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iPhone apps: Babelingo Travel Phrases, iCompta, iDrum

12/04, 11:05pm

Photo Brush, Stage Hand

Babelingo Travel Phrases ($6) is a language translation tool for the iPhone and iPod touch that contains more than 300 useful phrases and words. Babelingo can translate to and from 10 different languages, including English, Spanish, French and Japanese. Each category, phrase, word and screen can be presented in any of the supported languages. Users may add commonly used phrases to a favorites list or perform searches for phrases using key words.

CallingCard application released for iPhone

12/04, 9:55pm

CardCalling for iPhone

Marigo Holdings debuts CardCaller , an iPhone application that enables users to purchase, manage and use calling cards to phone people world wide. Designed to look and work similar to iPhones existing phone application, users can input the 1-800 number and pin code from the calling card into the phone where it will be stored for continues use. CardCaller also provides features including creating and customizing a favourites list, compatibility with the users contact list, and a tracking log of calls recently made.

SanDisk secure Cruzer Enterprise now supports Mac

12/04, 9:50pm

Secure Cruzer for Mac

SanDisk has updated the SanDisk Cruzer Enterprise USB flash drive, adding cross-platform security support for Mac OS X and Windows. Users can log-in or shut down access to the encrypted partition, manage passwords, or edit contact information, languages, and other preferences. The drive protects data with hardware-based 256-bit AES encryption and password protection. Users can also configure the device to enter a "lockdown" mode after a set number of incorrect password attempts.

Jack Keane comes to Mac OS X

12/04, 9:30pm

Jack Keane for Mac OS X

Freeverse and Runesoft have launched a Mac compatible version of the Jack Keane, an action, adventure and mystery game where players must lead Jack through the dangers of Tooth Island. Jack Keane contains over 250 findable objects used to help solve puzzles, 15 different locations throughout London, Capetown, and Tooth Island, along with 40 different characters to interact with. Displayed in 3D graphics with particle effects, the game is presented in a cartoon-like format.

Adobe plans to eliminate 600 staff positions

12/04, 8:45pm

Adobe layoffs

Software-company Adobe has announced that it will lay off 600 employees while it restructures its business. "The global economic crisis significantly impacted our revenue during the fourth quarter," said Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO. "We have taken action to reduce our operating costs and fine-tune the focus of our resources on key strategic priorities." The company blamed its revenue troubles on a lack of demand for Creative Suite 4 since its October launch.

MacUpdate offers holiday app bundle

12/04, 8:10pm

MacUpdate holiday promo

MacUpdate has unveiled its latest software bundle, a special holiday promotion that includes ten software titles, normally priced at $450 separately, into a holiday-promotion bundle that will be sold for $50 through December 18th. Customers who purchase or gift three bundles will receive a fourth package for free. The first 5000 purchases will include an 11th title, iDive.

Apps: Cooliris, TeaTimer Widget, WebCrusher

12/04, 8:05pm

DeskAid, GiftedMotion

Cooliris 1.9 (free) is a browser extension that provides users with a new way to view media on their computer. Users can create a playlist of their favorite music videos from across the web, or assemble an entire season of Hulu television shows or movies. These playlists can then be displayed in a 3D wall which can be customized to the users preference. sers can modify the number of rows in the Wall, the speed of the Wall scroll, as well as the Wall Angle, Zoom Levels and more. [Download - 4.9MB]

Flickr mobile site now allows video playback

12/04, 8:00pm

Flickr mobile overhaul

Flickr has overhauled its website for mobile devices, The updated version allows video playback, based on the Yahoo Video platform, and will eventually support a range of handsets, screen sizes and audio/video codecs. The interface has been enhanced, now focusing on the most recent activity of the user and any contacts. Favorite images, contacts and privacy settings can be changed through the mobile site. Access to the "interestingness" photos has also been added.

HP adds 3G to Mini 1000, ships Vivienne Tam edition

12/04, 5:10pm

HP Mini 1000 Tam shipping

HP on Thursday announced it is now offering the Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam edition netbook, which has been originally introduced as a concept. As the name implies, the 10.2-inch, 1024x600 LCD netbook's exterior was penned by clothing designer Vivienne Tam. Going on sale as promised earlier, the netbook sports Intel's 1.6GHz Atom CPU and 1GB of RAM. At the same time, buyers will have the option to outfit any Mini 1000 netbooks with a 3G broadband modules from HP, with the service provided by either AT&T or Verizon.

Apple looks to patent diamond-based cooling tech

12/04, 5:00pm

Diamond-based cooling

Apple's interest in cooling technology is not limited to liquid means, a new document from the US Patent and Trademark Office shows. The company is attempting to patent two heatsink technologies, both connected by the use of a diamond-based thermal material. In the first, a heatsink would be linked to circuits that need cooling, but only through an intermediate layer, where the thermal material in question would be located.

Faster Bluetooth 10x, 100x due out in mid-2009

12/04, 4:50pm

New Bluetooth standard

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced it will introduce two new Bluetooth standards, called 10x and 100x, by the middle of 2009, according to a Thursday report. The former, 10x, will work together with WLAN for faster data transfer rates, while Bluetooth 100x will have use USB-like speeds, although without wires. Currently, Bluetooth 2.0 is capable of a maximum of 3Mbps. The new 10x standard should increase that cap to 30Mbps, while the 100x, as the name implies, up to at least 300Mbps.

Coby to release 7-inch, sub-$100 Midget PC next year

12/04, 4:25pm

Coby sub-$100 Midget PC

Coby Electronics is planning on introducing the first sub-$100 netbook by March of next year, according to a Tuesday report. The appropriately named Midget PC will initially include models with 7- and 9-inch screens and be capable of performing 90 percent of consumer applications and have pre-loaded drivers for all major brands of printers and other peripherals, says Bob Gee, Coby's marketing director.

Canadian BlackBerry Storm to miss holidays?

12/04, 4:05pm

CDN BBerry Storm Delays

The launch of the BlackBerry Storm for Bell and Telus may be delayed to where at least one of the Canadian providers misses the holidays, a set of BGR tips as well as information given to Electronista suggests. The former reports that Bell employees have been asked to remove promo material for the Storm from stores and are being asked to suggest alternative devices, with a delay possibly pushing the touchscreen BlackBerry far enough into the future that employees are being told to stop adding to wait lists and that they may have to offer interim solutions.

Q2ID 4 converts QuarkXPress pages for InDesign CS4

12/04, 3:55pm

Q2ID 4 shipping

Markzware has released its new QuarkXPress to InDesign migrator, Q2ID 4, now adapted for Adobe's InDesign CS4. The upgraded version works in both CS3 and CS4, and supports QuarkXPress documents from v3.3 through to v8.0. The converter retains all the layout and design details of a Quark document, and reformats them into an InDesign file.

Syncro releases SVN Client 4.1

12/04, 3:40pm

Syncro SVN Client 4.1

Syncro has released an update for its document- and code-sharing application, SVN Client 4.1. Features offered now include a "create patch" wizard, allowing users to create patches between either a working copy and repository resource, or between two repository resources or even two revisions of the same resource. Also available is a scroll-lock button in the console view, preventing automatic scrolling when an SVN operation logs multiple messages in the console view.

FuzzMeasure Pro 3.1 brings new measurements

12/04, 3:20pm

FuzzMeasure Pro 3.1 update

SuperMegaUltraGroovy announced an update for its audio and acoustical measurement application, FuzzMeasure Pro 3.1. The update offers new A- and C-weighted acoustical measurements, along with clipping indicators on the input level meters. Also included are improvements to the performance and display of the Waterfall plug-in, which presents a 3D layout of changing frequency response, and the Reverberation Time plug-in, which provides live graph updates for new measurement records the user chooses to analyze.

Sony Ericsson "Kate" due in two months?

12/04, 3:10pm

Sony Ericsson C510 Leak

Sony Ericsson will start off 2009 with a new mid-range Cyber-shot phone, a new leak from SEMC says. Nicknamed the "Kate," the C510 should adopt the familiar candybar form factor but carry a 3.2-megapixel camera and the features of newer Sony Ericsson camera phones, including face and smile detection as well as a camera-friendly interface. Autofocusing and basic flash would also give it better image quality in less than ideal conditions.

Smart Image captures, lays out captions for InDesign

12/04, 2:55pm

Smart Image shipping

WoodWing has launched Smart Image, an InDesign plug-in that captures caption and credit information from XMP/IPTC data within images, and automatically inserts the content into a user's layout. The plug-in uses settings, styles and templates to add the captured text, and offers position, alignment and size presets as necessary. Prefixes and suffixes can be added to each capture as well.

PDF2ID 2.0 to add InDesign CS4 support

12/04, 2:40pm

PDF2ID 2.0 en route

Recosoft says it will be launching two new PDF converters, PDF2ID 2.0 Standard and PDF2ID 2.0 Professional, in January. The upgrades carry over 200 new features, with InDesign CS4 support headlining. The software is used to convert PDFs to the InDesign format; v2.0 adds text frames linking for easier selections and editing, and a new typeface library for font substitutions. Conversion presets for InDesign property generation (e.g. drop caps, drop shadows, etc.) have also been introduced.

SanDisk launches Mac-ready secure USB drive

12/04, 2:35pm

SanDisk Cruzer Ent for Mac

SanDisk today reached out to the smaller but growing base of Macs in business with an updated version of the Cruzer Enterprise. The USB drive's 256-bit AES encryption now works with Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard and lets these Mac owners access the locked-down portion of the storage and manage passwords without using a Windows PC. Adding support now lets Mac users bring their drives to Windows PCs, or vice versa, without having to either disable security or use insecure drives, SanDisk claims.

RIM renews patent license agreement with Nokia

12/04, 2:10pm

RIM, Nokia renew patent

Nokia announced on Thursday that it has renewed its patent license agreement with Research In Motion (RIM). Under the multi-year patent deal, Nokia will receive money from RIM for the global use of patented technologies used in GSM, WCDMA (3G) and CDMA2000 voice networks. While no numbers were released, Nokia will receive an up-front payment as well as regularly-scheduled royalties from RIM.

AMD lowers fall outlook by 25 percent

12/04, 1:45pm

AMD lowers Q4 outlook

Chipmaker AMD on Thursday announced that it expects revenue for its fourth quarter of 2008, ending on December 27th, to be about 25 percent lower than those from the third quarter, or about $1.2 billion. The new forecast does not include revenue from AMD's process technology licenses and stems from lower than expected demand around the world, but particularly in the consumer business, according to the company.

Averatec preps Lluon Mobbit mobile Internet device

12/04, 1:20pm

Averatec's Lluon Mobbit

Korea's TG Sambo, more commonly known in North America as Averatec, has announced what should be the first Atom-based mobile Internet device (MID) to be produced within the country. The Lluon Mobbit relies on a 1.33GHz Atom processor, paired with 1GB of 533MHz RAM and a choice of 30GB hard drive or 16GB solid-state drive. A 4.8-inch touchscreen on the device is said to support extremely high resolutions, possibly as sharp as 1024x6000.

iLuv launches iNT170 Internet radio

12/04, 1:00pm

iLuv ships Internet radio

iLuv has recently introduced its iNT170 Internet radio with a built-in dual alarm clock. The iNT170 features a large LCD display for browsing more than 15,000 Internet radio stations and podcasts from around the world. The iNT170 presumably connects to the Internet via an Ethernet jack, and it is not specified whether or not a Wi-Fi module is included for a wireless connection option. Apart from web radio, an FM tuner adds to the iNT170's capabilities. Either tuner has 20 presets for saving favorite stations.

ADW releases Pythagoras GIS+CAD for Mac

12/04, 12:15pm

Pythagoras GIS+CAD ships

ADW has released Pythagoras, a geographical information system with computer-aided design software for the Mac. Pythagoras allows users to define drawing elements in both paper and real dimensions, and offers the creation of thematic maps using perpendicular and parallel lines, as well as arcs, polygons, and layers. The main function of the application is to analyze and visualize space information in two dimensions, instead of being limited to geographical objects.

Boxee update adds Netflix, interface tweaks

12/04, 11:45am

Boxee adds Netflix

Boxee has released an updated alpha version of its media player software adding support for the Watch Instantly video streaming feature from Netflix as well as MTV music videos, the WB network and photos from the Boston Globe. The move comes two weeks after the startup secured its first round of venture capital funding, hoping to license the XBMC-based software for use in set-top boxes and other devices.

iPhone apps: Voice Dialer, Units calc, DaysFrom

12/04, 11:40am

iPhone apps: iCam, MemoCar

Voice Dialer (free) is a voice dialing application for the iPhone that allows users to search through their contact book using voice commands. Users press and hold the onscreen button, then speak a name and command such as "call." After a contact has been found, users can choose to call, e-mail or send a text message to the person. If an address is associated with the contact, a map of that location can also be displayed.

AT&T slashes 12,000 jobs, shifts to wireless

12/04, 11:35am

ATT Cuts 12000 Jobs

AT&T today announced one of the larger job cuts in the midst of the US recession and said it would drop 12,000 employees, or about 4 percent of its total worker base. The effort is attributed both to the poor economy as well as to a "changing business mix" that has left its traditional landline service in decline. Much of that business is shifting towards cellphones and other wireless services, the company says. It also plans to reduce its overall capital spending at the same time but won't have details until January.

Sanyo R227 Internet radio coming to the US

12/04, 11:25am

Sanyo Internet radio in US

Sanyo's R227 Internet radio, announced to ship at the end of October in Canada, will soon be available for US customers, the company announced on Thursday. The R227 connects to the Internet via its Wi-Fi module or a wired Ethernet connection and allows users to search for Internet radio stations from around the world by country or genre. There are no fees associated with accessing the stations. The R227 can access secured wireless networks via a key entry interface.

Weezer, Daft Punk come to new Tap Tap games

12/04, 11:20am

Daft Punk, etc. in Tap Tap

Several major musical acts have found their way into new App Store games based on the Guitar Hero-like Tap Tap Revenge, developer Tapulous has announced. The first, Christmas With Weezer, includes six original Christmas songs by the rock band, as well as two singles off the most recent studio album. The second game, Tap Tap Dance, features a host of electronic dance acts such as Moby, Daft Punk and the Chemical Brothers, with artwork tailored to each group.

Kogan launches second-ever Android phone line

12/04, 10:55am

Kogan Agora Android Phones

Relatively small-scale electronics maker Kogan today revealed it would be the second company after HTC to ship phones based on Google's Android platform. The Agora and Agora Pro both use the open-source operating system to give the phone a full HTML web browser, a media player, and access to Google-specific services like Google Maps and Gmail without the cost and performance overhead of rivals like Windows Mobile.

iPhone topples Windows Mobile in world sales

12/04, 10:30am

iPhone Overtakes Win Mo

Apple's lone cellphone product line is already outselling the entire range of Windows Mobile devices worldwide, according to new Gartner data. The launch of iPhone 3G in the summer was enough to push Apple to 12.9 percent market share and was enough to unseat Windows Mobile both within the US and internationally. The company now holds third place in the world and is reportedly helped by Windows Mobile's comparatively poor user interface, which has hurt not only sales of the Microsoft-driven hardware but also the library of third-party apps.

Netflix streaming for Mac leaves beta

12/04, 10:25am

Netflix streaming for Mac

All Mac owners with a subscription to Netflix should now be able to stream select movies online, the company has announced. Though best known for mail-based DVD rental, Netflix also offers a bonus "Watch Instantly" service, which primarily lets Windows PCs (as well as various set-tops) stream some 12,000 movies and TV shows. To stream movies on a Mac, users must have Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later, 1GB of RAM, and a browser with Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in.

Walmart to carry 4GB iPhone?

12/04, 9:25am

Walmart 4GB iPhone?

Apple may be prepared to deliver a sharply discounted iPhone with Walmart in mind, rumors suggest. An anonymous source has indicated that Walmart stores may soon receive a $99 model, made with the tradeoff of a lower 4GB storage capacity. Apple and AT&T currently sell the iPhone for minimum of $199, and only in capacities of 8 or 16GB. The company will likely offer a 32GB edition sometime in the next year.

Haier tries Wi-Fi players again with Sport model

12/04, 9:15am

Haier ibiza Rhapsody Sport

Haier on Thursday has quietly released the second generation of its Internet-capable portable media players. The ibiza Rhapsody Sport is ruggedized compared to the original player and has both a more easily gripped, rounded body as well as a weather-resistant covering that partly protects against rain or snow. The player continues to center on an 802.11g Wi-Fi link that lets it download podcasts, download unlimited songs over Real's Rhapsody to Go service, stream videos from AOL and check specific news feeds.

Apple files patent for hover-ready touchscreen

12/04, 8:40am

Apple Hover Touchscreen

Apple has developed technology that would let an iPhone or similar device be controlled by hovering fingers nearby rather than just touches alone, a new US patent filing shows. The system would include the company's familiar capacitive touchscreen technology but would also introduce numerous infrared or similar sensors that can gauge the relative position of fingers, a whole hand or an outside object by measuring the differences in the light level at different points on the display.

WiebeTech releases ToughTech mini pocket drives

12/04, 7:15am

ToughTech mini enclosures

WiebeTech has released two ToughTech mini pocket drive enclosures, both designed to fit 2.5-inch SATA drives. The aluminum housing is a scaled-down version of the larger ToughTech devices for 3.5-inch drives. ToughMount anti-shock protection is used to absorb shock and reduce noise. The mini enclosures feature the Oxford-924 chipset that is claimed to optimize data transfer speeds using either FireWire or USB 2.0 connections.

Nokia warns market share may drop again

12/04, 12:40am

Nokia Warns for Q4 2008

Nokia this morning sent notice that it was again issuing a warning and says that it will lower its estimates for both its own cellphone shipments as well as the larger industry for the fall. The company had previously recorded a drop to 38 percent share for its summer quarter but now says there is "insufficient visibility" for it to say whether its market share will increase or even remain flat over the three-month span between October and December, suggesting the possibility that its market share will drop again.


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