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Radium offers XM Radio for the Mac

02/12, 11:55pm

Radium XM Radio for Max

CatPig Studious has released an XM Radio Online application for the Mac, Radium. The program is designed to offer people access to XM Radio on their computer and includes various searching capabilities. Features of the software provide users with a search-as-you-type interface similar to the Mac's Spotlight, automatic and free updates, and the ability to search by station number, name, description, or genre. The company also offers free support from their website if needed.

Verizon leak shows LG Versa, Nokia Intrigue

02/12, 11:10pm

Verizon phone leak

Verizon appears to be preparing to launch the LG 9600 Versa, Nokia 7205 Intrigue, HTC Touch Diamond and a CDMA version of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip, according to a leaked presentation caught by Engadget. An earlier report suggested the Versa initially would launch at Best Buy Mobile on February 22nd, with a Verizon Wireless release expected around the same time. The handset can be used as a clamshell with a full QWERTY keyboard and a small external display, or the keyboard can be detached to use the device as a touchscreen phone only.

iBuyPower launches AMD Dragon gaming PCs

02/12, 10:30pm

iBuyPower AMD Dragon PCs

iBuyPower has launched two gaming PCs featuring AMD's Dragon platform, the Gamer HAF 91B and Gamer Fire. Both computers integrate AMD Phenom II processors, the AMD 790GX chipset and ATI Radeon 4000-series graphics cards. The HAF 91B is geared toward entry-level gamers and provides an X4 920 processor, 4GB of DDR2 RAM and an ATI Radeon 4850 graphics card. The system also offers a 16X DVD reader, 20X DVD burner and a 500GB hard drive. A 600W speaker system is included and the computer supports 7.1-channel surround sound.

Microsoft confirms plans to open retail stores

02/12, 9:40pm

Microsoft retail stores

Microsoft on Thursday announced the appointment of David Porter as vice president of Retail Stores, confirming earlier reports that the company is planning a foray into the realm of brick-and-mortar establishments. Porter's first task will be to determine the timing, locations and specific details of the stores. He brings experience from 25 years at Walmart where he served as the vice president and general merchandise manager of Entertainment.

Charter Communications to file for bankruptcy

02/12, 8:35pm

Charter bankruptcy

Cable and telephone provider Charter Communications has announced that it will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, after reaching an agreement with a debt holders committee that outlined the conditions of a financial restructuring. The company could see a reduction of approximately $8 billion in debt, with a formal filing to occur on or before April 1st. Charter currently has roughly $800 million in cash on hand to help with the restructuring and operations through the transition.

LightWork releases 7.9 Service Pack 1

02/12, 7:10pm

LightWorks 7 9 SP1

LightWork Design has released the first service pack for its 3D graphics software, LightWorks 7.9. The update offers a number of bug fixes, along with enhanced render quality and gamma correction for texture input. For international users, the software also features improved support for Japanese dialogues. LightWorks 7.9, released in October, offered several additions including new HDR images, ambient occlusion capabilities, complex reflectance shaders and support for external CgFX materials.

DealNN: refurb. MacBook with SSD, 1TB SimpleDrive

02/12, 6:40pm

DealNN: MacBook with SSD

Today's featured DealNN deal comes from Apple's online store. The refurbished 2.4GHz unibody MacBook with 128GB Solid State Drive upgrade is currently being offered for $1,899. That's $300 less than this configuration would be brand new. Other refurb. unibody MacBook models are also offered such as the 2.0GHz MacBook with 160GB hard drive for $1,099 and the 2.4GHz MacBook with 250GB hard drive for $1,399.

Apple releases Tiger, Leopard security updates

02/12, 6:15pm

Apple security updates

Apple has released several security updates for Mac OS X Leopard, Server, Tiger Intel and Tiger PowerPC. A variety of vulnerabilities have been addressed, including a potential issue with the AFP Server that could lead to an infinite loop or denial of service on systems running OS X 10.5.6. For all operating systems, the Apple Pixlet Video code has been corrected to prevent a maliciously crafted movie file from executing arbitrary code.

Apple posts Java, Safari for Windows updates

02/12, 5:15pm

Java, Safari updates

Apple has released three web-related software updates, distributing them through Software Update and its support website. The first two fix the Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.4 distributions of Java, which are said to have multiple security vulnerabilities in their Web Start and Plug-In components. Of these the most serious is said to allow elevated privileges for untrusted apps and applets, which can be embedded into malicious websites to run arbitrary code attacks.

ASUS chief debunks claims about Eee PC price hike

02/12, 4:50pm

ASUS price increases

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen confirmed there will be slight price increases for its notebook and netbook products beginning in March, but not close to the 20 percent bump previously rumored, the CEO said in a Tuesday conference call attended by CrunchGear. Shen says the price increases for its netbook products will mostly be a function of the growth in the average size for its Eee PC netbooks from 9 inches to 10.

MacBook owners reporting problems with audio jacks

02/12, 4:45pm

MacBook audio problems

A number of MacBook owners have reported problems with the headphone jacks on the new aluminum-unibody devices. The frustrated customers point out that the new design will securely hold the plugs from Apple's own headphones with microphone support, but several stereo headphones and speaker connectors are unable to retain a solid connection, according to Apple Support forum posts.

Princeton intros 1080p 21.5-inch display

02/12, 4:35pm

Princeton 1080p monitor

Japanese-based Princeton has launched a 21.5-inch LCD monitor, the PTFBGF-22RW. The screen is one of the smallest capable of a native 1080p resolution and has a 16:9 native aspect ratio as well as 300cd/m2 brightness. Its 1,000:1 static contrast ratio that can be boosted to a 10,000:1 dynamic ratio.

Virtual TimeClock '09 update offers new interface

02/12, 4:30pm

Virtual TImeClock '09

Redcort has released Virtual TimeClock '09, the newest upgrade to its time-tracking application. The software is designed for business owners, and provides worker information such as status, attendance and the amount of normal and overtime hours spent. Users can print out timesheets and timecard reports, and implement multiple-level password protection to block others from learning information.

LG intros Xnote P510 with GeForce GT 130M graphics

02/12, 4:15pm

LG Xnote P510 notebook

Korea's LG has recently announced its latest series of high-end notebooks, the 15.4-inch Xnote P510, which features a rubberized keyboard and haptic touch feedback from the power button along with a lit-up touchpad. There are three versions of the portable PC available, with the P510-UP98K featuring a 2.98GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor along with 4GB of RAM and both a 500GB hard drive and 64GB solid-state drive. For graphics processing, there is a GeForce GT 130M GPU from NVIDIA with a dedicated 512MB of RAM. The LCD screen is LED back-lit and offers 1440x900 resolution in all three models.

China Unicom confirms iPhone talks with Apple

02/12, 4:10pm

C. Unicom iPhone talks

China Unicom is in talks to carry the iPhone, say Chinese publications. China Business News says it has received confirmation from a manager, and also learned that negotiations are being led by board chairman Chang Xiaobing. A source within the company claims that talks have actually been off and on with Apple since October, but are being held up by several obstacles, including business and legal issues.

Samsung introduces U5 DoReMi MP3 player

02/12, 4:05pm

Samsung U5 coming soon

Samsung has recently released photos of its latest entry-level portable digital music player, the U5 or DoReMi. It replaces the U4 launched last summer and has the same USB key form factor. Track and status information is displayed on a four-line OLED display and there is a built-in FM radio tuner. Users will be able to use the player as a voice recorder or FM recorder. The player will come in 2GB, 4GB or 8GB capacities and its battery life is rated at 18 hours.

GigaByte to intro new WM 6.5 handsets at MWC

02/12, 3:55pm

GigaByte WM 6.5 phones

GigaByte is getting ready to announce its new GSmart line of smartphones at next week's Mobile World Congress in Spain, which will be some of the first products to ship with the latest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5. At the show, the company will launch what it claims is the first smartphone with a DVB-T tuner that allows for the wireless transmission of digital audio, video and other data with the t600 handset. At the same time, the MS808 handset will be the first to bring together a DVB-T tuner, GPS functionality and 3G data network access into a smartphone.

Samsung intros solar-powered Blue Earth handset

02/12, 3:45pm

Samsung Blue Earth handset

Samsung today unveiled one of the first touchscreen phones consciously designed to be eco-friendly. Apparently styled after a pebble, the Blue Earth handset is made from recycled plastic from water bottles and has a built-in solar charger on its back panel. Samsung also says the handset and its wall charger don't include brominated flame retardants, beryllium and phthalates that could affect either the users or seep toxins once the phone is tossed away.

Despite rumors, Sony Ericsson "strong as ever"

02/12, 3:35pm

No Sony Ericsson split

Despite recent rumors about a possible split between Sony and Ericsson in its joint cellphone venture, Sony Ericsson's senior marketing manager, Richard Dorman, is countering the claims. "The relationship between Sony and Ericsson is a strong as it ever has been, and neither plan to walk away," he says in a Wednesday TechRadar report. Recently, Sony was believed distancing itself from the partnership by allegedly refusing to let Ericsson have a hand in developing a PlayStation-branded handset.

YouTube testing paid video downloads

02/12, 3:30pm

YouTube Paid Downloads

YouTube this afternoon said it would start testing purchasable downloads of videos from its website. The company has previously offered free downloads of videos from a handful of providers but is now experimenting with a system that would let companies put a price on permanent copies. While every payment would go through Google Checkout, video owners would have say over the prices and could have licenses varying from a strictly private-only license to Creative Commons rights for modification and sharing as well as a completely open public domain option.

Ultrasone debuts Edition 8 audiophile headphones

02/12, 3:20pm

Ultrasone Edition 8

Ultrasone has debuted the Edition 8, the latest addition to its series of headphones geared for audiophiles. The closed headphones feature a 40mm titanium-plated driver and a neodymium magnet that provide a frequency range of 6 Hz to 42 kHz and a sound pressure level of 96 dB. The interior ear-cups are lined with Ethiopian sheepskin, while the outer cups are plated in Ruthenium. Both the standard 1.2m cord and the 4m extension are built with oxygen-free copper cable and gold plated plugs.

Apple planning major store makeovers?

02/12, 3:15pm

Apple Store makeovers

Apple is planning major changes to the interior layout of Apple Stores, a new report indicates. The company is said to be looking at de-emphasizing hardware, pushing Macs and iPods aside to focus on software and other less tangible content. Part of the effort should include a "Why You'll Love a Mac" section at the front of each store, using signs and brochures to contrast Macs with Windows PCs. Nearby should be a second section devoted to iLife, followed by a third concentrated around iWork.

T-Mobile Sidekick 2009 gets first-hand evidence

02/12, 3:00pm

Sidekick 2009 First Hand

T-Mobile's next-gen Sidekick is now being claimed as real and has received additional details. Now referred to as just the Sidekick 2009, the messaging phone is described by an anonymous source for Hiptop3 as having a "more grown up," upscale feel and should have a new version 5.0 of Danger's Sidekick operating system. A set of lights along the top edge of the display contribute to the phone's effect, while the keys are closer to being flush and are flat rather than curved.

New, matte iPhone revision leaked?

02/12, 2:30pm

Matte iPhone Leak

A leak on Thursday suggests Apple may be producing a newer iPhone with at least cosmetic differences. A source for Mac Observer has snapped a photo of an iPhone with the model number A1303, which isn't believed to have appeared on existing iPhone 3G models; a 16GB iPhone 3G owned by Electronista, for example, carries the number A1241. The device also has a matte black finish instead of the glossy black used on the existing model, but also retains the FCC markings and other text which would be covered up in a treatment by ColorWare or other custom-paint firms.

Nokia's touch-only Ivalo phone spotted?

02/12, 1:55pm

Nokia Ivalo Leak

Nokia may have inadvertently tipped its hand regarding the high-end, touchscreen-only Ivalo smartphone in a video posted recently by the company. Officially discussing the origins of the N97, a shot at the 19-second mark shows a device which is cosmetically similar to the N97 but lacks the slide-out QWERTY keyboard, rendering it much thinner. The shot hints at the Ivalo being in a prototype stage in a similar timeframe to the N97 and may show additional devices.

Microsoft mulls plans for Win 7 upgrades

02/12, 1:35pm

Early Win 7 upgrade plans

Spelling them out in a draft document sent to OEMs builders, Microsoft has laid out tentative plans for cheaper Windows 7 upgrades. The plans are collectively known as the Windows 7 Upgrade Program, and mirror an earlier scheme which allowed people buying Windows XP computers to receive a low-cost upgrade to Vista once the OS was released. As before, only individuals and small businesses will be eligible.

TeleNav GPS navigator coming to T-Mobile G1

02/12, 1:20pm

TeleNav for T-Mobile G1

GPS hardware and software maker TeleNav on Thursday announced it will begin offering its Telenav GPS Navigator service to owners of the Android-based T-Mobile G1. The service, available on numerous other handsets in the industry and carriers that include AT&T and Sprint, will be launched on February 24th for the G1, and will allow users to receive turn-by-turn driving directions, traffic alerts with re-routing and more than 10 million searchable business listings. In addition, users will be able to access nearby gas prices, weather updates and restaurant reviews.

First Look: Arcade Maniak, iPhone game

02/12, 12:20pm

First Look Arcade Maniak

The iPhone -- and the iPod touch -- are fast becoming popular handheld gaming platforms. Most of the available games put more emphasis on eye-hand coordination, but a few, like Arcade Maniak, are more intellectual challenges that require thinking instead of raw reaction time.

UWB, wireless HDMI developer TZero shuts down

02/12, 12:10pm

TZero ceases operations

A company that focused on developing a wireless HDMI technology and standard, TZero, is out of business, a Thursday EETimes post notes. The company has been developing wireless HDMI technology using ultra-wideband (UWB) but has been forced to close prematurely by the poor market conditions that began last year. TZero joins Intel and others that have stopped their own in-house development of UWB.

Netflix tops 10 million users due to online

02/12, 11:55am

Netflix Tops 10m Users

Netflix on Thursday passed a symbolic milestone and said it obtained its 10 millionth subscriber overnight. The number was achieved after adding about 600,000 new users in the month and a half since the start of 2009 and is growing faster than already seen in the large fall leap, when the movie rental firm added about 718,000 new regular users over the space of the last three months of 2008. The company expects to add between 100,000 and 300,000 more by the end of March.

FastMac debuts external Blu-ray drives

02/12, 11:25am

FastMac Blu-ray drives

Mac component specialist FastMac has begun selling three new Blu-ray drives, all external Blu-ray models connected through USB. The APP-6907 is a 1x DVD±RW/BD model, only capable of reading Blu-ray discs rather than writing to them. The APP-6963 also operates at 1x speeds, but additionally supports writing to blank BD-R discs. The top-end APP-6964 mirrors the 6963 but accelerates to 4x spin.

Samsung to show LTE chip for 4G phones

02/12, 11:15am

Samsung LTE Chip Soon

Samsung this morning said it would introduce its first Long Term Evolution (LTE) chipset for 4G phones at Mobile World Congress. The hardware is also suited to computer networking adapters and will let supporting devices connect at LTE's full speeds, which reach 100Mbps or higher in peak conditions. The bandwidth is enough that Samsung will show a video on demand service and VoIP calling running from a prototype at next week's event.

Apps: SkypeCap, Camfrog, SneakPeek Pro

02/12, 11:10am

HoudahGeo, MacPrivacy

SkypeCap 1.2 ($40) is a tool for capturing and recording Skype video and audio. The application detects when Skype is active and then gives users the option to record audio and video or the software can be set up to automatically start and stop recording. Version 1.2 has added support for recording multiple sessions and also includes improved stability and other small bug fixes. [Download - 1.2MB]

iPod touch outpacing iPhone in Wi-Fi Internet access

02/12, 10:40am

iPod touch Wi-Fi trends

The iPod touch is becoming increasingly important next to the iPhone, at least in terms of mobile Wi-Fi access, according to AdMob. The advertising firm claims that access from the Touch grew faster than that from the iPhone in January, and now represents 40 percent of Wi-Fi requests from Apple handhelds. As recently as September, when the second-generation Touch was launched, usage was just 20 percent.

Acer readies dual-side, dual-cam touch phones

02/12, 10:35am

Acer DX650 and X960

Acer's smartphone plans at Mobile World Congress will involve at least two handsets, if a pair of leaks are accurate. The DX650 would be a unique dual-sided phone which, like the Samsung UpStage, puts a dedicated number pad and small screen (here an OLED) on the back to make calls easier. The Acer offering is a true smartphone with a 2.8-inch touchscreen and Windows Mobile 6.1 providing full app support on the phone's front.

iPhone apps: Mafia: R&R, NoteMaster, Fliparoni

02/12, 10:15am

Tip Calculator, Pinball

Mafia: Respect and Retaliation (free) is a role playing game that puts players in the world of the mob where they must work their way up through the hierarchy with the ultimate goal of becoming the don. Players can complete jobs to earn money and respect and as their respect grows they can recruit others into their mob. They can then equip their mob with various weapons and vehicles and begin expanding further by building things like restaurants, bars and casinos.

Pantech, KTF intro handsets with Wind Recognition

02/12, 10:05am

Pantech, KTF wind handsets

Korea's Pantech on Thursday announced the upcoming introduction of what it claims to be a pair of nearly identical cellphones with a Wind Recognition feature, the SKT IM-S410 and KTF IM-S410K. Equipped with a Nintendo DS-like sensor that can gauge the amount of forced air or wind moving through it, the feature is tied into various functions of the handset that, among other things, allows users to blow an emoticon kiss during a video call. The feature can also be used in the phones' photo galleries, gaming and video applications.

HP, MySpace, SanDisk join Symbian Foundation

02/12, 9:55am

HP Joins Symbian Found

Nokia today bolstered the Symbian Foundation with the addition of multiple key new members. HP, MySpace and SanDisk lead the new sign-ons and each have their own different reasons for joining the open-source mobile OS project. HP hopes to improve its support for managing Symbian; MySpace hopes to further refine its MySpace app for the phone throuhg the open code; SanDisk hopes to improve the use of storage for multimedia apps. None of the three has given clues as to how soon products will appear that take advantage of Foundation membership.

CrossOver Games 7.2.0rc1 fixes Steam issues

02/12, 9:30am

CrossOver Games 7.2.0rc1

Codeweavers has released a minor release candidate update for CrossOver Games, one of its virtualization utlities. The software is used to run Windows games on Mac and Linux systems, whose normal virtualization tools may lack the optimization needed to achieve reasonable framerates. Users can install and run Windows games without having to own a copy of Windows.

Epson, Infineon prep ultra-small phone GPS chip

02/12, 9:20am

Epson Infineon XPOSYS GPS

Epson and Infineon today published first details of a new chip they hope will make GPS more commonplace in phones. The XPOSYS is one of the smallest single-chip GPS processors ever and measures just 26mm square (0.04in square) thanks to being built on a 65 nanometer manufacturing process. Shrinking the design not only lets GPS fit into smaller devices but cuts power use by about half versus earlier mobile GPS chips and thus prevents the heavy battery drain common to most cellphone-level GPS.

Samsung pushes Android phone to late 2009

02/12, 8:45am

Samsung Delays Android

Samsung today admitted to the Guardian that its first phone based on Google's Android platform has been delayed. Originally due in spring, the unnamed device now isn't scheduled to appear until the second half of 2009. Company mobile marketing chief Younghee Lee also notes that there won't be an Android phone on display at next week's Mobile World Congress in Spain.

Micron to ship 1st 16GB, 34nm flash for phones

02/12, 8:25am

Micron 16GB NAND Flash

Micron this morning said it has started shipping the first production samples of 34 nanometer, 16GB NAND flash memory. The advancement uses the smaller manufacturing process to stack eight multi-level cell storage chips in a single package that holds the record amount without swelling the chip size. Micron sees the component as a way of giving smartphones and other handheld devices a large amount of built-in flash storage while the devices slim.

Pioneer to exit TVs, cut 10,000 jobs

02/12, 7:55am

Pioneer Exits TVs

Confirming rumors, Pioneer today said it would exit TVs altogether in a bid to recover its business from an approximately $1.44 billon loss in the past year. The move will see the company quickly shut down its Castleford, UK and Pomona, California factories that make TVs and eventually phase out TVs altogether by March 2010. The departure is directly pinned on the US economic crisis and its impact on demand for TVs.

Garmin-ASUS intros Win Mobile nuvifone M20

02/12, 7:25am

Garmin nuvifone M20

Mobile partnership Garmin-ASUS on Thursday staked its claim at Mobile World Congress with the nuvifone M20, the second phone in the fledgling GPS navigator phone line. Unlike the G60, the M20 is based on Windows Mobile 6.1 and uses a heavily customized interface to provide turn-by-turn voiced navigation like stand-alone nuvi GPS units. It also uses the positioning for social networking through Ciao! and geotagging photos from the 3-megapixel camera.


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