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iPhone apps: Mathemagics, Camera Timer, ColorSplash

updated 12:20 pm EST, Thu March 5, 2009

ComicZeal, Betty Crocker

  • Mathemagics ($3) is an application that can help a user learn to quickly calculate math problems in their head. Mathemagics includes 15 different math tricks that can help one multiply, divide or square numbers quicker than the time it takes to use a calculator. Each math trick is accompanied by a lesson and then practice questions that progressively get more difficult.

  • Camera Timer ($2) allows users to make user of the iPhone's camera without needing to hold the device. Users can set the timer to 15, 30 or 45 seconds and then join a group for a photo or take a self portrait. The application also allows users to enable a sound that activates during the last 10 seconds of the timer to warn the user the shot is about to be taken.

  • ColorSplash ($2) is a photo tool that can be used to add a dramatic look by converting a photo to black and white while keeping user selected colors. This effect draws the viewers attention to the colored areas of the photo and allow photographers to add an accent to the image. The application includes four different brushes to work with and can undo any accidental edits. Users can also save multiple sessions in case they wish to leave editing the current photo and work on another.

  • ComicZeal ($1) is a comic reader made for the iPhone and iPod touch. The application displays all of the comic book covers on virtual shelves and a badge shows which have been finished and which ones are currently being read. Users can read their pre-exisiting comics or graphic novels or import additional Golden Age Comics or Jim Shelly's Flashback Universe for free.

  • Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook (free) is a collection of over 400 recipes from the cooks at Betty Crocker. All of the recipes are stored within the application so no internet connection is required. Users search through the cookbook by title, ingredients or choose to see a random recipe and each recipe includes step-by-step instructions, a photo and nutritional information. Additionally, users can choose to email any of their favorite recipes to friends or themselves to be printed off.

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