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'Bring Back Steve Jobs' flyers frustrate Apple

updated 05:30 pm EST, Tue January 13, 2009

Apple bans Jobs flyers

The man behind "Bring Back Steve Jobs" flyers at last week's Macworld Expo says the stunt was not meant as a slam against Apple. Gleb Budman and his colleagues were told by Apple representatives to stop handing out flyers to Expo attendees lined up for Apple's keynote on Tuesday morning. Budman says the message was meant as a "compliment" to Steve Jobs -- and a plea for Apple to reverse its decision to abandon the Expo after this year.

The flyer also served as a publicity stunt however, as Budman is the CEO of the online backup service Backblaze. The company's logo was printed on the back of the Apple-shaped flyers.

Budman's message may have resonated with many Mac faithful, who have been coming to San Francisco for more than a decade to see Jobs. As with many other developers and businesses that depend on the Mac, Budman says he is also worried that Apple's pullout could eventually kill Macworld. Although Apple is reportedly saving more than $20 million by quitting the show, Budman suggests that the goodwill and loyalty generated by the event makes it worth the money.

The Backblaze CEO claims that even though Jobs is ill, a cameo appearance at Apple's final Macworld keynote would have made a big difference to attendees.

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  1. Guest

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    He's right. Enough said.

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  1. jhawk95

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    No Comma Needed

    "Gleb Budman and his colleagues were told by Apple representatives to stop handing out flyers to Expo attendees, lined up for Apple's keynote on Tuesday morning."

    The comma is not needed in this sentence and actually creates an incomplete clause. Please remove this and check your use of commas in future stories.

  1. bloggerblog

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    big pic

    Little did Mr. Budman know, Apple has a much bigger vision... to take over CES in 2010.

  1. vasic

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    That will be strange...

    Swapping San Francisco for Las Vegas (i.e. St. Francis for The Stars...)

    I just can't imagine Apple at a Vegas trade show. Keep in mind, it's the same town where they have AVN Adult Movie Awards, among other things. Having said that, I'm sure they'll pretty much take over and steal thunder from anyone and everyone.

  1. iphonerulez

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    Fine tribute to a man

    who did his utmost to keep Apple at the forefront of tech. It's not about dissing Phil, it's just wanting to keep Steve around for a long time. I certainly do hope Steve lives at least a few more year and is able to participate in keynotes. I don't care much for keynotes because expectations are way to high now and the letdown just kills Apple shares. But still Steve is the man and he belongs on stage.

  1. imagine engine

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    Steve Jobs and Apple

    While I'm impressed with all Steve Jobs has done for Apple as a company and it's customers over the years since they rehired him the reality is that Steve is not the only reason Apple is doing so well. The company is made up of many individuals who help further the company in a very competitive market. Steve's health is important to both himself and his family. He shouldn't have to jeopardize his health for the sake of a few individuals just so they can see him at another Apple keynote. One day Steve will retire and when he does it will be a sad day for Mac users but the reality is that the company will go on without him, continuing to prosper and think different.

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  1. Guest

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    imagine less stupidity

    riiiight, imagine will do well after Jobs leaves...LOL!!! Just as well as Apple did after Jobs left last time. Once Jobs is gone, Apple is gone. You dumb a**!!

  1. rytc

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    S Jobs

    Apple is a job for Steve, if he is sick he needs to look after himself and pandering to customers is not what he should be doing. If we wants to recover that's his choice and we shouldn't be second guessing what he does. It's unfortunate that he couldn't give the last Keynote but life is unpredictable and we have to live with that.

  1. Terrin

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    As a lifelong Apple user and stockholder, I am very happy that Jobs came back to Apple and righted the ship that was lead way astray when he was kicked out.

    However, Apple needs to move away from the idea that it is linked to Steve Jobs because Steve Jobs has done an excellent job building the company to run without his direct supervision. Look at Pixar: a company that was very successful. Steve Jobs has went on record saying he took a hands off approach with Pixar by picking smart people and letting them run the day to day operations. That story ended very well. The guy obviously loves the company (he took a big risk coming back), and he has likely done the same for Apple.

    All Jobs needs to do at this point is stay on the BOD and advise the company's executive team.

  1. godrifle

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    ...what a selfish prick.

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