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Apps: Webify, iWallet, FitPlot

12/29, 11:20pm

TV Row, Labels & Addresses

Webify 1.1 ($16) is intended for users that prepare content for internet publication. Groups of images can be simultaneously resized, flipped, scaled, or rotated, saving time over single image editing. Webify works as an image browser, with a drag-and-drop interface claimed allow for faster work. The 1.1 update now properly handles the Rotation effect on rectangular shaped images, as well as retains meta data in saved images. [Download - 1.9MB]

Zephyr iPhone app creates, shares wind-based music

12/29, 10:50pm

Zephyr luanches on iTunes

SonicMule has released Zephyr
, a new iPhone app featuring a touch-based, wind-sound generating message creator. Users create snowflake movements using touch gestures generating accompanying wind based music, recorded into a message that is sent out anonymously to other users. Recipients can label it with a heart-icon tap if they like it. The app can track a song's progress and responses across the Internet. If a song is well liked, it propagates more often to more users.

USBfever ships USB LED Light, iPhone lens adapters

12/29, 10:45pm

USBfever light and lenses

USBfever has launched a new USB LED light and new iPhone camera lens attachments. In addition to the LED light, the company has released a Magnetic / Detachable Wide Angle Lens for iPhone, a Magnetic / Detachable Telephoto (2X) Lens for iPhone and a Magnetic / Detachable Fish-Eye Lens for iPhone. The USB LED desktop light features a thermometer and hygrometer, which measures humidity in the air, in its base. It is powered by a USB attachment and is now available for $17.

Alesis launches MasterControl audio interface

12/29, 10:30pm

Alesis ships MasterControl

Professional audio-equipment manufacturer Alesis is shipping its MasterControl audio interface. The new controller features 44.1 to 92KHz recording capability via FireWire and full control of HUI-compatible digital audio workstations and external MIDI devices. It features XLR and TRS inputs and has outputs for 5.1 sound, or discrete feeds. The MasterControl has nine 100-millimeter motorized faders and a dedicated transport-control section, along with 16 assignable buttons for customizing functionality.

Mobinnova intros ICE touchscreen smarpthone

12/29, 10:20pm

Mobinnova ICE smartphone

The upcoming XPERIA range of handsets from Sony Ericsson will be built in conjunction with Taiwan's Mobinnova, which itself has recently introduced its Windows Mobile based smartphone, the ICE. It features a 3-inch touchscreen that responds to users' touch with a tactile response courtesy of Mobinnova's mobiFeel technology. The quad-band GSM handset also supports the 900MHz, 1,900MHz and 2,100MHz WCDMA/HSPA bands. High-speed HSDPA download speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and HSUPA upload speeds as fast as 2Mbps are supported.

Apples Mini DisplayPort suffers distortion issues

12/29, 10:10pm

Apples Mini DisplayPort

Apples release of its Mini DisplayPort to dual-link DVI adapters has apparently been having some distortion problems. According to users, shortly after hooking the DisplayPort up to various Dell displays, and in some cases Apple's 30-inch cinema, problems regarding loss of half the display information takes place. Seeming as if one of its dual "links" has failed, the problem can be temporarily fixed by unplugging and re-plugging either the Mini DisplayPort connector or the USB connection.

HP adds new Mac features to MediaSmart Server

12/29, 10:00pm

HP MediaSmart Server gets

HP has launched an updated home storage/media server with new Mac-specific functionality. Based on the Microsoft Windows Home Server platform, the HP MediaSmart Server ex485/ex487 functions as a central repository for digital music, videos, photos and documents from multiple computers on a home network. The device automatically organizes files across all PCs (including Macs), streams media across a home network and the Internet, and publishes photos to popular social networking and photo sharing sites.

Briefly: MacBook DVI adapter, TextExpander, forensics

12/29, 5:45pm

Apple beats ship estimate

In brief: Apple has begun shipping its Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapters ahead of schedule, according to a MacNN reader. A recent order that was quoted to ship from Apple sometime between January 5th to the 7th actually arrived on December 26th, almost two weeks ahead of schedule. The connector is required for new MacBooks, MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros with the new Mini DisplayPort technology for connecting a 30-inch Apple Cinema Display HD. The current lead-time listed on the Apple Store website is one to two weeks. The adapter costs $99.

Prime Gaming Laptop concept offers up to 32:10 AR

12/29, 5:30pm

Prime Gaming Laptop

The Prime Gaming Laptop concept seen here sports three organic LED (OLED) displays to provide users with multiple screen sizes and variable aspect ratios. The 10-inch central display has a 16:10 aspect ratio, while each of the two 8-inch OLED screens flanking it forming one image and expanding the overall aspect ratio to an ultra-wide 32:10. The notebook, again just a prototype, was designed by Kyle Cherry and is aimed at gamers. It has an aluminum body which doubles as a heatsink.

iPhone apps: Ultimate Voice Recorder, mbPointer, iTip

12/29, 5:00pm

Voice Recorder, aMailTyper

Ultimate Voice Recorder ($5) is a voice recorder that can transfer recordings to a computer via Wi-Fi or cellular network connections. The application features play, pause, fast forward and rewind controls along with a support function. Another feature is silence skipping which automatically removes any silent time from recordings.

Nokia files for multi-hinged device patent

12/29, 4:15pm

Nokia files folding patent

The world's biggest cellphone maker, Finland's Nokia, has applied for a patent that could eventually result in a phone or other portable electronic device that folds in four. According to the concept illustrations, two of the folding panels might be dedicated to the screen, while the other pair might form a large QWERTY keyboard, allowing for a notebook-like interface. It is not known whether the device will indeed be a smartphone, a UMPC or something in-between.

Samsung's updated 2009 HDTV line-up leaked

12/29, 4:00pm

Samsung updates HDTV line

Samsung is due to release a new range of Series 3 through 7 HDTVs at next month's CES expo, kicking off January 8th in Las Vegas, a recent forum entry claims. Apart from updating current offerings, the electronics giant is expected to introduce one new 3-series model, three new 4-series TVs, two new 4-series models and four 6-series sets. A new 7-series model, the 7U, is also due for a debut. The refreshed line-up will have a number of new features, including a support menu with a Flash-based user manual, and tools for diagnosing sound and picture issues such as HD connections and DTV signal quality. People will also be able use the menus to upgrade the firmware of Internet-capable TVs.

Samsung's 8MP INNOV8 i8510M passes FCC tests

12/29, 3:30pm

Samsung i8510M at FCC

The Samsung INNOV8 i8510 smartphone, first spotted earlier this summer sporting an eight-megapixel camera, has recently been approved for sale in North America by the FCC. The current version of the handset features an 850/1900MHz radio, which should support AT&T's 3G data network. Officially called the i8510M, the S60-based device has a 2.8-inch LCD with 320x240 resolution, and should be made available for sale in the first half of 2009.

Major music labels considering Hulu parntership?

12/29, 3:05pm

Hulu to host music videos?

A new video-sharing website may be in the works, as the four major music labels -- Universal, Warner, EMI and Sony BMG -- are in preliminary talks for creating their own web portal, according to a weekend Financial Times report. Early last week, news came of the four labels planning to band together to create a site devoted to music videos and related content. More recently word has leaked of the three options the labels are considering, due to unhappiness with the ad revenue derived from the Google-owned YouTube. Under consideration is a premium service on YouTube, a totally new site, or a partnership with Hulu, the film and TV site jointly owned by News Corp. and NBC Universal.

Apple contracts Foxconn to build new iMacs

12/29, 2:50pm

New iMac contracts

Contrary to a previous report suggesting that Quanta Computer would manufacture the new iMacs, Economic Daily News now claims that Foxconn Electronics will build the devices. The paper anticipates shipments of 800,000 units per month, a figure that remains unchanged from the earlier speculation. Foxconn Precision Components (FPC) is allegedly working with Catcher Technology to produce the magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis, while the cooling components will come from FPC and Auras Technology.

First Look: Microsoft LifeCam Show webcam

12/29, 2:30pm

First Look: LifeCam Show

If you have one of the more recent iMac or MacBook models, you have a built-in webcam, embedded like a third eye into the top of your monitor. If you have a Mac Pro or a Mac mini though, you'll need to buy a separate cam if you want to do video conferencing or chatting. Although designed specifically for Windows XP and Vista users, the Microsoft LifeCam Show is a webcam that also works flawlessly with any Mac. The most obvious difference between this one and others is its size.

Refurbished iPhones going for $49 until Jan. 1st [u]

12/29, 1:50pm

$49 refurb iPhones

(Updated for accuracy)AT&T is now selling refurbished 8GB iPhones for $99. The phones are a full $100 less than their newer counterparts, though they are still attached to a customary two-year contract. AT&T is similarly offering refurbished 16GB models for $199, in both black and white colors.

GT214, GT216 chips to fill out NVIDIA's mainstream?

12/29, 12:25pm

NVIDIA GT214, GT216 chips

NVIDIA has greater plans for 40nm manufacturing technology than just the GT212, according to anonymous sources in the video card industry. While the GT212 is expected to replace the GTX 280 as NVIDIA's high-end consumer processor, the GT214 and GT216 should supplant the more mainstream G94 and G96 chips currently in use. Towards the bottom of the market will be the GT218, serving as an entry-level dedicated processor.

Microsoft contemplating pay-per-use PC model?

12/29, 11:55am

Pay-per-use PCs coming?

Microsoft may be experimenting with the idea of selling PCs in the same way as cellphones are currently sold, patent filings suggest. A recently-published patent application proposes selling "standard model" PCs at a significant discount, with the rest of the price being subsidized by an unspecified part of the supply chain. The real cost would be shifted into a usage contract, determining how long a person would have to use their machine.

Acer brings quad-core to Aspire 8930G notebook

12/29, 10:45am

Quad-core Acer Aspire

Acer has begun selling the Aspire 8930G-7665, its latest notebook. The system is notable for using Intel's new Q9000 processor, one of the first mobile Core 2 Quad models. The chipset runs at 2.53GHz, and features a 12MB L2 cache along with a 1,066MHz front-side bus. This supports the 8930G's main purpose as a gaming PC, though many games cannot yet take full advantage of a quad-core processor.

Audio Hijack Pro 2.9 adds a status LCD, file previews

12/29, 10:45am

Audio Hijack Pro update

Rogue Amoeba has released Audio Hijack Pro 2.9, the latest version of its audio recording utility. The update offers an enhanced user interface with a status LCD, while the recording bin has been improved to allow file inspection and ID3 tag editing. The company overhauled Soundflower, system audio capture and LAME MP3 functions and users can now add artwork tags to files. Audio can be recorded from attached hardware or a variety of applications including Skype, DVD players and Safari.

Rush puts cramp on TV converter coupon supply

12/29, 10:05am

TV converter coupons low

A recent rush in coupon demand may force some analog TV owners to pay full price for digital converter boxes, warns Massachusetts Representative Ed Markey. Reuters writes that Markey, evalauting the US government's subsidy for the converters, has called for an influx of money from Congress to pay for more coupons, the demand for which may soon outstrip supply. The converter program is currently expected to hit its $1.34 billion budget limit in early January, which may mean no new coupons after late January, or at least until some existing ones are officially unredeemed.

HP unveils ex485, ex487 MediaSmart Servers

12/29, 8:45am

HP ex485, ex487 servers

HP has announced the existence of two new server products, the ex485 and ex487 MediaSmart Servers. Unlike most such systems, the new ones are intended for home use, and are thus based on Microsoft's Windows Home Server technology. Each allows for the backup and storage of various media files on a home network, such as music and video, along with more general file types a user might need to access. A MediaSmart can also be used to share content online or via LAN.

Leaked photos show rumored Casio Exilim phone

12/29, 3:15am

Casio Exilim leaked photos

Alleged images of the rumored Casio Exilim NX-9250 phone have emerged, adding reinforcement to recent reports that the mobile device is on its way to the North American market. FCC filings suggest that the phone will feature support for CDMA 800/1900, EVDO Rev A radio and Bluetooth. If genuine, the photos indicate that a 5.1-megapixel has been chosen for capturing pictures or video. The phone is likely to use a WVGA screen and also may offer 3x optical zoom.

LG introduces 3G HSDPA wrist phone

12/29, 2:15am

LG 3G wrist phone

Korea-based LG has introduced its latest mobile device, the LG-GD910 wrist-phone featuring support for both 3G and HSDPA technology. The user interface is presented through a 1.43-inch color LCD touchscreen, while a video camera has been integrated into the watch face for video recording or conferencing. The device also offers text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities, Bluetooth, MP3 playback and voice dialing with speech recognition. The company claims download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps when using HSDPA.


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