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Sprint already training on Palm Pre?

01/23, 6:20pm

Sprint Training Palm Pre

Sprint staff are already training on selling the Palm Pre to customers, according to Twitter posts by Yahoo's Sarah Lacy. Although only just announced this month, employees both acknowledge having been given formal tutorials and are being told to expect the Pre in June, landing the hardware at the end of its promised first-half 2009 shipping window. Other details, such as price, aren't known and are unlikely to be revealed at this early stage. Palm and Sprint have so far declined to commit to more specific release dates.

Apple posts Server Admin Tools 10.5.6

01/23, 6:15pm

Server Admin Tools 10.5.6

Apple has released Server Admin Tools 10.5.6, the latest update to its set of applications for remote administration of Mac OS X Server. The software package contains remote administrative tools, documentation and utilities including Server Assistant, Server Monitor, and QuickTime Broadcaster apps. With the new version, system image utility changes have bee made to no longer duplicate the KDC certificate when deploying a system page, unlike its predecessor which would install identical KDCs if the image was created after the KDC was created. In addition, NetBoot/NetInstall model filters have been added for the latest MacBook, and MacBook Pro and Air computers.

More details, pics surface on Android Cupcake update

01/23, 6:00pm

Android Cupcake update

The Android updates that are soon due to come to the T-Mobile G1 handset over the air have been detailed on Thursday. The updates, collectively dubbed Cupcake by the Android team, include a new local setting page that lets users select different locales and various ways of inputting text. Users will also get the option of viewing running third party applications from the regular applications list.

Obama appoints Copps as interim FCC chairman

01/23, 5:30pm

Copps as interim FCC chair

With Kevin Martin resigning from his post as FCC chairman on President Obama's inauguration day, FCC commissioner Michael Copps will act as an interim chairman until a permanent replacement is named. Julius Genachowski is the unofficial favorite for the permanent position.

Korea's first Atom-powered MID now on sale

01/23, 5:15pm

Lluon Mobbit MID on sale

The Lluon Mobbit MID from TriGem (known as Averatec in North America) first seen in December has now gone on sale in its home market of Korea. The mobile Internet device sports a 4.8-inch, 1024x600 touchscreen and is powered by a 1.33GHz Intel Atom CPU, along with 1GB of RAM. The pre-loaded operating system on the 30GB flash drive is Windows XP Home.

Markzware IDQ24 converts InDesign CS4 docs to QXP

01/23, 5:15pm

Markzware IDQ24 update

Markzware has released an update to its InDesign-to-QuarkXPress conversion tool, ID2Q 4. The program is designed to take the content from InDesign that users choose to convert, and re-create it in QuarkXPress. With the new version, IDQ24 will be able to convert all InDesign documents -- through the latest CS4 release -- into QuarkXPress 7/8 versions. Items that can be converted from InDesign include page positioning, color models, fonts and styles, and text attributes.

Wacom intros 19-inch PL-900 LCD tablet

01/23, 5:00pm

Wacom PL-900 LCD tablet

Wacom on Friday introduced its latest LCD pen tablet, the 19-inch PL-900. The device has a 4:3 native aspect ratio that can be automatically switched to a 16:10 widescreen format via an auto-sensing video scaler. The display sports 1280x1024 resolution and has been improved compared to the company's previous products with a wider viewing angle and an anti-glare coating.

Apple's best, worst Macs in 25-yr history

01/23, 5:00pm

25 years of Mac

January 24th will mark the 25th anniversary of the Macintosh, Apple's flagship product. The computer was the first commercially successful system to include a mouse and a graphical interface, and is widely seen as having made personal computers accessible to the general public, rather than just people with technical expertise. Apple would continue to expand the technology over the coming years, and adopt a number of different names, such as Performa, PowerBook, iMac and Mac Pro.

Global cellphone market to fall 9 percent in 2009

01/23, 4:55pm

Global cellphone drop

After falling 10 percent to 295 million in the fourth quarter of 2008 compared to the same time period in 2007, worldwide cellphone sales are due to be 9 percent lower overall in 2009, says research from Strategy Analytics. The expected 9 percent decline is the first for an entire year since 2001, and is expected to be especially prevalent in the first half of the year, as customer spending is pared down due to the post-holiday season and the weakened economy.

MSI WindBOX nearing release with official intro

01/23, 4:50pm

MSI WindBOX official intro

Taiwan's MSI computer maker is close to releasing its ultra-small form factor and low-power WindBOX desktop PC, previously spotted back in November. The PC, meant to take up virtually no desk space as it can attach to the rear of a monitor thanks to VESA mount compatibility, sports Intel's 1.6GHz Atom CPU and the integrated Intel GMA 950 chipset for graphics processing. The PC has 1GB of RAM. There is no fan for quiet operation, and to reduce power use the large heatsink doubles as the PC's case.

More photos of Nokia's E75 smartphone surface

01/23, 4:25pm

More E75 photos surface

The previously leaked Nokia E75 is in the spotlight once again, this time with more high-quality photos. While nothing about the phone is yet official, its main specs are all but confirmed, and include a 2.4-inch screen that hides a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The photos reveal that, as previously believed, there is indeed a microSDHC card slot, along with a 3.2-megapixel camera integrated into the mirrored metallic backside.

Bluetribe Bluetooth 2.1 headphones offer two earpads

01/23, 4:15pm

Bluetribe headphones intro

Japan's Sigma-Apo announced on Friday it will soon release the Bluetribe headphones, which are able to connect to compatible Bluetooth phones and digital music players. A built-in microphone and two-way connection in the Bluetooth 2.1-profile headphones allows user to have conversations when used with compatible handsets. The headphone is SCMS-T compatible, allowing it to receive 1Seg broadcasts.

MS may owe $8.5b for misleading Vista logo

01/23, 4:00pm

MS Damages in Vista Suit

US District Court Judge Marsha Pechman late Thursday has released figures which reveal that Microsoft could be responsible for as much as $8.5 billion in damages for its allegedly misleading Vista Capable program from mid-2006 to early 2007. Testimony from an expert witness as well as a University of Washington economist determines that enough PCs were sold as upgradable from XP to Vista during the period that Microsoft theoretically owes between $3.92 billion and $8.52 billion for the costs needed to upgrade these PCs to Windows Vista Home Premium or better.

Adobe posts Lightroom 2.3rc, Camera Raw 5.3rc

01/23, 3:45pm

Lightroom, Camera Raw RCs

Adobe has posted release candidate updates for two key pieces of photography software, Lightroom 2 and Photoshop Camera Raw. The former handles bulk processing and editing of photos, while the latter expands support for RAW files within Photoshop. Lightroom has been updated to v2.3, and Camera Raw has been pushed to v5.3.

MSI Wind U120 now available at Amazon

01/23, 3:05pm

MSI Wind U120 now shipping

After showing it off at CES, MSI has now shipped the Wind U120, and the netbook is available at Amazon. The listing confirms many of the 10-inch PC's specs as well as its price. As with nearly every other netbook on the market, the Wind U120 uses Intel's 1.6GHz Atom processor and 1GB of RAM. It includes both a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module for wireless data connections, and its 160GB hard drive come preloaded with Windows XP Home.

LG touch phone sequel gets removable keyboard

01/23, 2:55pm

LG VX9600 Versa Leak

A leak surfacing at HowardForums on Friday has confirmed that LG is developing a sequel to its successful Voyager phone that would try to bridge the difference between pure touchscreen phones like the Dare or Apple's iPhone as well as the Voyager's original flip formula. The VX9600 Versa can operate as a clamshell with a full QWERTY keyboard and a small external display but detaches to work solely as a touchscreen phone; a cut-out in the back of the keyboard add-on lets the camera continue to work, while alternate add-ons could allow gamepads or other button controls.

Craig Barrett to retire from Intel

01/23, 2:05pm

Barrett Retires from Intel

Intel today said that company board chairman and former leader Craig Barrett will retire from the chipmaking firm at the company's next yearly shareholders meeting in May. The executive doesn't provide a reason for the exit but has been at Intel for about 35 years and was its chief executive between 1998 and 2005, guiding the company through the Pentium III and IV eras as well as its first mobile-specific processor, the Pentium M.

Adobe ships InDesign CS4 Server

01/23, 1:55pm

InDesign CS4 Server ships

Adobe has begun shipping InDesign CS4 Server, the companion software for its flagship publishing program. Server is meant to automate publishing tasks in larger corporate environments, and in its CS4 incarnation has been enhanced with IDML (InDesign Markup Language) support, which uses XML tools to assemble or disassemble InDesign documents without launching an INDD file.

Memory maker Qimonda files for bankruptcy

01/23, 1:35pm

Qimonda going bankrupt

German RAM producer Qimonda has filed for bankruptcy on Friday in a Munich court, according to a report. The move follows an unsuccessful search for funding of the equivalent of about $384 million which was in addition to an earlier approved deal that would see it get the equivalent of about $415 million. As the original sum still has not been received by Qimonda despite being approved last month, it is believed the company is only days away from insolvency.

Microsoft Zune revenue drops by $100 million

01/23, 1:15pm

MS loses $100M on Zune

Microsoft lost approximately $100 million in Zune revenue in its most recent quarter, filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission indicate. The number represents a 54 percent drop versus the same quarter in 2007, and is being attributed to low sales, in spite of the introduction of improved second-generation models. The division responsible for the player, Entertainment and Devices, brought in $151 million, but mainly on the back of PC and Xbox 360 sales.

Briefly: Discounts to celebrate 25 years of the Mac

01/23, 1:00pm

SOHO Labels image kit

In brief: Several companies have announced that they will be celebrating the 25th birthday of the Macintosh computer by offering discounts on its software. nova media is offering its launch2net software at a reduction of over 60% while Coriolis Systems is offering all of its software at a 25% price reduction. Chronos has also offered a deal for its customers but it is focused on thanking them for their business. Users can download a free image pack to be used with SOHO Labels 4 that is focused on a winter theme.

Settlement reached in iPod nano lawsuit

01/23, 12:25pm

Nano lawsuit settlement

A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit over the iPod nano, an official website notes. The suit, filed through the California Superior Court for the County of Los Angeles, alleges that the design of the first-generation Nano results in an unusual amount of scratching, despite ordinary use. Apple has continued to deny any wrongdoing, but is nevertheless said to have agreed to a settlement in order to avoid further court costs.

Verizon Hub merges cellular, touch with home phone

01/23, 12:20pm

Verizon Hub

Verizon today gave word of a device it hopes will rework the concept of home phones. Nicknamed just the Hub, the device is meant to sit in place with a cordless handset like a landline phone but to act as a conduit for one or more cellphones; a built-in Ethernet connection gets updates such as calendars and GPS directions and funnels them to family handsets on the Verizon network. It centers around a large touchscreen that itself serves to check calendars, maps videos, the phone book and visual voicemail. Events or other information created on the Hub can be passed on to individual phones.

AT&T preps $30 unlimited data/message pack

01/23, 11:55am

ATT Unlimited Messaging

AT&T is gearing up to launch a new set of data plans that includes a lower-cost unlimited data and messaging bundle, a leak of a briefing sheet and additional information to Engadget reveals. The carrer is poised to drop its longstanding MEdia Net name for its regular data services and will top the offerings with a lower-cost $30 Messaging & Data Unlimited plan; the feature is $5 less than before but still allows its namesake unrestricted data use, MMS and SMS.

Apps: Currency Assistant, Backup Monitor, EarthDesk

01/23, 11:35am

Xmart Volume, iWorkService

Currency Assistant 3.0 ($19) allows users to convert values between 174 world currencies (all major circulating currencies plus the 16 Eurozone legacy currencies). The software also automatically updates exchange rates over the Internet using the rates published by the European Central Bank, the Bank of Canada, the International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of Italy. In the latest release the software has been rewritten as a Universal Cocoa application, the currency conversion calculator has a fully revised interface and introduces several other new features. [Download - 2MB]

Fontcase 1.0 offers iTunes-like font sharing

01/23, 11:05am

Fontcase 1.0 launched

Bohemian Coding has published the first version of Fontcase, a new font management utility. The app stores collected fonts in a central location on a Mac, which can then be uploaded to other Macs through an iTunes-like sharing mechanism, operating via Bonjour. An emphasis of the software is said to be on metadata, which can be used to assign tags, genres, designers and foundries to fonts.

Nokia ships 1m 5800s, triggers long UK lines

01/23, 10:50am

Nokia Ships 1m 5800 Phones

Nokia has finished the week by revealing on Friday that it has shipped 1 million copies of its 5800 XpressMusic touchscreen phone. The Symbian S60 device has reached the milestone roughly two months after its November ship date and despite relatively limited availability early in the year that limited the phone to a just a handful of regions that include Hong Kong and Russia. About half of this number was shipped just in December, the company has also mentioned in discussing its financial performance yesterday.

iPhone apps: EvoLoopr, Fret Surfer, Falling Balls

01/23, 10:45am

iFound, PCalc

EvoLoopr ($3) uses an algorithm that is customized through the users preferences to create musical loops. Users can listen to a set of loops that have been generated and then tell the application which ones they like most. The algorithm will then adjust itself further based on selections allowing each new set of loops to better fit the users preferences.

Ustream circumventing App Store anti-porn rules?

01/23, 10:15am

Ustream avoids porn rule

A new application is circumventing Apple's anti-pornography restrictions at the iTunes App Store, claims the New York Daily News. The Ustream application, recently released on iTunes, is said to have hosted at least one adult video stream following its launch, in which a woman teased a live chat audience without actually undressing on-camera. The stream appeared to be promoting another website.

MacBook Air rival from Quanta in the wings?

01/23, 10:05am

Quanta MacBook Air Rival

Normally known only for manufacturing notebooks for others, Quanta is making a system of its own that would compete against Apple's MacBook Air in dimensions but aim at the low end, alleged tips from within the PC industry suggest to Digitimes. The system would measure between just 1-2cm (0.79-0.39in) thick but would be a step in quality above large netbooks like the MSI X-Slim 320, which uses an Intel Atom to keep its price down despite a 13.4-inch display.

Win Mobile, Zune seeing bulk of MS layoffs?

01/23, 9:25am

Win Mo and Zune MS Layoffs

Microsoft's mobile and entertainment teams may be facing the brunt of the company's 1,400 immediate layoffs, according to sources for journalist Mary Jo Foley. Although it was the client division that handles desktop Windows and Office whose revenues declined year-over-year in the fall, most of the near-term job cuts are allegedly taking place in the Entertainment and Devices group that handles Windows Mobile, Xbox 360 consoles and Zune media players. Windows engineering chief Steven Sinofsky has reportedly said his operating system division isn't affected by any of the cuts.

Boxee adds ABC to streaming TV networks

01/23, 9:05am

Boxee adds ABC to TV

The creators of the Boxee media streaming software have expanded network coverage to include ABC, according to an announcement. The addition is designed to coincide with the season premiere of Lost, and brings with it episodes from a number of other ABC shows such as Scrubs, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. Other studios on Boxee include CBS, NBC and Fox, the latter two coming by way of Hulu.

Palm: Pre can shake any Apple patent suits

01/23, 8:30am

Palm on Risk of Apple Suit

Palm is confident the Pre won't be shot down by any patent lawsuits from Apple, the webOS smartphone maker tells AllThingsD. Company spokeswoman Lynn Fox responds to implications that the Pre's multi-touch screen may violate Apple's own patents for the iPhone with the assertion that Palm has many of its own "fundamental patents" for mobile devices that would let it fend off challenges regardless of which firm might make the accusation. The company is often credited with inventing the smartphone through the Treo and includes single-touch screens with every current smartphone it makes.

Acer makes 10-inch Aspire One netbook official

01/23, 7:45am

Acer Aspire 103 Official

Acer on Friday marked the UK launch of the 10-inch Aspire One, its first direct push into the larger netbook market. Aside from the larger but same-resolution (1024x600) display, the new model has a reworked visual design with a brushed metal palm rest and other slightly more upscale touches. The system also skews towards the high end of netbook specifications with options for 3G and WiMAX access and a 6-cell battery pack that Acer claims lasts for up to 7 hours on a charge.


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