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GizFever announces iPod Shuffle 3G Silicone Case

04/08, 11:55pm

iPod shuffle silicone case has announced its latest iPod accessory, the iPod Shuffle 3G Silicone Case. Each case is created to fit firmly around the iPod shuffle 3G, to protect against bumps, scrapes and scratches, and comes in an ergonomic design. The cases are made from a light-weight silicone and come with an anti-dust coating. Six colors are currently available, blue, black, ice, pink, green and yellow. The silicone case can be purchased from the company's website and is priced at $2.

PowerQuote updates print estimating software

04/08, 11:55pm

PowerQuote 12.5 update

PowerQuote Software has launched PowerQuote 12.5, the new version of its printing estimating and management program for digital and offset printing. The software provides users with the choice of accounting, offset, digital, and large format print-estimating modules for the Mac, and integration with MyOrderDesk. Version 12.5 adds a series of performance improvements to most functions, enhances to the tickets and invoices, and new features that include a price analysis report, and a help system to provide learning support. Enhancements have also been made to help accommodate rapid paper price changes.

Revolution 3.5 adds new data grids, behaviors

04/08, 11:15pm

Revolution 3.5 update

Runtime Revolution has released an update to its programming tool for professional data presentation on the Mac OS X, Revolution 3.5. Designed to provide application-creation capabilities on multiple platforms, users receive the tools necessary for manipulating images, sound, video and text, to create their desired program. Features in the software add data processing abilities that can be used to create graphs and reports, and offers a simpler way of programming by using the natural-language syntax. In the latest version users receive a new data grid object that enables more flexibility of any kind of data layout, and the addition of object-oriented behaviours, which is used to help enhance the speed and stability of the code. The company has redefined its RevOnline II, to help simplify sharing and browsing code with other users, and added over 100 bug fixes and minor enhancements.

Rumor: LG 'Viewty 2' coming to Orange UK first

04/08, 10:50pm

LG Viewty 2 coming to UK?

The yet-unannounced sequel to the LG Viewty, the GC900, could be scheduled to arrive first in the UK via Orange, according to a rumor posted on Omio. The information allegedly comes from the Q2 release schedule for Orange UK, which indicates that the device will launch sometime in June. The same source suggests the Samsung 'Preston' and LG GW520 'Calisto' will launch around the same time.

Active Storage intros XRAID ES with 4TB, 16TB storage

04/08, 10:20pm

Active Storage XRAID ES

Active Storage has announced the XRAID ES, a RAID storage system for Mac OS X that is available with 4TB and 16TB capacities. The device offers data transfer speeds of up to 744MBps using the RAID 5 configurations. Redundant power supplies, cooling systems and Fibre Channel connections are designed to prevent complete system failure if a single component malfunctions.

Scosche launches reCOIL car charger for iPhone/iPod

04/08, 9:20pm

Scoshe reCOIL car charger

Scosche has launched the reCOIL, a car charger for the iPhone and iPods. The mobile charger features a retractable cord that neatly connects to the device, reducing the possibility of tangling that is sometimes experienced with longer cords that are left free to float around the vehicle. The dock connector magnetically attaches to the charger housing, fitting flush while not in use.

Apps: iPod Converter, Domainer, CleanMyMac

04/08, 9:05pm

Screenium, ImageWell

iPod Converter 2.4 ($30) is a tool for converting video files to the mp4 format for use on an iPod. The software can covert most common video files including AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, ASF, and DivX. Within iPod converter users can crop video area, the bit rate, frame rate and video resolution. The 2.4 update includes a new style rangebar and displays the range of time that is currently displayed. [Download - 10.4MB]

RemObjects launches Mac OS network communications SDK

04/08, 8:45pm

SDK works with Mac, iPhone

RemObjects has launched a new tool for Mac OS and iPhone developers, RemObjects SDK for OS X. The fully native OS X framework is compatible with Xcode, Cocoa and Objective-C. It focuses on cross-platform remote-access capable client/server software, allowing designers to include network communication capabilities within their apps. The new RemObjects framework is compatible with its sister products on the Linux/Windows side, allowing for easy communication between all three platforms.

IK offers T-RackS 3 effects as single modules

04/08, 8:20pm

T-RackS 3 Single plug-ins

IK Multimedia has announced that processor modules from the T-RackS 3 Deluxe Mastering and Mixing Suite will soon be available as individual plug-ins. The T-RackS 3 Singles operate as a native VST, AU or RTAS plug-ins, for use in most DAW when mixing individual tracks. Users can also integrate any module into the Standard Mastering and Mixing software to expand existing capabilities.

Comcast intros cordless phone with e-mail, web access

04/08, 7:55pm

Comcast enhanced handset

Comcast is set to launch an "enhanced cordless phone" that will offer e-mail, voice-mail, basic web access and a universal address book, according to Cable Digital News. The advanced functionality will be provided in conjunction with the company's VoIP services, using a new Docsis/PacketCable-powered multimedia terminal adapter (E-MTA) to provide the IP-based digital interface to compatible handsets.

iPhone apps: Smart Surfing, sketchr, Gorillas

04/08, 7:10pm

Speed Box, iHearU

Smart Surfing (free) is a web browser for the iPhone and iPod touch that includes extra security measures to help users avoid visiting sites that may contain malicious content. When a URL is entered it is checked against Trend Micro's Web Reputation database. If it is identified as a site that contains malicious content users are presented with warning allowing them to continue to the site or not. Smart Surfing also includes options that allow users to set the protection strength.

Rumor: Barnes & Noble preparing e-book reader

04/08, 6:50pm

Barnes and Noble ebooks

Barnes & Noble is allegedly working on an e-book reader to compete with products such as Amazon's Kindle, according to If true, the device could provide the company with fresh entry into the expanding market for specialized products with integrated wireless connectivity. The unnamed insider claimed the bookstore chain has decided to partner with Sprint, after unsuccessful attempts at talks with Verizon.

DealNN: hard drives at bargain prices

04/08, 6:10pm

DealNN: bargain hard drive

Today's deals at DealNN include a wide range of storage devices.'s Gold Box deal of the day for today features the Seagate Barracuda 1TB SATA bulk hard drive priced at $79.99. That's a price drop of $100 off the original price and it includes FREE shipping. Make it an external hard drive with the Startech InfoSafe USB SATA HDD enclosure priced at $31.24 with FREE shipping at

3G-capable Sidekick 2009 shows up at FCC?

04/08, 5:15pm

3G Sidekick 2009 at FCC

A new handset built by Sharp has shown up for testing on the FCC website and is expected to be the previously leaked 2009 Sidekick LX. Other hints that point to this include the Danger logo being present on the FCC label, and the device's support of the 1,700MHz AWS spectrum, or the same band T-Mobile uses for its 3G network. T-Mobile is the carrier of previous Sidekick models.

HTC Snap coming to T-Mobile without Inner Circle

04/08, 5:00pm

HTC Snap firmware leaked

The HTC Snap smartphone, which was being shown off at the CTIA expo last week, will be coming to T-Mobile and is internally known as Captain to T-Mobile users, an examination of the firmware reveals, according to a recent WMExperts report. Also, the handset's model number is S522, and the shipping firmware does not contain code for the Inner Circle feature. Inner Circle would essentially be an integrated application that would filter out e-mails from a list of pre-selected "favorite" contacts, bringing them to the top of the list in a user's inbox.

MCE ships 8x Blu-ray burners for Mac Pro, Power Mac

04/08, 4:55pm

MCE 8x Blu-ray drives

MCE is now shipping its 8X Blu-ray Recordable Drive, which supports burning to Blu-ray, DVD and CD media. The burner writes to BD-R media on systems with Mac OS 10.5.2 and higher, and using Roxio's Toast 10 software, supports burning HD content that can be viewed on dedicated Blu-ray movie players. It is designed for use in Mac Pro and Power Mac systems, with one version being designed specifically for the 2009 Mac Pro. An external model supports both USB 2.0 and eSATA connections.

Samsung outs dual-SIM B5702 handset

04/08, 4:50pm

Samsung dual-SIM B5702

Samsung recently announced the upcoming release of its latest dual-SIM handset, the B5702. The quad-band handset can be used worldwide and has a dedicated LED light to indicate which of the two SIMs an incoming call is directed towards. Users can also customize ringtones, screensavers and themes dedicated to each SIM. A shortcut key on the side of the phone lets users switch from one SIM to the other without rebooting the phone.

Apple taking steps to address white MacBook cracks

04/08, 4:35pm

Apple on MacBook cracks

Apple is acknowledging problems with the casing on 13-inch white MacBooks, reports of a memo indicate. Owners have for some time been describing cracks appearing on MacBooks, in spite of ordinary usage. At least as recently as November however, Apple is said to have been refusing to cover repairs for bottom casings, at the same time as cracks on top were being addressed.

US Cellular to get Touch Pro, Pearl Flip 8330, more

04/08, 4:30pm

US Ceullular handsets

Wireless provider US Cellular is soon due to get a number of handsets added to its range, including the HTC Touch Pro and BlackBerry 8230 Pearl Flip smartphones as well a number of more mainstream models. The Touch Pro, which is currently available at Sprint and Verizon, will be released on Friday, April 17th, according to a Wednesday PhoneArena report. It features a 2.8-inch touchscreen, 3.2-megapixel camera and sliding QWERTY keyboard, as well as Windows Mobile 6.1.

UK may push carriers to share 3G bands

04/08, 4:05pm

UK Pushing for 900MHz 3G

British cellular carriers O2 and Vodafone are being asked by the government to share their 3G spectrum as part of an effort to supply rural broadband. Although the two providers are currently the exclusive holders of the 900MHz band for faster wireless data, officials at the independent regulator Ofcom are asking the two to allow at least one other carrier to share the space and build out coverage in those areas that aren't already served.

5-6 million new iPhones in production, says analyst

04/08, 3:20pm

5-6 million new iPhones?

Apple has already laid out plans for an initial build of 5 to 6 million new iPhones, says Kaufman Bros.' Shaw Wu. The analyst cites unnamed industry and supply chain sources, noting that if accounts are true, Apple's production may greatly outstrip Kaufman predictions of 4.5 million units for the September quarter. March quarter estimates are 3.2 million, while the June quarter could have more or less than 3.7 million, depending on Apple's release schedule.

Cox cell service may get iPhone-like app store

04/08, 2:50pm

Cox Cell App Store

Cox Communications' upcoming cellular network may have an app store not unlike Apple's for the iPhone, the cable provider's wireless VP Stephen Bye said yesterday. He cautions that nothing is definitive but tells the Wall Street Journal that Cox is considering a central store for software to avoid a "comparative disadvantage" versus the iPhone and other phones and networks with simple, recognizable locations for software. Unofficially, the company is understood to already be tapping mPortal to develop such a store.

Ultra-fast 256GB Corsair SSD due out soon

04/08, 1:35pm

Fast Corsair SSD coming

Corsair is set to release an ultra-fast 256GB solid state drive, according to a Tuesday HotHardWare report. The move would effectively double the company's current number of SSD offerings and would share Samsung technology. The new SSD has a new controller, however, and and integrated 64MB of cache that improves performance significantly. When the new SSD arrives in stores, it is likely to be called P256, and will sport a SATA 3.0Gbps interface and be housed in a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure.

Acer defers Android netbooks, hints at Verizon deal

04/08, 1:15pm

Acer on Android, Verizon

People should not expect to find Android on Acer netbooks in the near future, executives from the latter company have stated. While HP is known to be testing Android for netbooks, and ASUS and Dell are rumored to be interested, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci argues that the software is not yet suited to netbook functions. "Android in my opinion is for communications," says Lanci. "And Windows comes at the market from the computing side. An ideal solution would offer both. So right now we are using Android for our smartphone, and we are testing it on our netbooks. But I think everybody in the industry is testing Android on netbooks."

Super Talent first to begin shipping 512GB SSD

04/08, 12:40pm

Super Talent 512GB SSD

Super Talent says it has become the first solid state drive manufacturer to actually release a solid-state drive with a 512GB capacity with a model in its 2.5-inch MasterDrive RX series. The largest capacity model is only available in a multi-level cell (MLC) chip, with a 230Mbps read speed and 160Mbps sequential write speed. Two other MLC SSDs make up the range available, in smaller 256GB and 128GB capacities. Models with 128GB and 256GB of storage will also soon become available in longer-lasting and faster (200Mbps write speed) single-level cell (SLC) flash memory arrangements. All five have internal RAID controllers.

iPod market for American teens nearly saturated?

04/08, 12:30pm

Teen iPod market saturated

Potential growth in the teen iPod market is dwindling rapidly, at least in the US, writes Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. The firm recently conducted its annual survey of American high schools, polling 600 students on their ownership of media players and the way they acquire digital music. Of the 92 percent of teens who said they owned a media player, 86 percent said they owned an iPod; the closest competition came from Microsoft's Zune player, which amounted to only 4 percent of ownership.

iPhone 3.0, Palm Pre to drive phone demand

04/08, 12:20pm

ChangeWave on Apr Demand

iPhones running the OS 3.0 update and the Palm Pre are both likely to spur the next wave of smartphone sales in the next three months, according to a new ChangeWave study. Of those looking to buy a device in the 90 days following the March survey, iPhone demand is technically remaining flat at 30 percent; however, about 20 percent of the total group said they would be more likely to buy an iPhone now that iPhone OS 3.0's features are public.

Acer intros three new Aspire notebooks

04/08, 11:25am

Acer Aspire notebooks

At the same time as it announced the Aspire One 11.6-inch netbook on Tuesday, Acer also said it would soon release the 13.3-inch Acer Aspire 3935 notebook, the 15.6-inch Aspire 5935 and 18.4-inch Aspire 8935. The ultra-portable 3935 will be less than one-inch thick and available only in a golden brown color. To make typing easier and more comfortable, Acer gives the Aspire 3935 the same larger "chiclet" keyboard as the Timeline, along with touch-sensitive shortcut keys. Like in the Aspire One and Timeline, the 3935 has a multi-touch trackpad for pinch and other gestures.

BlackBerry Storm 2 to drop click screen?

04/08, 11:15am

BBerry Storm 2 Type Rumor

RIM's BlackBerry Storm sequel may unveil a significantly different input scheme, a Dutch spokesman for the company has said in an interview today. Responding to criticisms of the Storm's current typing method, RIM's Alain Segond von Banchet says the next Storm will use a different method for input.

Kung Fu Panda demo released for Mac

04/08, 11:10am

Kung Fu Panda demo

A demo version of Activision's Kung Fu Panda has become available for the Mac. Based on the DreamWorks movie, the game is an action title in which players battle Tai Lung and his minions, also working their way past obstacles in environments such as the Lake of Tears and Lung's training grounds. The final objective of the game is to become the legendary Dragon Warrior and defeat Tai Lung.

Apple gains solar power, iPod classic patents

04/08, 10:50am

Apple solar, iPod patents

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a collection of new patents, all revolving around the company's portable devices. Unusual amongst these is a patent for solar power circuitry, which could in theory be used to power iPods, iPhones and MacBooks when away from a wall socket. The patent was applied for in 2006 however, and has not been used in any commercial products.

Acer intros Aspire One 11.6 netbook with multi-touch

04/08, 10:35am

Acer 11.6-inch Aspire One

Acer on Wednesday announced the newest addition to its Aspire One netbook range with an 11.6-inch version. Apart from the new size, what differentiates the new model from existing ones is its soft-touch keyboard, 1-inch thickness and multi-gesture touchpad. The latter lets users leaf through pages by swiping their finger and zoom into pages by pinching their fingers while in contact with the touchpad.

Mitsubishi updates HDTVs with 3D, thin bezels

04/08, 10:25am

Mitsubishi TVs April 2009

Mitsubishi this morning overhauled its high-end HDTVs with several new models in two categores. The Home Theater line has been updated with the 737 and 837 series; the DLPs introduce a new extra-thin bezel and now support 3D for movies and eventual TV shows that can address the format. They also now scale up to a large 82 inches and have improved image processing, including a more advanced video calibration mode for those refining high-end home theaters.

Canada's Fido offers 'refreshed' iPhone discounts

04/08, 10:05am

Fido iPhone discounts

Canadian carrier Fido, a subset of Rogers, has begun selling "refreshed" iPhone 3Gs, reports say. The phones were originally bought and returned within Fido's 15-day return window, reflecting conditions similar to various refurb discounts outside of Canada. The Fido phones are specifically not refurbished, however, having only received minor attention before being put back on sale.

ViewSonic intros 24-inch 16:9 LCD monitor

04/08, 9:40am

ViewSonic 24-inch HD LCD

ViewSonic has recently and quietly announced it has added the VG2427 to its range of LCD monitors. The 24-inch panel has a 1920x1080 native resolution in a 16:9 aspect ratio and sports a 20,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio as well as 300cd/m2 brightness. Its stand swivels and is height-adjustable, while two hidden stereo speakers and a pair of USB ports are built-in.

OCZ unveils Mac Edition SSD, notebook RAM

04/08, 9:35am

OCZ Vertex SSD Mac Edition

OCZ has swung its attention towards Macs by launching storage and memory specifically geared towards iMacs, MacBooks and Mac minis. The Vertex Series Mac Edition is specifically validated in Apple's testing centers to work in the MacBook and MacBook Pro and provides much faster speeds than the stock rotating hard disks, reading data at 240MB per second and writing it at up to 170MB per second (100MB sustained). OCZ vows not only faster load times but also the improved battery life and impact resistance inherent to most SSDs.

Apple posts labs and sessions list for WWDC 2009

04/08, 9:10am

WWDC09 sessions list

Apple has revealed a complete list of the labs and sessions to be held at this year's WWDC in San Francisco. As at past conferences, the events are being divided into Mac, iPhone and IT tracks, with Apple engineers guiding developers on various subjects related to Mac OS X, the iPhone OS and Mac OS X Server. Notable in the Mac track are topics themed around Snow Leopard, such as "Introduction to OpenCL" and "NSImage in Snow Leopard."

Acer intros $899 ultraportable with 10hr battery

04/08, 8:40am

Acer Timeline

Acer has launched itself into direct contention against systems like the MacBook Air and ThinkPad X301 with the release of the Timeline series. The notebooks have screens at 13.3, 14 and 15.6 inches but use ultra low-voltage Core 2 Duo and Solo processors to keep the systems light and, combined with LED-backlit displays, extend their battery life well past other designs. Acer's smallest system weighs just 3.5 pounds, and battery life measures as much as 10 hours with an optional 80GB solid-state drive; even with a rotating hard drive, systems still net as much as 8 hours.

New iPhone parts already shipping?

04/08, 7:40am

iPhone Parts Shipping

The various components that will go into the 2009 iPhone are reportedly being shipped for assembly. The Taiwan-area newspaper Commercial Times claims that multiple suppliers are sending their parts off for the widely assumed June launch and that shipments of iPhones themselves could range between 2-3 million in the quarter following Apple's launch; it's implied that some of these may include old models being cleared out.

SpeedBit launches Video Accelerator for Mac

04/08, 4:00am

Video Accelerator ships

SpeedBit has launched the SpeedBit Video Accelerator for Mac, porting over the previously PC-only software for accelerating downloads and video streams. The software accelerates playback and downloads for YouTube, iTunes, MySpace, Facebook, ESPN and more. It uses multiple sources to achieve higher download and streaming speeds to better utilize the full bandwidth of an Internet connection.

Intel demos Moorestown, intros 2GHz Atom

04/08, 12:10am

Intel Moorestown Demo

Intel at its Developer Forum in Beijing today demonstrated the first public example of Moorestown, its next major update to the Atom processor. The first practical version is described as about 10 times more power-efficient than today's Atom chips courtesy of a smaller 45nm manufacturing process, power management and other optimizations. At the same time, the design is also smaller thanks to building in both the graphics and memory controllers into the main core while leaving just input and output to a second chip.


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