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iPhone apps: Torus, Oddage, iSteam

updated 02:10 pm EST, Mon January 5, 2009

Party Noise, Crazy Caption

  • Torus ($1) has players attempt to catch tori as they fall from the sky by tilting the device to slide the base hook around. Each time a tori hits the floor the player takes damage which can only be recovered by catching the glowing green tori. Players can track their high score globally on the web based high score table or with the Torus Facebook application.

  • Oddage ($3) is a game that exercises the brain and reacts to a players performance. Players are presented with four items with one not fitting into the same group as the other three. Faster answers will earn players higher scores and as their score increases Oddage will giving more complicated options. Included in Oddage are categories as diverse as greek gods, elements from the periodic table, names of countries, ancient civilizations and subatomic particles.

  • iSteam (free) lets users turn their iPhone or iPod touch screen into a steamy surface for drawing on. Users can import a photo and then blow into the microphone on the device to steam up the image. Users can then draw in the steam as they would on a mirror or window.

  • Party Noise ($1) includes nine different party noise makers including an oval rotating clicker, party blowout horn and cowbell. All of the noisemakers respond to touch and sounds can be sustained by touching and holding. Several of the sounds also make noise when the iPhone or iPod touch is shaken.

  • Crazy Captions ($1) allows users to add captions to their favorite photos. Users can pick photos from the Photo Library or take a new picture with the iPhone's camera. Users can then drag a text bubble onto the image and enter text. The image can then be saved to email out to others or used as wallpaper.

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    1. Barak - author of iFog

      Joined: Dec 1969


      iFog vs. iSteam

      iFog has better steam and is FREE, why get iSteam?
      You guys should cover iFog! Why cover the copycats? (check the dates, iSteam came out 5 days after iFog)

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