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Toast 10: web video capture, TiVo, iPhone app

01/05, 12:00am

Roxio updates Toast

Sonic Solutions' Roxio has updated its stalwart Toast Titanium and Titanium Pro disc burning and media conversion software, adding enhanced iPhone streaming, TIVo support, an audiobook creation tool and archiving support for AVCHD video. The Pro version comes bundled with a plug-in for Blu-ray support, SmartSound Sonicfire Pro, BIAS SoundSoap, LightZone and FotoMagico. Both versions of Toast are available now.

Lenovo debuts dual-screen ThinkPad W700ds

01/04, 11:50pm

Dual-screen 17" ThinkPad

As anticipated by earlier reports, Lenovo on Monday officially launched the first dual-screen laptop. The ThinkPad W700ds offers a 17-inch screen along with a secondary 10.6-inch display that slides out from the main screen. Measuring almost 40 percent of the 17-inch primary screen, the 10.6-inch second screen slides out from the PC cover behind the primary screen. While it gives users extra screen real-estate measuring approximately the size of a Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbook, it only adds less than half of an inch in additional thickness to the mobile workstation over its predecessor (the ThinkPad W700 mobile workstation).

New Palm phone, Nova OS: "amazing"

01/04, 11:00pm

Palm Nova Phone Leak

Palm's upcoming phone and the Nova operating system it will use will both be major changes from the products the company sells today, a leak to CrunchGear claims. Targeting the iPhone directly, the device will reportedly drop Palm's longstanding design in favor of a full touchscreen; a hardware QWERTY keyboard will be available but will slide down rather than stay fixed. HTC is believed to be the manufacturer for the phone rather than a strict assembly-only firm.

Apple preps NVIDIA-iMacs, Mac Mini for Expo; Mac Pro?

01/04, 10:45pm

Apple preps NVIDIA-iMacs

Supporting previous rumors (also here), Apple will likely launch new line of iMacs with previously rumored NVIDIA-based graphics and may introduce a new 28-inch model based on Intel's i7 Core platform, according to a new report. The report says that Apple is prepping the launch of four new iMac computers, including two 20-inch iMacs that will be offered with an NVIDIA integrated-GPU chipset based on the MCP79 design, the same design chipset using using the new line of consumer MacBooks and professional-level MacBook Pros launched late last year. In addition, the report indicates that at least one of those will include the mobility GeForce 9600-series discrete GPU, which will allow the computer to use one or both GPU chips to accelerate graphics (and other system) performance.

LibraFestival releases iFog for the iPhone

01/04, 8:10pm

iFog for the iPhone

LibraFestival has released iFog for the iPhone, an application that enables users to blow into the microphone located at the bottom right corner of the phone, and create a foggy display on the screen. When everything is all fogged up, users can write messages or doodle with their fingers making lines appear in the fog wherever it's touched. Several capabilities of the application include being able to write a message prior to fogging up the screen, then having it displayed when the phone is blown into, e-mail fogged up messages to other people, and change the background of the iFog screen using either the programs pre-loaded backgrounds, photos from the iPhone library, or a photo just taken.

Phynchronicity 2.3 GUI for Fink offers Unix software

01/04, 7:40pm

Phynchronicity 2.3 for Mac

Code by Kevin has launched Phynchronicity 2.3, the latest version of its graphical user interface (GUI) for the Fink Unix-software management system. Phynchronicity is a three-pane interface which uses the Fink command line system as its engine, to help users manage, delete, install, and update Unix-based software. The application provides simple navigation through the different categories and installable programs. Version 2.3 of the software increases the start-up speed, reading from the cached list of Fink packages, and only queries the Fink database after removing, updating or installing a Fink package or Fink itself.

Unibody 17-inch MBP, Mac mini due Tuesday?

01/04, 6:05pm

17in MBP and Mini at MW09

Apple is planning at least two key Mac updates that may show their faces as early as this week's Macworld, AppleInsider has allegedly confirmed through its own sources. The company is seen launching a 17-inch MacBook Pro based on the unibody shell of smaller models but will allegedly switch to a fixed-in-place battery. Why the move will be made is unknown, though the MacBook Air was designed in similar fashion to help slim down the casing versus previous models. The report points to earlier claims which say Apple might compensate the reduced flexibility with a much higher-capacity battery than what's presently offered in the large MacBook Pro.

Kodak intros 24X ultrazoom, new pocket 720p cam

01/04, 5:45pm

Kodak at CES 2009

Kodak on Sunday has slipped out its launch plans for CES that start with one of the farthest-reaching high-zoom cameras available. Despite its name, the Z980 is considered a successor to the Z1000-series cameras and contains a new 26mm lens that can zoom up to 24X versus the company's previous best 15X lenses. It can also shoot relatively close-up thanks to a wide angle design and is hardware stabilized to cut back on blur. A new 12-megapixel sensor and native 720p video capture will be part of the design when it ships in the spring for $400.


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