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Apple tops 2009 customer satisfaction survey

updated 02:40 am EST, Thu February 19, 2009

Apple tops satisfication

While Mac sales may have slipped in January, buyers of Apple's Macs continue to be more satisfied than all other computer buyers and planned purchases of Apple's laptops was stronger than previous surveys; however, Mac sales in the last 90 days appear to have slipped from the last survey. With Apple leading the ChangeWave research survey, 81 percent of Mac buyers say that are "very satisfied" with their purchase in the last 90 days -- well ahead of industry leaders Dell and HP as well as the rest of industry.

The survey showed that only 55 percent of Dell buyers and 52 percent of HP buyers expressed the same "very satisfied" sentiment, while smaller PC manufacturers such as Asus and Acer and electronics giant Sony also had better satisfaction scores than PC leaders HP and Dell. Toshiba and Lenovo were at the bottom with only 52 percent and 50 percent, respectively, saying that they were "very satisfied" with their purchase.

Overall, consumers continue to be wary of new computer and electronic purchases, but forecasted demand for notebooks remained at the same level (6%), while desktop demand was down significantly. The survey results showed that planned PC buying remains at the lowest level ever recorded in its surveys with only 4 percent of respondents saying that they anticipate buying a desktop in the next 90 days, a 20% drop from January 2009.

However, results showed that notebook purchases remained at the same levels as January with 6 percent saying that they'll buy a laptop. In addition, overall Consumer Electronics spending is also at the lowest levels since ChangeWave first began measuring consumer purchasing in 2002.

ChangeWave, however, found that demand for Netbooks -- a market segment that analysts predict Apple will enter within two years -- remained "firm." Although the survey results show that the netbook market has been "one of the few beneficiaries of this tough spending environment" Apple recently said that it would still take a wait and see approach to this market segment.

"Our previous survey showed low-cost, highly portable laptops with smaller screens - popularly known as Netbooks - are one of the few beneficiaries of this tough spending environment," the company said in its report. "The latest results reinforce this finding. Among respondents who have bought a laptop in the past 90 days, 17% say it was a Netbook - better than one in every six laptops purchased during this time period."

Looking ahead, the survey found that 18 percent of potential laptop buyers in the next 90 days will be a Netbook -- four points higher than in January.

Within the weaker overall PC spending environment, planned purchases of Apple's laptops by consumers was stronger, while desktop demand continued to decline. Planned laptop purchases of Apple notebooks was up 3 points to 30 percent, while planned Mac desktop purchases slipped by 2 points to 26 percent.

Apple, however, continued to show greater sales weakness over the last 90 days: though a total of 11 percent said that they bought a laptop over the past 90 days (down 1 point since January), only 20 percent of purchasers said that they purchased a Mac laptop and 15 percent said they bought a Mac desktop -- both of which were down 2 points from the January survey. In contrast, HP showed strong gains in sales with 27 percent of past notebook and past desktop purchases in last 90 days -- up four and five percent respectively from January.

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  1. itguy05

    Joined: Dec 1969


    What I've been saying...

    Dell = $hit

  1. lkrupp

    Joined: Dec 1969


    The disconnect

    Compare these surveys with all the rants, claims about declining quality, so-called "known issues", and general weeping and gnashing of teeth on forums like MacFixit, Apple discussions forum, etc. And you can't convince them that they are a minority. If two people find out they have the same issue it immediately becomes a "known issue" and the counting of post views is held up as confirmation that Apple is ignoring, hiding, suppressing, or otherwise covering up. And, of course, any feature that doesn't work exactly like the user preconceived it to is labeled as a "flaw" or "bug" or "lack of testing" on Apple's part.

    I've always wondered why I never seem to be affected by all the degradation of quality, testing, and "known issues". Now I know. These people clueless.

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  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Apple may be a great all around computer but their price for hardware is pure RAPE!

    Fck Apple and their $400 a gig memory

    ck Apple and their $400 a TB of HDD space

    Fck Apple and their $1000 SSD option.

    Are the people supposed to believe Apple pays MORE than the average consumer for these items?... when you can easily walk in the store and get anything Apple others at half price or less, and that is WITH the brick & mortar overhead in price.

    Again, F
    ck Apple 'cause Apple will F*ck you!

  1. Monde

    Joined: Dec 1969


    You buy cars don't you

    When you buy a car, depending on the model, you could pay more of one than another. If you want a Yugo, then Dell's your uncle, if you want a Porsche, then buy a Mac. It is a silly comparison.

    Feature for feture, evquivalent machings are not that much less than Apple's offerings. TCO (total cost of ownership)often favors Macs.

    So enjoy your Dell, the dinner at Mickey D's and the lovely fashion ensemble, no doubt bought at Walmart.

  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969



    Cars? You are correct about what you think makes you right. Yet you are stupid for assuming I favor less quality. I always buy a good mac, then gut out the components are replace then with top-notch stuff. So ride your POS with your mercedes sticker and feel good about it, all by yourself. Hope this makes you feel better.... "your are correct sir" hahahaF*ck apple, windows, intel, Support AMD, Linux, Hackint0shAnd take that to the bank.

  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Gutting your Mac

    Guest, let me see if I understand..."I always buy a good mac, then gut out the components are replace then with top-notch stuff."Aside from the multiple typos, I'm trying to understand what your motivation is. Why are you buying a Mac again? Is it so you can gut it and put in better components, then install Linux ...all the while complaining that it costs too much? Excuse my confusion, but that makes no sense at all.You must have had something very traumatic happen in your computing experience to be this messed up about Apple and it's Macintosh computer. It sounds like some of your trauma was perhaps self-inflicted, too. Maybe you need some counseling. I'm just sayin' ...

  1. Loren

    Joined: Dec 1969


    no more "guests"

    Come on, you shrinking violets-- sign in with real names-- maybe even your own.

    As for the survey, Apple... you might wait until 2009 is done? You know, it's like...February? Early in the year?
    I mean... do you expect the attitude to go downhill as you wipe out those excellent antiglare hardcoat displays you built?

    Yes, yes... you're probably right.

  1. LouZer

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Re: You buy cars

    When you buy a car, depending on the model, you could pay more of one than another. If you want a Yugo, then Dell's your uncle, if you want a Porsche, then buy a Mac. It is a silly comparison.

    No, that's a silly comparison.

    You can claim that the Mac is the Porsche, but that's wrong. Basically a Mac is component parts in a custom box. A Porsche is custom parts in a custom box.

    As for Dell, Dell is not "Yugo". Dell is Toyota, Honda, Ford, or GM. They'll see you a computer across price ranges and features. You're looking for a cheap computer. Dell's got that. Want a decent 16" laptop that won't break the bank? Dell's got that too. Want a high-end 16" laptop that will break the bank? Dell's got that too.

    If you want to make any comparison, you could say Dell is a Geo. Basically a Toyota Corolla with a GM label and uglier outside, while the Mac is a Toyota Corolla, with a Lexus label and fancier styling.

  1. Monde

    Joined: Dec 1969



    LouZer is more or less righ--Geo would be about right vis-a-vis Dell. But the comparison of similar products at disparate prices is not. The auto market provides a good model.

    Silly enough for your auto/computer transpositions, at any rate.

    Further, while, some components are standard,in the Mac "box" most are clearly not. Which is why it is easy to see that the Guest who "guts" his Mac to put better innards is FOS. Have you ever taken a peek under the hood of a recent generation Mac? The inside is distinct as the outside and there is no way you could drop those "higher quality parts" in. An exception might be a pro tower. But if you were to do that, why not get an old G5 from ebay. Just dumb.

    Clearly, not Mac users. Perhaps Dell employees? Matters little, I stand by the metaphor with some adjustment. And hey, if a cheap component box--like Dell--is your thing, then more power to you. Apple's track record, quality and resale value speak for themselves.

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