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Nokia, Verizon teaming on 4G iPhone killer?

updated 12:15 pm EST, Fri March 6, 2009

Nokia Verizon 4G Phone Tip

A tip from Thursday suggests Verizon is enlisting Nokia's help to develop a touchscreen device that would help the carrier lure customers away from the iPhone next year. Citing only anonymous sources, The Street asserts that the two companies are working on a touchscreen device whose cornerstone would be 4G Internet access over Verizon's LTE network, which goes live in early 2010. The service currently reaches 60Mbps in testing and would theoretically let the phone offer streaming HD video and other features that aren't options on 3G.

Further details aren't mentioned, though both companies are suspected of negotiating an exclusive deal and would use the new device as a flagship to show that both are leading in cellphone technology. Verizon in particular would gain by having a "halo" device to show the advantages of its 4G network a year or two ahead of AT&T, which won't have 4G until 2011 and will have to settle for interim HSPA+ 3G service during 2010.

Such an effort would be unusual for Nokia. The company does offer its smartphones in the US but lately has been limited to selling full-price, unlocked versions independently of any carrier and only in a format that would support 3G over AT&T. The Finnish cellphone producer has often been hesitant to tie its high-end phones to US carriers as they often ask hardware companies both to customize the interface as well as to deliberately disable or remove useful software features like Internet phone calling.

The rumor doesn't have any direct corroborating support and should be treated with caution as the site doesn't have a definitive track record. However, Nokia has just this week pledged early 4G support with at least one device likely to show next year.

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    Another dud phone

    Ok here we go again. When will Verizon, Nokia and others realize that creating an iPhone killer is not the answer to win over iPhone users. It is to create value and a phone or device that does something that user want.

  1. Constable Odo

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    All companies seem

    to think that they you need is better hardware in their handsets to steal iPhone customers. On sites like Engadget, the nerds go crazy when they see things like 5 MP cameras, HD screens, multi-tasking. In theory all that seems like a good thing, but the casual user may not see the need for many of those features. Everyone seems to want a better camera, though. But now the biggest lure is the App Store and iTunes, so jacking iPhone customers to another brand isn't going to be easy.

  1. eldarkus

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    Someone should

    toss this into the pile of with all of those iPod killers.. how many of those were there? :)

  1. gikku

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    nokia? they still kicking around?

  1. Alfiejr

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    Stop the "Killer" BS

    why does Electronista insist on running these stupid "killer" headlines? just to get hits?

    there isn't ever gonna be a iPhone "killer." what there is, is a lot of wannabe's. from now on, use "wannabe" instead if you're honest.

  1. dthree

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    Gotta agree with odo

    Attempting to make an iPhone killer is not what will kill the iPhone. It will be coming to market with something different. Nokia is borrowing from apple what they think will help their platform (touch screen, app store) the same was ALL the manufacturers copied motorola styles twice. BTW, nokia is still the largest handset mfr in the world, just not in the US.

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