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Microsoft already working on Windows 8

04/20, 11:30pm

Microsoft begins Windows 8

Microsoft appears to be working on the next version of Windows to follow Windows 7, as indicated by a post on the company's careers site. A Lead Software Development Engineer in Test is sought to work on the existing projects for 7, such as cluster support and reworking the core engine. "We will also soon be starting major improvements for Windows 8," the listing reads. The operating system is said to "revolutionize file access in branch offices."

Atempo Digital Archive 2.3 adds Mac OS X support

04/20, 11:20pm

ADA for Mac ships April 29

Atempo has released Atempo Digital Archive (ADA) 2.3, an enterprise-class file-archiving application that offers support for Mac-based environments. ADA 2.3 provides full Mac OS X compatibility across all its components, along with a new Mac-specific administration interface and new support for Apple Xsan and other shared file systems. ADA's also integration with Apple's Final Cut Server and is optimized for users with storage-intensive media and the entertainment industry.

NAB: Media Express 2.0 improves Mac compatibility

04/20, 11:15pm

Media Express 2.0 launched

Blackmagic Design is using NAB 2009 to announce multiple products for post-production and broadcast industries and new workflow tools. Media Express 2.0 software is being launched, including direct capture and playback of DPX, QuickTime and AVI files, list-based batch capture and a new software interface for the Mac (also Windows and Linux support). Media Express works on all Blackmagic Design DeckLink, Multibridge and Intensity products.

Indigo 4 supports new home-automation iPhone app

04/20, 9:15pm

Indigo 4 home automation

Perceptive Automation has announced an update to its home-automation application, Indigo 4.0, along with a complementary app, Indigo Touch, for the iPhone and iPod touch. Indigo allows users to control lights, appliances, thermostats, lawn sprinklers and a variety of other devices. The Lite version is geared for basic configurations, while a Pro variant offers the same interface and adds support for high-end devices and custom scripting.

Belkin intros Micro Auto Charger for iPhone, iPods

04/20, 8:45pm

Belkin Micro Auto Charger

Belkin has introduced the Micro Auto Charger and Dual Auto Charger for iPods, iPhones and other mobile devices. The Micro charger features a compact design that fits nearly flush with the dashboard, while still providing room on its lip for removal. Batteries are quick-charged with 1A of current and customers can add a 3 foot sync cable for iPods and iPhones.

TiVo survey tests new names, features for Series 4

04/20, 7:40pm

TiVo Series 4 surveyed

Alleged screenshots from an online TiVo survey appear to contain questions involving potential names and features for new hardware, according to Engadget. The tested names include TiVo eVO, TiVo OmniBox, TiVo Series4 and TiVo OnDemand. Most of the services on the survey are already available, except for on-demand video.

Apps: iSubtitle, CleanMyMac, Keep Your Word

04/20, 6:55pm

Encrypt Mail, Size Up

iSubtitle 1.2 ($19) is a tool that adds non-destructive subtitles to movies on the iPhone/iPod touch and Apple TV. The software enables people to use the interface of the device or application to turn on or off subtitles synced in real-time, and to watch the subtitled movies in full screen. Version 1.2 allows users to add chapters to videos automatically or manually. The update also includes options for changing the size of subtitles and fixes several bugs. [Download - 6.1MB]

DealNN: Apple display price cut, Mac Box Set, more

04/20, 5:50pm

DealNN: Apple 24" display

Today's featured DealNN deal is on the Apple LED 24-inch cinema display. It is regularly priced at $899, but until April 30th DealNN readers can save $100 instantly dropping the price to $799. That's the same cost for a refurb. model from the Apple store. The LED cinema display is is designed to work seamlessly with Mac notebooks via the mini display port and universal MagSafe connector and features a built-in iSight camera, microphone and speaker system.

NetGear ships Digital Entertainer Elite

04/20, 5:50pm

NetGear Digital Entertaine

NetGear has begun shipping its latest network media streamer, the EVA9150 that was introduced at CES. The device features a 500GB hard drive that can be swapped with a higher-capacity component for additional storage. Users can play Blu-ray content up to 1080p resolution, H.264, MPEG-4, digital photos, MP3s and television shows. Along with the on-board drive, the EVA9150 can be connected to computers or other storage devices on the network.

Microsoft to widen job cuts past 5,000?

04/20, 5:40pm

MS Job Cuts May Widen

Microsoft may extend its ongoing job cuts beyond the 5,000 positions already marked out, multiple sources said today. McAdams Wright Ragen analyst Sid Parakh relays to TechFlash that Microsoft may be cutting more jobs in the short term beyond those already outline in its plan. Few details are available, including whether it would just involve a minor change or else a substantial expansion of the original plans.

Sony intros three pro-level HD camcorders

04/20, 5:30pm

Sony intros pro HD cameras

At the NAB show currently taking place in Las Vegas, Sony has introduced three professional camcorders meant to lower the price of entry into professional-grade HD video production, including the SRW-9000 HDCAM SR, PDW-F800 CineAlta and HSC-300. The one-piece design of the SRW-9000 makes it portable, and the camera is being touted as the next generation of digital 24P technology. The camcorder uses 2/3-inch CCDs with an 14-bit A/D converter and digital signal processing to capture images at up to 1080p60. It can perform 4:2:2 10-bit recording at several frame rates, including film-standard 24 or a more European-friendly 25.

Nokia 8208 slider with EVDO Rev A support at FCC

04/20, 5:25pm

Nokia 8208 shown at FCC

The Nokia 8208 slider handset is coming to North America after all, if a recent FCC test is any indication. The 2.2-inch, 240x320 display slides up to reveal a keypad and slides down to show off the music controls. The FCC paperwork confirms the phone will support EVDO Rev. A data networks that are more likely within the US.

AJA intros Ki Pro portable digital disk recorder

04/20, 5:10pm

AJA Ki Pro recorder

Professional video interface and conversion hardware maker AJA Video Systems on Monday at NAB show introduced the Ki Pro portable tapeless video device that records files to the Apple ProRes 422 codec directly from camera. The device has a large variety of analog and digital connections, allowing content from nearly any video and audio source to be recorded in the format. These recordings can then be edited without transcoding in Final Cut Studio 2. Media in 4:2:2 HD or SD format is recorded to a removable storage module via a FireWire 800 or 34mm ExpressCard Flash interface.

Power My Mac launches DC Power Adapter

04/20, 4:55pm

DC-DC Power Adapter

Power My Mac has launched a new car and airline charger for MacBooks, the DC Power Adapter. Designed as a DC-DC converter with regulated output voltage, the device has been factory set to 16.5V. The adapter is equipped with short-circuit protection as well as an internal temperature limit cut-off, and should support all MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models.

VP announces Pipemania, X3, Majesty 2 for 2009

04/20, 4:40pm

VP announces 2009 games

Virtual Programming has announced three more ports for the Mac scheduled for 2009: Pipemania, X3: Terran Conflict and Majesty 2. Pipemania is a Pipe Dream clone, in which players lay down pipes on a tiled grid in order to keep a constant flow. The game takes place on a private island purchased by Alfonso Senior, who earned a fortune in the original versions of the game. While playing the Mac version gamers take control of Alfonso's children, Junior and Fawcett, as they lead the family business and try and save the island from cowboy plumbers, the biggest being Buffalo Bonzo.

Panasonic intros entry-level pro HD video camera

04/20, 4:20pm

Panasonic AG-HMC40 camera

At the currently ongoing National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, Panasonic is showing off a new professional video camera from its AVCCAM lineup, the 3-megapixel AG-HMC40. Capable of capturing 10.6-megapixel still images, the camera uses 2-megapixel quarter-inch 3MOS imagers, a 12x optical zoom and a weight of less than 2.2lbs to both record better in low light while remaining easy to carry. It records to SDHC memory cards in AVCHD (H.264) format at up to 1080p for 30 or 60 frames per second and can also record at a film-speed 24 frames per second at 720p.

Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier debuts for Mac

04/20, 4:05pm

Westward II ships has begun selling Westward II: Heroes of the Frontier. Developed by Sandlot Games, the game takes place after the previous settlement of Hope River has been destroyed by the Mad Russian. Players take control of three different pioneers as they try to build settlements and establish a new outpost in an unexplored area, the Oxford Bend. Gamers must gather resources, overcome natural disasters and work towards uncovering the Mad Russian's base of operations.

LG Secret for AT&T surfaces at FCC

04/20, 4:05pm

LG Secret for ATT at FCC

LG's Secret luxury slider is inbound for AT&T, as an FCC filing published today has confirmed the carrier's plans. Although images of the phone itself conspicuously black out the AT&T logo, the entries include a copy of the manual for the phone that clearly mentions AT&T as well as carrier-specific features like its music store, navigation and MEdia portals. It should also have native 850MHz 3G for AT&T's network.

Apple Q2 results forecast to top guidance, consensus

04/20, 3:55pm

Kaufman AAPL Q2 preview

Scheduled to announce the details late Wednesday, Apple should do fairly well in its second fiscal quarter for 2009, argues Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu. Low components prices are forecast to push gross margin beyond a guided 32.5 percent, which in turn is prompting Kaufman to raise its other estimates. Assuming a margin of 33.5 percent, Apple is expected to show $8 billion in revenue, producing EPS of $1.13.

iPhone apps: iKanji touch, PhotoHype, Pi Cubed

04/20, 3:30pm

myFingertips, Birthdays

iKanji touch ($10) is an application for learning Japanese kanji characters through flash cards, tests and a spaced repetition system. It covers over 2000 of the characters that are commonly taught in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and from grades 1-6 in Japanese schools. iKanji touch also includes more than 16,000 example compounds and over 700 stroke animations that can help aid memorization and provide context for kanji usage.

Verizon opens FiOS DVR control to mobile web

04/20, 3:25pm

Verizon FiOS DVR Web App

Verizon today expanded its mobile FiOS DVR control to include a web version of its FiOS TV Central feature. Previously only available either as a desktop site or in a native app for certain LG phones like the enV 2 and Voyager, the feature lets any phone with a sufficiently advanced web browser, including non-Verizon devices like the iPhone, remotely program the IPTV recorder with all the same remote features. Owners can manage as many as three individual DVRs, add or delete shows (including Video On Demand) and browse media guides.

Apple climbs 32 spots in Fortune ranks, makes top 100

04/20, 3:25pm

Apple makes Fortune 100

Apple has finally made it back onto Fortune's list of the 100 largest companies in the U.S., for the first time since Steve Jobs' return as CEO. The company for decades has remained in the top 500, although it fell from the top echelon in 1995. A 32-spot improvement brings the Mac-maker into the 71st position this year.

LaCie bundles 4Big Quadras with up to 32TB storage

04/20, 2:55pm

4Big Quadra gets bundled

LaCie is expanding its Quadra line, offering three 4Big Quadra Bundles, grouping multiple volumes for up to 32TB of storage. The bundles are based on grouping individual 4Big Quadras, which are now available with up to 8TB of storage per unit. Used in conjunction with the LaCie eSATA II PCI Express Card 3Gb/s, up to four 4Big units can be attached and run in seven RAID options, including 0 (striping) and 5 (a balance between performance and redundancy)

MSI Wind Top all-in-one PC intros for US

04/20, 2:40pm

MSI Wind Top announced

PC maker MSI on Monday has officially announced specs, pricing and availability for its eco-friendly Wind Top AE1900 all-in-one PC for North America. The PC features a built-in 18.5-inch touchscreen with 1366x768 resolution, while processing power comes from a 1.6GHz Atom 230 CPU and 1GB of RAM. Graphics processing comes courtesy of an integrated GMA 950 chipset. The standard 2.5-inch, 160GB or optional 250GB hard drive is preloaded with Windows XP Home operating system. MSI claims the AE1900 consumes 80 percent less energy than a traditional desktop PC, and no more than 50W of power at full operation.

Microsoft unveils Xbox 360 Games of the Year pack

04/20, 2:35pm

MS Xbox 360 GOTY Bundle

Microsoft today extended the reach of the Xbox 360 line with a new Xbox 360 Games of the Year pack. The console takes the black, 120GB Elite model and includes both Fable II and Halo 3 in the box. It also supplies a full year of Xbox Live Gold membership for playing online, vouchers for free downloads of Halo's Mythic Map Pack and Fable's Knothole Island, and a trial for Netflix movie streaming.

AT&T on track for 7.2Mbps 3G, to skip 14.4

04/20, 2:10pm

ATT on 3G Upgrade Plan

AT&T VP of technology realization Scott McElroy today reaffirmed plans for the carrier to double the theoretical peak speeds for its 3G service to 7.2Mbps this year. The update is still in a two-city trial but, the executive tells Telephony Online, and should roll out through a software upgrade to many of AT&T's existing 3G areas within the next few months. Expansion will also come with both more 850MHz 3G coverage as well as an infrastructure upgrade (mentioned to Electronista earlier this month) to bolster capacity in key areas.

UK iPhone struggling under latest discount plans

04/20, 1:30pm

UK iPhone sales sluggish

Sales of the iPhone are faring poorly at third-party UK vendor Carphone Warehouse, writes The Telegraph. The official carrier for the UK, O2, recently enacted new discounts, in which an 8GB iPhone is free with a 35 monthly subscription, and a 16GB model is free with a 45-per-month plan. Either option also requires agreeing to a two-year contract, however, rather than a standard 18-month period.

Belkin intros in-car USB chargers for iPhone, more

04/20, 1:05pm

New Belkin phone chargers

Portable electronics accessories maker Belkin on Monday announced the instant availability of its Micro Auto Charger and the upcoming release of the Dual Auto Charger. Either device plugs into a car's dashboard DC power plug and provides one (Micro) or two (Dual) USB ports, allowing users to charge their electronics devices that are equipped with USB or mini USB ports. The Micro Auto Charger is compact, sitting nearly flush with a car's dashboard, and is capable of charging devices at 1 amp of power, making it suitable for charging certain GPS systems as well.

HTC Magic pre-orders begin at Vodafone

04/20, 12:40pm

HTC Magic for Vodafone

HTC's Magic smartphone, only the second device to be based on Google's Android platform, is now available for pre-order through Vodafone UK. The phone should ship on May 5th, and can be had for free when signing up for a subscription worth 30 per month. A 5 monthly discount applies to online purchases. Other Vodafone divisions are also expected to carry the phone soon, such as Vodafone Italy.

Washington, DC first to get free mobile TV

04/20, 12:10pm

Wash gets ATSC Mobile TV

The outline the early launch plans for ATSC Mobile DTV, the first free over-the-air TV standard meant for portable devices in the US. Washington, DC will be the first city to get coverage and will be supported by 5 stations owned by CBS, Fox, Ion, NBC and PBS when service starts sometime in the late summer. About 39 percent of the US will be covered by the end of 2009 and should include major cities like Chicago, New York, San Francisco and several others.

Tweetie client migrates to Macs

04/20, 12:05pm

Tweetie for Mac debuts

atebits has announced a Mac version of Tweetie, its Twitter client originally produced for the iPhone. The software offers dedicated access to Twitter functions, such as posting tweets or viewing trends and the timeline. The Mac client is said to be a "complete rewrite" however, with a faster core and better support for extensions. The code should eventually become the basis for Tweetie 2.0 on the iPhone.

US military turning to iPod touch, iPhone

04/20, 11:30am

US military goes iPod

The US armed forces are increasingly turning to iPod touches -- and iPhones, to a lesser extent -- in order to equip soldiers with multifunction handhelds, says Newsweek. Although neither Apple nor the military will comment on how many have been deployed, the devices are now being used for a variety of purposes. Beyond simple tasks such as mapping, translation, trajectory calculation and carrying video messages, photo apps are in development which could bring up intelligence on a given street, or submit suspect information to a biometric database.

Android-based Ophone due on China Mobile in May?

04/20, 11:10am

Ophone in China by May

China Mobile is due to release the Lenovo-made Ophone this May, beating Apple's iPhone to the market, which itself is rumored to go on sale in China in June through carrier Unicom, says a Monday DigiTimes report. The two touchscreen smartphones share similarities, including a similar look to the touch-enabled user interface on a large touchscreen, though the Ophone is already known to be based on China Mobile's customized version of Android known as the Open Mobile System (OMS).

LG makes Viewty Smart official

04/20, 11:05am

LG Viewty Smart

LG on Monday officially took the wraps from the Viewty Smart. Unofficially known as the Viewty II, it has the same 480x800 capacitive touchscreen and iPhone-like S-Class 3D interface as other 2009 LG phones but centers on an 8-megapixel camera that can record video in widescreen 480p and can handle light sensitivity up to ISO 1,600. It carries an LED flash and supports modes often reserved for dedicated cameras, like continuous shooting and panorama stitching.

Toshiba intros more stylized Dynabook UX netbook

04/20, 10:30am

Toshiba Dynabook UX

NB100 8.9-inch netbook with the 10.1-inch Dynabook UX. Its LED backlit's screen size is bumped up to 10.1 inches, though the native resolution remains the same at 1024x600; the key pitch is now 19mm and comes with a "chiclet" design that significantly improves the feel. Besides the much sleeker design, it also moves to the slightly faster 1.66GHZ Atom N280 and its improved system bus.

Adobe lays out plans for Flash on TVs, set-tops

04/20, 10:25am

Flash on TVs, set-tops

Adobe has devised a new version of its Flash animation standard which should allow TVs and other electronics to stream content directly, according to an announcement. Called the Flash Platform for the Digital Home, the technology is now being licensed to OEMs and should ship in products scheduled for the second half of 2009. Some companies which have agreed to support the platform include Broadcom, Comcast, Disney, Intel, Netflix, Atlantic Records and the New York Times.

NVIDIA intros Quadro FX 4800 for Mac Pro

04/20, 10:10am

NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 Mac

NVIDIA this morning remedied the absence of a pro video card for the new Mac Pro by launching the Quadro FX 4800 for Mac. Very similar to the Windows version, the Apple-friendly model has 192 graphics cores and a large 1.5GB of onboard memory that helps it antialias 3D visuals even with high detail or at high resolution. Unique to the Mac version is native support both for the expected Mac side as well as Windows when in Boot Camp.

Next iPhone, iPod touch to support HD?

04/20, 9:40am

iPhone HD Rumor

Apple is reported today as phasing out its video cables in what may be a sign of a broader move to HD video-capable iPhone and iPod touch devices. An unnamed source for PhoneNews claims that resellers are being told both the Apple Composite AV and Component AV cables are being scrapped in favor of a single cable pack that, like the Xbox 360's component cable, has both the component and composite (RCA) cables on a single line and would let users hook up to both HDTVs and standard-definition sets by purchasing one pack.

Apple unsheaths four new Get a Mac ads

04/20, 9:10am

Four new Get a Mac ads

After a period of relative quiet in the area, Apple has debuted four new Get a Mac ads, claiming the superiority of Macs over PCs. In the first, "Biohazard Suit," PC is dressed in protective garb because of a "major new PC virus" circulating the Internet. As many as 20,000 new viruses or pieces of malware appear for PCs each day, the ad alleges. The first Mac botnet recently became active.

Oracle to buy Sun for $7.4 billion

04/20, 8:25am

Oracle to Buy Sun

Oracle today said it would buy Sun for about $7.4 billion, or $9.50 per share. The move gives Oracle both a significantly stronger position in databases, letting it produce the servers that run its apps, as well as access to Sun's software. Oracle will have access to Java as well as Sun's Solaris operating system and promises to invest heavily in both.

Foxconn competing for Apple netbook order?

04/20, 7:40am

Foxconn Wants Mac Netbook

Foxconn is hoping to land an order for an Apple device which is now described as a netbook, Taiwan's Commercial Times newspaper says. The company is already one of Apple's key manufacturers for MacBooks but is seen as "in the running" among other competing firms to build the new, smaller portable. Details of when the order would ship, or the system itself, aren't included with the claimed leak.


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