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Internet Safety Act could affect home Wi-Fi users

02/22, 11:25pm

Home Wi-Fi users affected?

Two Texas-based US representatives have introduced bills that would require ISPs to store user information for two years. The bills may even require home wi-fi router users to track the same information, according to Macworld. The bills were introduced Thursday, one in the US Senate, by Rep. Senator John Cornyn, and in the House by Representative Lamar Smith. Each bill is called the Internet Safety Act, aimed at preventing child pornography via the Internet. The bills call for stronger penalties for accessing child pornography on the Internet and would require Internet and e-mail service providers to retain all records and related information about anyone using a network address temporarily assigned by the service.

Review: Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 3G

02/22, 5:45pm

Mophie Juice Pack 3G Rev

Mophie is very much a veteran of iPhone battery packs, having built one for the original when the market was still largely untested. The Juice Pack for iPhone 3G is an opportunity for the company to take a definitive lead, and in many senses it's still one of the best -- but, as quickly becomes clear, it's a conservative approach that leaves room for improvement. Read our full review of the Juice Pack to learn why.

Apple suffers in the middle as Intel and NVIDIA argue

02/22, 3:55pm

iMacs may be delayed again

Apple's plans for Core i7 CPU-based with NVIDIA GPU iMacs have hit another possible delay, related to the licensing dispute between Intel and NVIDIA. AppleInsider is reporting that the technology licensing suit between the two companies involving controller chipsets and the Core i7 CPUs could cause further delays in the new Macs, which are rumored to have already been delayed from both last fall and Macworld 2009 in January in order to use the new CPUs. The dispute between Intel and NVIDIA revolves around Intel's Nehalem CPUs, commonly called "Core i7," with QuickPath integrated memory controllers. Intel claims NVIDIA's license does not allow it to make compatible chipsets for the new CPUs that would be competing with Intel chipsets, while NVIDIA says it believes a 2004 patent licensing agreement that resulted in NVIDIA making a competitive move into Intel's chipset business with its MCP79 chipset platform allows for the competition between the two.

Creative introduces MovieWorks HD iPod dock

02/22, 1:45am

Creative MovieWorks HD

Without any formal announcement, Creative has introduced the MovieWorks HD iPod dock as part of the product lineup from its subsidiary, Cambridge Soundworks. The device allows iPod video to be played on an HDTV or audio receiver via HDMI, where movies can then be upscaled to 1080i. The system also supports 5.1-channel DTS surround sound from an iPod when using a compatible receiver.

HP announces company-wide pay cuts to avoid layoffs

02/22, 1:00am

HP pay cuts

HP has followed up its lackluster Q1 financial disclosure with an internal memo announcing pay cuts for all employees, according to WebGuild. CEO Mark Hurd authored the memo, explaining that the company had to compensate for poor performance in several areas due to the ongoing economic recession. HP's desktop sales were hit particularly hard, with a revenue decline of 25 percent compared to the last quarter, while notebook sales were down 13 percent.


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