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Nikon intros D5000 with swivel LCD, HD video

04/13, 11:55pm

Nikon D5000

Nikon tonight unveiled a long-awaited update to its entry digital SLRs with the D5000. The camera claims a pair of firsts: it stands as the first Nikon DSLR of any type to use a swivel LCD and can use it to either provide settings or a new live view mode to compose shots from off-angle. Video is also new to the class and, as with the D90, lets photographers record 720p video with sound that can be previewed over HDMI output.

Forrester: businesses should adopt the iPhone

04/13, 10:50pm

Forrester supports iPhone

In a drastic reversal from its previous position, Forrester Research has released a new report detailing reasons for businesses to adopt the iPhone. "The iPhone's intuitive interface, superior browsing experience, and rapidly evolving developer tool kit make content-centric applications far more appealing on an iPhone than on a BlackBerry or Windows Mobile device," the report reads.

Mac-Chi debuts WhoPaste tool for Address Book

04/13, 10:20pm

WhoPaste for Address Book

Mac-Chi has announced WhoPaste, a contact-creation tool for Address Book. The software is designed to extract contact information from web pages, e-mails, text documents, and spreadsheets, and then place the data into the appropriate fields in Address Book. Each contact can be created by extracting the name, e-mail address, phone number, street address, or instant message handle. Contacts can also be added to as many as three Address Book groups.

QuickerTek intros MacBook Air external battery

04/13, 9:20pm

QuickerTek Air battery

QuickerTek has released its latest notebook accessory, a new external battery for the MacBook Air. The external pack powers the device while simultaneously charging the internal battery. The company claims users can achieve 12 to 16 total hours of run time, or around 6 to 10 extra hours of power. The charger is also said to charge the internal battery in only three hours.

Google intros Android 1.5 with soft keys

04/13, 8:45pm

Android 1 5

Google tonight slipped out an early version of Android 1.5, the next major update for its mobile operating system. The upgrade rolls in features from the previously nicknamed Cupcake update and is the first official version of Android to support a software keyboard, enabling iPhone-like devices rather than require a hardware keyboard. Appropriately, it also now supports accelerometers to rotate the display or otherwise control the phone through tilt.

Inventory leak shows $70 price for Pre Touchstone

04/13, 8:25pm

Pre Touchstone priced

A leaked screen-shot allegedly from a Sprint inventory system shows a price for the Touchstone dock accessory for the Palm Pre, according to Engadget. The device will charge the Pre's battery without a cord, but customers apparently will have to dish out $70 for the technology. The handset integrates a special magnetized battery cover and non-stick surface to avoid the need for a plug.

Microsoft adjusts "Apple Tax" white paper

04/13, 7:45pm

Microsoft tweaks Apple Tax

Following criticism from a variety of sources, the Microsoft-paid analyst Roger Kay adjusted his "Apple Tax" white paper, although most of the discrepancies remain. The document and and a related blog post were updated with hardware specs from Apple's latest products, while Kay chose different PC models for the comparison. The previous analysis pitted the previous-model Mac Pro with the HP d5100t.

CoolIris enhances free media viewer plugin

04/13, 7:10pm

CoolIris updates plugin

CoolIris has updated its plug-in that is designed to improve the way web browsers display pictures, video and other digital content. The new version offers enhanced support for Facebook galleries, new ease-of-use improvements and options to add metadata to photos and videos. For the first time, users can also display images stored on their hard drives.

Apple offers 20-inch aluminum iMacs to schools

04/13, 5:50pm

Educational aluminum iMacs

Apple has announced new plans to offer 20-inch aluminum iMac systems to qualified educational institutions, according to AppleInsider. Schools previously could purchase the 17-inch white iMac. The new machines offer a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB of memory, 160GB hard drive, 8x DVD burner and NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics acceleration.

Apps: TM Error Logger, Mocha, YPassword

04/13, 5:30pm

PDF Studio, CoolIris

TM Error Logger 1.2 (free) can display additional details related to Time Machine error messages. Whenever Time Machine reports an error one can use the software to find which file or folder caused the problem and be directly linked to that location in the Finder. Version 1.2 has added additional install instructions and fixed the Donate button for Intel Macs. [Download - 1.8MB]

HP MediaSmart server leak shows new design

04/13, 5:25pm

HP MediaSmart servers

HP is on the verge of updating the look and capacities of its MediaSmart series of home servers, and photos of the LX190 model have leaked online to confirm the move. While hard specs are still not available, the photos reveal the new model has four USB ports and a 1-gigabit Ethernet port on its rear panel, while the front has three indicator lights and what is most likely to be a recessed Server Recovery button.

DealNN: hard drives, iMacs, headsets, more

04/13, 5:20pm

DealNN: hard drives,

Featured deals at DealNN today include hard drives, iMacs, Bluetooth headsets and more. Apple's online store has the refurbished 20-inch iMac for $999, a $200 price drop from their previous price. The iMac has 2GB of memory, 320GB hard drive, AirPort extreme wireless, Bluetooth, iSight, microphone and 8x SuperDrive.

Netflix job post hints at more game console support

04/13, 5:10pm

Netflix game platform job

Netflix has recently put up a job posting on Monster seeking an Engineering Leader for Gaming Platforms. The team such a position heads up is responsible for prototyping, testing and building a Netflix user interface on various gaming platforms. The posting's verbiage points to creating media rich applications on current generation gaming consoles, and with the Xbox 360 already sporting a Netflix interface, this could mean the PlayStation 3 and possibly even Nintendo's Wii.

Advanced Photo Recovery salvages audio, photo, video

04/13, 5:10pm

Advanced Photo Recovery

Disk Doctors has released Advanced Photo Recovery, a new media utility. The software attempts to salvage files which have otherwise disappeared after deletions; a particular focus is on RAW photos, including formats from camera makers such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica, Hasselblad and others. More universal photo formats supported include JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF.

LG GW610 smartphone leaked

04/13, 5:05pm

LG GW610 smartphone coming

An unannounced LG smartphone has been revealed thanks to a leaked Wi-Fi Interoperability Certificate, PhoneArena reported on Monday. The handset, known only as the GW610, will reportedly run on a Windows Mobile operating system, with the display's resolution set at 320x320 pixels. Otherwise, the UMTS-compatible phone will have a 2-megapixel camera and H.264 video playback capabilities.

Nokia to source netbook parts from ECS?

04/13, 4:45pm

ECS to supply Nokia

Taiwanese Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) may supply Nokia with its first netbook products, as the two companies are reported by DigiTimes on Monday to be in talks regarding the matter. A Chinese daily newspaper, the Economic Daily News, cites sources at ECS that maintain the talks will conclude this quarter.

Kraken Opus promotes special-edition Prince iPod

04/13, 4:40pm

Kraken Opus Prince iPod

Luxury book publisher Kraken Opus is now selling a new special-edition iPod touch, the Prince Opus. The player is provided alongside a book of photographs of the funk and R&B singer, selling for a considerable $2,100. Only 950 units of the iPod are being made available, whose exterior features a purple front, and a back with a laser-etched Prince logo.

Systemax may snap up Circuit City name

04/13, 4:40pm

Systemax May Get C City

PC builder and retailer Systemax may revive the Circuit City name through a deal, a court filing shows (PDF). Already the owner of TigerDirect and recently CompUSA stores, the company is in the running for bids on Circuit City's name before May 11th and would pay as much as $6.5 million to acquire both the brand name itself and the rights to run the Circuit City website. It's not known which other companies are in the running or how likely they are to win a bid.

JVC intros 1.5-inch thick 46-inch 3D monitor

04/13, 4:25pm

JVC intros 46-inch 3D LCD

JVC has recently announced the upcoming launch of its 46-inch LCD monitor in Japan that is capable of displaying three-dimensional videos at 1080p resolution. The GD-463D10 monitor is just over 1.5 inches thick on its edges, the monitor is meant for business uses and ships with two pairs of polarized glasses to make it possible to view 3D images. The new LCD works on Xpol's stereoscopic 3D technology for flicker-free 3D content. Images for the right eye and left eye are sent out by alternating lines of pixels in the display.

Palm Pre seen live, gets support for May 17 date

04/13, 4:00pm

Palm Pre in Live Shot

The Palm Pre has been spotted in a rare glimpse of the smartphone outside of press events and has received supporting evidence that it may be available in mid-May. A set of photos from San Francisco's Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race shows two people using them outside of the controlled conditions. They claim to have been testing the Pre for "several weeks" and say that the software quality has improved enough that it won't be "too much longer" until the phone is available. posts sale of unlocked iPhone 3Gs

04/13, 3:35pm unlocked iPhones

Online vendor is now selling unlocked 16GB iPhone 3Gs, a listing at the site claims. The phones are in detail described as "never-locked" models, able to connect to any GSM carrier in the US, including T-Mobile. Buyers are moreover said to be able to use the phones without the restrictions of hacked devices, such as an inability to sync with iTunes or download official firmware updates.

iPhone apps: iQuarterback, Doomsday, Number Rumble

04/13, 3:05pm

Diffle, TwistLink

iQuarterback ($1) is a football game where players take the role of a quarterback and must hit various targets around the field. The game features three different difficulty levels, college, pro and all-star along with a practice mode for improving skills. Players have one minute to score as many points as possible and then they may compare their scores to other players around the world with the online leaderboard.

Nikon D5000 tipped by Japanese store?

04/13, 2:35pm

Nikon D5000 Store Leak

Nikon's rumored entry-level D5000 DSLR may have been confirmed today by a brief posting of a product page (since concealed) at Japanese retailer Softmap. The listing supports the existence of a swiveling, 2.7-inch LCD and suggests a major upgrade over the D60 as a whole, including a movie mode, 11-point autofocus (up from just 3) and light sensitivity up to at least ISO 3,200.

Sony may drop UMD for retail PSP game

04/13, 2:05pm

Sony May Drop UMD for PSP

Sony may drop its in-house UMD optical format with the release of Patapon 2 if an insider claim proves true. Citing a historically reliable source, Ars Technica says the new music game will only be downloadable and that any retail copies will simply have a coupon with a code to buy the game online. Buyers would also have a financial incentive to avoid the store as the game would cost only $15 online versus $20 in a shop.

Sights set for second Chicago Apple Store

04/13, 1:40pm

Second Chicago Apple Store

A location has been chosen for the site of Apple's second retail store in Chicago, a city publication reports. The company has cemented a $700,000 annual lease for land at the corner of North, Clybourn and Halsted, formerly the home of a gas station. In doing so Apple should be able to build a shop measuring some 15,000 square feet, designed by local firm and frequent Apple partner Bohlin Cywinski Jackson.

RIM pushing costs down at BlackBerry suppliers

04/13, 1:20pm

RIM pressuring suppliers

BlackBerry smartphone maker Research In Motion's (RIM) co-CEO Jim Balsillie said the company's growth during the tough economy is allowing it to demand discounts from its suppliers, Bloomberg reported on Monday. The executive says that it's been attempting to mitigate the effects of the financial crunch by trimming the amount spent making the devices themselves. Five of RIM's biggest suppliers make up nearly 90 percent of its production costs, based on data sourced from Connexiti.

Apple flash memory order pointing to 32GB phones?

04/13, 12:50pm

32GB iPhones guaranteed?

Apple's recent order of 100 million NAND chips from Samsung included 16Gb memory, claims an analyst from Lazard Capital Markets. The order was initially thought to have only 8Gb chips, the equivalent of 1GB each in terms of storage. With more 16Gb (2GB) memory however, Apple should be in a position to release 32GB iPhones, a move widely anticipated for this summer.

83% of workplaces may avoid Win 7 in 2010

04/13, 12:10pm

Offices May Avoid Win 7

In spite of feature improvements, Windows 7 may face as much resistance as Vista in businesses, a study from Dimensional Research shows. An examination of about 1,100 IT managers in large businesses finds that about 83 percent of these companies plan to turn down Windows 7 during 2010, leaving just 17 percent to update sometime in the first year. About 25 percent of the total group plan an upgrade in the second year, or around 2011.

Kaufman raises Apple stock target to $152

04/13, 11:55am

Kaufman ups AAPL to $152

Having formerly kept the figure identical for months, Kaufman Bros. has today issued a memo raising its price target for Apple stock. The target has been pushed from $120 to $152, reflecting what Kaufman suggests are several factors offering potential growth. Among these is WWDC in June, which should herald imminent shipment of the iPhone 3.0 firmware and new phones to match.

MSI intros GX403 14-inch with GeForce GT 130M

04/13, 11:15am

MSI GX403 Game Notebook

MSI today updated its smallest gaming notebook by launching the GX403. The new version keeps the 14-inch display but adds a GeForce GT 130M to speed up its gaming performance without a significant energy hit. It also gets support for up to 500GB hard drives (up from 320GB). The system continues to have unique gaming touches like a highlighted W/A/S/D keyboard for first-person shooters and a Turbo Mode that overclocks the CPU when on AC power.

Order for 4 million new iPhones placed?

04/13, 11:05am

4 million iPhones ordered?

Apple has ordered the production of four million next-generation iPhones, claims the Chinese-language newspaper the Commercial Times. Delivery is expected by the end of the current quarter, ending in June, which could presage shipment to stores in late June or early July. A formal unveiling of new phones is anticipated at this year's WWDC event in San Francisco, scheduled to start June 8th.

AOpen intros tiny XC Encore OE700 media center PC

04/13, 10:35am

AOpen intros media center

Japan's AOpen on Friday announced the upcoming release of its latest small form factor media PC, the XC Encore OE700. To keep the PC quiet, AOpen used its Smart Anti-Vibration System (SAVS) to ensure the hard drives stay quiet. Sound that is created is muted thanks to the case's design, called Smart Noise Suppression System (SNSS). An unusual vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) on the front face lets users check on the operation of the PC at a glance.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic due in September?

04/13, 10:20am

Nokia 5530 September Leak

If accurate, a source has Nokia launching its first touchscreen phone below the 5800 XpressMusic. The 5530 as described by DailyMobile would still have the full Symbian S60 operating system but a smaller 2.9-inch display. A 3.2-megapixel camera, FM radio and Wi-Fi are also purportedly queued up, though there is no mention of whether 3G or GPS would also transfer to the new device.

Vodafone Italy slips HTC Magic's Euro price

04/13, 10:00am

HTC Magic Euro Pricing

Vodafone's Italian branch today broke silence on pricing for the HTC Magic by updating its product page with official details. The Android smartphone will potentially be free for new subscribers but should cost about 149 Euros ($198) for existing users signing a new contract along with a 9 Euro monthly fee. It should also be available contract-free for 449 Euros ($596).

VoiceOver Kit 1.0.1 fixes Shuffle pronunciations

04/13, 9:55am

VoiceOver Kit 1.0.1 update

Apple has produced a minor update for the third-gen iPod shuffle, VoiceOver Kit 1.0.1. VoiceOver is the technology used to synthesize, sync and play speech on the new Shuffle; the update fixes the pronunciations for a number of unspecified artists. Also addressed are a collection of minor bugs, again unnamed. The patch is currently available only through Software Update.

HTC coming out with Android phone: Bluetooth SIG

04/13, 9:40am

HTC Fiesta Android phone

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has shed some light on an upcoming headset from HTC, codenamed the Fiesta. The Bluetooth SIG simply classifies the phone as an Android handset, meaning it will ship with the open-source operating system developed by Google. Little other information was unveiled about the Fiesta, other than it will be made available in Asia, Europe and North America. Considering the source of the information, it is likely to have Bluetooth capabilities as well and other smartphone features.

Third-gen Shuffle Apple's most profitable iPod

04/13, 9:35am

iPod shuffle 3G teardown

On a per-unit basis, the third-generation iPod shuffle may be one of Apple's most profitable products, says iSuppli. The research firm observes that even when factoring packaging and headphone costs in with those of the actual player components, a modern Shuffle costs approximately $21.77 to produce, or just 28 percent of the retail cost. By comparison, 49 percent of the first-gen iPod touch's $299 retail price was swallowed up by component costs.

SMC rolls out cable modem, 802.11n hybrid

04/13, 9:25am

SMC Draft 11n Cable Modem

SMC this morning revealed a combo cable modem and 802.11n Wi-Fi router that it hopes will provide the better of both networks. The Draft 11n Wireless Cable Modem Gateway supports DOCSIS 2.0 for modern cable networks but can support the faster Wi-Fi standard to share the connection and create headroom for the local network. On wireless, the router is dual-band and supports both 5GHz, for faster 802.11n links, and 2.4GHz for backwards compatibility. It also carries a stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall as an added layer of protection beyond the router itself.

Nokia prepping QWERTY swivel phone for Verizon?

04/13, 8:45am

Nokia Swivel Verizon Rumor

A new slip through one of BGR's more familiar sources on Sunday suggests Nokia is developing a unique messaging phone for Verizon. The unnamed handset would have a short, squat design which swivels out a QWERTY keyboard ordinarily hidden behind the display and directional pad. It would nonetheless be a feature phone with Symbian S40 rather than the smartphone-class Symbian S60.

Dell to launch smartphone on China Mobile?

04/13, 7:50am

Dell China Mobile Rumor

Dell is pinning its hopes for a first smartphone on a deal with the world's largest carrier, Wedge MKI analyst Zhang Jun said today in an interview with NetworkWorld. The American company is reportedly in talks with China Mobile to offer "one or two" candidate models and may strike a deal by August, paving the way for a release before the end of the year. While only implied, it's thought the Dell phone would use China Mobile's Open Mobile System (OMS), a variant of Android that supports the carrier's apps as well as China's new TD-SCDMA network for 3G.

HP adds iPhone app, transcoding to home server

04/13, 6:50am

HP updates home servers

HP is prepping a software update for its MediaSmart home servers, adding video conversion and video streaming to iPhones. The free update works only with the recently introduced MediaSmart EX485 and EX487. A free app will be available through iTunes to support video streaming to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Jobs maintains involvement, works on rumored device

04/13, 12:35am

Jobs active at Apple

Despite Steve Jobs' lengthy leave of absence, the CEO has still maintained active involvement in activities at Apple, unnamed sources told the Wall Street Journal. From home, Jobs reportedly continues to oversee and direct high-priority strategies, while influencing and reviewing the most important products.


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