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Synchrotech launches 10-port USB 2.0 hub

04/15, 10:55pm

10-port USB 2.0 hub

Synchrotech has announced an addition to its line of USB hubs, the K10 USB 2.0 Hub 10-Port Powered with Power Supply. The K10 provides computers with 10 additional USB ports that are capable of supporting low speeds of 1.5Mbps, full speeds of 12Mbps, and high-speeds of 480Mbps. While designed to be USB 2.0 compliant, the device is also USB 1.1 backward compatible, where it supports a maximum speed of 15Mbps. The hub runs in a self-powered mode and provides over-current protection at each of its downstream ports.

Divine Fiat debuts Concrete/Cardboard Keynote themes

04/15, 10:05pm

Concrete/Cardboard themes

Divine Fiat has announced Concrete and Cardboard, a new theme set for Apple's Keynote software. Concrete features scarred blacktop and painted caution strips, with design elements for bold presentations. The Cardboard theme is subtler, offering a mix of light brown and dark brown colors, and includes lightly-aged photo frames to complete the look. Both themes provide an array of customizable icon objects, along with new color and texture palettes.

Dell Vostro A90 arrives in U.S. market

04/15, 9:40pm

Dell Vostro A90

Dell has released the Vostro A90 in the U.S. market, following previous availability limited to Japan. The device is geared for business users, with features similar to the consumer-oriented Inspiron Mini 9. The base-model offers an 8.9-inch display, 512MB of memory and an 8GB SSD, with options for 1GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD. Customers are limited to Windows XP Home Edition as the pre-installed operating system.

Smule releases Leaf Trombone: World Stage for iPhone

04/15, 9:10pm

Leaf Trombone for iPhone

Smule has released Leaf Trombone: World Stage, its latest massively multiplayer online (MMO) musical game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The game provides users with a simulated Trombone and tools for composing and publishing songs. Players can perform their song live to a global audience, and then receive ratings from self-appointed judges. Songs can be rated on a scale from 1 to 10, or judges can send messages and emoticons for detailed critiques. Following each performance, the evaluation is added to the player's standings and the current rank is updated.

Boinx releases FxTiles 3D filters and transitions

04/15, 8:50pm

Boinx FxTiles effects

Boinx Software and Noise Industries have released FxTiles, a collection of 3D filters and transitions based on FxFactory for Final Cut Pro, Motion, Final Cut Express and Adobe After Effects. The plug-ins are designed for video and post-production users. A Flip filter divides the source image into tiles and then flips them into 3D space, while a Shatter filter animates the tiles and a Spread filter offsets each tile.

Media 100 Suite combines Multicam Editing, Boris RED

04/15, 7:40pm

Media 100 Suite

Media 100 has introduced Media 100 Suite, a software package that offers multicam editing capabilities, a voice-over tool and Boris RED. The multicam editing feature can be used for real-time editing, while cameras can be added to an existing multiclip as their source media becomes available. Cameras can be synced via timecode and additional footage can be assigned to existing cameras.

Leak backs claims of Zune HD with Tegra, OLED

04/15, 6:55pm

Zune HD Specs Leak

An apparently separate leak has appeared to confirm at least some details of the Zune HD posted earlier this morning. Pointing to sources within Microsoft, Neowin claims the player will ultimately earn its name through the use of an NVIDIA Tegra mobile processor, which will handle both core processing as well as graphics functions. While the exact chip isn't specified, it's likely to be the APX 2600, which supports 720p video, full OpenGL effects, and HDMI yet which can still fit into a media player-sized casing.

Report: HP leads PC shipments, Mac sales down

04/15, 6:30pm

Gartner PC shipment report

Gartner Research on Wednesday released a report detailing PC shipments for the first quarter in the U.S. and abroad. HP took the lead in the domestic market, pushing Dell out of the top spot, while Mac sales showed a slight decline of 1.1 percent compared with the first quarter of 2008. The analysts believe Apple's lackluster performance can be attributed to higher ASPs compared with competitors, although its "deft control" of inventories protected against further shipment decline.

DealNN: $99 Maxtor OneTouch, iPod docks, more

04/15, 5:35pm

DealNN: Maxtor OneTouch

Today's featured DealNN deal is on the Maxtor OneTouch 4 1TB external hard drive. It is regularly priced at $179.99, but has been reduced to $99.99. This drive has 1TB of storage space for files, folders, music, games and more with data transfer rates of 480Mbps compatible with both Mac and Windows based systems. Included is a five year limited warranty from Maxtor.

Scion intros iPod-capable head unit for 2010 xB

04/15, 5:15pm

Scion redesigns xB stereo

Carmaker and Toyota offshoot Scion announced on Wednesday it is putting in a redesigned base head unit to all 2010 Scion xBs without raising the car's price. Compared to the head unit it replaces, both of which are manufactured by Pioneer, the new stereo has an organic electroluminescent (OEL) display, a USB connection and a subwoofer RCA output. The USB port is located in the center consoler, along with a cable for iPods and an 3.5mm aux-in jack. Pioneer also integrated an Advanced Sound Retriever (ASR) software into the head unit that aims to restore the full range of a compressed digital audio track.

AMD notebook CPU, mainboard roadmap revealed

04/15, 5:10pm

AMD notebook CPU roadmap

A number of codenamed AMD CPUs and mainboard have revealed by a couple of leaked confidential slides that reportedly originated from AMD and were given to Expreview. A platform dubbed Tigris be launched sometime this year and will include a "Caspian" 45nm CPU with up to two cores and DDR2 800MHz memory support. It will be paired with AMD's RS880M-series and SB710 chipsets, providing a ATI M9x era graphics chip with DirectX 10.1 support that gives HD video decoding as well as DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort connections for video and PCIe Gen 2 support. There will be support for 12 USB 2.0 connections as well as a pair of USB 1.1 connections and six SATA connections.

Samsung introduces new line of data projectors

04/15, 5:05pm

Samsung data projectors

Samsung Electronics America on Tuesday announced it has launched eight new data projectors in four series, including the portable P400, the classroom-oriented and LCD-based L220 and L300 and Data-series D300 and D400 and three new models in the A-series meant for multimedia viewing in homes comprised of the A400, A800 and A900. The P400 is meant to be taken from boardroom to meeting room, with its sub-2lb weight, best in-class brightness at under 150 ANSI lumens from its LED light source. Its bulb is rated at 30,000 hours of life, and there are standard VGA and RCA composite video inputs, along with a built-in speaker and a screw for mounting on tripods.

Apple sees rare Mac shipment drop in Q1

04/15, 5:00pm

IDC PC Share Q1 2009

Apple is poised to ship fewer Macs to the US year-over-year in a quarter for the first time in multiple quarters, according to early estimates from IDC. Researchers believe Apple will have shipped 1.13 million Macs in its home country in the first quarter of 2009, or a 1.2 percent drop versus the same stretch one year earlier. The company will have ultimately gained a slight amount of market share, moving from 7.2 percent to 7.6, but will also been one of only two firms in the top 5 computer vendors to have shipped fewer systems in winter 2009 than in 2008, with Dell being the other exception.

EzGear launches video cable for iPhone, iPod

04/15, 4:50pm

EzGear iPhone vid. cable

EzGear had launched a new video cable for iPods and iPhones. The cable makes use of Apple's authentication chip, giving users the ability to play content from their handheld on any display. One end of the cable features a dock connector, which can also be used to charge a device in use; the other offers connectors for video, USB, and left and right audio channels.

E*Trade planning iPhone app for May?

04/15, 4:35pm

E*Trade iPhone app

E*Trade is in the process of developing an iPhone app, anonymous sources claim. The app from the online investment service is allegedly in a "very secret" beta stage, and should give E*Trade subscribers the ability to order, switch or cancel trades. Other features are said to include portfolio access, stock research, lists of open orders and real-time quote tracking.

CyberPower intros i7-based graphics workstation

04/15, 4:30pm

CyberPower graphics PC

CyberPower on Wednesday released its high-spec graphics processing workstation, the Power Mega 1000. The headline specs of the PC include Intel's new 2.66GHz Core i7 processor set on an X58 Chipset SLI/CrossFireX-capable mainboard and NVIDIA's Quadro NVS 420 x16 PCIe graphics card, which is capable of driving up to four 30-inch displays. This can be achieved by connections on the card that are comprised of a dual DisplayPort/dual-link DVI port.

AT&T FamilyMap tool lets users track handsets

04/15, 4:25pm

AT&T intros FamilyMap tool

AT&T on Wednesday announced the launch of a new service that lets subscribers on the same joint family plan track each other's locations thanks to their mobile devices. Called AT&T FamilyMap, the service lets parents or other account owners log into a website from a home or office computer or their own Internet-enabled smartphone and request the current location of other members on the group account.

D-Link ships HD-ready powerline Ethernet kit

04/15, 4:15pm

D-Link PowerLine HD Kit

D-Link this morning started shipping its PowerLine HD Ethernet Adapter Starter Kit. The bundle creates the equivalent to an Ethernet connection between a router and a device and stands out for its bandwidth: at 200Mbps in peak conditions, the kit has twice as much room as basic Ethernet and should reliably stream HD video over a local network. D-Link sees the adapters as ideal for game console and Slingbox owners who might need a fast connection but for whom Wi-Fi either isn't reliable or quick.

Duet dual-SIM cell phone available in the US

04/15, 3:45pm

Duet dual-SIM handset

National Geographic has teamed up with Cellular Abroad to offer one of the few official dual-SIM handsets inthe US with the Duet D888, made by Beyond E-Tech. The tri-band GSM phone ships with a Cellular Abroad international SIM card and has a slot for a second SIM card chosen by the user. This effectively allows users to make and receive calls from and to two separate numbers, and allow them to retain the same handset when traveling abroad while using a local network and not incur roaming charges.

HSC Edit 1.7 intros HyperFocal module

04/15, 3:40pm

HSC Edit 1.7 update

HumanSoftware has released v1.7 of HSC Edit, a plug-in for Apple's Aperture workflow suite. The software lets users apply a variety of effects to photographs automatically, supplementing or bypassing regular adjustments. The v1.7 edition includes the new HyperFocal module, which simulates sharper focus through combinations of local, global or detailed contrast techniques. Users can also limit effects through masks or tone range selection, and tweak color balance and saturation.

Microsoft gets 2nd delay on EU browser response

04/15, 3:40pm

Microsoft 2nd EU Delay

Microsoft today said it had been given a second extension by the European Commission to prepare a response against antitrust charges that it has unfairly controlled web browsers. Having already been given a first extension that gave it until April 21st, the American firm has until April 28th to provide its own stance and early defense against the claims. Why the added time is required hasn't been formally explained.

Apple files for trademark on iTunes Pass concept

04/15, 2:55pm

iTunes Pass trademark

Filing through the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple has applied for a trademark on the concept of its iTunes Pass service. The option is a subset of the iTunes Store, allowing shoppers to pay for a complete musical collection -- usually from a particular band -- and download each piece as it becomes available. All tracks are iTunes Plus-quality, and can be accompanied by videos, exclusive songs and other material.

Money 3.3 adds new languages, invoice template editor

04/15, 2:55pm

Jumsoft Money update

Jumsoft has released Money 3.3, an update to its small-business accounting application. The new version adds Italian and Dutch localizations, along with improved German and French localizations. The company also fixed approximately 30 bugs and directly integrated the existing Invoice Templates Editor. Users can now create templates and change fonts, colors, paper sizes or table styles from within the program.

Toshiba bumps energy density of auto battery by 50%

04/15, 2:50pm

New Toshiba Li-Ion battery

Toshiba Corp has developed a new type of lithium-ion cell for electric vehicles that uses a new lithium titanate material for its negative electrode and thereby boosts its energy density compared to current cells to 100Wh/kg, Tech-On reported on Wednesday. Samples of the new, more efficient cell will begin shipping in the fall of this year, and other specs include a capacity of 20Ah along with an output density of 1,000W per kilogram. This compares favorably to Toshiba's current cells used in electric bicycles, which have just a 4.2Ah capacity and a 67Wh/kg energy density.

RIM chief chastises Apple on push, multitasking

04/15, 2:45pm

RIM Chief Chastises Apple

Research in Motion's co-CEO Mike Lazaridis in an interview today shot down claims by Apple about push data and background apps on mobile devices. The executive argues to Laptop that RIM is more experienced at sending live updates through the 15 years of BlackBerries and that Apple's claims of severe battery life hits with background apps aren't well-founded. To Lazaridis, true background apps are feasible as long as the software is properly optimized.

LG reaches 20 million in QWERTY phone sales

04/15, 1:15pm

LG sells 20M QWERTY phones

Korea's LG has announced on Wednesday that it has sold 20 million phones equipped with QWERTY keyboards worldwide. The majority of the sales came from North America, where the first LG QWERTY phone was the VX9800 introduced on the Verizon network in 2005. The announcement comes less than a week after LG said it has shipped more than two million touchscreen Cookie handsets.

Philips brings halt to 3D division, products

04/15, 1:00pm

Philips puts an end to 3D

Electronics giant Philips is drawing a close to its public efforts in 3D imaging, a Dutch site reports. The company is noted to be closing its 3D Solutions division entirely, and putting an end to the production of displays using its WOWvx technology. The technology is unique in the industry for simulating 3D on an LCD TV, without requiring viewers to wear special glasses. The cost and/or inconvenience of such glasses has traditionally been a major obstacle to the adoption of 3D displays.

Samsung S8000 to get AMOLED, 3D interface

04/15, 12:10pm

Samsung S8000 Cubic Specs

Samsung's previously leaked S8000 is now known through a Russian store slip (since pulled) to be the first in a series of phones that center on a new interface. Nicknamed the Cubic, the phone will have an updated version of Samsung's TouchWiz interface that adds a 3D "cube" of information that puts different information on different surfaces, such as calling information and widgets. While no shots are available, it should likely resemble LG's S-Class 3D interface.

Mac OS X 10.5.7 on verge of release?

04/15, 12:00pm

Mac OS X 10.5.7 near done?

Apple is nearly finished with work on the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update, seeding efforts indicate. Developers are said to have received build 9J47 on Friday, only four days after 9J44. This Tuesday is said to have seen the release of build 9J50, a sign that Apple may have a rapidly diminishing number of fixes to test and implement. Most developer builds of v10.5.7 have been issued only on a weekly basis.

Acer, Lenovo readying entry all-in-one PCs?

04/15, 11:40am

Acer and Lenovo AIO PCs

Taiwanese PC maker Acer and China's Lenovo will release new all-in-one PCs sometime in 2009, say industry sources in Taiwan, according to a Wednesday DigiTimes report. Acer will come out with an 18.5-inch model that will be manufactured by Wistron but remain branded as an Acer product. Lenovo, after launching its first all-in-one, the 21.5-inch A600, will reportedly come out with an entry-level 20-inch C300 in May, along with a C100 and quad-core B500 in August, while an ultra-thin A300 is said coming in October.

Zune gets spring-themed Originals artwork

04/15, 11:25am

Zune Originals Spring

Microsoft today updated its Zune Originals with a collection of custom engravings that center on spring. The six pieces of art that make up the collection were made by the creative duo APAK as well as individual artists Carolina Melis and Linn Olofsdotter. The patterns are free and apply to any of the flash or hard drive-based Zune models. The spring Originals don't replace any existing artwork and sit alongside the Artist, Tattoo and Zodiac collections.

SvnX 1.0 provides free, open-source Subversion

04/15, 11:10am

SvnX 1.0 released

Independent coders have published SvnX 1.0, the first completed release of an open-source Subversion client for Macs. Subversion is used by programmers to maintain version control of projects. New to the finished SvnX is an original Review and Commit window, with a formatted diff display and an editable list of commit files. Also present is a commit message area, and a series of customizable message templates.

Nokia 5800 a surprise hit with 2.5m sold?

04/15, 11:05am

Nokia 5800 Surprise

Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic touchscreen phone may become the centerpiece for the company after surprisingly strong sales, according to analyst estimates. Where the company only officially said it had shipped 1 million units between December and January, GC Capital's Tero Kuittinen now determines that Nokia should have sold 2.5 million of the device just in the first three months of 2009, indicating exceptionally strong sales for a single model.

Retail traffic shows lower iPhone, higher Mac sales

04/15, 10:25am

Piper on Q2 retail traffic

Recent monitoring of 25 hours of foot traffic at Apple Stores may suggest some unexpected figures for Apple's Q2 2009 results, claims Piper Jaffray. The research firm fanned out to regular and flagship stores across the US, and noted a weighted average of 22 iPhones being sold per day. The figure is said to indicate a 15 percent drop from Q1, and numbers substantially below the November average of 28 and the July and August averages of 95.

Acer brings slim 3935, 8935 notebooks Stateside

04/15, 10:05am

Acer 3935 and 8935 for US

Acer on Wednesday updated its Aspire notebooks for the US with more details of the 3935 and 8935 models destined for the country. The 3935 is Acer's most direct competition for the unibody MacBook and measures just 1 inch thick while weighing less than 4.2 pounds. It also centers on a 13.3-inch, LED-backlit screen but has a 16:9 ratio, 1366x768 resolution and a bronze-colored aluminum skin. Also partly influenced by Apple are a chiclet-style keyboard and a multi-touch trackpad for scrolling and zooming.

MOTOROKR W6 combines music and workout features

04/15, 9:30am

MOTOROKR W6 handset

Motorola in Mexico earlier this week announced the upcoming release of the MOTOROKR W6 handset, which hopes to combine music with a set of fitness-tracking apps. Users can enter their name, age, sex, weight and height into a fitness app that will then create a training plan based on that information. There is also a timer that keeps track of the duration of workout and the theoretical number of calories burned. The handset can export this information into a Microsoft Excel document for tracking progress over time.

LG prematurely outs Viewty II with 480p video

04/15, 9:20am

LG Viewty II Company Leak

LG Germany today accidentally revealed the company's plans for the Viewty II in a company blog post ahead of an official schedule. Since admitting that the information had been posted a "few days" early in a retraction, the company confirms that the photo-centric handset will have an 8-megapixel camera and a new emphasis on video; a simpler interface will let users flip to video and video capture in a true 480p (720x480) resolution, or much higher than the at best 640x480 used by competing phones.

ProteMac releases NetMine firewall software

04/15, 9:15am

NetMine firewall software

ProteMac has released new firewall software for the Mac, NetMine. The application is designed to intercept network traffic from every application, and can help protect computers from viruses, malware, Trojans, ping floods, port scans, privacy intrusion and simple unauthorized program activity. NetMine uses a two-way firewall to monitor and analyze threats, while providing users with detailed information on all incoming and outgoing flows. The program can also block browser threats to protect against infected websites.

Microsoft releases Office 2004/2008 security updates

04/15, 8:45am

Office 2008/2004 updates

Microsoft has released updates to both its Office 2008 and 2004 suites for the Mac. The Office 2008 12.1.7 and Office 2004 11.5.4 patches address issues with security and performance; among these are vulnerabilities which could be exploited with malicious code in order to overwrite a computer's memory.

New Zune HD image, multi-touch claims appear

04/15, 8:35am

Zune HD Multi Touch Claim

A new rendering of Microsoft's in-development Zune HD has surfaced that appears to be authentic, along with potentially dubious claims about hardware features. The new image obtained by WMPowerUser shows both the front and back and suggests a design somewhat influenced by the first-generation iPhone, where the primarily aluminum design has a black strip on the back. It also has an interface reminiscent of Zunes but with a more touchscreen-friendly interface.

Dell Inspiron Mini 11 to ship in August?

04/15, 7:35am

Dell Mini 11 Likely August

Dell's upcoming Inspiron Mini 11 ultraportable should ship in mid-summer, Taiwan's Commercial Times newspaper hints. Although the specific model isn't mentioned by name, PC assembly contractor Compal is claimed to have received orders for a Dell "ultra-thin notebook" using Intel's Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (CULV) processors that will be delivered in August, matching the description of the portable. Lenovo and Toshiba may also pick Compal to build CULV systems.


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