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User lays claim to early Snow Leopard preview video

updated 04:45 pm EST, Sun December 28, 2008

Early Snow Leopard video

One of the first preview videos of Mac OS X Snow Leopard has been released, according to reports. The clip is unofficial, said to have been recorded by an anonymous source with access to an early build. Though the OS is claimed to run smoothly even from a USB drive, the preview demonstrates relatively little; viewers are primarily shown the v10.6 version number, which can be found in several panels within the OS.

The video also presents a brief look at Safari in the new OS, here identified as the Version 4 Developer Preview. It concludes with a list of numerous processes, some of which are listed as 64-bit, all of which are Intel-only. It is generally thought that Snow Leopard will drop all support of PowerPC technology.

by MacNN Staff





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  1. Guest

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    Apple fails again, by dropping PPC hardware altogether it is creating more waste by filling the landfills with obsolete hardware. I hate Apple. And I have been an apple user since OS 9... They should be stopped from creating "throw away" computers, gagets, etc. They need to commit to at least 10 year harware life cycles via software to become a more "green" company, or leave the US. Here we'll create the new mApple (yes, mapple) store, with open source, opne format, and longest life cycle use.

  1. eldarkus

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    Umm.. What about Vista's hardware requirements? Seeing as the PC has 90% market share, then VIsta created a 90% larger amount of waste.

    And by your 'logic' (yea, i'm using that term VERY loosely) we can blame software and gaming companies too, by putting out new software/games that wont work on older hardware.

    And who says that PC's/Macs should have a 10 year life cycle? WTF?? are you saying that everyone should now, finally be trading in their original 233Mhz iMacs with Max ram of 128M and 6M of video.. (released in 1998.. 10 years ago)

    Guest, you are a true moron in every sense of the word. Thanks for posting! truly entertaining!!

  1. Guest

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    Safari 4

    Safari 4 Dev preview is available even now for all Leopard users. I use it all the time and enjoy the Develop menu's Web Inspector' Resource inspector. Though Snow Leopard is going to discard PPC, its 64-bit performance will augur well with Intel architecture. Read more at iPhone Dev blog.

  1. Monde

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    Macs last way longer

    What a PC troll that Guest is. PPC hardware's day is over. I own no less than two of those models and still get useful stuff out of them. I cannot upgrade them to Snow Leopard, but I'm not loosing sleep over it. While I've gone through about 2 macs since I've started working in tech, my PC compatriots have gone through 4. Their machines used more power and, in terms of "total cost of ownership", ripped off in the worst way. 8-9 years is the useful life I've gotten from my macs. I don't know many wintel users who can claim the same. Dopey post.

  1. Guest

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    If Apple is dropping PPC

    Why do the Apps where the Get Info box is shown are still listed as Universal?

  1. jpellino

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    we were told... a recent Apple Edu update (November) that there was nothing yet official about dropping PPC support. i'd like to think my ibook would not be dropped while still under applecare, but the issue is more about xserve - there is still a whole lot of ppc iron out there.

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  1. Guest

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    Yes, I am the "guest"

    Listen folks, I am talking about PPC hardware that can still kick a** in Snow Leopard NOT being supported in PPC, like the G5, a dual 2.7GHz or quad 2.4 G5... what...? You know apple and you (elderkus) know that these machines are meant to run Snow Leopard, but then, ooops! You are sooooo right! OHHH and SOOO SMART toooooo!


  1. bobolicious

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    Performance in 2009...

    ...may be taking quantum leaps with multicore threading, SSDs and Open CL - the controller chips alone in SSDs seem to make huge differences perhaps eliminating the benefit of RAID striping - legacy code may hold this back to a point of non-starter status...

  1. Roehlstation

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    Last Time I Checked...

    Just because Apple releases a new OS, it doesn't mean all computers running the old OS stop working....

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  1. testudo

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    Re: Last time I checked

    Just because Apple releases a new OS, it doesn't mean all computers running the old OS stop working....

    Yes, but if Apple had an actual published timeline/plan of what OSes were going to be supported for how long, people could actually make decisions on how long they can feel safe sticking with some version of an OS.

    As it stands now, can someone tell us when Apple will stop supporting users (with updates and security patches) OS X.4?

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