's release later this year.

iPhone apps: React, iStoryTime,

04/29, 11:15am

Bowls, Spreadsheet

React ($1) is a game for the iPhone and iPod touch that tests a players reaction time. The game presents players with series of tasks, one at a time, that they must accurately complete within a time limit. The tasks are based on some standard iPhone gestures including tapping, pinching, shaking and sliding.

CP Technologies outs portable 3G wireless router

04/29, 11:10am

CP outs wireless 3G router

Networking hardware maker CP Technologies on Wednesday announced the release of its LevelOne MobileSpot Portable Wireless Hotspot (WBR-3800) 3G router for bridging mobile broadband connections to Wi-Fi. With a compatible 3G adapter inserted into a notebook's CardBus slot or USB port, users can share access to a UMTS, EV-DO, or HSDPA network with any Wi-Fi enabled device through the router. When a regular Internet connection fails, the LevelOne can automatically switch to a 3G network for uninterrupted service.

Motorola Calgary first to use Android?

04/29, 10:55am

Moto Calgary using Android

Motorola's upcoming Calgary touchscreen phone will be the first phone from the company to use Google's Android interface, a historically reliable source says. The BGR tipster provides few details of what the phone would involve but appears to sync with Motorola's own statements that it plans to focus on social networking, as the Calgary will have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard in addition to its full touch input. The handset is expected to show on Verizon, but it's unknown if it would be ready in spring as rumored or else pushed back to later in the year.

Freeverse launches Flick NBA Basketball for iPhone

04/29, 10:40am

Flick NBA Basketball game

Freeverse has produced a new game for the iPhone and iPod touch, Flick NBA Basketball. Players choose from 30 different NBA players, who collectively represent every team in the league, and take part in one of five different game modes: 3 Point Shootout, Hotshot Arcade, Long Shot, H.O.R.S.E. or the Ball Spin mini-game. Gamers can challenge a friend to one-on-one play, or else stick with the computer.

Apple intros new celebrity GarageBand lessons

04/29, 10:05am

New GarageBand lessons

Apple has expanded the number of song lessons available at the GarageBand Lesson Store. Now available are videos for three more songs, including "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan, and Sting versions of "Fragile" and "Message in a Bottle." As with a number of other lessons sold through GarageBand, the original artists help to present the material.

Samsung intros Touch of Color H.264 vidcams

04/29, 9:55am

Samsung C14 and C10 Vidcam

Samsung on Wednesday updated its camcorder line with two new standard-definition camcorders that boost both the aesthetics and performance. The SMX-C10 and SMX-C14 both have the same Touch of Color visual trick on their bodies as Samsung's newer HDTVs to produce a unique, gradual shift between black and red. They also bring the Active Angle lens of the HD-capable HMX-R10 to let users hold the camera at a more natural angle while pointing in the right direction.

Leak backs new PSP with 16GB, possible touch

04/29, 9:25am

PSP Go Launch Rumor

The long-rumored Sony PSP slider has gained further support with a new but detailed rumor that points to the handheld competing more closely with the iPod touch as well as Nintendo's DSi. Now given the title of the PSP Go!, the game console is still said by 1UP to move the controls from the sides to a slide-out panel but is now believed to be coming in versions with 8GB and 16GB of flash storage, letting them hold several games or more at once. Accordingly, Sony will shift to a more App Store-like model and put at least 100 old and new PSP games online as downloads.

iTunes 8.2 pre-release, iPhone 3.0 beta 4 go to seed

04/29, 9:25am

iTunes 8.2, iPhone 3.0 b4

Apple has begun seeding two key pieces of software to developers, reports say. The first is a fourth beta of the iPhone 3.0 firmware, whose changes are mostly unexplored. A previously empty Store pane under the Settings menu now contains options, however, and permits users to sign into their iTunes accounts. An Account Info button directs people to a presently unformatted webpage, where credit card information can be altered.

Palm Pre less expensive to make than iPhone

04/29, 8:10am

Palm Pre Cost Breakdown

The Palm Pre will cost substantially less to build than the iPhone 3G did when it was new, according to a pre-launch cost breakdown by iSuppli. While the company doesn't have full access to the parts Palm is using, its estimates put the pure cost of assembling the first webOS phone at $138. The multi-touch screen is expected to be the most expensive part at $39.51, while the phone's Texas Instruments OMAP processor -- touted as significantly faster than the iPhone's Samsung chip -- costs just $11.

AMD intros Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition

04/29, 7:15am

AMD X2 7850 processor

AMD has announced the AMD Athlon X2 7850 Black Edition 2.8GHz processor. The 65nm dual-core chip ups the speed of AMD's budget line and, as a Black Edition model, lets owners overclock past the factory settings. The Black Edition processor allows users to select memory controller, HyperTransport, and CPU core frequencies through either Windows software such as OverDrive or through the mainboard's system BIOS.


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