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KnowledgeMiner releases new data mining app for Mac

04/07, 11:55pm

KnowledgeMiner for Excel

KnowledgeMiner in partnership with Intel and Microsoft, has released a new data mining application for the Mac, KnowledgeMiner (yX) for Excel. The software is used to find correlations or patters in dozens of fields in Excel spreadsheets, and according to the company, offers speeds more that 600-times faster then previously available. Written in Cocoa and Objective C, the program was designed for optimum efficiency on Intel Macs with multiple cores and additional memory for processing.

Amazon, Walmart also sell songs near $1.29

04/07, 11:20pm

Amazon MP3 Raises Prices

Amazon MP3 and Walmart weren't immune to pressure for variable song pricing and today started quietly charging higher prices for popular songs. In particular, about 10 of the top 100 songs on Amazon now meet the same $1.29 prices as similar tracks on iTunes, including recent Beyonce, Britney Spears and The Fray songs. Walmart's store, in turn, is now charging $1.24 per song for some titles and has a section dedicated to tracks at the higher price, most of which have been long-term hits rather than just recent releases.

3D Invigorator plug-in provides 3D objects, text

04/07, 11:15pm

3D Invigorator design tool

Digital Anarchy, in collaboration with Zaxwerks, has announced a 3D design tool for use with Adobe Photoshop, 3D Invigorator. The plug-in can be used to create 3D logos, objects and text, with support for Adobe Illustrator outlines or text generated from within Photoshop. Users can customize graphics and choose from a variety of rendering styles. The created objects can be rotated and viewed in a full 3D environment, from specific angles, and individual elements can be rearranged as needed.

Acer launches first-ever NVIDIA Ion desktop

04/07, 10:35pm

Acer AspireRevo

Acer tonight launched a slew of systems that include the first desktop based on NVIDIA's Ion graphics and system controller platform. The AspireRevo is based on a low-performance, low-cost 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor but draws on the 9400M-based graphics to run apps and content that are ordinarily impossible on Intel's reference hardware. Built-in decoding lets it play 1080p video at a full frame rate and even play some modern games at reasonable performance, such as Call of Duty 4 or SimCity 4.

Acer intros eMachines EZ1600, Z5600 all-in-ones

04/07, 10:35pm

Acer intros All in Ones

Acer has introduced its latest all-in-one computer systems, the eMachines EZ1600 and the Aspire Z5600, according to Engadget. The EZ1600 features an 18.5-inch screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio, with support for 720p video resolution. The device uses an Atom N270 processor paired with the 945GSE chipset, along with a 160GB hard drive, DVD burner and Wi-Fi. Two slots are available for SO DIMM memory, while color options will include silver and black.

Puzzle Lab launches Leeloo's Talent Agency

04/07, 9:10pm

Leeloo's Talent Agency

Puzzle Lab has launched a time management game for Mac OS X, Leeloo's Talent Agency. The game allows players to take control of a virtual talent agency, where Leeloo attempts to make stars out of aspiring actors. To complete each level, players must cast the actors in a limited amount of time, apply makeup, hand out scripts, screen films and place the proper photos in the catalogs.

Boxee releases API and documentation for developers

04/07, 8:40pm

Boxee releases API

Boxee has released an API and related documentation, enabling developers to create applications, such as Pandora or RadioTime, that can work with the open-source media player. The set of APIs is known as Python and developers can code the GUI using XML. Users will be able to install new apps via the boxee App Box, which is in the early stages of becoming a formal store.

Apps: Evernote, SizzlingKeys, MLB Schedule

04/07, 8:25pm

QuickWho, Hawkscope

Evernote 1.4 (free) lets a user capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform is available. This information is then accessible and search able at anytime. The software can be used for creating notes that handle both text and audio and finding printed and handwritten text within images. Version 1.4 includes several new search keyboard shortcuts and a global new note shortcut. The update has also improved the format menu and fixed the option for changing notebooks from within the Extended Note area. [Download - 13.8MB]

OtterBox launches Armor Series case for iPod nano 4G

04/07, 7:00pm

OtterBox Armor for Nano 4G

OtterBox has launched its latest rugged case, the Armor Series for the iPod nano 4G. The case accommodates the 8GB and 16GB devices, protecting them against water, dust, dirt, sand and impact. The iPod is held by rubber on all sides to reduce the possibility of damage from an accidental drop. The waterproof protection is claimed to resist complete submersion at depths of three feet for up to a half hour.

Screenium 1.1 adds visualizations, webcam support

04/07, 6:35pm

Screenium 1.1 update

Synium has released an upgrade to its audio and video tool, Screenium 1.1. The latest version offers improvements to audio and video capturing, along with additional support for external video sources such as webcams. New mouse functions allow users to customize the action-visualization effects or the display of mouse button names. The program is also claimed to offer improvements to the performance and usability compared with earlier versions.

iPhone apps: Aw Craps!, TwittMS, SixPack App

04/07, 6:00pm

iShred LE, Shift

Aw Craps! ($2) is a simulation of casino craps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Users select their chips, and then tap the area of the board to place the bet on. If the area only takes one type of bet, chips will just be moved to that area for them automatically. The application also includes a unique dice rolling method that lest users control the direction and strength of the throw.

DealNN: FREE software, MacBooks, hard drives, more

04/07, 5:45pm

DealNN: FREE software

Today's deals at DealNN include a variety of items from software to MacBooks. is offering three software titles for FREE after mail in rebate: SimthMicro ArtRange Deluxe, ClipArt&More, and Internet Cleanup 5. These software titles are all Mac compatible and include the original retail packaging. Shipping rates start at $5.99 for each.

Apple refurbs: unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro

04/07, 5:30pm

Apple refurbs: MacBooks

Apple's online store currently has a wide range of refurbished unibody MacBook and MacBook pro models to choose from. Starting at $1099 is the 2.0GHz MacBook with 2GB of memory and 160GB hard drive. Next up is the 2.4GHz model with 2GB of memory and 250GB hard drive for $1299. The same configuration with the addition of a 128GB Solid State Drive is priced at $600 more ($1899).

Apple threatens to block W3C widget standard

04/07, 5:15pm

Apple threatens W3C

Apple is currently blocking the adoption of a new web standard, a World Wide Web Consortium workgroup notes. The W3C is in the process of developing a standard for web widgets -- code embeddable throughout multiple websites. Apple has a patent covering automatic software updates however, and suggests that the widget standard may violate it. If so, Apple is refusing to license the patent royalty-free.

Sanyo unveils short-throw network projector

04/07, 5:10pm

Sanyo outs PLC-WXE45

Sanyo announced on Tuesday that it has added the PLC-WXE45 LCD projector to its broad lineup, intending it for classroom use as it has both a short throw range and networking capabilities. The WXE45 can create an 80-inch image from a distance of 34 inches away at a native 1280x800 resolution and in a 16:10 aspect ratio. A network interface lets the PLC-WXE45 integrate with wired networks, letting users or IT administrators oversee its functionality remotely. The unit can be set up to send out e-mail that reports its operating status.

Huawei to give T-Mobile Android phone in 2H09

04/07, 5:05pm

Huawei Android phone soon

Chinese cellphone maker Huawei will reportedly supply wireless provider T-Mobile with its third handset running on the Google-developed Android operating system in the second half of this year. The handset, thus far called the G3, is expected to be the lowest-priced Android phone from the carrier and come equipped with a five-megapixel camera, 3mm headphone jack and a Wi-Fi connection.

Telus adds Treo Pro, Omnia to lineup

04/07, 5:00pm

Telus gets Treo Pro, Omnia

Canada's Telus is now offering the Palm Treo Pro smartphone, the handset maker announced on Monday, and has also recently added the Samsung Omnia handset to its lineup. The Treo Pro is being touted as an ideal handset for business professionals, as the 320x320 pixel touchscreen-and-QWERTY handset runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, has integrated Wi-Fi and 3G data network support through EVDO. Its keyboard has dedicated shortcut keys to the e-mail client and calendar.

Samsung Impression arrives at AT&T

04/07, 4:55pm

Impression comes to AT&T

The Samsung Impression handset that was being demonstrated at the CTIA show in Las Vegas last week and has officially become the first commercially available handset to be offered in North America with an AMOLED touchscreen, as AT&T is now offering the device for just short of $200. From our hands-on experience with the phone, we can say its 3.2-inch display sports impressive color accuracy and peerless black level reproduction. The device has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and includes a 3-megapixel camera.

Authors' anti-text-to-speech called discriminatory

04/07, 4:45pm

Blind Fight Anti-TTS Plan

The Reading Rights Coalition today staged a counter-protest in New York City against the Authors' Guild for its resistance to text-to-speech conversion for books. The group accuses the Guild of discriminating against the blind by pushing Amazon to partly disable a Kindle 2 feature that automatically speaks out books, letting authors disable the feature. By making TTS only optional, the Guild is allegedly preventing the blind and poor-sighted from having equal access to books and simultaneously punishing them by making them go through special channels to get audio versions.

New Mac OS X 10.5.7, security updates in circulation

04/07, 4:20pm

New Mac OS X 10.5.7 build

Another new build of the Mac OS X 10.5.7 update has been seeded to developers, say sources alleged to be involved with the subject. Labeled 9J44, the build may signal a rapidly-approaching conclusion to the update's development, with only five new bugs having been fixed for a total of 104. Among these is a glitch which caused problems with rendering fonts in PDF files. The smallest download of v10.5.7 is expected to be 442MB, while a combo update for all versions of Leopard should measure 730MB.

MetroPCS offers up group cellphone line

04/07, 4:00pm

MetroPCS outs GroupLINE

Wireless provider MetroPCS announced on Tuesday that it will soon offer a GroupLINE service, allowing users to get rid of their wired home lines in favor of a flat-rate, contract-free wireless service. GroupLINE will allow as many as five MetroPCS Family Plan subscribers to receive calls on one shared main line that will ring all of the subscribers simultaneously, like a home number would. They still retain their regular mobile numbers, however. A shared voicemail can also be accessed by all users on the plan.

Fusion-io plans SSD-based ioSAN network drive

04/07, 3:45pm

Fusion-io ioSAN in Works

High-speed solid-state drive maker Fusion-io today marked the occasion of getting $47.5 million in extra funding by providing early details about a new storage device. The ioSAN (Storage Area Network) will borrow the same concept of a PCI Express drive with multiple SSDs in a RAID stripe but put it on a local network, theoretically giving the benefits of the extra-quick read and write times as quickly as the network allows. It's unknown if it would use Ethernet or else a faster but more exotic networking method like Fiber Channel.

Gmail, Calendar receive fresh iPhone updates

04/07, 3:20pm

Gmail, Cal. iPhone updates

Google has introduced updates to the iPhone versions of two of its websites, Gmail and Calendar. The former is said to have been given a more simplified messaging interface, and a new component called the Floaty Bar, which ensures that common actions such as message deletion are always accessible. Users can also perform some work offline, namely composing messages and reading the most recently downloaded ones.

iPhone 3.0 screen shots leaked

04/07, 3:10pm

iPhone 3 screen shots leak

Following the discovery of a video recording interface for the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software, additional pictures have surfaced on the Boy Genius Report that show a few more menu options and a "Voice Control" field that could be related to voice dialing. The interface offers a revamped menu for accessibility configuration, along with a battery percentage toggle that shows the remaining battery life as a numeric value between the battery icon and the clock on the top bar.

BFG Phobos gets dual GTX 275s, SSD option

04/07, 2:55pm

BFGTech Phobos GTX 275

BFGTech at mid-day updated its Phobos gaming PC to give it better performance at the base level and to improve its storage options. The stock Performance Edition system now comes with dual GeForce GTX 275 cards instead of a single GeForce GTX 295. BFG argues that the clock speeds of the single-chip discrete cards when combined in SLI are faster than the dual-chip 295 without hurting the price.

PSP 2 to be more like iPhone?

04/07, 2:15pm

PSP 2 Touch Rumor Again

A new rumor today from PocketGamer appears to corroborate claims that Sony is developing a touchscreen PSP to replace the existing model. Echoing recent descriptions, a developer purportedly says the device would purportedly look "far more similar" to the iPhone but would have a slider design that tucks the control pads behind the screen when not in use. The feature would let developers write touchscreen-centric games but add support for both older PSP games and those that could use a new, second analog stick.

iPhone 3.0 video recorder interface uncovered

04/07, 1:35pm

iPhone video UI exposed

Video recording -- expected to be a key marketing point of the next iPhone -- already has an interface implemented within the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware, reports claim. The option is not enabled by default, but can allegedly be turned on by modifying configuration files. Once files are edited, the firmware is tricked into thinking a video camera is present.

Sony Ericsson intros budget headset, speakers

04/07, 1:20pm

S Ericsson VH300 and MS410

Making companions for its phone launches today, Sony Ericsson has unveiled a pair of audio accessories. The VH300 (shown) is a universal, entry-level Bluetooth hands-free speaker that includes a single earbud and a clip-on controller. The move away from a conventional earpiece both gives it a lengthier 10-hour talk time and also lets wearers with glasses wear a headset more comfortably. It works with most phones and should ship in the summer.

Canon adviser talks OLED, video in future cameras

04/07, 12:55pm

Canon on OLED, video

Camera buyers should not expect to see OLED displays on any of Canon's cameras in the near future, according to company technical adviser Chuck Westfall. Although the company demonstrated an EOS-5D with an OLED display in 2005, the technology is still said to be in development, and only partly out of a desire to improve performance. "I can't give you a timeline today, but we're a whole lot closer now," says Westfall. The major issue is said to be manufacturing, as the company only purchased a factory for OLED creation in 2008, and it needs to escalate infrastructure in order to handle the sheer number of screens needed.

Rumored T-Mobile 3G service expansions leak

04/07, 12:50pm

T-Mobile 3G expansion

A breakdown of new cities in the US that will get high-speed 3G network coverage this year from wireless provider T-Mobile has been leaked on Monday. The screenshot reveals that, for example, T-Mobile subscribers in Shreveport, Los Angeles and Lubbock and Wichita Falls, Texas, will get the service this month, while three more big cities in Texas as well as Springfield and Rockford in Illinois will get the upgraded service in May.

AU KDDI intros G9 handset from new iida brand

04/07, 12:00pm

AU KDDI intro G9 handset

Japan's AU KDDI recently created a new brand, iida, which is meant to appeal to fashion-conscious customers. One of the first products to be released under the brand is a new Sony Ericsson slider known as the G9. The handset sports a 1Seg TV tuner built into its stainless steel body, which is coated with a thin coating of titanium compound. Unlike AU KDDI's other phones, the G9 supports both CDMA 1X and GSM networks. Apart from this, a few exterior changes as well as a different display and camera, the G9 is similar to Sony Ericsson's Cyber-shot S001 handset.

Beatles remasters due September; prelude to digital?

04/07, 11:45am

Beatles Remastered CDs

The Beatles on Tuesday confirmed plans to launch remastered CD versions of their catalog in time with their first digital-only video game release through the Rock Band series. The reworkings are claimed to be the best quality since the originals and each include a QuickTime video documentary about the making of their given albums. A separate collection will include the original mono mixes where they existed.

Markzware releases MarkzTools 8 for QuarkXPress 8

04/07, 11:30am

MarkzTools 8 update

Markzware has released MarkzTools 8, an update to its anti-corruption XTension for QuarkXPress 8 documents. The program offers automatic verification of all saved Quark documents, helping to prevent corruption. Should a file become damaged, users can attempt recovery through means such as a Scavenge Text option.

Apple leads S&P 500 in market cap rankings

04/07, 11:10am

AAPL leads in market cap

Apple is so far at the forefront of 2009's S&P 500 market cap ratings, figures show. Market cap is a relative reflection of company value, in terms of stock price multiplied by the number of outstanding shares; as of April 3rd the company's cap had grown by approximately $27.425 billion, easily surpassing that of IBM, which nevertheless managed a cap increase of $24.081 billion. Another notable tech company on the list is Google, which placed in fourth with $19.719 billion.

MS to finally update Zune hardware this year

04/07, 11:10am

MS Vows Zune HW Update

Microsoft will revamp its Zune hardware for 2009, the media player division's marketing manager Brian Seitz said early Tuesday through Twitter. He doesn't provide details but makes clear this year's update will be more significant than the fall 2008 refresh, which simply increased storage capacity and added firmware support for buying songs over Wi-Fi. The core design has remained unchanged since November 2007.

Australia building 100Mbps national network

04/07, 10:30am

Australia 100Mbps National

The Australian government today set out to improve the country's Internet access by unveiling a plan to roll out a nationwide, fiber-to-the-home Internet service. The network would provide 100Mbps access to about 90 percent of the country's population and would reach the remaining 10 percent through long-range wireless. Completing the network will take about 8 years and a cost of as much as $43 billion AUD ($30.6 billion US) over that period.

Sony Ericsson Idou expected in October

04/07, 9:55am

SE Idou Smartphone Dated

Hot on the heels of Sony Ericsson's release of a couple of entry-level handsets at CTIA comes news of the company's Idou smartphone ship dates. A Sony Ericsson rep from Germany was cited as the source of the news, according to Swedish site Mobil, and has the touchscreen handset launching in October with a fallback date planned for sometime in November. Sony Ericsson Sweden would only go on record as saying the Idou will ship sometime in the second half of the year.

Data Robotics rolls out 8-bay DroboPro

04/07, 9:35am

Data Robotics DroboPro

Data Robotics this morning chased after more than just individual users with the DroboPro. The external array now has 8 SATA bays and can carry as much as 16TB of storage using current hard drive technology. It also expands Drobo's well-known automatic data redundancy by supporting the failure of as many as two disks at once and dynamically shuffling information as disks are added, removed or partitioned into new volumes.

Apple officially launches Nehalem Xserves

04/07, 9:30am

Nehalem Xserves launch

Validating recent leaks, Apple has released two new Xserve models. The servers are sized to fit a 1U rack, and have been upgraded to Intel's Nehalem platform, which Apple claims can produce up to an 89 percent improvement in terms of performance per watt. The base model uses a single, 2.26GHz quad-core Xeon CPU, while the upper tier adds a second Xeon and allows scaling clock speed up to 2.93GHz.

Blockbuster may shutter in face of online threat

04/07, 9:05am

Blockbuster may Exit

Blockbuster yesterday submitted a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing that reveals the company doesn't believe it can continue business. The video store is no longer certain that it can remain a "going concern" and may have to stop operations and close its doors if its financial situation doesn't improve in the near future. The warning comes in spite of a $250 million refinancing loan having been put in place just last week; Blockbuster now says there is "no assurance" that it can meet the requirements of the transaction before it's completed on May 11th.

Sony Ericsson swings entry Walkman, camera phones

04/07, 8:30am

S Ericsson W205 and S312

Sony Ericsson in the wake of CTIA has launched a pair of starter phones targeted alternately at music and photography. The W205 is billed as a first Walkman phone and lifts up Sony Ericsson's low end with more essential features: it supports music playback on Memory Stick Micro cards up to 2GB, an FM radio, a 1.3-megapixel camera and basic Bluetooth. Data is limited to GPRS but is helped by preloading Opera Mini rather than the usual and less compatible NetFront browser. It ships worldwide, including the Americas, during the summer.

MS to keep XP 'downgrade' in Windows 7 era

04/07, 8:00am

MS to Keep XP Downgrades

Microsoft late yesterday confirmed it would maintain its Windows XP downgrade program even after Windows 7 launches. Originally planned as an effort to accommodate customers hoping to avoid using Windows Vista for compatibility or poor performance, the program's already extended July target has now been quietly revealed as lasting until June 2010 and will let those buying a Windows 7 system optionally pay extra to install XP as the primary operating system, leaving 7 as an optional install for later. A spokesman claims the extension to 2010 was made over a year ago.


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