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Apps: iWeb Valet, EarthDesk, PDFClerk Pro

03/16, 11:15pm

Print It!, iFind

iWeb Valet 2.0 ($19) is a tool for enhancing and uploading iWeb pages. After creating a page in iWeb, instead of publishing to MobileMe, iWeb Valet allows users to publish the site to a local folder and then upload it to an FTP sever. The update includes the ability to add new interactive widgets and also allows users to preview the modified pages in a browser at any point, instead of having to upload it to a web sever first. [Download - 8.6MB]

Fandango provides show listings through iPhone

03/16, 9:55pm

Fandango for iPhone

Fandango has announced an iPhone application that provides access to movie and theater information. Users can view schedules and purchase tickets for more than 16,000 screens in the US. In addition to the show listings, users can browse upcoming titles, watch trailers, read synopses and view fan ratings. The program also offers a favorites menu that can be used to save local theater locations for quicker access.

Carbonite launches online backup service for Mac

03/16, 8:55pm

Carbonite Online Backup

Carbonite has expanded its online backup service to support Mac systems. Individual users or small businesses can automatically back up an unlimited amount of data. The software runs in the background, continually copying new or changed files to the company's servers. Data is encrypted when it leaves the local computer, where it is then transferred to the secure data centers using the SSL protocol.

Leaked invitation points to Adamo launch tomorrow

03/16, 8:15pm

Adamo launch tomorrow

An alleged spyshot of a Dell event invitation adds more evidence to rumors that the notebook is set to launch on Tuesday. The invitation, provided to Gizmodo by a tipster, describes "one of the most anticipated brand and product launches in the 12 year history of Dell's Consumer business." A specific product is not mentioned, but the title reads "Don't Miss Your Chance to 'Fall in Love.'" Adamo means "to fall in love with" in Latin, a phrase that Dell has previously used when referencing the notebook.

Mac Data Recovery 3.5 adds bootable DVD, new formats

03/16, 6:55pm

Mac Data Recovery udpate

Stellar Information Systems has released Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 3.5, the latest version of its file recovery utility. The update offers a new bootable DVD that overrides the operating system, enabling access to data. Users can now recover 61 different file formats including content from MS Office, Entourage and QuickBooks, among others. Files can be recovered by name, creation date, time or sector number, with previews available for image, audio or video files.

Apple claims no DRM protection on Shuffle controls

03/16, 5:50pm

Apple refutes DRM claims

Apple has refuted recent claims that the new iPod shuffle integrates DRM technology to prevent third-party companies from making compatible products without paying fees. iLounge and the Electronic Frontier Foundation noted the presence of a chip behind the buttons on the in-line controls, leading to the presumption that the component provided authentication for the signal.

iPhone apps: FarFinder, boxee remote, Whrrl

03/16, 5:40pm

Habits, Cropulator

FarFinder (free) allows users to log onto their Mac computer remotely and access files on any and all connected drives. Files can be saved to an iPhone and most can be opened and viewed on the devices itslef. FarFinder also supports Spotlight allowing users to search through all of their files. Additional features include displaying hidden files, showing file extensions and opening packages.

Amadana intros SAL pocket camcorder

03/16, 4:55pm

Amadana intros SAL VGA cam

Not unlike the fairly popular Flip Video that spawned the category and the near identical Creative Vado that followed it, Amadana on Monday announced the introduction of its SAL pocket video camcorder. The SAL uses a 3-megapixel CMOS sensor to capture 640x480 resolution videos in the MPEG-4 format, with a 320x240 LCD display acting as the viewfinder and playback display. Storage space is fixed at 2GB, or 2 hours of video that also matches the claimed battery life.

AVerMedia outs Volar MAX USB HDTV tuner

03/16, 4:45pm

AVerMedia outs Volar MAX

AVerMedia on Monday announced the release of its AVerTVHD Volar MAX USB TV tuner, compatible with both Macs and PCs, and able to receive digital HDTV or unencrypted ClearQAM signals. The device ships with AVerTV for Mac and Aver MediaCenter software, used to watch HDTV programming. Users can schedule recordings and timeshift programming, although resolutions are limited to a maximum of 1080i.

Motorola Evoke QA4 FCC testing confirms CDMA

03/16, 4:40pm

Moto QA4 passes FCC tests

The still unofficial Motorola Evoke QA4 is getting ever closer to a North American release, as it has recently gone through the prerequisite testing procedures at the FCC. The FCC documentation reveals the touchscreen phone will have assisted GPS functionality and stereo Bluetooth while confirming it will sport a tri-band CDMA radio. A camera of unknown megapixel count -- rumors have it at 2 megapixels -- will be integrated and capable of capturing videos.

DealNN: $799 iMac, $99 iPhone, more

03/16, 4:40pm

DealNN: $799 iMac

Today's featured deal at DealNN is on the refurbished 20-inch iMac from Apple's online store. This Mac models is usually priced at $1099, but it has been reduced to $799. It has a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 1GB of memory and a 250GB hard drive. Built-in featuers include AirPort extreme wireless, Bluetooth, iSight webcam, microphone and 8x SuperDrive.

Mac sales slide 16 percent in February

03/16, 4:30pm

Mac sales fall 16 percent

Sales of Mac computers fell dramatically in February, writes Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. Figures released by the NPD Group reveal that Mac units dropped 16 percent year-over-year, a number coincidentally matching a decline in iPod sales. Both figures are at least partially attributable to a recession-fueled pullback in consumer spending, Munster suggests.

More BlackBerry 9630 Niagara photos revealed

03/16, 4:25pm

BlackBerry Niagara photos

With official specs and photos of the BlackBerry 9630 Niagara still some ways off, new live photos leaked over the weekend via CrackBerry shed some more light on the handset. Coming about a week after the orginal leaked photos, one of the new images reveals the backside of the handset, confirming it will run on a CDMA-based 3G network. The carbon fiber-like look of the battery door is likely only there because of a protective sticker.

VUDU adds Pandora Internet radio support

03/16, 4:20pm

VUDU adds Pandora support

VUDU has recently announced it has added support for the recommendation-based Internet radio service Pandora. The feature is the first music application available on the VUDU Box and allows on-screen access to the multitude of channels. Multiple user accounts are supported, so each member of the family can log in and access their own favorite presets.

Hitachi turnaround involves new president, split-off

03/16, 4:10pm

Hitachi replaces president

Hitachi turn around involves new president, company split Hitachi on Monday announced it has named a new president to head up the company's turnaround plan to return to profitability. According to Monday WSJ report, Takashi Kawamura, a 47-year senior at the company who is 69, will replace Kazuo Furukawa in April. At the same time, the company will split up its automotive supply and consumer television operations. About two months ago, Hitachi announced the biggest loss ever among Japanese manufacturing companies and is expected to post a 700 billion yen ($7.1 billion) loss for the year at the end of March. The loss-making businesses will be made into wholly-owned subsidiaries but become independent in July.

Sprint roadmap shows Instinct sequel, more

03/16, 4:05pm

Sprint 2009 Roadmap Leak

A roadmap for most or all of Sprint's 2009 phone introductions has been leaked today and confirms the rough timeframes for multiple devices, including direct iPhone rivals. Besides mentioning known or already-launched devices like the Palm Pre and LG Rumor 2, the map obtained by BGR shows that the Samsung Instinct S30 may now just be named the Dash. It would represent a relatively modest upgrade on the surface with a 5-megapixel camera using autofocus, an accelerometer to recognize tilt, a 240x480 display and EVDO Revision A for its 3G access.

Broadpoint.Amtech raises Apple estimates

03/16, 3:30pm

Broadpoint ups Apple

Broadpoint.Amtech analyst Brian Marshall has raised EPS estimates for Apple, as well as the stock's price target. The latter has been boosted from $110 to $120, while FY09 EPS predictions have been shifted from $5.52 to $5.70. In FY10, EPS is expected to be $6.56 instead of $6.36. The stock continues to be classified under a Buy rating.

Seattle P-I largest paper to go all-digital

03/16, 3:00pm

Seattile PI All Digital

Hearst on Monday said the Seattle Post-Intelligencer would become the largest newspaper ever to move to an online-only format. The move leaves the Tuesday issue as the last paper copy and ends the 146-year history of the physical edition. Its owners describe the shift as the result of "extremely difficult circumstances" for the company's finances and after unsuccessfully trying to sell the Post-Intelligencer to another company since January 9th.

FotoInsight Designer 4.5 adds new book formats, frame

03/16, 2:55pm

FotoInsight Designer

British company FotoInsight has announced FotoInsight Designer 4.5, an update to its photo-book building utility that is provided as part of the company's image processing services. The program offers new book formats, additional templates and new features such as fading frames. Users can now import content such as maps, clipart, text or images directly from sites including Flickr, locr and Wikipedia GeoNames. Images can also be uploaded to locr, while the company plans to add support for Facebook and Picasa later this year.

Dell to finally unveil Adamo tomorrow?

03/16, 2:20pm

Dell Adamo May Show Tues

Dell has potentially tipped its hand as to the planned official launch for its Adamo designer notebook. A Google AdSense ad for Ireland claims Dell will let users "discover the love story" on the 17th; the mention of a specific date contrasts against Dell's teaser campaign so far, which has never been given a public schedule. The link nonetheless points to the existing teaser page.

General Dynamics outs ultra-tough GD8000 notebook

03/16, 2:10pm

General Dynamics notebook

General Dynamics' sub-brand GD-Itronix has released its latest ultra-rugged notebook PC, the 13.3-inch GD8000. The company is claiming the Intel Core 2 Duo processor-powered PC is the toughest offering possible, as it exceeds the US military's MIL-STD 810F specifications for rugged design. While the spec calls for withstanding drops from three feet while off and consequently being able to boot up 26 times, GD-Itronix says its product can be dropped from an extra half-foot high when running and still boot up. The GD8000 also holds up to 30 gallons of water being sprayed at 40mph for four hours straight. The PC's die-cast magnesium chassis is built to withstand other hazards, such as dust and temperature extremes.

Apple takes flak for iPod shuffle hardware limits

03/16, 1:40pm

EFF attacks iPod shuffle

Apple is headed in the wrong direction with the redesigned iPod shuffle, claims the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The public advocacy group notes that while Apple has mostly disposed of DRM in terms of music files, it has effectively added more by limiting which audio hardware can connect to the player's headphone jack. If not used with official Apple earbuds, the player will require an adapter or officially-sanctioned third-party headphones.

Gateway intros Core 2 Quad-powered FX notebook

03/16, 1:30pm

Gateway Core 2 Quad laptop

Gateway on Monday announced the release of its first P-series notebook to be equipped with Intel's Core 2 Quad CPU, the P-7808u FX Edition. The 2.0GHz gaming and multimedia notebook has 4GB of RAM, and graphics are processed by NVIDIA's GeForce 9800M GTS card with 1GB of dedicated video memory for reproducing 3D graphics effects on the 17-inch, 1440x900 resolution screen. Staying true to its multimedia mission, the notebook has integrated and illuminated keys for controlling audio and video functions.

Pioneer hunts for partners in auto electronics

03/16, 12:45pm

Pioneer looks for partners

Japan's Pioneer is searching for a partner in the auto electronics business, according to Nikkei Business Daily. The company is currently said to be in negotiations with three main contenders -- Alpine, Clarion and Mitsubishi Electric -- in a bid to work on new auto electronics, such as car navigation systems. The company's reputation may also steer it further into the realm of audio, though no information to this effect has been revealed.

Windows 7 Release Candidate moved to May?

03/16, 12:30pm

Win 7 RC Moved to May

Microsoft may have instituted one of its first few delays in releasing Windows 7, a translated version of a Russian leak shows. Although internal Microsoft sources had pointed to an April 10th date for the lone release candidate version of the new OS, the software is now reportedly slated for internal completion as an "escrow" build by the very end of April and wouldn't be publicly available until the end of May. The version is expected to be the last major test version before Windows 7 is completed.

Smart Image CS4 simplifies InDesign captioning

03/16, 12:05pm

Smart Image CS4 debuts

WoodWing has released an updated plug-in for Adobe's InDesign publishing software. Smart Image CS4 is said to be aimed at organizations like magazines and newspapers, which frequently need to place caption and credit information alongside photos in their publications. The plug-in is used to automatically generate text frames around images, borrowing information from XMP or IPTC metadata.

Intel threatens to cut AMD licenses in dispute

03/16, 11:30am

Intel May Cut AMD License

Intel today escalated confrontations between itself and competitors by telling AMD that it would eliminate the cross-licensing deal that grants AMD permission to use Intel patents for building x86-compatible processors. AMD is accused by Intel of having violated a 2001 license by having spun off its factories as GlobalFoundries and farmed out manufacturing of AMD's chips, including the Athlon, Phenom and Opteron lines, to the new company. Intel is asking AMD to resolve the problem within 60 days, which may include renegotiating a new license.

Enigmo developer to switch focus to iPhone

03/16, 11:20am

Pangea picks iPhone

Pangea may largely abandon developing games for the Mac, claims the company's founder. In speaking with UK newspaper The Guardian, Brian Greenstone comments that the income earned by the developer through Mac games is "lunch money" compared to what it has earned via the iPhone. Enigmo -- though previously available on the Mac, and selling for only $2.99 at the App Store -- was downloaded over 810,000 times between July 2008 and January 2009.

Apple gaining MacBook deal with Maine schools

03/16, 10:30am

Apple, Maine school deal

Apple stands to benefit from a new deal being negotiated with the government of Maine, writes the Associated Press. Members of the state's Education Department are said to be negotiating a four-year lease, which would see 100,000 MacBooks handed out to students in grades 7 to 12. By this fall the state hopes to provide all students in these grades with a notebook, expanding on efforts first begun in 2002.

MSI outs Wind U110 Eco with 9-hour battery, Radeon

03/16, 10:30am

MSI Wind U110 Eco

MSI today gave the Wind series yet another update through the U110 Eco. The new netbook is MSI's first to use the Poulsbo-era 1.6GHz Atom Z530 and uses the more power-efficient chipset to extend battery life to a full 9 hours in peak conditions. Despite the Intel core, the model also unusually depends on AMD's ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200 integrated chipset to give it faster graphics than Intel's current chipsets can offer.

Motion Computing intros rugged tablet PC

03/16, 9:55am

Motion Computing tablet PC

Motion Computing on Monday announced the availability of its rugged tablet PC, the 12.1-inch J3400. To earn the rugged label, the J3400 is IP-52 rated and meets MIL-STD-810F specifications, that mean it can shake off a 3-foot drop onto plywood over concrete as well as lesser shocks; it further resists the damaging effects of dust and moisture. The drop protection is achieved by the use of a shock-mounted 1.8-inch HDD and display. An accelerometer and related hardware and software Motion calls DataGuard will protect data and the 80GB or 120GB hard drive by separating the needle from the disc surface when a fall is detected.

LG's Arena flagship phone ships in Europe

03/16, 9:40am

LG Arena Ships in Europe

LG on Monday said it has launched the Arena in Europe. The company's new range-topping phone should be available today through carriers like Orange and T-Mobile in the continent's "major" markets and is still claimed as one of LG's most anticipated phones with more than 1 million pre-orders, though this includes carriers in Asia and other regions besides Europe. No mention has been made of how many Arenas are expected to sell through on launch day.

Apple faces suit over exploding iPod touch

03/16, 9:25am

iPod touch explosion suit

Apple faces legal action in the case of an exploding iPod touch, court documents show. An Ohio mother has filed a lawsuit on behalf of her 15-year-old son, whose 16GB Touch is said to have spontaneously caught fire while he was sitting in class. After running to a bathroom to remove his pants, he is said to have discovered that the Touch had burned a hole through both his pocket and his underwear, moreover scorching his leg.

US Mobile Internet use doubles year-to-year

03/16, 9:00am

Mobile Inet Use Doubles

Research firm comScore this morning revealed that day-to-day Internet use on cellphones in the US has roughly doubled in the past year. Where about 10.8 million users are known to have visited the mobile web at least once a day in January 2008, about 22.4 million were doing the same at the start of 2009. Large jumps also occurred for once-a-week visitors, who surged from 10.3 million people to 19.2 million, while those who accessed the Internet at least once a month climbed from 36.9 million to 63.1 million.

TriGem ups Averatec AIO PC with HD playback

03/16, 7:55am

Averatec 18.4-inch AIO PC

TriGem has announced the latest in its line of Averatec all-in-one desktops, the 18.4-inch D1133 AIO. The system aims to improve on other budget nettops by giving the system desktop-level performance: instead of an Atom chip, it gets a 1.5GHz dual-core Athlon X2 processor and can play HD video courtesy of the AMD platform's integrated Radeon HD 3200 graphics chipset. TriGem sees the D1133 as a low-cost web video station and to that end gives the display a 1680x945 resolution that still keeps the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Lenovo teases Pocket Yoga touchscreen netbook

03/16, 7:30am

Lenovo Pocket Yoga Teaser

(Updated with new photos) Lenovo this morning confirmed the existence of its mystery netbook by posting teaser images on its photo feed. The system is now called the Pocket Yoga and has both the ultra-wide, VAIO P-like display and leather-bound shell of leaked photos. Concept sketches, however, show the PC not only supporting a touchscreen for a stylus but a convertible design that would let the display flip backwards to use it as a very small tablet.


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