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Apple planning major store makeovers?

updated 03:15 pm EST, Thu February 12, 2009

Apple Store makeovers

Apple is planning major changes to the interior layout of Apple Stores, a new report indicates. The company is said to be looking at de-emphasizing hardware, pushing Macs and iPods aside to focus on software and other less tangible content. Part of the effort should include a "Why You'll Love a Mac" section at the front of each store, using signs and brochures to contrast Macs with Windows PCs. Nearby should be a second section devoted to iLife, followed by a third concentrated around iWork.

Rumors suggest that the reorganization may start as soon as next week, but completion could demand several more weeks in order to swap out signs and retrain workers. The plans may suggest that Apple no longer sees its computer hardware as inherently distinct, or simply that the company wants to spark sales of iLife and iWork. New versions of the suites were announced during Macworld 2009.

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  1. wymer100

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Tea leaves

    What this might also be suggesting is that Apple knows that people are going to cut back on computer shopping and keep using older macs. By talking about software, you can still get money from mac users. As was suggested before, this also allows Apple to differentiate from what is available to MS Windows users.

  1. jeebus

    Joined: Dec 1969


    somewhat true

    I think to an extent that is true but you have to realized Apple is and always has been a hardware company. Sure software sales don't hurt the bottom line but software represents less than 10% of Apple's income. I think it is more about selling the hardware by showcasing the software, because besides the case design there is only so much Apple can do now hardware wise to differentiate themselves.

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  1. Guest

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    I believe they are now out of the hardware business due to overpriced hardware and the advancement and ease of compatible CLONES... FINALLY!!! :)

    Like I always said, F*ck Apple! They should be stopped from raping customers from overpriced hardware. Now GTFO!

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  1. Guest

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    I believe they are going to lose the case to Psystar. YESSS!!!! :)

    Celebrate everyone! OPEN-SOURCE should be mandatory for all computer companies!

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  1. testudo

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    Yes, I can see all the people jammed around the iWork table checking out how Numbers handles charting of timed data. It will be scintillating.

  1. bhuot

    Joined: Dec 1969


    re: guest

    I don't see how Apple is anti open source - they use open source in Mac OS X and also contribute code to a number of open source projects including webkit. If you want to install Linux on Mac OS X, you can quite easily. I run Linux in Vmware Fusion on my Mac very well. If you think the hardware is too expensive, you can always get a cheap system from Dell with Linux on it. It likely won't work as well as on the Mac, but you get what you pay for. Just because Microsoft makes terrible software, doesn't mean that software is low quality because of its license, either open source or commercial. And if pystar wins, what likely will happen is that only one copy of OS X will only be available with each new Mac purchase or else the retail copy of OS X will cost $500-600. If you want an Apple product, you are going to have to pay for it. Also the GPL and many other open source licenses use the power of copyright to protect their software as well, so any lessening of the legal toughness of copyright law will hurt open source as well.

  1. Guest

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    The makeover has already happened in some stores. The Apple Store in Natick, MA has already gone through the transition.

  1. Bobfozz

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    It's clear this guy is an unhappy PC owner. I am sure everyone here would welcome his leaving for a PC site to bash Apple. It's as simple as this: "You don't like it, no one's making you buy it." Apple and the rest of us can make it with out you, really!

  1. TheSnarkmeister

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    More to this...

    Apple has cause for concern over the basis of this lawsuit. They very well could lose, or at least lose partially. In either case, they are likely to lose the ability to control the "open source" portions of the operating system.This is likely going to leave them with is two options: 1.) Exit the hardware business, or 2.) Split the operating system in two, with A,) one version including the open source and the basic GUI that gets licensed to runs on any Intel hardware (OS X), and B.) a second version that only runs on Apple hardware (Mac OS X), but which will also run proprietary Apple technologies (Apple Script, Finder Events, etc.). (I might even consider an option C., which would be a GUI-only interface for NIXes -- MacXLite.)I suspect they will take the second path, as it would provide a better business model. NeXT tried the former (1.) and it didn't work. Microsoft tried version A of the second (2.) and it worked spectacularly. The B version would allow them to retain their current business model and primary hardware revenue center while developing as licensing company.With Windows 7 looking no more promising than Vista, if Apple moved into the OEM licensing market, they would likely find a eager market. It would resolve I.T.'s concerns over single sourcing, provide better server licensing than Microsoft's, and as well offer something that Microsoft can't -- a hardware option.

  1. Guest

    Joined: Dec 1969


    Mr. Bobfozz...

    I have been using macs for years, in fact my first mac was a dual 500 G4 when it first came out, along with the first Final Cut Pro debut.

    I don't expect you are anyone to know who I am, what I do, what I like, yadda yadda yadda.

    Point is, Apple has charged up the a$$ for hardware of lesser quality and most fanboys drink its c** like its the best. Stupid folks, another one is born every minute. Stupidity can sell.

    Mr. Bobfozz, why don't you go buy the 20th Anniversary mac for original price, then try not to commit suicide? Better yet, tell your wife how wonderful it is, then duck for cover and speeddial (be prepared) the domestic violence hotline for protection?...

    yeah, thought so buddy.

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