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iPhone apps: Orbital Blockade, Wake!Simply, Accountr

updated 02:50 pm EST, Fri February 27, 2009

Percent Tool, Aura

  • Orbital Blockade ($2) is similar to the classic paddle-ball-block games such as Breakout but is played on a circular field. This means players must move the paddle around the entire playing field to keep the ball in play. The game features a series of levels that increase in difficulty along with several power ups to help players progress through each.

  • Wake!Simply ($1) is bedside alarm clock application that displays a classic LED styled clock and uses a simple beeper styled alarm. The clock can be set in both a portrait and landscape mode which feature LED styled numbers and a flashing second indicator. The application also includes three different dimmer modes, both a 12 and 24 hour clock and a beeper alarm with vibrate and snooze options.

  • Accountr ($1) is an application for tracking spending and earnings. Users can set up multiple accounts and then organize all of their incomes and expenditures into customizable categories. Accountr also lets users set budgets and track their spending against it. The data can then be exported to spreadsheet applications like Google Spreadsheet, Excel, Numbers and MS Money.

  • Percent Tool ($2) can be used to calculate and compare percentages such as added taxes and discounts. Users can calculate percentages on any value with the ability to specify different percentage values. Percentage Tool displays the amount with the specified percentage added or discounted and the difference between two percentages for calculating the greatest discounts.

  • Aura ($1) is an interactive ambient music generator that features an automatic and manual mode. In the "Listen" mode Aura generates an endless audio and visual track while the "Create" mode allows users to create original melodies using touch commands and gestures. Aura features four different melody instruments and visuals that react to the music.

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