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Tunewear debuts three new iPhone/iPod carrying cases

02/23, 11:55pm

iPhone carrying cases

Tunewear has released three new carrying cases to its line of iPhone, iPod or MP3 player accessories, JOGPOCKET, STRAPOCKET, and XTRAPOCKET. The JOGPOCKET is a lightweight case made for the iPod nano 4G, 1G and 2G. Consisting of a lightweight neoprene case with a detachable armband, the case is made for active people and helps protect against scratches and dirt. In addition, people can use the JOGPOCKET with the Nike+iPod sports kit, for times when jogging or exercising.

Collins announces Danglet strap for iPod, iPhone

02/23, 11:55pm

Danglet iPhone accessory

Collins America has announced its now accepting orders for its patent-pending Danglet wrist and neck strap accessory for the iPhone and iPod. Danglet is the first strap adapter for the iPhone/iPod that enables users to hang the device around a wrist or neck even while walking around. The whole package consists of a Dangler adapter that clips into the devices dock connector jack, one 7-inch nylon wrist strap, and a 17-inch nylon neck strap.

Report claims Steve Jobs is using his computer less

02/23, 11:30pm

Steve Jobs rumor

A rumor claims that Steve Jobs has been using his computer less since taking his six-month leave of absence, according to a report by Robert X Cringely, the pen name used by former PBS journalist Mark Stephens. The source, a friend of Cringely, has allegedly been one of Jobs' Internet chat contacts for years. The Apple CEO historically would spend hours a day logged into a chat client, a habit that continued into his leave of absence. "But then Steve started logging-on less and less. And several weeks ago he stopped logging-on at all," Cringely said.

Best Buy cuts $100 off iPhone for Reward Zone members

02/23, 9:35pm

Best Buy iPhone sale

Confirming rumors from last week, Best Buy has started a promotion that will cut $100 from the price of any iPhone for its Reward Zone Premier members. The sale brings the price of the 8GB handset down to $100, while the 16GB variant can be purchased for $200. AT&T sold iPhones at the same relative prices, although the discounts applied only to refurbished units instead of new devices.

Snow Leopard screenshot leaks show design changes

02/23, 9:20pm

Snow Leopard screenshots

Following the release of the latest Mac OS X Snow Leopard build to developers, screenshot leaks posted on World of Apple show a few minor changes to the interface. The build allows users to navigate the folders from within Stacks, without automatically closing the Stack each time a folder is opened. Diving further into the Stacks will create a small grid window of the parent Stack in the corner of the screen.

Power Game Factory 1.1 adds editing window, library

02/23, 9:00pm

Power Game Factory 1.1

Sawblade Software has announced an update to its 2D video game designing application, Power Game Factory 1.1. The software offers side-scrolling style creation similar to the 8-bit and 16-bit console video games, but with more detailed graphics and sound. The new version offers a series of changes and additions that includes being able to create universal binary game applications that run on Macs, a new image editing window and content library manager window, and changes that enables the compiler to identify and merge sets of image and sound files.

Aleratec 1:1 HDD Cruiser duplicates drives at 70MB/s

02/23, 7:35pm

Cruiser HDD copier

Aleratec has released a standalone hard drive duplicator, the 1:1 HDD Cruiser, that supports copy speeds of up to 70MB per second. The Cruiser provides a USB 2.0 port that allows access to both SATA drive bays from a PC for editing or viewing. The port can also be used if the two drives are left connected for extra storage or backup. Source and target drives are loaded directly into the drive bays without the need for external cables.

DealNN: GPS units, external hard drives, more

02/23, 6:15pm

DealNN: GPS units, more

Today's DealNN deals include a variety of GPS units, external hard drives, digital camcorders and more. First up is the Magellan Maestro 3200 GPS unit. It is regularly priced at $149.99, but for this week only it is reduced to $94.99. Features include a 3.5-inch color touchscreen display, turn-by-turn voice guidance and SmartDetour that automatically navigates out out traffic jams or stopped freeway traffic.

Scosche dock adapter charges iPhone 3G, Touch 2G

02/23, 6:15pm

Dock power adapter

Scosche has released the passPORT Home Dock, an adapter that allows the iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2G and iPod nano 4G to be charged on older docks that do not support the newer USB 5-volt charging standard. The device allows all audio, video and data signals to pass through to the dock. The inserts provided with each iPod can be used for a better fit. A special adapter for BOSE SoundDock I units is also included in the package.

Apps: Warranty Hero, Flash Cards II, Tooble

02/23, 5:45pm

iReadFast, PDFCompress

Warranty Hero 1.1 ($5) allows users to keep track of a products life-span and its accompanying warranty. The application can track a products name, vendor, purchase date and a warranty expiry date. Optional information for serial number, price, and product image can be entered as necessary, as well as the ability to Drag & Drop receipts as a PDF and add Keywords. Version 1.1 includes a French localization, a new "Notes" field, and several bug fixes and performance enhancements. [Download - 3.7MB]

MCE ships 500GB OptiBay drives for unibody MacBooks

02/23, 5:20pm

OptiBay MacBook drives

MCE Technologies is now shipping OptiBay hard drives for the aluminum-unibody MacBook and MacBook Pro. Available capacities range from 250GB to 500GB, each with an 8MB buffer. The 350GB and 500GB drives run at 5400rpm, while customers can choose a 7200rpm option for the 320GB model. The company claims that the OptiBay components consume less power than the original drives, contributing to a 10- to 15-percent extension of the battery life. The drives also support status monitoring and spin-down commands from the Mac OS.

Pentax permanently drops pricing on K20D

02/23, 4:45pm

Pentax drops K20D pricing

Pentax on Monday announced an immediate price drop for its K20 digital SLR camera, which sports a 14.6-megapixel sensor and a dust-proof, weather-resistant body. The new $200 discount is permanent, unlike an earlier price drop where Pentax lowered prices for the K20D and K2000 DSLR cameras and their bundles until by $100 until February 22nd. The body of the Pentax K20D is now priced at nearly $800, while the K20D with a DA 18-55mm II lens kit costs nearly $880. A kit with a 16-45mm lens kit carries a price tag of $1,200.

Broadcom to build Chumby into online devices

02/23, 4:35pm

Broadcom integrates Chumby

Broadcom announced on Monday that the Chumby platform will be made available for the company's Internet connected devices that include digital TVs, set-top boxes and chips uses in Blu-ray players. The cooperation between the companies will allow users to tune to Internet radio stations and podcasts as well as access other personalized Internet content. Via widgets, users can access social networks, including Chumby's own, in addition to streaming video or audio content offered by its media partners.

TUNEPRISM cases hit for Nano 4G, Touch 2G

02/23, 4:35pm

TUNEPRISM cases ship

TUNEWEAR has launched new TUNEPRISM cases for the iPod nano 4G and Touch 2G. The cases are generally rubberized opaque models, with glass-like prism effects built into the back material. The Nano version has a keyhole connector, while the Touch case features extra openings for the volume and sleep buttons.

Treasured 1.5 adds new movie file compatibility, more

02/23, 4:25pm

Treasured 1.5 launched

Aero Quartet has released Treasured 1.5, updating its diagnosis tool for corrupt movie files. The software allows users to preview a bad file, and determine if footage needed is still available and repairable. The app also works with Aero Quartet's movie repair service, sending damaged files to it with all relevant information; the service is claimed to take only hours to deliver repaired video.

Lenovo gives 8 ThinkPads military-grade approval

02/23, 4:25pm

Lenovo rugged notebooks

Lenovo on Monday announced that eight of its ThinkPad notebooks, including the X200, X301, X200s, X200 Tablet, T400, T500, R400 and SL300 meet the US military's ruggedness standards, proving that each of them is particularly resistant to vibration, dust, pressure, humidity, temperature and dust extremes. Some of the models also bring along added protection measures inherent to their designs such as an airbag-like protection system, anti-skip hard drives and a roll cage. The most popular ThinkPad, the T400, also gets an optional low-glare, high-brightness 680-nit display to make it more viewable in direct sunlight for use in the field.

Gigabyte to demo 10-inch netbooks at CeBit

02/23, 4:20pm

Gigabyte 10-inch netbooks

At the CeBit show in Germany at the start of March, Taiwan's Gigabyte said it would show off three new 10-inch netbooks, including the M1028, M1024 and M1022. Little is known about the netbooks, other than that all have a 10-inch screen and that the M1028 is the only one that is sure to sport a rotating touchscreen display, allowing it to be used as a tablet PC, not unlike the company's M912 convertible netbook introduced last year.

Kodak possibly infringing on LG camera patent?

02/23, 4:15pm

Kodak sued by LG

LG Electronics on Friday has requested that a trade panel investigates a possible digital cell phone camera patent infringement by Eastman Kodak, says a Monday report. The International Trade Commission made the announcement and will investigate the accusation. If it deems a patent has indeed been infringed upon, it has the power to order the offending company to stop importing the infringing devices into the United States. Last week, Samsung filed a similar complaint against Kodak.

TUNEWEAR launches LEATHERSHELL for iPod touch 2G

02/23, 4:10pm


TUNEWEAR has launched the LEATHERSHELL for iPod touch 2g, an updated hardshell case. The case features a polycarbonate frame, wrapped in smooth leather. The face of the LEATHERSHELL is an open design, allowing full access to control buttons as well as the docking connector.

Intel ships low-power Xeons, cuts Atom price

02/23, 4:10pm

LP Xeons and Atom Cut

Intel has begun the week with three new low-power Xeon processors as well as a price drop on its most important Atom processor. The Xeon L3110 clocks in at 3GHz across its dual cores and 6MB of Level 2 cache but consumes a more modest 45W of power, suiting it to very compact workstations and rackmount servers. A higher-end Xeon L3360 uses a higher but still moderate 65W in return for a move to quad-core, a 2.83GHz clock speed and 12MB of cache. Topping the updates is the 3.16GHz, quad-core X3380 with the same amount of cache and 95W of energy use.

Valentina DB 4 launched, adds new iPhone connectivity

02/23, 3:50pm

Valentina DB 4 shipping

Paradigma has released Valentina DB 4, and launched Valentina for iPhone, adding new software to the Valentina product line. All of the database products include SQL-to-XML capabilities, SET/GET SQL property management, ISP hosting and support for version 4's new project format. Within the updated line are Valentina Reports and Reporting Services; the former is a reports creation engine which works with the Valentina DB kernel, making it possible to generate reports from any Valentina DB or server product.

Cowon launches D2+ touchscreen player

02/23, 3:40pm

Cowon D2 Plus

Korean-based portable electronics maker Cowon has replaced its D2 media player with an upgraded D2+ version. The device has the same 2.5-inch 320x240 LCD touchscreen but with improved colors and can now be had with or without a DMB TV tuner. It can be ordered with 4GB, 8GB or 16GB of built-in memory, while external memory can be added via a microSDHC card slot that can support up to 32GB.

AT&T improving 3G in 2009; iPhone 'never better'

02/23, 3:40pm

ATT on 3G and iPhone

AT&T Mobility chief Ralph de la Vega today said in an interview that the company is focusing on its 3G network and is confident in its relationship with Apple. The senior official tells Engadget that the provider expects to finish covering the New York and San Francisco areas with HSPA networks by the end of 2009 and that many of the major cities using the 1,900MHz band for the 3G service will switch to the 850MHz band, which has a longer range and penetrates more readily indoors.

Steve Jobs to forego annual shareholders' meeting

02/23, 3:15pm

Jobs to skip ASM

Steve Jobs will not be appearing at Apple's annual shareholders' meeting this year, Bloomberg reports. The meeting is scheduled for February 25th, only a day after Jobs' 54 birthday, and will mark the first time the CEO has not attended an Apple ASM since his return to the company in 1996. No audio or video will be broadcast, according to Apple spokesman Steve Dowling, and it is also said that no transcript will be available, in keeping with recent years.

Siemens PLM readies NX 6 MCAD software for Mac

02/23, 3:15pm

Siemens NX 6 for Mac

Siemens PLM Software has announced that its MCAD software suite, NX 6, is almost ready to launch on the Mac platform. The Mac variant will include all of the same technology and features as NX 6 for Linux and Windows. The user interface is completely customizable, with tools for managing and sharing information throughout an organization. The company's Synchronous Technology combines history-based and explicit modeling to allow inexperienced users to edit or transform 3D models without needing to know how the models were created.

Epson intros PowerLite G5000 projector

02/23, 2:45pm

Epson G5000 projector

Epson on Monday launched its newest projector, the business presentation-oriented PowerLite G5000. The G5000 is meant for easy installation in boardrooms and schools and has a 1024x768 resolution suited to their PCs. The lens is centered, and there is both 40-degree vertical and 20-degree horizontal keystone correction, while a Quick Corner adjustment tool lets users adjust each corner to fit the image on the screen. To further customize the size and location of the image, users can take advantage of the 1.8x optical zoom lens and 30-degree tilt adjustment.

AT&T pulling Quickfire from shelves

02/23, 2:15pm

ATT Pulling Quickfire

AT&T is pulling its Quickfire messaging phone at least temporarily from shelves, Electronista can confirm through an AT&T spokesman. The company has issued a note asking stores to pull the PCD-made slider from shelves and demo booths due to quality concerns and hasn't said if or when it expects the device to return.

Kindle 2 reader in stock at Amazon

02/23, 1:30pm

Kindle 2 now at Amazon

Amazon is listing the much-anticipated Kindle 2 e-book reader as in stock at its online store, or one day ahead of its earlier expected release date. The second generation of the device is thinner (0.36in), has a 20 percent faster e-paper screen and improves battery life by 25 percent. Storage comes from 2GB of internal flash memory. A newfound feature is the Kindle 2's text-to-speech capability that can read out books thanks to its built-in stereo speakers. Navigation now comes via a five-way directional pad instead of the first Kindle's side strip.

Samsung Shift, LG Etna coming to AT&T

02/23, 12:55pm

Samsung Shift, LG Etna

Two new messaging-themed phones are headed to AT&T, reports indicate. The first, the Samsung Shift, is a candybar design with a QWERTY keyboard. The design is believed to be oriented around keeping costs down, as data speeds are limited to EDGE rather than 3G, and an onboard camera shoots at just VGA resolution. Also omitted is any form of external storage.

T-Mobile USB 3G modem ready next month?

02/23, 12:30pm

T-Mo USB Modem in March

T-Mobile USA's long in development USB modem and a matching plan could be ready within one month, according to a leaked view of the company's internal network. A source for Engadget points to a Huawei USB adapter, rebranded as the webConnect USB Laptop Stick, shipping on March 25th. The device would support the carrier's 1,700MHz HSPA network along with EDGE and GPRS and would also bundle free access to T-Mobile's HotSpot Wi-Fi service. A microSD slot would give it up to 8GB of storage.

Saudi iPhone gains 25,000 users; UAE sales begin

02/23, 12:05pm

Saudi, UAE iPhones

The Saudi Arabian version of the iPhone is doing unusually well, claims a local newspaper. The phone went on sale Sunday through some 500 Mobily outlets, and is said to have already accumulated over 25,000 subscribers, in spite of the relative poverty of most of the country and a lack of Arabic support in text messaging or the web browser. The region does have considerable oil wealth however, and the Saudi Gazette cites a Mobily spokesman as saying Arabic support is due within three months.

Rivals may force sane iPhone plans, says analyst

02/23, 11:25am

Kaufman on iPhone rates

Competitive pressure from rival carriers may force AT&T to create more affordable iPhone plans, suggests Kaufman analyst Shaw Wu. While an iPhone plan typically costs a minimum of $70 a month, Wu notes that it can cost as much as $130 to gain both unlimited voice and data. These plans are now woefully out of date next to options from Sprint and T-Mobile, says Wu, and may be the cause of slowing iPhone sales, given a terrible economy.

Sony readying PSP slider redesign?

02/23, 11:25am

Sony PSP 4000 Rumor

A new rumor today from a "highly-trusted" source at VG247 indicates that Sony is reportedly slated to introduce a redesigned PSP this year. The PSP-4000 would have internals fundamentally identical to the existing PSP-3000 but would switch from the fixed-in-place screen that has dominated the console to a design with a Sidekick-like sliding screen. It would represent a "complete aesthetic overhaul" of the PSP, the tip says, and partly resembles a mockup circulating online (pictured).

MSI outs 13.4-inch, 15.6-inch ultralight notebooks

02/23, 10:50am

MSI X340, X600 notebooks

Ahead of an expected official debut at CeBIT at the start of May, Taiwan's MSI showed off two new X-Slim laptops, the 13.4-inch X340 and 15.6-inch X600 notebooks, revealing some of their specs. Either has an HDMI output as well as a VGA connection, with both powered by a processor based on Intel's Centrino 2 platform instead of the Atom in the X320. The X600 sports an eSATA port in addition to two USB connections.

iPhone users creating mobile app "halo"

02/23, 10:40am

iPhone and App Prices

A new study shows that iPhone and iPod touch owners are not only frequent buyers of mobile apps but are actively driving prices down and spurring interest in app development. The findings from an ABI Research survey in November note that the iPhone's App Store is successful enough to have skewed prices of mobile apps downwards, with software often selling for $1 to $2 instead of the $7 to $25 at other stores. This encourages a large number of purchases and is said to be forcing developers to choose between price and sheer quantity.

Sync'Em 1.24 adds nuanced calendar events

02/23, 10:05am

Sync'Em 1.24 update

Derman has published an update to Sync'Em, its synchronization utility for Macs. The software links contact and calendar information from iCal, Mail and Address Book with Google and Exchange accounts. Users can also omit local systems from the equation, and sync solely between Google and/or Exchange accounts. Some features remain incomplete, such as the the ability to share notes and tasks across platforms.

HTC confirms Touch Pro2 for US

02/23, 9:35am

HTC Touch Pro2 for US

HTC this weekend has confirmed through a pair of Twitter updates that it will bring the Touch Pro2 to the US. The phone designer says the touchscreen slider will be "broadly available" in most areas, including North America, and that the first launches of the device should begin in late spring. It's not mentioned whether 3G will be added to any North American version.

WALL-E takes home Best Animated Oscar

02/23, 9:15am

WALL-E wins Oscar

Pixar's WALL-E won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at Sunday night's Academy Awards ceremony, defeating competition from Bolt and Kung Fu Panda. The movie -- about a robot left on Earth after an environmental apocalypse -- was also nominated for Original Screenplay, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and Song awards, but lost to movies such as Milk and The Dark Knight. The dominant title at the Oscars was Slumdog Millionaire, which took home Best Picture and Best Director trophies among others.

Verizon CDM8975 brings EVDO push-to-talk

02/23, 9:05am

Verizon CDM8975

Verizon today put an end to a short run of leaks by launching the CDM8975. The self-branded phone improves on the earlier 8950 by adding EVDO Revision A-based push-to-talk access that helps outdoor travelers and workers talk to each other quickly. The 3G link also lets users share maps obtained through GPS mapping, which centers on the carrier's VZ Navigator subscription service. External music controls also turn the clamshell into a music player.

iPhone apps: PocketBracket, Voila!, Jiyuka

02/23, 8:50am

Camera Plus 2, NMobile

PocketBracket ($1) is a tool that can help users create and track March Madness brackets and pools. The application allows users to manage several brackets simultaneously and add these brackets into different pools. Scores are automatically updated and users can select a "smart-complete" option that updates their picks without the need to redo games.

Samsung intros wide-angle cams with OLED, more

02/23, 8:45am

Samsung TL320 and HZ15W

Samsung this morning made official two 12-megapixel cameras that will occupy the higher end of its compact line ahead of the PMA show. The TL320 confirms earlier leaks and stands out for its preview display, a 3-inch AMOLED display; the 480x320 screen not only has a more TV-like contrast ratio at 10,000:1 for improved accuracy but is much more viewable off-center or in broad daylight than a same-size LCD.

Full touchscreen Motorola phone spotted

02/23, 8:15am

Moto Full Touch Phone Leak

A leak this weekend through Engadget has uncovered what appears to be Motorola's first high-end, full touchscreen device. The unnamed phone has few details but appears to have the same 5-megapixel Kodak camera and Xenon flash as the ZINE ZN5, TV output, and no visible hardware keyboard.

ARM reveals ultra low-power Cortex M0 chip

02/23, 7:30am

ARM Cortex M0 Processor

ARM on Monday rolled out the Cortex-M0 as its smallest and most energy-efficient processor design. The 32-bit chip is as featured as the earlier Cortex-M3 but has a small enough number of circuit gates and other optimizations that it consumes just 0.085mW of energy and is estimated to have a footprint the size of a much simpler 16-bit processor. The shift lets companies make small media and communication devices that need very little energy but which still need the same complexity as other processors.

iPoint 3D uses hand motions with 3D displays

02/23, 6:40am

iPoint 3D at CeBIT

Fraunhofer has announced the iPoint 3D recognition device to be displayed at CeBIT. iPoint 3D lets users communicate with a 3D display using simple hand and finger gestures, and without having to wear special devices such as 3D glasses or data gloves. Modeled to be slightly larger than a keyboard, the device comes equipped with two built-in FireWire cameras that are used to monitor the person's hands. The iPoint 3D is designed for a wide variety of uses ranging from business to more casual video gaming.


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