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RED details EPIC X bundle, prices Scarlet 8X kit

12/03, 12:00am

RED EPIC X bundle

Camera-maker RED has detailed the specifications of its upcoming EPIC X bundle, and outlined pricing information for the basic Scarlet kit with an 8X optical lens. The EPIC X package, built on the 30mm by 15mm S35 sensor, will include a CF recording module, I/O module and battery module, bundled in a package that carries the same $28800 price tag as the sensor alone. As a bonus, the X package data-rates will be higher than the individually-purchased EPIC S35, featuring REDCODE 250 instead of REDCODE 225.

Adobe decides not to exhibit at Macworld Expo

12/02, 10:15pm

Adobe Macworld

Software-giant Adobe will not have a booth on the show floor of the upcoming Macworld Expo 2009, according to Macworld. The company has not dismissed the whole gathering, but has chosen to dedicated its resources to demonstration and education sessions. "Adobe has decided to shift its focus at the Macworld trade show this year," a company statement said. Representatives will be on-hand for a full day of demos, mid-way through the week of presentations.

Boomwave releases new cases for iPod nano 4G

12/02, 9:20pm

Boomwave Nano cases

Boomwave has released two new silicone cases for the iPod nano 4G, Bearaphim and Diablo. The Bearaphim cases are are intended to look like bears, with wings molded onto the back and misshapen ears on the top corners. Color options include solid white, black with graphics, or pink with graphics. The Diablo cases are designed to resemble devils, complete with horns and spiky tails, and are available in solid black, red with black, or white with red.

Wide Email 1.2 adds shortcut options

12/02, 8:20pm

Wide Email for iPhone

LizzardWerks has released Wide Email 1.2, an update to its iPhone application that offers a wider horizontal-landscape keyboard for writing e-mails. Typing shortcuts have been added, allowing users to insert words, phrases, or even paragraphs by entering just one or two letters. The shortcut list allows new content to be added, while the existing entries can also be edited or deleted. The update addresses several bugs, including a problem with transferring long messages into mailboxes.

Sony PS3 2.53 upgrade late, brings full-screen Flash

12/02, 5:25pm

Sony outs 2.53 PS3 update

One week after initial reports of the 2.53 update to the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console, the software has launched and brings with it full-screen Flash video playback capabilities. Users who use their gaming console to often access YouTube or Hulu video services can now select full-screen options along with a 480p mode in Hulu that ups the quality of the content considerably, especially when using an HDTV.

DealNN: MacBook, iBook, shuffle, more

12/02, 5:15pm

DealNN: MacBook, iBook

Today's deals at DealNN include a variety of Apple products at reduced prices. Starting at $59.98 is the second generation 2GB iPod shuffle in green at has reduced the price on Microsoft Office 2008 to $99 from the MSRP of $430. The refurbished 1GHz iBook G4 is available at for $329. is offering the new aluminum 2.0GHz MacBook for $1149 after mail in rebate.

Voyager docks SATA drives, features quad interface

12/02, 5:00pm

NewerTech ships Voyager

NewerTech has announced the quad-interface Voyager SATA I/II Hard Drive Docking Station, supporting SATA, FireWire 400/800 and USB 2.0 connections. The dock accepts any SATA-based hard drive in either 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch sizes, in capacities up to 2TB. Upon inserting a drive in the dock and connecting it to a Mac or PC, the drive is detected on a user's desktop via plug-and-play. The dock also supports hot-swapping drives.

Samsung: OLEDs in notebooks by 2010

12/02, 4:55pm

Samsung OLED displays

In a speech made last week at a seminar in Tokyo, Woo Jong Lee, the Vice President of the Mobile Display Marketing Team of Samsung SDI, said the joint venture between Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI will bring active matrix organic LED (OLED) displays to market in notebooks by 2010. Lee pointed out advantages of the new display technology, saying by 2010, burn-in for active-matrix OLED panels won't happen for more than 2,000 hours of use. The OLED panels will be used in notebooks first because of their demanding requirements.

LaCie introduces three new accessories

12/02, 4:35pm

New LaCie accessories

LaCie has announced three new sets of accessories: CurrenKey USB 2.0 flash drives, flat cables, and the Sismo PCI card line. The CurrenKey drives are designed by 5.5 Designers to look like coins, with a retractable USB port. Adding to the coinage theme, the drives come in silver (8GB) and bronze (4GB) colors, and are now available for $30 and $20, respectively. The drives operate on Macs and PCs and are backwards-compatible with USB 1.1.

Apple deals: iMacs, iPods, displays, more

12/02, 4:35pm

Apple deals: iMacs, iPods

Currently the Apple store is offering a variety of refurbished products from iMacs and displays to iPod nanos. Two iMac models are currently being offered starting at $1,299 for the 20-inch model with 2.66GHz processor, 2GB of memory and a 320GB hard drive and the 24-inch model with 2.8GHz processor, and the same memory and hard drive specs as the first for $1,549. Two MacBook models are also available starting at $949 for the white 2.4GHz model with 2GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive and the black 2.4GHz model with 2GB of memory and a 250GB hard drive for $1,049. Three cinema displays are also featured priced at $499 for the 20-inch, $749 for the 23-inch and $1,499 for the 30-inch model. Lastly is the iPod nano with two configurations to chose from: 4GB (1,000 songs) for $79 in silver and 8GB (2,000 songs) for $99 in silver, blue, black or green.

Nikon GPS geo-tagging add-on now available

12/02, 4:30pm

Nikon geo-tagging GP-1

Nikon has finally launched the GP-1 GPS Unit that connects to its digital SLR cameras' hotshoe and either the D90's GPS port, as well as the 10-pin remote sockets of the D3X, D3, D700, D300 and D200 and therefore allows each captured image to be geo-tagged. The GP-1 uses two LEDs to indicate connection status with satellites.

Iomega adds two new eGo portable HDDs

12/02, 4:15pm

Iomega adds eGo HDDs

Iomega on Tuesday announced two new models to its range of eGo Portable Hard Drives, including the ultra-secure Encrypt with hardware-based encryption for double data protection, and super rugged BlackBelt with Drop Guard Xtreme data protection. The eGo Encrypt uses the advanced 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to protect its 320GB of content from unauthorized access.

ProteMac releases KeyBag keystroke logger

12/02, 4:05pm

KeyBag keystroke logger

ProteMac has released KeyBag, a program that intercepts and records every keystroke entered on a Mac. The utility allows users to keep track of all chat conversations, applications opened, and keys pressed in any application, all while running hidden in the background. Users can also use the records as a detailed backup copy of information, in case a file is accidentally deleted or the computer malfunctions.

ASUS intros cheaper, Celeron-powered Eee Box

12/02, 4:00pm

ASUS shows Celeron Eee Box

In order to lower the purchase price and therefore boost sales of its already well-selling Eee Box nettop, ASUS will introduce a version with an Intel Celeron CPU instead of the current Intel Atom, according to a Tuesday report. While clock speed drops from the Atom's 1.6GHz to the Celeron's 1.2GHz, the new Eee Box will get a larger hard-drive, bumping capacity to 120GB from 80GB.

Sapphire for Avid plug-ins reach v3.0

12/02, 4:00pm

Sapphire for Avid v3.0

GenArts has published v3.0 of its Sapphire plug-ins for Avid editing systems, specifically Symphony, NewsCutter and Media Composer. The focus of the update is on its 36 new effects, such as TVDamage, which reproduces broadcast artifacts like static and ghosting. Many are divided into specific themes, such as wipe and dissolve transitions, or texture- and Z-buffer-based effects. Some also attempt to recreate specific mediums, such as the Technicolor 2Strip and 3Strip plug-ins.

Canon can build SEDs after rival drops appeal

12/02, 3:45pm

Canon Free to Build SEDs

Canon regained the option of entering into the HDTV business today following a decision by legal rival Applied Nanotech to drop an appeal of a court ruling in Canon's favor. The smaller firm now says it would likely be "futile" to further pursue a now-defeated lawsuit that had claimed Canon's license for some of its surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) technology had been abused in a deal with Toshiba. The lawsuit had forced Canon to at least temporarily shelve its plans in late 2007 but, with the case settled, opens the door to resuming the project.

FontAgent Pro 4.0.3 supports CS4, QuarkXPress 8

12/02, 3:05pm

FontAgent Pro 4.0.3 update

Insider Software has added support for Adobe's Creative Suite 4 and QuarkXPress 8 to its newly released FontAgent Pro 4.0.3. The update specifically includes auto-activation plug-ins for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator in CS2 through CS4, as well as QuarkXPress versions 6 through 8.0.1. The download also adds support for French and Italian language systems, and detects and installs in the user's current language.

NVIDIA ships 192-shader Quadro FX 4800

12/02, 2:55pm

NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800

NVIDIA on Tuesday switched focus to its highest-end workstation cards with the unveiling of the Quadro FX 4800. The chipset is based on the same architecture as the GeForce GTX 260 and carries 192 programmable shader cores but is tuned for 3D modeling and other pro apps: it carries a full 1.5GB of memory for higher-detailed models and textures, supports 30-bit color output and allows 32X full-scene antialiasing. The 4800 is roughly twice as fast as previous cards, the company claims.

RagTime 6.5 adds over 150 new functions

12/02, 2:50pm

RagTime 6.5 update

RagTime has announced an update to its business publishing software, RagTime 6.5. More than 150 new functions have been added, mainly for use with spreadsheets and text paragraphs. The layout functionality has also been enhanced, and offers the ability to run text along any kind of curve. The software is now claimed to operate up to six times faster on Intel-based Macs, with the most significant gains observed when opening complex documents, browsing lengthy text or updating graphs. Printing and PDF output has been optimized as well, especially when using Mac OS 10.5.

Thought Out announces iPhone/Touch car mount

12/02, 2:25pm

PED3 iPhone/iPod car mount

Thought Out has announced the PED3-Auto, a rotating car mount for the iPhone 3G or iPod touch. A five-inch flexible steel neck is used for device positioning, while the holder rotates 360 degrees to change orientation. Owners can also adjust the device-gripping fingers for a customized fit.

Acer iMac rival, 10in netbook details slip

12/02, 2:15pm

Acer AIO and 10in Netbook

Acer will kick off the new year with both an all-in-one desktop and a larger netbook, tips sent to TGDaily would indicate. Corroborating some previous mentions, the alleged information has Acer producing an all-in-one system that would compete against both Apple's de facto leader of the category, the iMac, as well as ASUS' new Eee Top, which brings the basic concepts of a system like the iMac to nettops with very low-power Atom processors and prices at or near $500.

Hitachi and Intel join to develop enterprise SSDs

12/02, 1:20pm

Hitachi, Intel develop SSD

Intel and Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi) on Tuesday announced they will join forces to develop and produce enterprise-class solid-state drives with Serial Attached SCSI and Fibre Channel interfaces. Meant for use in servers, workstations and storage systems, the SSDs should be both reliable and fast, the companies promise. The resulting SSDs will be branded, sold and supported by Hitachi GST. They will use Intel NAND flash memory and SSD tech, however, that the chipmaker already uses in its current enterprise SSDs.

Dell opens Design Studio for notebook customization

12/02, 1:05pm

Dell opens Design Studio

Dell has announced the opening of the Design Studio, a service for people buying 15- or 17-inch Studio notebooks. The company says it has commissioned over 100 works of original art from a number of different artists, such as Mike Ming, Brittany Waldner and Joseph Amedokpo. These can then be applied to the lid of a system being ordered, at a cost of $75. 52 of the images qualify under (PRODUCT) Red, which donates $20 towards controlling AIDS in Africa.

Jump Lab intros credit-card sized video player

12/02, 12:15pm

Jump Lab EDG video player

Digital video card maker Jump Lab on Tuesday announced the EDG video player, which is about the size of a credit card, although thicker. The credit card size is fitting, as the EDG is meant as a promotional tool for companies, handing out the device with preloaded content to push a client company's products or services. The EDG sports a 2-inch LCD color screen and a built-in speaker, allowing companies to showcase their wares via audio, video or digital photo slideshows. EDG can pre-load the content for customers before shipping or allow them to upload or change it themselves thanks to a USB port that also charges the device's built-in battery.

Apple seeks to patent liquid cooling for notebooks

12/02, 12:10pm

Apple liquid cooler patent

Apple has filed for patents on two different liquid cooling technologies, both intended to apply to future notebooks. Current MacBooks use air cooling, driven by internal fans; while this is sufficient, it is thought that future components -- such as faster video cards and quad-core CPUs -- may force Apple to use more efficient (and possibly quieter) cooling. Active and passive methods are being suggested.

Motorola intros MOTOROKR EM35

12/02, 11:55am

Motorola intros EM35 phone

Motorola announced on Tuesday it will soon add the MOTOROKR EM35 handset to its range, which will have an emphasis on superior audio performance during phone calls through Motorola's now-established CrystalTalk noise reduction technology. Otherwise, the quad-band GSM slider phone sports a 2.2-inch, 240x320 resolution display and a full complement of music controls, including a scroll wheel. The handset has a built-in FM tuner, which can be listened to over the integrated dual speakers or wired 3.5mm or Bluetooth headsets or headphones.

iPhone soars to 16.6% of smartphone market

12/02, 11:25am

Needham on iPhone Share

The iPhone is now not only the second most popular smartphone in the world but has saved the smartphone industry from a decline this past summer, according to a research note by Needham analyst Charlie Wolf. Apple's handset has represented about 16.6 percent of the entire smartphone market worldwide for the quarter ended in September and is now second only to Nokia. The latter has already acknowledged struggling smartphone share but is now known to have plummeted from 63.3 percent of the market a year ago to 43.6 percent owing largely to the spike in iPhone sales triggered by its 3G version.

Apple begins selling In-Ear Headphones

12/02, 10:35am

In-Ear Headphones on sale

Apple has begun selling its special In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic, which should ship to buyers in approximately seven to 10 workdays. The headphones are meant to serve as an upgrade to Apple's stock earbuds, which do not isolate ambient sound due to sitting outside of the ear canal. The new gear is also equipped with separate tweeters and woofers in each earpiece, and has inline controls that can adjust volume, or play, pause and skip tracks.

Nokia E71 hits Rogers with $100 price tag

12/02, 10:15am

Nokia E71 at Rogers

Rogers today became the first North American carrier to pick up the E71, Nokia's top fixed-QWERTY smartphone. The S60 candybar is virtually identical to the reference model and supports 3G on the Canadian provider's HSPA network as well as GPS, Wi-Fi and push data that includes Microsoft Exchange support. A 3.2-megapixel camera with flash also translates directly to the Rogers E71.

Brother intros pair of eco-friendly color printers

12/02, 10:00am

New Brother laser printers

Brother on Tuesday announced the release of two new laser printers, the HL-4040CDN and the MFC-9450CDN all-in-one. Both use an automatic duplex printing feature for reduced paper use that will print on both sides of a page. The HL-4040CDN directly replaces Brother's existing HL-4040CN, sharing many of its features, including 21ppm print speeds for black and white and color pages as well as maximum print quality of 2400x600dpi. What it adds is the duplex printing feature.

Nokia outs networked radio, 3G modem, more

12/02, 9:45am

Nokia Home Music and More

Simultaneous with the launch of the N97, Nokia today launched a trio of companion devices. The Home Music is Nokia's first Internet radio and provides both Ethernet and Wi-Fi to either stream online content (in unspecified formats) or else music from local computers that support UPnP sharing. It also supports USB and an aux-in jack to directly connect portable media players and other devices and also has FM radio as a traditional fallback.

Google adds iCal support to Calendar

12/02, 9:45am

Google Calendar and iCal

Google has officially announced public support for the CalDAV protocol in Calendar, its online scheduling application. The update means that Mac owners can now integrate Calendar with iCal, which in turn should allow sync between the two programs, the ability to operate offline, and answer invitations from other users. It should also be possible to track the free/busy information of colleagues.

First Look: Cell Ranger, cellular signal booster

12/02, 8:50am

First Look: Cell Ranger

Every cellular phone network has weak spots in certain parts of town. If you're constantly dropping calls in these areas, you could simply avoid making calls there, or you could plug the Cell Ranger into your car's cigarette lighter. The idea behind Cell Ranger is to boost any cellular network's signals so you can connect and make phone calls in formerly poor-coverage areas. (Curiously, the manufacturer notes that this unit does not work with Sprint/Nextel cellular networks.)

BlackBerry Storm on Telus gets price, no date

12/02, 8:45am

BBerry Storm Telus Pricing

Telus today priced out its version of the BlackBerry Storm. Contradicting some early rumors, the Canadian carrier says it will offer the Storm at promo pricing for $250 CAD ($200 US) on a three-year plan, or closer to (but still above) the cost of the iPhone 3G on Rogers. The phone will also be available on shorter terms and should sell for $600 when contract-free. More details should be available shortly, the company says.

Nokia intros touchscreen N97 flagship

12/02, 7:25am

Nokia N97

Nokia today used its own Nokia World expo to establish a touchscreen phone as its new leading device and its best chance against the iPhone. The N97 has a full 3.5-inch touch LCD that shares the same Symbian S60 5th Edition platform as the 5800 XpressMusic but also hides a slide-out QWERTY keyboard that locks into a more natural typing angle like the AT&T Tilt. Accordingly, the phone is pitched as a social networking hub and includes a new home screen that optionally shows status update widgets from Facebook, MySpace and Nokia's own Ovi service among others.

Acrylic software launches Wallet 3 for Mac, iPhone

12/02, 12:55am

Wallet 3 for Mac iPhone

Acrylic Software on Monday launched Wallet 3, a personal information management application for the iPhone and Mac platforms; the software is designed to store important pieces of personal information. Using 256-bit advanced encryption standard to secure the database, Wallet 3 allows users to input serial numbers, web passwords, credit card numbers and screen. The app allows information to be placed in a synced database, which can be used to backup content or wirelessly transfer updated information between devices.

Teacup Software releases Adobe InDesign CS4 plug-ins

12/02, 12:55am

Teacup CS4 plugins

Teacup Software has released several of its plug-ins for Adobe InDesign CS4, including TypeFitter, BarcodeMaker, DataLinker and PatternMaker. TypeFitter is an automated copy-fitting tool, working to find and fix copy problems while highlighting and tracking any changes it makes for later viewing and user-modification. BarcodeMaker allows users to make 27 different types of barcodes, and can also integrate with DataLinker for automatic generation of barcodes as part of dynamic database content. The updated plug-ins are also claimed to offer a number of bug fixes and stability enhancements.

Apple adds DMCA violation claims to Psystar suit

12/02, 12:55am

Apple, DMCA and Psystar

Apple has stepped-up its lawsuit against Psystar, adding claims of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) violations, according to Computerworld. The clone-maker is accused of reverse engineering the piracy protection methods employed in Mac OS X. "Defendant has illegally circumvented Apple's technological copyright-protection measures," the amended complaint states. The change comes five months after the initial filings, as the company has "discovered new information."

PitStop Extreme launched; edits, preflights PDFs

12/02, 12:10am

PitStop Extreme shipping

Enfocus has launched a new PDF editor, PitStop Extreme. The software allows for checking and correcting PDF files, handling even complex files, has a preflighting engine built in and carries Certified PDF technology for error prevention. PitStop Extreme edits similarly to a text editor; it allows for reworking characters, words or paragraphs of text and ensures that the data seen on-screen is the final PDF output. Beyond text, the software has object-editing tools for handling images and other visuals. Its preflight engine supports numerous PDF profiles, including CMYK v3.0, Generic Press v3.0, PDF to Web v3.0, PDF/X-3:2003 v5.0 Verify and others.


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