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iPhone apps: ActivePrint, TNA Wrestling, POP Slide

updated 03:50 pm EDT, Mon March 30, 2009

App Fiend, Basetent

  • ActivePrint Traveler ($4) allows users to print various files directly from their iPhone or iPod touch. Items that can be printed include photos from the Photo Library, contacts from the Address Book, web pages and plain text from a built in notepad screen. The application also allows users to select how many copies of a document they would like printed and in what orientation. The application works by connecting to a free desktop program that can be run on any Windows PC from a USB flash drive.

  • TNA Wrestling ($5) is a wrestling game where players can create their own wrestler and works they way through the ranks to become a TNA World Champion. Players can compete in one on one, tag team or gauntlet matches against some of the biggest TNA superstars including Kurt Angle, AJ Styles and Sting. As players progress they can unlock additional moves, finishers and customization options to add to their character.

  • POP Slide ($2) is a puzzle game where players must match up colored bubbles. The game features three different level types, some levels offer complete freedom while others require the player to complete the level within a time limit or pop specific ball colors. Players can add new bubbles to the game play area by tilting to aim and then tapping the bubble to launch from the bottom. When there are groups of three or more a player can then tap on the group to remove them.

  • App Fiend (free) allows users to share personal App reviews and ratings with their network of Friends. After users set up an account they can begin building a list of the apps they are using and what they think of them. Each application can be tagged with a rating out of five and any comments the user may have. Users can also look through the Activity list to see what application their friends have recently left comments on.

  • Basetent ($10) lets Basecamp users manage their projects from an iPhone or iPod touch with nearly all of the functions available in the desktop Basecamp service. With Basetent a user can overview their dashboard, projects, to-dos and milestones or modify individual messages, milestones, to-do lists and to-do items.

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