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Apps: Warranty Hero, Flash Cards II, Tooble

updated 05:45 pm EST, Mon February 23, 2009

iReadFast, PDFCompress

  • Warranty Hero 1.1 ($5) allows users to keep track of a products life-span and its accompanying warranty. The application can track a products name, vendor, purchase date and a warranty expiry date. Optional information for serial number, price, and product image can be entered as necessary, as well as the ability to Drag & Drop receipts as a PDF and add Keywords. Version 1.1 includes a French localization, a new "Notes" field, and several bug fixes and performance enhancements. [Download - 3.7MB]

  • Flash Cards II 1.0 ($10) allows users to create flash cards with support for longer questions and answers than supported by the original release. Users can make as many tests as they wish and each test can have as many questions and answers as they wish. The application includes three modes one for seeing questions and answer,s one for hearing questions and answers and one for both. [Download - 3.2MB]

  • Tooble 2.0 (free) allows users to take videos from YouTube and save it in a format compatible with an iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. Users can browse through categories, perform searches, or enter a direct URL and then download a video from within Tooble's interface. The update fixes several issues involving video downloads and improves the source lists including new feeds and better account integration. [Download - 1.1MB]

  • iReadFast 1.4 (free) is a tool that can help users increase their reading speed of electronic documents. The program works by reproducing user entered text word by word at a selected speed. This frees the brain from having to position the eyes and from keeping track of the point reached in a document. The latest update has added full phrase visualization and lowered the minimum reading speed. [Download - 0.96MB]

  • PDFCompress 5.7 ($27) is a tool for reducing the size of PDF files. The application reduces file sizes by using various JPEG compression methods that allow the PDF's to be used more effectively on web sites or in emails. PDFCompress does not modify the original file and saves the resulting PDF with a name that indicates it has been edited. The update has fixed a bug where the resolution of shared images was computed incorrectly. [Download - 1.8MB]

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    1. danangdoc

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      This is an awesome app! I downloaded it today, but got the old version. When I was doing a download it prompted me to get the new version.....(?) which I did. I was able to put Ben Stillers Joaquin Phoenix impression ok my iPod. This is great!

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