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First Look: Memeo Share, direct digital photo sharing

updated 11:50 am EST, Fri December 5, 2008

First Look: Memeo Share

Nearly everyone has a separate digital camera, or one built into a mobile phone or computer. While taking a basic picture is easy, sharing pictures may not be. You can show them in person of course, but if someone lives far away, your choices are more limited. You can print and mail your pictures, which costs money and takes time; the alternative is e-mailing them or posting them to a website, but many pictures can be several megabytes in size, limiting the amount that can be sent. Posting on a website also risks exposing images to strangers. Fortunately, there's a third alternative and that's to use something like Memeo Share.

After signing up for a free 1GB account (or paying a $4.95 monthly fee for unlimited access), you need to download the Memeo Mac or Windows software for your computer. Using it, you can control your account and also view the accounts of other people.

After this the first thing to do is create a Sharing Circle, which lets you define exactly who has access to your photos, whether for editing and/or viewing. You can create multiple Sharing Circles, meaning that one could just apply to friends, while another might be for relatives, and a third could be for business associates.

To upload photographs or videos, all you have to do is drag and drop them into the program's window. Unlike websites, you don't need to use an FTP client or learn cryptic commands to access file directories.

Anyone who is part of your Sharing Circle can view pictures or videos using a Mac, Windows PC or even an iPhone. Circle members can naturally create their own accounts, and share their own media with you. Essentially, a Sharing Circle is like having your own private social network containing just the people you approve of.

Of course, there are other photo-sharing services, such as the Photo Gallery in MobileMe. The main difference is that users can enjoy Memeo without needing a specific link to your pictures. Just drag and drop an image into the Memeo program on your computer, and anyone in your Sharing Circle can view it. The software takes care of the messy details of sending and posting your pictures on the Memeo servers, running transparently. Users get the illusion of posting and viewing pictures as if each system was directly linked.

While Memeo is easy to install and use, it does limit you to a select few operating systems, so Linux users will still need a link to view your pictures. Also, though Memeo supports video as mentioned, users should have a broadband Internet connection in order to actually watch any of the material.

If you want to share digital memories with others over the Internet, Memeo Share's free 1GB account makes it easy to try. Once you use it for yourself, you may get hooked and want to depend on it for a variety of photo-sharing needs.

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