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Equinux debuts iPhone apps: LiveTV, TubeToGo

02/04, 11:50pm

TubeToGo, LiveTV iPhone

Equinux has released two new media viewing applications for the iPhone and iPod touch, LiveTV and TubeToGo. LiveTV works with The Tube for the Mac, a program that lets users watch live television on their computer. By syncing the two together, users are able to watch any channels that there Mac is set up to receive, through their iPhone/iPod. In addition to viewing, remote access to recording is also available that will enable people to record a live program to their Mac for later use. LiveTV includes a safety-code feature for protection.

Panasonic adds touchscreen option for Toughbook 52

02/04, 10:45pm


Panasonic has updated its semi-rugged Toughbook 52 notebook, adding an option for a 13.3-inch touchscreen LCD. The new display could prove suitable for outdoor use, featuring 1000 nit brightness combined with an anti-glare and anti-reflective surface. The company claims battery life up to 8 hours with the touchscreen, while the standard 15.4-inch variant will provide 7 hours of life with the P8400 CPU or 4 hours running the P8600.

Apple awarded patents for tablet display housings

02/04, 9:20pm

Apple tablet patents

Adding fuel to the recent rumors of an Apple tablet computer, the company has been awarded several patents for components that could be used in such a device. Both filings carry the title "Display Housing for Computing Device" and describe several different configurations, with the noteworthy design integrating the computing components directly behind the screen.

Aperture gets ToonIt, Knoll Light Factory plug-ins

02/04, 8:50pm

New Aperture plug-ins

Digital Anarchy has released its Knoll Light Factory and ToonIt! plug-ins for use with Apple's Aperture photo managing application. Knoll Light Factory enables users to design and create lighting effects for pictures. The software lets people construct light by combining 17 elements that would occur in real life while photographing lights or bright objects. Features of the software allow users to add glows to existing objects, and to model light effects to create either realistic or imaginative lighting.

Apple delays shipments of new 17" MacBook Pro

02/04, 7:50pm

17 inch MB Pro delayed

Apple has pushed back ship dates for the new 17-inch aluminum-unibody MacBook Pro that was unveiled at the Macworld Expo early in January. "Wrapping up the new 17-inch MacBook Pro is taking a few days longer than we projected," explained a message sent to customers that pre-ordered the notebooks. "As a result, we will be unable to ship your 17-inch MacBook Pro until February 19, 2009." The exact reason for the delay remains unknown.

Apps: PageSender, FMSnippets, Quiz Press

02/04, 7:25pm

Timer Utility, Disco XT

PageSender 4.4 ($40) can send faxes and (PDF) emails directly from the print dialog, receive faxes using your fax modem, filter spam faxes by station name, design custom fax cover pages, and send faxes easily via eFax, jConnect, EasyLink, MaxEmail or RapidFax services. The update adds several fax-via-email services and support for 64-bit applications in preparation for Snow Leopard. The update also adds support for QuickBooks 2009 and other applications that use garbage-collected memory management. [Download - 7.1MB]

Norway backs down from DRM dispute with Apple

02/04, 6:55pm

Norway drops iTunes issues

Norway's consumer watchdog has put an end to the lengthy conflict with Apple regarding iTunes DRM restrictions, according to the AFP. The Market Council opposed the anti-piracy protection because of the incompatibility with MP3 players other than Apple's own iPod line. The company recently ignored a November 3rd deadline imposed by the Ombudsman, Bjoern Erik Thon, who threatened to take the case before the Market Council if all iTunes tracks were not made compatible with other media players.

Congress delays digital TV transition

02/04, 5:55pm

Digital TV delayed

Congress has approved legislation that will delay the digital TV transition until June 12, providing more time to prepare older devices for the change, according to Reuters. The switch deadline had initially been scheduled for February 17th, although an estimated 20 million individuals would not be ready in the next few weeks. Obama backed the latest change, recognizing concerns that the unprepared group contained mostly low-income, elderly and rural households.

Acer set to intro DX900, a clone of E-Ten Glofiish

02/04, 5:20pm

Acer to intro DX900 phone

Acer may not be unveiling just one new smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Spain on February 16th or soon thereafter as this photo leak proves. The new Acer handset is a rebranded version of the E-Ten Glofiish DX900 and is the result of Acer's buyout of the smaller company in 2008.. The two differ only in a few superficial aspects, such as new colors on the exterior.

T-Mobile tops J.D. Power's customer care survey

02/04, 5:05pm

T-Mobile tops J.D. Power

Wireless provider T-Mobile topped the rankings in the J.D. Power and Associates 2009 Wireless Customer Care Performance Study - Volume 1, scoring 755 out of a possible 1,000 points and edging out competitors Verizon Wireless, at 749, and Alltel, which scored 744 points. The survey asked customers to rate their experiences when dealing with T-Mobile via a phone call with either a live rep or an Automated Response System, in person at a retail location and via the Web.

Tough economy cooling MacBook demand

02/04, 5:05pm

ChangeWave on Mac Demand

A new study published today by ChangeWave reveals that the sudden recession has likely had a chilling effect on MacBook sales. As the number of people looking to buy notebooks over the next 90 days has dipped from 8 to 6 percent in January, fewer are also looking to buy one of Apple's portables. Where 33 percent of notebook shoppers studied were looking to buy a MacBook in November, a significantly smaller 27 percent were considering the same move just two months later.

Panasonic intros two security network cameras

02/04, 4:55pm

Panasonic network cameras

On Wednesday, Panasonic announced the release of two network security cameras with the BL-C101A and BL-C121A. Both are meant for home or business monitoring, and allow users to see what they see over an Internet-connected PC or cell phone. The BL-C101A is simple to connect thanks to its single-wire interface, while the BL-C121A only requires a power cable as it has a built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi radio and internal antenna. Either can capture MPEG-4 video and JPEG images at the same time.

iPhone apps: Print & Share, Mark On Call, Golf Smak!

02/04, 4:55pm

Valentines, Travel Toolkit

Print & Share ($10) allows users to print documents, emails, pictures and web sites off their iPhone or iPod touch. The application links to WePrint which connects to the device and sends information through the computer to a connected printer. The WePrint software is free and can operate on both Windows and Mac based computers.

German company joins in Mac cloning efforts

02/04, 4:50pm

German Mac clones

Another Mac clone builder has appeared in spite of questionable legality, a publication reports. Based in Germany, a company known as HyperMegaNet UG has begun selling the PearC line, on which shoppers can have Mac OS X Leopard installed, or alternately Windows Vista or XP. The line is divided into Starter, Advanced and Professional models, with base prices ranging from €499 to €1,499.

First photos of swiveling Acer smartphone leak

02/04, 4:45pm

Photos of Acer phone leak

What is believed to be the first look at the upcoming Acer smarpthone has been leaked on Tuesday, although there are no new clues as to the phone's specifications and features. The first indication of Acer's entry into the phone market came last week, when the company extended an invitation to a press conference on the evening of February 16th, right before the start of the Mobile World Congress in Spain. The low-quality photos do reveal a full QWERTY keyboard and an advanced swiveling design for the reported touchscreen.

Eco-friendly Moto W233 ships for T-Mobile

02/04, 4:35pm

Moto W233 now shipping

The previously announced Motorola W233 Renew handset is now available for purchase at wireless provider T-Mobile for about $10 on a two-year contract. The W233 Renew is the first handset to use recycled plastics in the construction of its housing that includes recycled water bottles. It's therefore recyclable, and Motorola is touting the handset as the first totally carbon-neutral cell phone.

India's $10 laptop actually storage device

02/04, 4:25pm

India's $10 laptop neither

The $10 Sakshat laptop from India turned out to be neither at its official introduction, as it is now said to cost $30 and is little more than a computing device and not a full-function notebook as previously expected and advertised, according to a Wednesday report. The device, sized at 10 by 5 inches, is reportedly capable of nothing more than storing data accessed by connecting it to an actual computer.

RapidRepair offers 240GB hard drive upgrade for iPod

02/04, 4:00pm

RapidRepair 240GB iPod

Online retailer RapidRepair will soon offer an upgraded 240GB hard drive for both refreshes of the 5th-generation iPod with video. The upgrade comes in the form the 1.8-inch, 240GB drive from Toshiba introduced last year. The dual-platter drive has a PATA interface and spins at a fast 4,200RPM speed in spite of its small footprint, improving loading times over same-size hard disks.

Analyst: Next iPhone could lack data plans

02/04, 3:55pm

Next iPhone to lack data?

Bernstein Research's Toni Sacconaghi has made several bold predictions, suggesting that an iPhone nano could arrive without the ability to run apps and browse the Internet. He expects that the standalone music player market will continue to shrink, driving customers to trade iPods for cell phones that can also play music. A significant majority of those customers would find the iPhone too expensive, primarily because of the data service plans that average over $70 a month.

BlackBerry Pearl 8100 now available through Fido

02/04, 3:25pm

Fido gets BlackBerry Pearl

Canadian wireless provider Fido on Wednesday announced it is offering the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone from Research in Motion. Only available in black, the handset is being priced as low as $25 CAD on a three-year voice and data plan. The lowest-priced data plan is the $15-per-month unlimited Personal Email on BlackBerry.

Samsung develops 40nm DRAM technology

02/04, 3:10pm

40nm DRAM developed

Korea's Samsung has produced what it claims to be the world's first 40nm DRAM memory. Though only available in a 1GB DDR2 format, the memory is already said to have been certified for Intel's GM45 Express chipset, which was made available for notebooks late last year. The new DRAM marks a shift down in size from 50nm, and should theoretically consume less electricity, generating less heat as a side effect.

AT&T may snap up ex-Verizon wireless space

02/04, 2:00pm

ATT May Get Verizon Assets

AT&T may end up acquiring some of the resources Verizon has to auction off to complete its buyout of Alltel, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. The iPhone-carrying provider is reportedly one of the stronger bidders for the estimated $3 billion in cellular coverage, spectrum and other assets that the US government has determined should be sold to competitors to maintain a level playing field. AT&T could gain as many as 2.1 million new subscribers if it purchased all the assets.

MS laying down plans for SkyBox 1.5, 2.0?

02/04, 1:25pm

MS SkyBox plans leak

In-depth plans for Microsoft's SkyBox sync service have been leaked, according to anonymous sources said to be "well-connected" to the matter. A v1.0 beta of the service is expected to go live in mid-February, and provide basic backup, restore, management and sharing functions for cellphone data. The service should also be free, due to an advertising-laced web portal.

MIMO brings USB-powered 7-inch LCDs to US

02/04, 1:05pm

MIMO 7-inch USB monitors

MIMO has recently introduced two 7-inch auxiliary monitors, the UM-710 and the touchscreen UM-740 that plug in to PCs and Macs via a single USB 2.0 port for both video signal and power connection. Either screen sports an 800x480 resolution and can display whatever users drag onto them from their primary desktop display. The monitors can be rotated to a portrait view in addition to the default horizontal orientation.

Hiring begins for Milan Apple Store

02/04, 12:20pm

Milan Apple Store expected

Apple is now hiring for a retail store in Milan, official listings have revealed. While the company has not officially announced a Milan location, the company is offering a full roster of positions for a future shop, including cashiers, concierges, Genius Bar staff and business sales representatives. The store would be only Apple's second retail outlet in Italy, complementing a flagship store in Rome.

Samsung Memoir Feb. 25 launch, final specs surface

02/04, 12:20pm

Samsung Memoir Leak 2

T-Mobile's version of the Samsung Memoir has had nearly all of its details show early today thanks in part to a preview of the carrier's February Scoop issue by CellPhone Signal as well as specs sent to Unwired View by an anonymous source. The 8-megapixel touchscreen cameraphone is now near-certain to launch on February 25th but now appears limited to EDGE for data, with no mention of HSDPA or UMTS for the 1,700MHz band.

Panasonic posts loss, to cut 5% of workforce

02/04, 11:25am

Panasonic posts loss

Panasonic is the latest in a string of large electronics companies based in Japan to predict a loss for the 2008 current fiscal year due to the slow economy and the unfavorable exchange rates offered by a strong yen. As a result, the company plans to cut nearly 5 percent of its workforce, amounting to some 15,000 workers. At the same time, 12 percent or 27 manufacturing sites will be closed down. The company now expects to post a $4.26 billion net loss in the fiscal year that ends March 31st.

Time Warner data caps to reach other cities

02/04, 11:20am

TWC Data Caps Spread

Time Warner during a financial results call today revealed that its experiment in metered data use on its cable Internet service should expand to new areas in 2009. Without entering into specifics, the company's cable chief Glenn Britt says that more cities will be subject to the program, which charges users for usage at fixed intervals up to a 40GB cap. It's unknown whether the feature represents a larger trial or a formal rollout.

Parisian court upholds ban on iPhone exclusivity

02/04, 11:15am

Fra. iPhone kept unlocked

The sudden lifting of iPhone exclusivity in France will remain in effect, a ruling from the Paris Court of Appeals has declared. In December, the country's national competition council ordered Apple and official carrier Orange to temporarily permit other companies to sell the device, pending deeper investigation into complaints from Bouygues Telecom. Apple and Orange subsequently filed an appeal, but this was denied by a Parisian judge in a 19-page Wednesday ruling.

Sonnet to announce new storage systems at NAB Show

02/04, 11:00am

Sonnet Storage devices

Sonnet Technologies says it will debut five new products at the NAB Show, Fusion DX800RAID storage system, Fusion F3 RAID storage system, Tempo SATA Pro ExpressCard/34, Pro Dual CompactFlash (CF) Adapter ExpressCard/34, and the Fusion F2 1TB Portable Storage System. The DX800RAID is an eight-drive RAID SATA storage system with a built-in Serial Attatched SCSI (SAS) expander which enables up to 16 eight-drive enclosures to connect to a single Sonnet RAID controller. The device offers read and write file transfer speeds of up to 680MB/sec and 640MB/sec, respectively.

Google intros Latitude GPS friend tracking

02/04, 10:25am

Google Latitude

Google today expanded its mapping service with a social component known as Latitude. The feature lets either smartphone owners, Chrome users, and those running a special iGoogle gadget identify their current locations to friends or to track their own friends both for coordinating meetups or to follow them on trips. Users can send e-mail, Google Talk, SMS and status update messages to others directly from Latitude; calling is also possible on phones.

Two new lawsuits add to iPhone 3G data complaints

02/04, 10:15am

Two new iPhone lawsuits

Apple is facing another two lawsuits connected to the iPhone 3G, reports say. In Florida, Onel Gonzalez and Ron Brayteson have filed a class-action lawsuit, accusing Apple of providing inadequate 3G reception. The pair make reference to a story from Sweden's Ny Teknik, also cited in a Texas suit from last week, which suggests that many iPhones are not sensitive enough to 3G broadcasts and are creating more problems by boosting their output.

Pentax drops DSLR prices, adds K2000 kits

02/04, 9:35am

Pentax Cuts and K2000 Kits

Pentax on Wednesday spurred sales ahead of the PMA expo by slashing prices on its mainstream digital SLRs and launching a handful of new K2000 kits. The 14.6-megapixel K20D mid-range camera is getting an immediate $100 discount that lasts until February 22nd; the K2000 flash bundle that carries an 18-55m lens and an AF200FG external flash is also dropping permanently to $600. The special white K2000 bundle is also seeing a price reduction to $680.

Sprint planning to launch Palm Pre in May

02/04, 8:50am

Palm Pre Targeted for May

An internal Sprint end-of-life (EOL) list obtained by BGR hints that Palm may be ready to ship the Pre in May. The touchscreen smartphone will effectively replace the Treo 755p and is listed as appearing in late May, arriving about a month before the end of Palm's official first-half 2009 target. Retail staff are already believed to be training for June, suggesting the retail launch may be scheduled for slightly after the in-stock date.

Fujifilm intros ISO 12,800 pocket cam, more

02/04, 8:00am

Fujifilm F200EXR and F150

Fujifilm today had its turn at pre-PMA expo launches with three compact cameras, including one it says is the most flexible ever. The FinePix F200EXR's 12-megapixel sensor is adjustable in a special EXR mode that lets users either opt for the full resolution or else step down to 6 megapixels for difficult conditions: it can either switch to a high-sensitivity mode for low light or a wide dynamic range mode to bring out detail in shadows or bright lights. A second drop down, to 3 megapixels, will let the camera shoot as high as ISO 12,800 in extreme conditions where flash isn't an option.

Photos slip for AT&T's LG Neon

02/04, 7:15am

LG Neon from AT&T

A new mobile phone is coming to AT&T's lineup, according to Phone Arena. The LG Neon will be an Americanized version of the KS360, the Neon features the same full QWERTY keyboard and 2.4-inch touchscreen with an onscreen numeric keypad to dial numbers when the phone is closed. If the new phone is similar to its reference model, users can also expect a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, and FM radio.

Garmin, ASUS debut co-branded nuvifone G60, alliance

02/04, 2:20am

Garmin, Asus alliance

Garmin and ASUS on Wednesday morning announced a strategic alliance to design and sell co-branded mobile phones, including the launch of a new phone at the upcoming mobile conference in Barcelona, Spain and rebranded nüviphone (as the nüviphone G60), which was announced last week. According to the companies, both Garmin and ASUS have already begun joint development on a mobile phone product line, which will be known as the Garmin-Asus nüvifone series. The companies, which will leverage the companies' navigation and mobile telephony expertise, expect to bring to market several Garmin-Asus nüvifone models in 2009, including a new model at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, February 16-19, 2009.


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