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6GB iPhone plans disappearing from Rogers accounts?

updated 04:15 pm EDT, Mon March 23, 2009

Rogers iPhone plans vanish

Some Canadian iPhone subscribers are suddenly finding themselves overcharged for their data usage, a customer complaint received by MacNN suggests. The customer notes that as with a number of Canadians, he signed up to Rogers Wireless' initial data plan for the iPhone 3G, which cost $30 per month for 6GB. Several months later however a bill for "hundreds of dollars" was received, a result of the original data plan having mysteriously disappeared from his account.

The problem is allegedly widespread amongst Rogers iPhone customers, and believed to be connected to alterations of a person's account, such as a change in address or phone number. Because the promotional code for the $30/6GB plan no longer exists, discounts may simply be evaporating as accounts are recreated. People who signed up for the $30 price were originally promised that it would persist throughout their three-year contract.

Rogers' support staff are also allegedly unable to fix the problem, choosing instead to push iPhone owners to more expensive tiers while compensating with account credit. Some staff members are in fact said to be resistant to be negotiating lower costs, though experiences may vary. The 6GB plan itself only came into existence after a large Internet petition highlighted the impracticality of proposed tiers.

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  1. Eldernorm

    Joined: Dec 1969


    So we all know

    that Rogers is a real S***** telco. This just proves it. :-(

    Just a thought.

  1. Sander

    Joined: Dec 1969



    I bet they are having second thoughts about giving 6GB for $30 so they mysteriously "lose" that package info... Not surprised.

    It happened to my friend and the "support" staff seems to have amnesia about the promo. He didn't make any changes to his account.

    Rogers really sucks.

  1. Gazoobee

    Joined: Dec 1969


    6GB plan S***** deal

    As a user of the 6GB plan, I can tell you it's a S**** deal anyway. All it really means is that you have a higher cap, you are not actually getting anything more for your money than those that are (now) forced into paying the same money for 500MB. It's humorous that a scam like that can be considered to be any kind of a good deal in the first place.

    If they simply priced the data at a reasonable price that's connected to what it actually cost we'd all be better off. I use roughly 50MB of data a month, so I pay 30 for that and I can go up to the 6GB cap if I ever need to, but I never will in any realistic sense. Meanwhile, I can't share this data with any members of my family so if my significant other wanted to get an iPhone, she'd have to pay 30 bucks as well, get a lower cap of 500MB and still likely not use any more than the 50MB I use.

    In fact, she is a heavy internet user, so she might actually go over the 500MB cap. For that reason she is not buying an iPhone because even though between us we would have paid for 6.5GB of data, she could still end up paying hundreds of bucks in fees if she goes over her measly 500MB.

    If Rogers merely tried to find a fair price for their services based on use and cost there would be no problem. They are just so used to s******* people over and not giving a sh*t about the customer that they don't see it.

  1. Gazoobee

    Joined: Dec 1969



    stupid comment system here! please fix it

  1. WheresMyAppleCare

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Rogers Blows

    I still have my 6GB plan, but still no AppleCare dammit!! I WANT MY APPLECARE!!!

  1. drnkn_stylz

    Joined: Dec 1969


    F&%# Rogers

    Just checked my account after reading this. I still have my 6gb data PHEW!!!!

    Rogers is HORRIBLE though. That's what happens when they're the only GSM provider in Canada (they own Fido). They get away with pretty much anything.

  1. Athens

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Rogers is HORRIBLE though. That's what happens when they're the only GSM provider in Canada (they own Fido). They get away with pretty much anything.


    Only because we let them. If we all stood up and made demands they would have no choice to listen. No one is bothered enough to put together a big enough compain to make them listen, and most are not bothered enough to join a compain.

  1. gor3don

    Joined: Dec 1969



    It is a waste to do anything about it. Telus, Rogers and Bell (the absolute worst) are exactly the same. They don't care about their customers. They never will. Complaining won't change a thing as their is no alternative, and they know it.

    More competition is the only way to get them to listen to their customers.

  1. Salty

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Given MacNN's integrity of reporting about Rogers I kinda doubt this is what's happening. Likely someone did a TOS (Transfer of Service) and nobody thought to inform then that they'd have to go to current market offers. Why? Cause that's what the billing system lets customer service offer. If you understood the billing system they use it would make a lot more sense. People always talk about how cell phone companies are s******* their customers. To be honest most customers are looking to s**** their cell phone providers. And as soon as something goes wrong because they phoned in 20 times in a day and talked to 20 different reps and asked for things that they now pretend they didn't want, their bill is screwed up.

    And btw I doubt the customer got HUNDREDS of dollars in bills since Rogers caps the data bill at 100. Thus I call this article freaking bogus. In manitoba anyway Rogers is by far the best cell company for taking care of customers, having worked at MTS and Rogers and knowing Telus customers, Rogers is by far the best out here.

  1. miyazakifan

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Uhh . . .what??


    rogers rep

    Honestly, how could anyone say anything positive about Rogers who has actually used the service??? (Unless they work for them). Everyone I know who has used Rogers (and I'm talking hundreds of users) has nothing good to say at all.

    I am convinced it is company policy to deliberately s**** up customer accounts in the hope that they don't notice and pay inflated and erroneous charges.

    My wife and I were promised an account with free voicemail, call waiting and a reduced rate. Then our first bill arrived with a regular rate and charges for all of the free services. After complaining, Rogers said that they would have "never offered that kind of plan" and refused to change it until we argued with several managers.

    We then received a bill for free call waiting and a reduced rate, and they were still charging us for voicemail. It never ends. They just count on the customer giving in so they can make more profit. And that's just one story of millions.

    They really are a truly evil company that only cares about market share and profit. I'm not surprised at all that they would pull something like this.

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