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Firmware reveals next-generation iPhone

01/28, 11:50pm

Next-gen iPhone

A deeper look into the latest iPhone firmware reveals the model number of the next-generation iPhone, according to MacRumors. The original iPhone carries the designation "iPhone 1,1" and the 3G variant accounts for the presence of "iPhone 1,2". The latest firmware includes a reference to "iPhone 2,1" that would imply a major revision. In comparison, the first generation iPod touch is labeled "iPod 1,1" while the current model is referenced as "iPod 2,1" and integrates functionality for a speaker and external volume adjustment, in addition to a faster processor and mic support.

Scosche debuts iPhone audio/video output cable

01/28, 11:00pm

ShowTIME video output

Scosche Industries has announced the ShowTIME, a cable that adds to its line of accessories for the iPhone and iPod touch. The cable is a six feet long, with both audio and video RCA output connections for playing videos from an iPhone or iPod. The cord requires no software installation to work, while the tapered metal RCA barrels are claimed to prevent bad connection and signal loss.

New Samsung DDR3 allows 8GB notebook RAM

01/28, 11:00pm

Samsung 4Gb DDR3 Chip

Samsung late on Wednesday night said it has developed the world's first 4-gigabit (1GB) DDR3 SDRAM chip. The part is built on an ultra-dense 50 nanometer manufacturing process and would allow as much as 8GB of RAM on a single notebook memory stick, or twice as much as currently possible. It could also reach the same amount for typical desktop memory and as much as 16GB for the dual registered memory used with some server and workstation PCs.

BatchOutput 3.4 enables document export as XFL

01/28, 10:45pm

BatchOutput 3.4 update

Zevrix Solutions has released BatchOutput 3.4, the latest version of its automated printing and exporting software for Adobe InDesign. The update now supports document export into the Adobe Flash CS4 Pro file format (XFL). Another new feature allows multiple InDesign documents to be repurposed for Flash Pro, instead of having to open and export each individual file.

NiceMac readies uSirius StarPlayr app for iPhone

01/28, 9:50pm

Sirius XM iPhone app

NiceMac is preparing to submit the uSirius StarPlayr for the iPhone to Apple for approval, unnamed sources have told Orbitcast. Although the approval process can take hours or months, the process allegedly will begin on January 31st. Customers thus far have been able to stream Sirius XM radio content online for free, but that is about to change very soon. The company on Tuesday confirmed the rumored price changes, justifying the move by explaining that the audio quality will be enhanced by March 11th.

AT&T and Apple considering subsidized MacBook?

01/28, 8:30pm

ATT subsidized MacBook?

Glenn Lurie, AT&T's Emerging Devices president, has hinted that the company might be talking with Apple about subsidized notebooks tied in with wireless data contracts, according to an executive interview with Fortune. The wireless carrier has become increasingly interested in working with device manufacturers beyond the realm of handsets. Initially, the company has dabbled with lower-priced mobile computers such as netbooks.

iPhone apps: PhoneWord, Bathroom Reader, SendPhotos

01/28, 7:15pm

ControlPad, BreakEven

PhoneWord ($2) is a tool that can find words that can be spelled out with a phone number. The application looks at every combination of the letters from a phone number and tries to find words from a dictionary of over 26,000 words. PhoneWord supports phone numbers of up to 12 digits, so international phone numbers may be entered. Once the number is entered, a list of all the possible phone words are displayed.

Google project aims to expose Internet blockers

01/28, 7:15pm

Google M Lab

Google has collaborated with the Open Technology Institute and PlanetLab to develop a project, Measurement Lab (M-Lab), that intends to allow Internet users determine if their service provider is blocking or throttling access to online content. The search giant will establish 36 servers in 12 locations that researchers will be able to use for gathering data for analysis. "When an Internet application doesn't work as expected or your connection seems flaky, how can you tell whether there is a problem caused by your broadband ISP, the application, your PC, or something else?" said Vint Cerf, chief Internet guru at Google.

CES iLounge area filled in 3 days, size quadrupled

01/28, 5:40pm

iLounge CES sold in 3 days

iLounge has announced that its iPod- and iPhone-centric pavilion at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show has been completely booked with vendors in just three days. To avoid a long waiting list, CEA decided to quadruple the size of the area to accommodate the additional interest. "The accessories market, driven by the popularity of iPods, iPhones, and other MP3 and smartphone technologies, will grow this year to a nearly $15 billion market," said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of CEA.

AMD won't replace low-power Geode CPUs

01/28, 5:20pm

No Geode replacement: AMD

Computer chipmaker AMD said on Monday it will not be replacing its low-power Geode CPU currently used in devices such as the XO laptop made by the One Laptop Per Child project, UMPCs and set-top boxes, according to a Tuesday report. An AMD spokesperson did reassure those who depend on the current CPU that the company will continue to offer the product as long as there is demand for it.

Buffalo intros 7-inch, USB external display

01/28, 5:05pm

Buffalo 7-inch aux display

Japan's Buffalo on Wednesday introduced its FTD-W71 USB secondary display which connects to users Windows (Vista, XP or 2000) PCs via a USB 2.0 connection to add a 7-inch, 800x480 display to show whatever won't fit on the main screen. The auxiliary screen sports 300cd/m2 brightness rating and a 500:1 contrast ratio. The screen can be rotated into a portrait orientation on its stand, or attached to standard camera tripods.

Kodak quietly intros entry EasyShare C180

01/28, 5:05pm

Kodak intros C180 digicam

Kodak in a subdued launch has introduced a new 10.2-megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera, the EasyShare C180. It targets the very entry level and sports 3x optical zoom lens with 5x digital zoom compensating for its shorter range. Built-in features nonetheless include face detection, blur reduction and the ability to display taken photos as slideshows on the 2.4-inch display.

Motorola set to release first iDEN phone with QWERTY

01/28, 4:55pm

Motorola first QWERTY iDEN

Motorola is due to release the first iDEN phone and what should be the lowest-priced handset equipped with a QWERTY keyboard with their i465 cell phone, according to an Engadget report. The device will have push to talk (PTT) capabilities, and while the exact operating system is not known, it will not be Windows. There is also an integrated VGA (0.3-megapixel) camera for snapping photos.

Windows 7 in major tests against antitrust rules

01/28, 4:55pm

Windows 7 thorough testing

Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system will be studied more thoroughly than originally intended for compliance with the US' antitrust settlement from 2002, according to a Tuesday report. Microsoft has submitted 30 new and 87 revised technical documents to a three-member panel of state-appointed computer experts in December that have increased the scrutiny over the company's upcoming release. The panel has been checking over the software system since at least March, Microsoft says, and the new documents highlight changes to its protocols.

Fabrix offers Hard Shell cases for iPhone, iPod

01/28, 4:35pm

Fabrix Fiber Hard Shells

Fabrix has launched a new set of iPhone and iPod touch 2G cases, the Fiber Hard Shells. The Hard Shells come in four different styles -- denim, carbon-fiber, leather impact, and well-suited -- and are designed to help protect a user's phone from bumps and scratches. Each case is made to form-fit a handheld, while still allowing access to all controls and ports.

2009 Sidekick LX to get 480p screen, GPS?

01/28, 4:30pm

Sidekick LX 2009 Leak

Danger and its hardware partners may be preparing a major update to the Sidekick LX that turns it into an advanced media and social networking device, a survey given to a Hiptop3 reader suggests. When asked about smartphones, the reader says she was reportedly presented with an image that shows an Sidekick LX 2009 that centers on an unusually sharp, 854x480 3.2-inch display. It would also have other hardware firsts for Sidekicks, including 3G data, GPS with turn-by-turn navigation and a 3.2-megapixel camera with both flash and video capture.

iPresentee launches iWeb Themes 3.0

01/28, 4:20pm

iWeb Themes 3.0 ships

iPresentee has launched a new collection of iWeb themes, iWeb Themes 3.0. The five new themes in the pack include Black and White, Flora, Mahogany, Ray and Tracery, and come with 10 content templates each, instead of the usual eight. Template formats include Welcome, About Me, Photos, My Albums, Movie, Blog, Podcast, Blank, My Hobbies and News.

Super Talent offers SSD upgrades for Asus S101

01/28, 4:00pm

Super Talent SSD upgrade

Super Talent on Wednesday announced the release of a choice of three solid state drives meant as upgrades for the ASUS S101 Eee PC netbook. The standard netbook preloaded with Windows offers only 16GB of storage space, and the Super Talent drives are available in 16GB, 32GB or 64GB capacities, allowing users to double or quadruple the available onboard storage. All three drives share the same 90MBps read and 55MBps write speeds and outpace most notebook hard drives as a result.

Recession hitting Apple retail stores hard

01/28, 4:00pm

Needham on Apple Stores

The global recession is having a serious impact on Apple's retail performance, says Needham & Co.'s Charlie Wolf. The researcher claims that while Apple Stores have for years done better than most retail chains, visitors per store fell 1.8 percent year-over-year in December, while same-store revenues dropped 17.4 percent. Mac shipments are said to have slid an average of 17.5 percent, while combined non-Mac revenues fell 10 percent.

Apps: Typinator, FlashVideo Converter, ProteMac Meter

01/28, 4:00pm

iServicesTrojan, Integrity

Typinator 3.4 ($27) is a tool that will type out repeating texts and pictures. Users can set up a list of commonly used words and images, and then set up fragments that can be used trigger each phrase or image. The new version adds a couple of user-requested features and includes a number of small improvements and fixes. Typinator can now be suspended temporarily and preserve the height of the set list when the window size changes. The update also allows the software to expand abbreviations in floating windows such as in Spotlight or the quick entry windows of OmniFocus and TaskPaper. [Download - 2.7MB]

MS faces antitrust conflict over Vista marketing

01/28, 3:55pm

Vista Marketing Antitrust

Lawyers for the US Justice Department today noted that Microsoft is drawing antitrust complaints from PC makers that accuse the software developer of unfairly favoring certain companies with its Windows Vista marketing program. The unnamed firms assert that Microsoft's plans to reward the makers of optimized Vista PCs with marketing funds gives those companies an edge over other firms, which may not necessarily want to submit their systems to the tests needed to earn the funding.

Seagate outlines Mac fix for failed Barracuda drives

01/28, 3:50pm

Barracuda Mac fix details

Seagate has outlined specific instructions for Mac users to remedy firmware problems with certain Barracuda 7200.11, ES.2 SATA, or DiamondMax 22 hard drives. The issue can cause the drive to lock on certain systems, leaving the stored data inaccessible. Upgraded firmware can only be installed on Intel Macs, such as the Mac Pro and iMac. The 2.5-inch notebook drives are not affected, ruling out the need to install firmware on the MacBook, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini.

ReaddleDocs 1.3 adds RTF support for iPhone

01/28, 3:05pm

ReaddleDocs 1.3 launched

Readdle has released ReaddleDocs 1.3, an update to its iPhone file management app, adding RTF and RTFD support along with browsing of an iPhone's Photos folder. The new version can now read RTFs from TextEdit and Microsoft Word, and supports viewing embedded images within both RTF and RTFD documents. Also included in v1.3 is an improved web browser, which supports secure HTTPS websites and WebDAV connections.

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2.0 adds color finding, more

01/28, 3:00pm

LEGO Mindstorms NXT 2

LEGO today updated its Mindstorms robot kit with the NXT 2.0 version. The update to the construction set is targeted at LEGO's core audience instead of solely at hobbyists and will come in a set that lets children build four ready-made robots. More advanced users, however, also get a new feature that lets the robot detect color through its camera and perform a user-programmable action based on the presence of that color in the scene.

Congress votes down digital TV delay

01/28, 2:15pm

Congress Downs DTV Delay

The US House of Representatives at mid-day has voted against a bill that would delay the switch from analog to digital for over-the-air TV until June 12th. The bill had cleared the Senate on Monday but lost 258-168 after some congressional Democrats joined Republicans in resisting the delay. Without an emergency bill, the new vote keeps the originally scheduled February 17th date.

AT&T success seen as good sign for Apple

01/28, 1:40pm

Kaufman on ATT-iPhone link

The success of American carrier AT&T is its most recent financial quarter is good news for Apple, notes Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu. Of the 2.1 million cellular subscribers the company added, a massive 1.9 million were iPhone accounts, buoying what might otherwise have been a poor year. AT&T was further helped by the extra money pulled in from data plans, which are mandatory for iPhone subscribers.

Olympus Micro Four Thirds cams due at PMA?

01/28, 1:40pm

Olympus M1 and M100 Leak

Olympus will have not one but two cameras based on the Micro Four Thirds system in the near future, a Russian leak hints. The first, the M-1, would have a relatively compact body but would carry a 3.2-inch LCD and shoot HD video, making it one of the first DSLRs below the Nikon D90 to get the feature. It will also reportedly come with a relatively short-ranged but removable 12-45mm lens.

mobiBLU intros A10 UFO MP3 player

01/28, 1:05pm

mobiBLU A10 UFO MP3 player

Korean portable digital audio player maker mobiBLU has recently introduced a new type of MP3 player, the A10 UFO. The device can link to other Bluetooth devices and is unusual for building in a 2W flat panel speaker from NXT Technologies. It can play back ASF, MP3, OGG and WMA format files. There is no display, but a vibration function is integrated, presumably to match the device's namesake of Unidentified Flying Object and entertain onlookers while music is playing.

Sony contemplating Surface-like photo printer?

01/28, 12:35pm

Surface-like photo printer

Sony is experimenting with the concept of a photo printer using technology similar to Microsoft's Surface computer, patent filings suggest. The application depicts a flat-topped inkjet printer, whose main surface would be dominated by a touchscreen. To sync photos with the system owners would simply place a camera on top of the screen, initiating a wireless download; the screen could then be used to select photos for printing, or simply to browse images on a larger display.

NEC's digital ad board detects nearby faces

01/28, 11:55am

NEC Eye Flavor ad board

NEC Japan has been selling its Eye Flavor digital signage board in Japan since December and what makes the device unique is its built-in camera with face recognition technology. The board will scan a passersby face before he or she gets to the board and, by estimating his or her age range or even sex, will display ad content most suitable for these results.

Phanfare Photon 1.8 adds editing, slideshow options

01/28, 11:50am

Phanfare Photon 1.8 update

Phanfare has released an update to its photo- and video-sharing application for the iPhone and iPod touch, Phanfare Photon 1.8. As with the previous version, owners can upload content to the Phanfare website, where it can be downloaded to other devices or stored as a backup copy. The update includes features such as bulk uploading, image stabilization, photo and video slideshows with music, and more photo-editing capabilities.

EU rejects delay on Intel antitrust investigation

01/28, 11:45am

EU Rejects Intel Delay

The European Union's Court of First Instance late Tuesday rejected requests by Intel to stall its investigation into claims of abusing its lead in processors to stifle AMD and other competitors. Court president Marc Jaeger rebuffs claims that Intel needs more time to prepare a response and that the investigation was mishandled, saying that the chipmaker was "in no way prevented" from building its argument.

On the Job 3.0 adds template editor

01/28, 11:25am

On the Job 3.0 released

Stunt Software has published the third edition of On the Job, an application dedicated to time tracking and parallel invoicing, as well as monitoring expenses. The v3.0 upgrade brings with it a variety of changes, including a new layout engine, and a template editor which allows for customized invoices, timesheets and quotes. The interface has been improved as a whole, and users can now highlight outstanding invoices to help collect money owed.

Cox to throttle "time sensitive" traffic

01/28, 10:55am

Cox Throttling Traffic

Cable Internet provider Cox today said it would start trialing a new congestion management scheme on its network that it hopes will manage the network. The test, beginning for Arkansas and Kansas users on February 9th, will prioritize "time-sensitive" data such as games, streaming, VoIP and VPNs over less immediately critical traffic, including uploads, peer-to-peer file sharing and newsgroups. The system only kicks in when the local network is particularly congested and the more critical traffic is at risk of failing, Cox says.

Reference Tracker 1.1 improves, expands formatting

01/28, 10:45am

Reference Tracker 1.1 out

Malkinware has released the v1.1 update to Reference Tracker, its research utility. The app produces documents with all of the citations and references associated with a project, which can then be used to generate bibliographies automatically based on different formats. Book information can be filled out automatically using ISBN numbers, and website information can be extracted from Safari or Firefox.

T-Mobile Shadow, 7510 ship; Curve 8900 due Feb. 11

01/28, 10:00am

T-Mo Shadow 7510 and Curve

T-Mobile on Wednesday said it has begun shipping the 2009 edition Shadow smartphone as well as the Nokia 7510 Supernova. The former is T-Mobile's new flagship Windows Mobile device and should now cost $200 with a two-year contract for its 2-megapixel camera, microSDHC storage, and Wi-Fi with support for HotSpot Calling over VoIP. It comes in two different color options can be had contract-free for $350.

iPhone 2.2.1 unexpectedly fixing SMS issue?

01/28, 9:55am

iPhone 2.2.1 fixes SMS?

Yesterday's release of the iPhone 2.2.1 firmware may have also fixed a problem with SMS messaging, accounts on Apple's support forums suggest. The issue involves an error message triggered every time a user attempts to send a text, previously impossible to resolve with any resets or settings adjustments, though some success has been reported after switching SIM cards. The problem appears only to manifest after installing the v2.2 firmware.

AT&T, Comcast 1st to help RIAA snooping?

01/28, 9:30am

ATT and Comcast Help RIAA

Both AT&T and Comcast should be the first Internet providers to give in to the RIAA's monitoring program, according to sources speaking with CNET. Three separate contacts allege that the respective DSL and cable providers have tentatively agreed to forward warnings when the RIAA believes its songs are being shared illegally and would volunteer to punish repeated offenders. These could include user-specific traffic throttling and even suspension or a permanent disconnection after multiple alleged infractions.

AT&T credits Q4 results to 1.9m iPhones

01/28, 8:30am

ATT Q4 2008 Results

AT&T today reported results for the fall quarter that it attributes directly to continued iPhone 3G sales. The company says that its net income dropped from $3.1 billion in late 2007 to $2.4 billion in 2008 but says that its overall revenue climbed 2.4 percent to $31.1 billion based partly on increases in wireless performance and considers the iPhone 3G a "success." The carrier activated 1.9 million of the devices on its network before the end of December and notes that it activated a total of 4.3 million of the newer Apple handsets since launch.

Acer teases entry into smartphones at MWC

01/28, 7:35am

Acer Smartphone Teaser

Acer today sent out a teaser invitation to Pocket-lint and others that confirms the company's plans to enter into smartphones. The message provides few clues but says Acer's CEO as well as its handheld chief will introduce a smartphone the evening of February 16th, or the start of the Mobile World Congress phone show in Barcelona.

Datto announces peer-to-peer storage systems

01/28, 7:10am

Box 2 Box storage device

Datto has announced Box 2 Box, a network attached storage (NAS) device that synchronizes information between two storage boxes regardless of location. As part of a peer-to-peer storage system, the boxes connect across the Internet regardless of firewalls or settings and are designed to offer users a secondary location to store their files. For security purposes, AES+SSL encryption is provided during off-site file transfers. The storage devices come in a variety of sizes, allowing users to store 250GB, 500GB or 1TB.

ProcessAway enables iPhone credit card transactions

01/28, 12:15am

ProcessAway for iPhone

A mobile company called ProcessAway, has announced a new application that allows people to process credit card transactions over the iPhone and iPod touch. Capable of making transaction with any internet connection, ProcessAway works with (an internet payment gateway) to let users make authorized credit card payments. After every transaction is completed, an e-mail can be automatically sent to the customer. The application also logs all successful transactions to give a detail record of past activity.


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