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KLite video compressor offers new space-saving format

updated 04:45 pm EDT, Mon April 6, 2009

KLite debuts JPDMovie

RGB Light and Kandalu Software have collaborated to launch KLite, a new player and compressor title for Macs. The software allows video conversion to the new JPDMovie (JPDM) codec, said to save up to 30 percent in terms of space compared to H264. The software supports three photo formats, lossless compression via CPD and GPD, and a lossy JPD format, all with improved compression sizes compared to competing formats such as JPG and PNG.

The software is available in beta form now, and should ship in a final release April 15th. A professional version is promised with audio support, plug-ins for Final Cut and Photoshop, and compatibility with the iPhone and iPod touch through smart applications. KLite works with Mac OS X 10.4.9 and higher, but has not yet been assigned pricing.

by MacNN Staff





  1. WiseWeasel

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Well, that's a significant space savings, if the playback quality is decent, but this format won't go anywhere until it gets approved by the MPEG group as an industry standard, and cheaply licensed to hardware vendors. As long as there are no standard devices capable of playing back this format, and with storage prices so cheap, there's really no incentive to spend your time compressing your video for this format. About the only place where this format might be relevant is for compressing video content in video games to maximize the use of limited storage media, especially on the XBox, for example, for which the games are often limited by the size of a dual-layer DVD disc. For your typical MacNN reader, this announcement is not relevant until the format is approved and licensed as an MPEG standard.

  1. 010111

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    i can't think of any 320x240 sized video that would ever need to have a 6400kps bitrate.


  1. SBencini

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    Klite - how it works!

    Dear all,
    I actually work for Kandalu Software and it’s my pleasure to respond to Wiseweasel's query.
    1.JPDM is a METHOD, therefore it is not a standard (as a matter of fact JPDM is a independent pre-filter for Lossy compression) and it’s not a format (the utilized container is actually the already in use .mov)
    2.JPDM operates on the following rule:
    “The number of colours significantly weighs upon on the used memory space”.
    Consequently the first rule to follow is the one to save the image with the minimum quantity of colours without altering its vision quality. Furthermore we have added a new criterion, which is the one to of reducing the colour values.

    Concluding JPDM establishes a different new reduction criterion of both number and values, therefore allowing an independent and preventive action (pre-filter) in relation to normal standardized compressions. In the decoding process, as a matter of fact, the post-filter operates after the decompression.
    The theoretical construct, on which JPDM is based, is a universal concept capable of “feeding” the standard compressors with a more compressible TANGIBLE colour space therefore, once rebuilt, similar to the original image.
    For these reasons and after many long evaluation tests (achieved with different platforms and compressors) we don’t necessitate of any approval by the MPEG group because the result is as by scientific guidelines (protocols) stable, predictable and repeatable.
    Finally I would like to stress the fact that this new method can with total simplicity respond to the primary need of saving storage space, bandwidth and energy consumption, these being very important factors especially today because of a worldwide industrial and financial crisis situation.


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